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Date a man from Toronto, Canada. Hear great things about the online dating world so here I am :)
Love to laugh and enjoy everything that I can in life.
I am easy going, fun loving guy with many interests.
I have great friends and family; love my career.
Hope to make some new friends off this site and who knows!

Meet men and women from Toronto, Canada. Well, here's to trying something new!
To describe myself... I'm outgoing, fun, energetic and very down to earth. I have no problems staying in or going out on the town (just looking for some good company). I enjoy many different things, whether its playing volleyball at the beach, going to the gym, sitting on a patio or checking out different areas of the city, trying to find that new hidden gem..I try to find enjoyment in almost everything. I am a huge music lover, I always have something playing in the back ground. I have a great sense of humor (honest!) I can pretty much find the lighter side in almost every situation.
I'm looking for someone that is confident in themselves, is a music lover, likes to be physically active and enjoys life! If this sounds like you, contact me..

Date people from Toronto, Canada. I am single and looking for a woman partner.I love hanging out with friends in weekends and love to spend good times with friend and love ones. A professional and love to work. I like to roam across the globe with my partner and with kids in future.

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I’m your average Chinese guy in the T.Dot but I'm also a gentleman.
I know my first line above sounds like the pitch for the hair club for man.
I don’t want to bore you with all the same old stuff everyone puts in there profile.
You know or assume already.
I find that showing people who you are can take you farther than just telling people who you are.
I keep myself happy/easy going. You only live once why be unhappy.
When I am not at home or at work; I spend time with my friends and family.
I like to watch all sorts or movies but I find the old B&W seem more interesting in terms of story.
I’m a gamer I love COD, HALO, C&C, STARCRAFT But that doesn’t mean I sit in my room and don’t have a social life.
I’m a big sci-fi fan… star trek ds9, Stargate SG1 and many others.
I like most type of music but I especially like the music of the 70s and 80s.
I also like to watch and read about history and cultures of mine and others
I love to cook. What do you like to eat?
You are interest in sharing/learning new things together.
Your easy going, happy go lucky and are spontaneous
When I see you; you’ll always have a smile on your face.
The rest we can find out together.

Date single man from Toronto, Canada. There are two types of error one can make when doing online dating: Meeting someone who is NOT the right person; or ignoring someone who IS the right person. The second one is the most common error everyone makes, because it seems less risky. But, it is equally important not to make either of these errors.So, if you have a feeling that we might click, then send me a "click" !!!!

Meet someone special from Toronto, Canada. Hello,
I consider myself to be a kind, honest, loyal guy that likes to laugh. I am laid back yet driven, genuine but not a push over, competitive but not to a fault, educated, and a good listener. I enjoy finding solutions for challenges (both at work and on my spare time when working on things like projects, puzzles, or even games). I also like learning about new things, usually related to health or technology. Other things I enjoy are just hanging out with friends and family, playing pool, working out, and playing/watching sports. I'm looking to get back into squash and maybe rock climbing.
I'm looking for someone that I can be myself around. Someone to go out and try something new with, to have fun at an old favorite activity with, or to just stay home and watch t.v./movies and cuddle with. I want to be with someone who is comfortable and content with themselves while still having room to grow. Personality wise, I would like to meet someone who is honest, kind, and thoughtful with a good sense of humour who won't take things too seriously.

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. I am the cute guy in the corner that takes time to get to know someone. And from there I make a great companion. I love to laugh and need a partner that loves to laugh as well. I have a huge heart and care about the people in my life very much.
I love to play sports and workout. I love to have a woman that loves to do those things as well but is not a must. I am into live music. I love the atmosphere of a concert and the energy and vibe that comes with it. I am optimistic about life in general and I try to find the good out of every situation. Don't get me wrong, there are days that I find it tough to do anything but they are few and far between. Overall I have a smile on my face and people tell me it is contagious.
What I would like in a woman is someone to be my best friend, lover, and #1 fan. She has to be someone who can challenge me and make me think, make me laugh and just enjoy life as much as I do. I know a lot of people say this but I am not out to change them in any way. The person I meet and get to know is the same person I want down the line. I want the change in people to come naturally, not because I have asked them to be different.
If any of this makes you curious I would love to get to know you and who knows you could be that perfect someone. Are you out there?

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. I'm straight and honest and want a, otherwise you will fall in love!!! similar girl.
I offer pure love and trust and expect pure love and trust in return. I'm high educated and polite boy so the girl has nothing to loose in friendship with me, its free to try, if you can prove despite, I will give a nice reward to you!! Are you brave enough to come to the race now? defeat me and you will have a reward

Date people from Ontario, Canada. I don't have any expectations going into this online dating, however if fate rewards me with the love of life from this site - I will take it. I am just your average nice guy. (And you know what they say about nice guys ... nice guys finish last.) After a few unsuccessful relationships that started out as "instant clicks" and sparks flying ... now I don't know what my ideal match would be. So let's just take time to get to know each other, and see what happens from there. No expectations.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. well im a fantastic awesome fun guy looking for someone to hang with and see what happens i dont believe in love at first sight thats called lust i life to go out and simply enjoy life and my daighter always comes first send me a msg to join the party cheers

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. fit,equipped to run more then a block,,,,we can get away from bears and wolfs in the wild.a booty that just wont stop so while were running i have something to focus on during the frantic commotion ..,a person who does not wake up angry,every morning,,,and has her confidence up and finally,,,a biz partner who can smell money and the opportunity it brings from a mile away

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. As a outgoing and friendly individual I love meeting new people and learning from others. I like to experience new things, while not compromising my values and I always try to have fun no matter what I'm doing with the people around me. I can be a bit of a joker. So you have to be sharp around me. If you don't understand sarcasm, my opening line and take yourself too seriously, you would understand me. But there's a smart women out there who will.
Working in the business district I enjoy my job and have plans. Big plans. Like you, I enjoying hanging out and partying with friends, exploring different parts of city and spending time with my family on the weekends. In the end, family is all we have. Especially, when one needs a loan:)
Like most, I live for summer - patios, beaches and everything else summer has to offer (golf)! And of course traveling the world. Last year was I was in South Africa visiting my sister. This year the plan is to see some of Asia. While I enjoy a fun night out on the town and my adventures around the world, I also enjoy a quiet night in and some of the simple pleasures in life. Whether its going to a new movie release, cooking dinner at home, or hoping on a plane to see a far away place, having the right person by your side is the difference.
I am in a really great place right now in my life. Things have come together. If you feel you are in the same spot right now, and know what you want, send me a line.

Date a man from Canada. I m looking for somebody that i can sit and talk and spend some on new topics and have some fun. I am not looking for long term relation or a relationship, it can be all natural friendship. We have all same people all same talks around us that i m really bored of them. I want to be all natural and behave as myself and forget about my ongoing responsibilities for a while.


Date people from Canada. I'm a film-maker,photographer and writer.Currently I'm trying to combine all those in to a viable project.
I have been and am still looking for the perfect shot in life . And i believe,with the right effort and maybe a little bit of luck, it seems that the universe will allow us to get what we want.
I love to create beats and spin house music in my spare time. I'm a good cook and I definitely like wine.My goal is to see as many places and experience as many different things as I can before I die so i road trip often.
I'm trying to focus on the things I can control; everything else I try not to dwell on. Basically I enjoy experiencing what life has to offer but i don't like to do it
alone.I'm just a good guy and looking for a good girl.
I don't really mind starting out as friends since I do like to make friends.if you want to know more about me feel free to message me. Otherwise... well good luck with your search.
P.S. I accept winks :)