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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. My closest friends would describe me as kind, thoughtful, funny, smart, and all around awesome.
I'm a teacher, so my students do make me smile a lot (okay and they make me frown sometimes too), but I really do get a lot of joy from my job. Apart from that, seeing awesome live music makes me smile, as do my friends. I love to laugh, and my sense of humour can be a little bit off the wall sometimes. My friends appreciate it, because I can always make the mundane aspects of life funnier.
I am grateful for my family, friends, job, and the opportunities that life has afforded me. I often look at how life's cards are dealt, and realize that I've come out really lucky.
I love to travel. I never stepped foot on a plane until I was 23, but since then I've been to Australia, the UK, Ireland, France (multiple times), Spain, 8/10 provinces, and all over the U.S. Travel is one of my favourite things to do, and it's one of my goals to explore more of the world.
I have an active social life with many close friends who are important to me. I still hang out with the same people I did in high school, and I value those long-lasting friendships. Of course, I've made lots of new friends a long the way too, and I am always looking for more.
I am hoping to attract a person that is thoughtful, kind, honest, open, trustworthy, and has a great sense of humour. He must love to go out and have fun, whether it be trying a new restaurant, going to a concert, or going on a road trip. In addition, that same person has to like to stay in once in awhile too and watch a movie, or just goof around and be silly.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Where to start...I guess I'm willing to give almost anything a try, so why not this; though I'm still really not sure what to expect: if I'm lucky a few lame dates; one fatal attraction stalker, and a made up story we'll tell our friends around where we met.
I enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. Being active is really important to me, sports have always been a big part of my life. As much as I like being active, I also enjoy curling up on the couch on Sundays and watching Football (Go Steelers)!
Now for what I'm looking for. I'm looking for someone who makes me smile when I think about them. Obviously someone I'm attracted to physically, but also someone who's smart and funny, and most importantly loves to laugh. Open mindedness is a must (did I spell that right?). Someone whose family is important to them. If you're active and like sports that's a bonus but not a requirement.
Communication and trust are the most important things to me in any interaction with another person. I'm looking for someone who can think for themselves and appreciate the same in others, but who also cares and shares their feelings. A good sense of humour, likes to have fun, caring, thoughtful and likes to stay active are very important in finding that special someone.
Well if you got this far, you're probably somewhat interested, or sleepy. So give me a shout, send me a message.

Date people from Ontario, Canada. Let’s keep this simple…after all were all here for the same reason. So here goes…
- IРІР‚в„ўm confident and smart with a big personality.
- I laugh a lot – but mostly about really stupid things.
- I love good food & wine
- Cooking is my happy place. Yes, I will cook for you.
- I love to dress up and go out, but also love my baseball hat and a greasy breakfast.
- IРІР‚в„ўm a downtown gal, but have a soft spot for boats & pick-up trucks - for realizes
- IРІР‚в„ўm addicted to the news and love the spectacle that is politics.
- I like snowboarding and the lack of great snow here is one of my least favorite things about this city!
- I have a pretty cool job that I really like.
- I have a very large family that although not close by, is very important to me.
As for you….
- You are confident in yourself and what you do
- You are cool with most things on the above list
- YouРІР‚в„ўve read the headlines in the past week
- You donРІР‚в„ўt wear CrocРІР‚в„ўs and if I have to explain why - then stop reading and move on;)
- At the risk of sounding generic, you are confident, witty, kind, affectionate and family oriented

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Easy going, caring and like to have the time to do my own hobbies. Try to have sense of humor in life and enjoy it while I can, but also hard working side. Live yard work hard... Looking for someone easy going,caring and good sense of humor. Like yoga, gym and nature/outdoors. Looking for someone to spend time with going to sporting events, movies, eating out etc...oh yeah and I like cars ...

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. I think I"m looking for something really basic -- just someone to be a partner with me through life. To me, that means someone I love spending time with and who has common life goals. I think that with the right person, you can have as the most fun doing random day-to-day activities...which is kind of important, because while amazing dates and vacations are lovely, it's day-to-day life that, well, takes up most of life!

Meet someone special from Toronto, Canada. Hi, and thanks for checking out my profile! I'm really looking forward to meeting a great person!
I've been told I have an approachable quality where people feel like they've known me forever, even if its only been a short while. Unfortunately, I've also been toId I look a lot better in person than in pictures... which is definitely a bad thing when trying to meet someone from an online dating site!
A bit about me: I'm a fiercely loyal friend and a great listener. I enjoy staying active and feeling the thrill of trying something new. I usually do yoga and pilates for exercise, but I'm thinking of giving weights a try. I love all kinds of food and wine... I'm equally happy eating at a 5 star restaurant, as I am at a dive bar, provided the food is yummy! I also like staying in and cooking, especially in the winter.
I love to travel and have been all over the world. Some of my favourite places so far are the Galapagos Islands, Thailand, Namibia, Egypt and of course, Paris. I also like going on trips to the States, and this year I've been to Sedona and New Orleans a couple times. I'm going to Roatan in the winter, and I'm hoping to make it to Australia sometime soon.
I'm at the point in my life where I'm looking for something serious. So if you're a great guy, who's looking to meet a great girl, send me an email! Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

Date a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I am a 32 year old woman, looking for a man who makes her happy and is someone who she enjoys spending time with. I like to have a well balanced life - sometimes socializing, sometimes relaxing at home, sometimes checking out something new, sometimes taking a vacation (flying somewhere or just getting in the car and getting out of the city), sometimes just hanging out with friends, sometimes going for elaborate culinary experience dinners and sometimes just going for a bite at a favorite neighborhood restaurant. I'm looking for someone with an established career path and who is confident with what they want in life. Being agreeable and having a pleasant demeanor are desirable traits but at the same time I don't like a pushover and a I do need a man who is confident with themselves. I am a very social person with lots of close friends so it would be great to find someone who is also social and would fit into my life style as well as I would fit into theirs. Family and responsibility are important to me. I am a great cook and spend a lot of my "downtime" trying new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen! I love it and you'll learn quickly I am often planning social activities around new "foodie" experiences.

Meet people from Toronto, Canada. Yes I'm single. Yes, I'm lookin. Yes, I'm happy!
I was born in Ireland, lived in Montreal, and now live in the big smoke - Toronto.
Being Irish gives me a great sense of humour - and I love a great laugh!
I'm always grateful for the great friends I have in my life and a family that makes me smile. I'm a lucky girl - now if I could just find someone to share this with...?
I would love to find someone who likes to travel and explore what the world has to offer - someone with ambition, who enjoys living a healthy lifestyle - but can also enjoy a good glass of wine over a tasty meal!

Date a woman from Toronto, Canada. Hi. My name is Meghan! I am new to Toronto. I just moved here in February for my career. So far I love this city and all it has to offer. I am looking forward to fun filled summer here!
Adventurous, fun, easy going, sweet and loyal are a few of the words that best describe my personality. I like to try new activities or experiences. When I have free time most of it is spent with my sister and my nieces. I also enjoy outdoor activites in the winter and summer. My favourite sports are downhill skiing, running, golf, and rollerblading. My favourite sport to watch is hockey and yes I am a Toronto Maple Fan! In the summer, I enjoy camping or going to friends' cottages on the long weekend.
My next adventure challenge is the Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart 50 KM cycling event!
My other passions include travelling and experiencing new cultures. I took a few Spanish courses and visited South America a year ago. I would like to visit Italy, Spain and Greece this fall. I would love to meet someone who enjoys travelling especially to tropical countries. One day I hope to live or retire Florida:)
I am recently have taken an interest in home renovations (as I own a townhouse) and real estate.
I am looking for a man who treats a woman with respect and has good core values, is family oriented and has a sense of adventure. Enjoying travelling is a bonus.

Meet men and women from Toronto, Canada. So my friend told me I should try this online dating thing and reassures me it's not just for freaks and weirdos anymore. I hope she's right.
I've always been inclined to meet someone in a more organic way as I like to gage the natural chemistry. Having that spark is very important to me in a relationship. I find that without the chemistry there is only a friendship. That extra element is what will make a relationship last but if I make a few friends along the way that's cool too.
I tend to be very laid back and try to go with the flow but I do know what I like and don't like and can be quite opinionated when I feel strongly about something. I love exploring, new restaurants, areas of the city, new parts of the world and would like someone who wants to explore with me. Conversely I can really get into chilling at home, making a great dinner together and watching a movie. I love music and dancing and always enjoy going to see good live music.
I guess I'm looking for someone kinda like me. Not too crazy and not boring either. Someone who wants to communicate their thoughts feelings and desires. Hopefully grow together, but definitely have fun together.

Date someone special from Canada. A friends and family type of gal. Down-to-earth, friendly, sociable, mature, healthy, loyal and loving. I love dinners, trying new places, having patio beers, wine and cheese. I love a good laugh, and can laugh quite easily. A sense of humour is a must. I've recently completed my undergrad in Nutrition and Food and hope to do a Masters next year. I'm looking to go out, meet people, and have a good time. I'm looking for someone with a sense of humour, open mind, intelligent, sociable, driven, and mature.
I love travelling to Chile, the ocean, mountains, fresh fruit and vegetables, hot sun (in the summer), and of course, wine.
A little more about my life, I have a two and a half year old (a single mom), but I don't bite. I also have time to go out as I have a supportive family. A balance of work and play is a must for me.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. hi!
i will keep this simple. i like to forgo the use of capital letters in my personal life, as my professional life demands them!
i'm a spontaneous, eclectic and intuitive girl who is not afraid to say what she thinks. i'm creative in the literal sense, athletic and i have a good dry sense of humour. i like guys who are educated and tall and not posing with their muscles out. jeez...i will see them later (if you're lucky!). ideally, you are driven, honest and kind. my pet peeve is bad spelling. the chances of me responding to a message decrease proportionally to the number of spelling mistakes in the message. i used to be a TA. the boys liked me until i marked their papers...

Date people from Canada. Im in the next chapter of my life and looking for someone to enjoy it with. I love to laugh, dance, play, crack jokes and have fun. I am a very busy woman and am not as free to do as I wish so the ideal person for me would be someone just as busy, but still finding the time to connect romanticaly.

Meet a woman from Canada. I'm a young woman with dreams, goals and expectations. I love to laugh, I enjoy great company but can also appreciate quiet moments. I am comfortable in my own skin. I'm looking for a man who's confident, kind, emotionally generous and is proud of his accomplishments. I believe in a balanced life that includes family and friends. Family Values are very important to me and hopefully to you too.

Date men and women from Canada. No clue. I think that may be my problem. I know an open left leaning mind is important. I could never be described as conservative. It's attractive if you laugh a lot and have stuff to say on just about anything,