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Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. I am a laid back, fun and kind person. I don't play games and consider myself a good person. I work at a shelter for abused women, and am on the board of a new chairity called Lady Ballers. Right now I am just looking for new friends, and am open to the possibilites. I found that in the past moving to quickly in realtionships is a bad idea, so I want to get to know someone very well before things get physical. I have not met that special someone yet, and am hopeful that I will someday.
I love animals and own a dog and 3 cats. I enjoy seeing my friends and family, going out to eat, dancing, and I love going for hikes. I hope to meet someone kind, funny and very important: must be mature, honest and knows what he wants out of life. I like guys that have good work ethic and have goals.

Meet people from Toronto, Canada. Who I am? Is there any simple way to describe? Probably not! And Im not going to pretend! At the same time, don't let that scare you! I guess what I am trying to say is I just want to be accepted for who I am today! And who is that!? Although I seem to like to live on the edge, and yes I am adventurous.....deep down I have a strong need for old fashioned fulfillment from a man in a relationship! I feel I should be respected and treated like a lady, even like a Princess sometimes....U will reap King rewards! And to be a king u must be confident and strong enough inside and outside to handle an independant woman. I recently went back to performing on the bodybuilding /PHYSIQUE stage as a professional! I try to live a balanced life in terms of body, mind and soul connect! I need somebody who supports my en devours ie. my competing and business plans, and can even help me to make my dreams come true in a support system that includes emotional and financial support! I want us to have confidence in each other to be individuals, yet have each others backs unconditionally! Loyalty is key! I like tall, dark and handsome but intelligence reigns supreme in what I am attracted to in the big picture! And I do want an accomplished, successful, motivated, and supportive partner! I'm not exactly there yet myself but am more than on my way, so its just logical to me to surround myself with those who know how to get it done! My social life is full of dancing and music when possible but I love more than anything just to lounge with my cat, the love of my life, and beautify all weekend....teehee...the spa! Lets just be laid back and enjoy and do the ride....peace, love and happiness and we cant go wrong! ;) xo

Date a woman from Toronto, Canada. I'm outgoing, active and sometimes opionated :-)
I'm an active colunteer in a number of different charities and organization.
I can't sit through a tv show without getting up 5 times and sitting next to me in a movie may make you hate me, BUT I'm happy to watch hockey or football, play (or attempt to play) any outdoor activity, bake you anything you want and always have a delicious meal ready to go.
I'm the only Jew left who hasn't been to Florida and I don't know how to ride a bike!
I'm looking for a partner, someone who is happy with who they are and looking for someone to share the rest with. They must have a great sense of humor, be able to laugh at themselves, and has strong family values.

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. This is my first adventure in online dating, so I'm not entirely sure what to talk about. What do you need to know?
My friends describe me as independent, fun, loyal, sarcastic and direct. I could use a censor, but I just don't see the fun in that.
I'm feminine without being obnoxious about it - you won't catch me struting around in knee-breakingly high heels, but I do clean up quite nicely.
What I am looking for: Someone funny, independent and genuine. Ideally, you love your job, have some good friends and have a great balance in all the aspects of your life - meeting someone would be icing on the cake.
Things that don't work for me: If you take longer than I do to get ready, I am not the girl for you. If you're easily offended, or humourless, please run away now. At the end of the day I'm a sucker for a good giggle...
Message me if you'd like to know more.

Date men and women from Toronto, Canada. I would like to try this site and hopefully I will meet someones very special...
I love running outside also i love fitness... I will make short here I love my life and just embracing my daily life and hope yours too..:) LB

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. im looking for romantizm funny full of life snikky that makes ma smile!hah!mutluluk hersey benim icin ben mukemmeli ariyorum mrs on the equal direction im in the hopital right now an if that person take me out of here and give my life back ill be the most beautiful in the world.......

Date people from Ontario, Canada. Fun loving downtown girl looking to meet new people outside my own circle of friends. I keep busy with a career that I love and spending time with friends checking out all the great things the city has to offer. Love to try new restaurants, go to concerts and on occasion leave town for a vacation! I love traveling and it would be great to have a new travel partner! Ideally I'm looking for a man who is intelligent, funny and handsome - but what girl isn't? :)

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Although I turned 19 some time ago, I still get carded at the LCBO… and when I show up at meetings, clients often ask “who are you?” thinking that I’m a teenager that showed up at the wrong place for their summer job!
A little about me - I’m easy-going, friendly and like to have fun. I enjoy spending time with friends, whether its getting drinks, or seeing a movie, or checking out a new restaurant. I like to explore, whether its travelling to a new place, or checking out local sights. I like working out and hit the gym often, and I like to try, though not always sucessfully, new activities - emphasis on “trying”! And if you’re looking for me, chances are that I am at the basketball courts…. at the ACC, watching a raptors game! Coffee and music are what keep me going – starbucks is usually my coffee destination of choice, except during roll up the rim season – because really who doesn't like winning free stuff?!
About you – I am looking for someone that is easy-going, thoughtful, and has a sense of humour.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm lucky enough to have great friends and a great job in a city that I love. Now I'm looking for someone to share all of this good fortune with...
A few small things that might give you an idea of who I am:
I throw a great dinner party and make really good desserts.
I am an extremely loyal friend.
I like nerdy things - random articles about whale migration patterns, documentaries, movie trivia...
I have a soft spot for really corny jokes.
I am truly bad at parallel parking.
I have a challenging job that I really love, and I'm told I am good at.
I cry during any remotely sad movie and get really scared during any remotely scary movie.
My grandmother is very important to me, and I try to visit her in Europe every year.
I believe in giving gifts for no reason.
I am not a picky eater, and am willing to try anything once. Trying new restaurants makes me really happy.
I love getting out of the city...and therefore am extra nice to my friends who have a cottage :)
I'm looking for a guy who is smart, affectionate and will make me laugh. Someone who is independent and has their own thing going on, but who thinks making time for each other is important. If this sounds like you, let me know!

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. So I am trying a new way to meet someone :). Whether the match results in friendship or relationship, it will be fun! When it comes to dating, I am old fashioned. I appreciate it when a guy is chivelrous and opens doors for me because he will most likely have the qualities I am looking for like kindness and honesty. Those qualities resonate with who I am and how I choose to live my life. I am a fun loving gal who likes to live life to the fullest. I believe in fate and while I am happy with my life currently it would be nice to share the special moments with a great guy... like the spearmint gum commercial, double the fun :)

Date someone special from Canada. Please contact me directly yslsui y-a-h-o-o. I cannot read or respond your messages.
I am an Explorer/Negotiator. If you have read Helen Fisher's "Why Him, Why Her", you know what I am talking.
I have many traits of an Explorer: fun-loving, playful, spontanous, impulsive, witty, creative, artistic, optimistic; like to try novel things, like varieties. As such, I find myself can hit it off with other Explorers who is funny and smart, sense of humor, optimistic and love to laugh.
On the other hand, as a Negotiator, I am sensitive and compassionate; thus, I am very attacted to calm and kind-hearted men. Unfortunately, the man I met with these traits are not attacted to an Explorer. And that's why I am still here in the market.
Therefore, I am looking for a Negotiator/Explorer.

Meet people from Canada. Soo.. what to say about me..
I'm a professional in finance, can have some long hours but a big believer in work-life balance. My quieter pursuits are movies, music, reading and playstation (not a serious "gamer" but love to spend a few hours blasting monsters when I feel the urge to let off some steam).
When I'm not being so sedate, I'm into martial arts (recently got my black belt - proudest sporting achievement since primary school!), yoga, tennis (pretty rusty), golf (erratically), and snowboarding (slash scraping down the mountain - sorry to all those skiiers who were enjoying the fresh powder). I love the outdoors and travelling.
My general attitude to life is that we're only here for a short time so make the most of it. The things I look for the most in someone is a sense of humour (warning: mine can be pretty dry sometimes) and a positive outlook on life. If we can make each other laugh, I think we are definitely off to a great start.

Date a woman from Canada. Here are a few quick things about me that I think you should know. I always find it easier to tell if you're into someone in person which is why I will keep this brief.
I am intelligent, artistic, warm and a bit silly. I love to laugh and have fun. Im into stimulating conversations and totally ridiculous ones as well. I am very passionate and appreciate the same in a partner. I like to read, hike, play piano, eat, check out live music, and try new things. I have travelled to some interesting places so far but Im not even close to being done. Im not really into sports but I love going to see anything live. I have a good job and take care of myself but I like to be treated sometimes too.
Here are a few things that Im looking for in a partner.
Im looking for my best friend. Someone that makes me laugh and laughs at my jokes too :) I love polite, affectionate, stable, active and spontaneous men. Im searching for someone who is creative and intellectual. I would like a buddy to explore all of the great culture that Toronto has to offer. If you could ever see yourself living on a beach for a year then we will get along very well.
Finally, I believe that life is about learning, experience, love and compassion. I have recently discovered that its usually the most terrifying moments in your life that result in the most satisfying experiences. If you've made it this far and like what I had to say then say hello :

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I've came and looked around a couple times but have never tried out the site. Will see what happens this time around. I'm pretty chilled out and love going to concerts and going out to pubs. I'm very social and like going out a lot. I'm not a homebody in any sorts and will always find something to get up to.

Date men and women from Canada. I think family its the most important thing in my life. I really committed in what I do and what I start. I love go out with my friends, enjoy good conversation and of course dancing.
I would d like to travel arround the world, taste every kind of special dish and go to every nice club each country has.