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Date men and women from Toronto, Canada. Hello there! :)
I am someone who continually tries to look at the sunny side of things. People have asked me how I'm so smily and I wonder what life would be like if I wasn't so busy laughing and smiling. Of course, life is full of ups and downs, but I'm a strong believer in enjoying the simple things (e.g., good company, beauty of nature - birds chirping and flowers blooming, good food, talents of others, etc.). Life can be really challenging at times, so I feel like you need to ensure you take in all that it has to offer.
Being quite social, I like to fill my time keeping busy with the company of my family and friends. Living in High Park, I have the pleasure of having so many things to do right when I step out the front door. I enjoy running, yoga, camping, canoeing, hiking, snowboarding (very new to this), and cooking. I'm also a creative person who enjoys the arts (doing and appreciating).
I grew up out in the country and love to go back. It feels like a vacation. I do love living in the city though - so much to do and so many people to see.
I'm looking for someone who is not afraid to take a chance and looking for that partner in crime to celebrate each others successes with (or acheive them together). As I am quite happy with the success and leadership that I've enjoyed in my career and education, I am now looking to enjoy more travels and adventures. My heart is pretty open.
And I totally appreciate quirkiness as I think it makes life interesting. I tend to throw out some witty remarks and I'm always open to a laughing fit. :) I smile a lot when I'm around the right people.

Meet a woman from Toronto, Canada. I consider myself to be mature, energetic, fun loving. I like music, art, movies, sports (if I can't play it, I'll watch it), cooking and eating out. I love to travel, and am looking for someone to do that with. I would go anywhere in the world. I just crossed Spain off my list, Thailand is next. I love warm weather, the beach, but enjoy skiing and snowy weather.
I take care in getting to know someone. My friends look to me as the pragmatic. I love to talk, express my opinion maybe too harshly sometimes?... I love to laugh, if you're funny- we will get along. Humour has been a pillar in my life.
I love my job, I work hard, but I look forward to unwinding, watching a movie, reading, working out.
My tastes are eclectic, I like to drink wine as much as I love eating popcorn with extra butter (I know, so bad for you). I like the opera as much as I love cottaging.
Pet peeves: complacency, ignorance...and laziness. Clarification here- napping on a Sunday afternoon after brunch is not laziness- that's just good sense ;)
Imminent goals this summer - pick up jogging again, spend more time outdoors.
Most important thing when I meet someone- engaging conversation. I am looking for someone who can engage me, challenge me, share different viewpoints on life.
My dream has always been to live with more abandon...learn new things, meet interesting people, take photographs. I tend to try almost anything at least once. It's a good rule to live by. There is just so much I want to do, but work got in the way. I am looking for someone fun, equally energetic, goal oriented and open to new experiences.

Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. I love:
Kitesurfing (I’m a beginner….but still the best sport ever!!!)
Guacamole… a spicy guacamole
Road Biking
My Parents :) (They are the most beautiful couple I know!)
Meeting nice and kind people
Camp fires (and some marshmallows)
Pina colada (taste and smell)
Camping (summer and winter)
Ice cream
Hot Chocolat
Music (love love love music…. )
Road trips (IРІР‚в„ўm always ready to leave and discover)
Surfing (even if I do not get the chance to surf often)
Love Canada but ready to move to a different city, country, continent.... opportunities with my awesome company!!!
Smiling (all the time)
Rock Climbing
Seafood (miam miam miam…)
Traveling (so many nice places to see...not enough time )
…. And many other things that finish in ING :) hahahaha!

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I am an unique lady filled with positive spirit, love, humor, talent, and wisdom to make your day! Individuals describe me as the "Sophisticated, Sweet, Strong, Stylish, Smart, Secure, Simple, and Super Sharma" ;o).
Several random facts about me (that I do on a regular basis):
* being always there for others,
* singing and dancing to Bollywood music (when no one is around :P),
* watching the news,
* praying and saying the Gayatri mantra daily,
* snacking all day (yummy fruits and nuts),
* smiling and laughing,
* hosting and organizing games at parties,
* sharing words of wisdom,
* shopping for jewellery (don't worry guys - not for real gold nor,
* listening to Hum Desi radio show,
* remembering everyone their birthday and special occasions,
* going to the library and mandir,
* giving gratitude and surprises,
* watering my plants,
* having open and honest discussions (and adding my masala humor to them) on any topic,
* doodling,
* buying gifts for my family (my mom believes she can't have enough sarees...hehehe),
* looking out the window and imagining ideas, and
* playing poker and Mortal Kombat video game.
Currently, I express my passion for dancing and Bollywood music through my dance fitness school called Bollyworks (google it to get my contact info!). It is significant for me to keep fit by jogging, biking, interval training, lifting weights, (garam) yoga, swimming, and other athletic activities. During my past time, I immerse myself in digital SLR photography, watching movies, reading, travelling (Hawaii is next on my list - would you like to join me?), attending various events and spending time with my loved ones.
As for my career, I wake up daily, looking forward to going to the hospital due to its inspirational ambience to do our best with terrific support from co-workers. My volunteering experience at the local hospital and YMCA provided me an enriching and fulfilling opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. Last but not least, I hosted a Bollywood radio show, where I can be the voice of the community.
As for a partner, I am looking for a healthy relationship with a gentleman who shares a similar personality, background, interests, and values as mine. I hope to find someone who has a big heart (like mine!!), and will love me unconditionally. In return, I will give you the world and more (sounds good to you? I hope so...). Together, we will learn, laugh, love and live each moment to the fullest.
If my profile appeals to you, then don't hesitate to contact me. Otherwise, I wish you all the best in finding a magical love that will make your life worthwhile!

Date people from Toronto, Canada. Hi and thanks for checking out my profile! :)
About Me: Feminine, attractive and fit with blue eyes, fair skin and strawberry blonde hair. Optimistic, warm-hearted, kind, passionate, classy, enthusiastic and believes in beauty from the inside out. Always fantasizing about my next vacation! I love good conversation, being outdoors, sweaty gym sessions, fine dining and experimenting in the kitchen.
About My Match: A Type A alpha male. You ask and are confident that you'll receive. You know you deserve the best, and accept no less. You play to win and you are a man of principle. You would like to meet a woman that respects and inspires you mentally, physically and emotionally.
If you think we could be a fit, I'd love to hear your thoughts and see your picture? Thank you!

Meet men and women from Ontario, Canada. Hello there,
This part of my profile is still work in process, so please bear with me.
My closest friends would describe me as:
Good heart
I am looking for a person who is intellectually stimulating, reliable, well traveled, has good values.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. Me:
A picnic in the park is my ideal way to spend the afternoon.
I'm a naturally positive person.
I like my job and Im good at it.
I need to explore the world.
I read.
I have really long eyelashes which rub against my sunglasses.
I'm entrepreneurial.
Prefer vintage over modern.
Wish i knew more about politics.
Am a decent cook.
Intimacy is important to me.
Im a girly girl.
Strong- emotionally and getting there physically.
Dogs and babies really like me.
Can fit in pretty much anywhere.
Am more productive with music.
Im nice to everyone.
Like my wine red or white but not rose unless its bubbly.
My family are like my friends and my friends, family.
Inspire people.
Know what you want (or actively trying to figure it out).
Lover not a fighter but could kick butt if necessary.
Trying to bring chivalry back.
Are good to your friends and family.
Not into dramatic women.
Strive to know about your environment and the world.
Open minded.
Not afraid to communicate.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Totally brand new here and don't know what to expect. Let just say, I have zero expectations, and expect that my expectations will be met.
I have many traits that are actually quite contradictory. Might be because I'm a Gemini.
That's all for now.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am someone who is full of life and tries to take advantage of everything that life has to offer. I love to play sports and be active. I love Concerts and the arts. I love my Family and I love being in the company of my loved ones. I am extremly passionate about music and dancing, travelling and learnig about different cultures. I go through fire for my loved ones and my love is limit less, however, I am one of those people who can't necessarily express my feelings right away, it takes time for these feelings to develop, but when they do, I will go to the end of the world and back. I am looking for someone who is kind hearted, giving, hard working, goal oriented, selfless, family oriented and knows how to take care of his family. Someone who knows about compromise and understands the true meaning of partnership. Someone who can enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


Date men and women from Canada. I am secure and happy with myself, but...Life is meant for two!
I'm 32, fun loving, and down to earth woman seeking a warm hearted, sophisticated, and funny man. I love to dance and be swept off my feet.I love to travel and see new places! Enjoy cuddling up on the couch to watch movies on a stormy night. I have a very sweet, fun loving, and generous personality. I like an affectionate man who is well rounded and grounded. A guy who can make me laugh at a good joke and add some sarcastic humor in too is Great! A charming, confident man with a big heart is extremely attractive. The Ideal Man for me would be my best friend, my soul mate, my equal.
Honestly, what I'm really looking for here is someone that is 'normal'. Someone who is comfortable with themselves, established in their career and enjoys life. Someone who is as comfortable in a suit and tie as they are in a pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt, if you can't be comfortable with you, then I can't either....can you see yourself going to an Alicia Key's concert? Lastly, if you've been told you're the "quiet mysterious" type or something similar, please save yourself the time....I'm not looking for a 'Social Butterfly', I would just like someone who is casual and comfortable with who they are. I don't need to be 'impressed', I don't want a charade of what you think I want to hear. I want to know the real you and vice versa.
I could rattle off a long laundry list of the attributes I'm looking for in another person, but to be honest, at the end of the day it really comes down to good chemistry. That said, I generally find myself attracted to men who see the value in communication and honesty; who are educated, professional and confident, but have a healthy work/life balance; and who enjoy living life to the fullest, are adventurous, outgoing, and have a great sense of humor. I'm also a sucker for a great smile and good sense of style.

Meet a woman from Canada. i guess my friends would describe me as tall, attractive, clever and caring. i'm self employed, creative and know my way around a kitchen. i may be a bit a wine snob, but the snobbery ends there.
i have a gorgeous pooch who i rescued from the humane society about 10 years ago. unfortunately, at this point, she's my longest relationship...and that's why i find myself here.
i have a successful career which can be quite demanding, but i always make time for people I love.
i'm looking for a man in every sense of the word. Someone funny and kind and preferably taller than me in heels, which might be a lot to ask :)
here's hoping!

Date someone special from Canada. Friends would describe me as incorrigible, fun, blunt and witty.
Boys would describe me as sassy, sexy and exciting with a wicked sense of humor and a beautiful smile.
I'm hoping that those who dare to engage me in conversation would appreciate those qualities in me and be of similar mindset.
So long as I'm not bored because that would be a waste of the mind.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm looking for someone to make my eyes sparkle and my face light up. I'm looking to laugh and enjoy someone's company.
I'm extremely independent, but would like to share my world with someone. Including the best of vacations, the best parties, the best moments... and also the everyday ones where nothing exciting is happening, but it's exciting just to be with each other.
I'm a fun, artistic girl, who is both sensitive and adventurous. I like to keep active, and I like to keep things interesting. But I like to chill all the same, and enjoy the quiet moments.
Bottom line - I'm looking for someone who is "real." Someone who is true to oneself, knows oneself and acts like oneself.
In Toronto: I love eating out (especially breakfast and steak dinners!), drinking wine (or whatever's on the menu!), going to see live music, karaoke, checking out some art, making art, browsing cute little shops. In the summer, bike rides, tennis, running and softball.
On vacation: diving, swimming, climbing, horseback riding, ziplining, eating different foods, checking out the sites & photographing what I see. Just recently I was able to combine diving, the beach, music, karaoke and awesome food & drink all in one :)
If you like what you hear, send me a message! I'm a friendly gal.

Date people from Canada. So here it goes, a quick attempt to grab your interest.
I am friendly though I may seem shy and quiet at first. (Although then again, I may not. It's really all a question of chemistry.) I am interested in many things. Maybe that's because I received my BA in Art History, which I loved because it encompased a wide range of knowledge - religion, science, politics, philosophy. In short art gives a snapshot of society in a particular time and place. Since then, I've moved on to other things, but I'm still interested in learning about anything and everything. While I may be a bit of a homebody in daily life, I love to travel and am always up for a bit of adventure. I was recently in Morocco and while there went walking in the sand dunes in the desert, made an attempt at climbing the highest mountain in Morocco, and tried to learn how to surf. I had a fabulous time, but I'm equally happy staying in and reading or watching some tv or a movie.
I am looking for someone genuine and intellligent, with a good sense of humour who likes to go out and experience life, someone with a multi-faceted personality who has diverse interests, and who compliments me by enhancing my good qualities. But mostly what I'm looking for is someone whose company I enjoy, someone to sit and watch thunderstorms with, someone who makes a 6 hour hike up a mountain seem like fun.
If you think you might be that person, I look forward to hearing from you.