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Date men and women from Toronto, Canada. I believe in friendship more than anything.I love to walk around downtown try new things, meet people, play video games ,gym, taking pictures, cooking.I like to meet someone who is honest and straightforward .

Meet single man from Toronto, Canada. I am described by my friends as a true gentleman, a man who respect his words - who values a woman.
I am a physician who is happy, optimistic, fun to be with. independant. responsible. thoughtful.
I have big dreams for myself and my family.

Date a man from Toronto, Canada. Things I like to do:
Learning how to control and manipulate my body. From the moment I decided it was time to get on my two feet and try walking, I was on a roll…
Imagining myself chasing a gazelle while sprinting.
Walking around on my hands in my apartment, scantily dressed in underwear and t-shirt.
Drinking freshly squeezed orange juice along with sweetened and salted milk. Ray Peat on nutrition.
Practicing manly skills like blowing a whistle through my fingers, building a workbench, patching a hole in drywall, sowing on a button, or tying a bowline knot.
Closing the fridge door really slow to see at what point exactly the lights go off.
Drawing pretty faces and figures.
Cuddling with the right girl while being overcome by the accompanying sensations. It's the only way I can be tamed.
I lived in Greece for six months last year because I thought it'd be cool to grow my own fruits and vegetables, press olives, milk goats, and to have a horse and a wolf-dog. I fell in love with rock climbing and open water swimming while I was there.
I'm artistic and have been drawing ever since I could manipulate pigment on a surface. I sometimes attend open-studio life drawing. One thing I really like to do to connect with someone on a deeper level, is to have myself draw that person. It's a sure-fire way to have you fall in love with me ;)
If I piqued your interest, send me a wink or a message

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I'm a young guy looking for a special young lady to spend time with. I've finally finished graduate school, moved around a bit, and landed in a stable professional spot in the lovely city by the lake. I live in the west end and it's wicked. I like walking, checking out shops, eating out, scanning used bookstore shelves, throwing the frisbee, breaking a sweat, and going for an impromptu dip in the water. I'm easy going and I work persistently to keep an open mind and embrace new experience. I'm grateful for every day and am ridiculously enthusiastic about what the future holds; there's just so much cool stuff to do. I've got a lot of close friends and a circle of international friends that I try to visit. I like meeting new people, and different people. This applies to dating too: I'm not looking for a female copy of myself. I want to meet someone who is different than me but who also has an open mind. If all goes well we could make a fun and dynamic pair:) If you think I might be your kind of person, don't be shy; say hi and we can get to know each other. Otherwise good luck in your search; the right guy is definitely out there!

Date people from Toronto, Canada. im out going, reliable, socialable, easy going, laid back. i love to play and coach rugby. accomplishments im most proud of are being good at what i do, passing my level 1 coaching cert in rugby, getting my diploma in communications. up rooting and moving grateful of the support from a great family and close looking for someone who i can have a laugh with and a good time both as dating friendship reliable easy going likes to socialise, go out to restaurantscinema or just sit in at home.

Meet someone special from Toronto, Canada. A man who tells you he is 5'11 is an honest man. We all know that honesty is one of the biggest qualities of any successful relationship. You see, if a man tells you he is 6'0, it's a 50-50 chance scenario as he may very well be rounding up. So I ask you this question: Why leave such a huge quality, namely honesty, to chance? ;P
I'm a big believer in the power of laughter and a positive attitude. I genuinely love life and all it has to offer us. From road trips and live concerts, to catching the latest art exhibit or film festival screening, I appreciate it all. Athletics wise, I love sports, working out and challenging myself physically through city charity distance runs (like the sporting life 10km). I recently signed up for the Tough Mudder obstacle/endurance course taking place in August 2012.
If I were to describe myself, it would be social, honest, down-to-earth, athletic and adventurous. Among other travels, I've bungee jumped in Switzerland, sky-dived in Vegas, trekked in northern Thailand, ate at a rooftop skyline view restaurant in Istanbul, lounged in New Orleans and caught a ball-game at Fenway. I'm always up to plan a road-trip, head out for a drink with friends or stay in and catch a movie and just take it easy and lounge.
In a woman, I appreciate and respect an honest and genuine character, along with a sense of humour, positivity and an outgoing nature.
Toronto is a beautiful world-class city, we're lucky to live here. Let's head out and experience it together, what do you say?
p.s. I'm 5'11.

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. just looking for some fun and to meet new people and hangout and have a little fun enjoying each other and just go crazy . im a quiet guy at start but warm up quickly and enjoy the outdoors hiking,camping, going home and watch the drags and also visit family and old friends

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. I'm a relaxed person who likes to have and share good times with others, and would love to meet other warm people who value friendship and happiness. Let's get to know each other and see where that can take us.

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. I love travelling and adventure - this is a big one. I've been all over Europe and recently, Guatemala...
I love learning - this will be the case for the rest of my life.
I love lamp - and funny movies if got that one.
I am not a geek.
I am a Civil Engineer specializing in Environmental and Green Building Management.
I enjoy living sustainably - I am implying environmentally, but in all aspects I suppose.
I...wait, maybe I am a geek?
I like all kinds of music especially Folk/Indie - Currently in heavy rotation: The War on Drugs, Wilco, Arcade Fire, Neil Young, Plants and Animals
I love camping, cottages and fishing - ice fishing too.
I skydove.
I am quirky, witty, and 'funny' at times- I'll let you be the judge of the 'funny'
I love sports and follow several professional sports leagues somewhat - most guys do I suppose, so not really a wowing statement I realize.
I play hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and tennis - Always willing to try to new sports as well.
I am interested in dating for now; however, I would eventually like to get into a relationship when the right girl comes my way...taking it slow.
To Be Continued...?

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I love movies and live shows. I enjoy good food with good company. I could walk around the city all day or stay in watch a good foreign movie. I love to have fun but can be serious. I'm looking for someone who enjoys all these things or thinks they might.

Date people from Ontario, Canada. Some people have a hard time writing about themselves here but I think that’s the easy part, right? Forgive me, I’m in sales, so here goes nothing! :)
For obvious reasons I’m on here to find my partner in crime, the DeeDee McCall to my Rick Hunter. And for those of you who know what show I’m referring to you can obviously see my resemblance to Hunter. No? Me either.
I’m a guy who’s got his career and life together, and now I’m looking for the missing piece. I think of myself as a goal oriented person who likes to make things happen for himself, and who likes to explore and learn new things. This curiosity has led me back to school part time which may set out an entire new path for me!
I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m a jetsetter (or a trendsetter, but I digress) and traveling is important to me. I’m always looking at where my next trip will be, whether it’s across the world or even a road trip.
I enjoy spending time with my friends (they may feel differently), dining out in this great city, going to the gym, the movies, playing golf, watching baseball (yes, I'm a Blue Jays fan) and having a good laugh – at someone’s expense or in most cases, my own. I also like checking out what is going on in the city, I appreciate good art, design and architecture.
So what am I looking for in a partner in crime? Glad you asked. I am looking for a woman who is honest, caring, and ambitious with a sense of adventure to be my ultimate sidekick! Oh, and that has a sense of humour and can laugh at my jokes. Is this you?
All the best in your search ladies.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I believe it's important to know the difference between their, they're and there. I'm dedicated to my career, yet very easy-going and laid back in general. I'm well-spoken and well-informed. I'm a professional hugger and a world-class gentleman. I don't know everything but I'm exceptional at Google.
Hmmm, what else...
- I generally write using complete sentences with complete words (you definitely won't get a message like "omg ur so hawt" from me).
- In my free time I enjoy a wide variety of activities e.g., guitar, piano, sailing, traveling, golf, hockey, motorcycling, reading, tennis, etc.
- I have a PhD in Engineering, but will only insist that you call me Dr. when we're arguing about something ;-)
- I occasionally travel for work...but I also take my friends along sometimes to keep me company
- If we hang out there will never be an "awkward silence" don't worry, if you're nervous I will just tease you.
- I'm physically fit and exercise 6 days per week.
- I have a goofy and ridiculous golden retriever.
I don't send a lot of first messages on here so if you think we might get along feel free to say hello! I'm not really into sending messages back and forth forever -- I would much rather meet in person and see if we have fun together. Lastly, I'm not looking to see how many women I can date at the same time, just one amazing woman -- maybe it's you!

Date men and women from Canada. I'm a single, young professional of French background who enjoys living life to the fulliest. Looking for an attractive, open minded, kind, and intelligent girl, who is interested in a long term serious relationship.

Meet single man from Canada. Adventurous, open minded,kind. Not bad looking. Have done well financially and am free to do pretty much what I want. Aesthetically inclined. Enjoy building ahd renovating homes. Like and support artists whose work i llike.

Date a man from Canada. Respectful, honest, sweet, ambitious, kind, romantic, clean, fun-loving, passionate man here seeking a woman to that at lease matches my qualities.. I am a very fun loving man with great love for my family.