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Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. After trying a couple of other dating sites with disappointing results, I'm now here. It seemed like there might be a chance I'd receive fewer naked pictures, and notes describing the senders wildest fantasies. Or maybe not!
I'm easy going, intelligent and quick to smile. I'm tolerant, caring and non judgmental.
I also dislike writing about myself so that's it for now.....

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. i am easy going and seldom will get fussy about anything. I travel often but love home time and socializing. I love a good "from the belly" laugh and those that give me a good reason to do it. I like serious people that are honest, anything else is a waste of my time, which i don't have much of. I love new things, new food, new places and someone with the same spirit.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I'm an independent, strong minded, young professional female living in the big city looking to settle down with the right man ;)
During the week I pass the time by cycling, yoga, pilates & my favorite of all.......SOCCER!!! I'm not the best player but man is it fun to let all your aggressions I love keeping busy and trying new things. All this seriousness during the week allows me to enjoy live music, go out with friends, cottages, camping and hang out on patios (weather permitting)on the weekends. Another passion I have is cooking.....what can I say, I come from an Italian background ;)
I love my job and I am currently taking management courses to advance my career. Keeping up to date on cardiac & health care innovations will always hold my interest.
Like most, I love traveling and hope to plan a trip in the next few months. It would be great to have someone to share the experience with.
I would like to meet someone with similar interests and goals and lets go from there!

Meet people from Ontario, Canada. I am a city girl who has a good job and great friends and family.
I can swear like a trucker (there's a time and place for everything) but am articulate and educated, I can laugh at myself but am confident, I am opinionated but non-judgmental, I am comfy in sneakers or heels, I like to eat well but am down for Burger's Priest once and awhile (it's worth the wait!).
I think most people would describe me as funny, intelligent, confident, warm and fun. I'm loyal, honest and have a big heart. I'm not super athletic but stay active by taking in a spin or yoga class as often as I can.
We're probably not a match if:
- You've never heard of Mad Men
- You don't find Modern Family ridiculously funny
- You don't own a suit
- You're into cats not dogs
- You don't appreciate sarcasm
- You still live at home
- You look like "The Situation" from Jersey Shore
I'm usually attracted to guys that have a great sense of humour, witty, work hard, have a good group of friends, are family-oriented and well-educated. Bonus points if you're tall, like sushi and can drive stick!

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. I have had the pleasure of living in several cities to further my career and currently living in Toronto, a city I have spent years dreaming about! I guess itРІР‚в„ўs true what they say..dreams do come true as long as you have your goals set out and set high!!! I moved here recently and love living downtown for all of its conveniences and the beauty of the sights and culture.
I work and I love my job. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and I have worked very hard to achieve my professional and personal goals and continue to be motivated in advancing and learning within my job.
I need to be mentally stimulated and I am attracted to a man that is motivated, successful, independent and funny. I am ready to meet a great partner that loves to travel and take day trips and enjoys the little things in life and doesnРІР‚в„ўt sweat the small stuff. If you are intrigued and want to learn more, drop me a line and letРІР‚в„ўs take it from there.

Meet a woman from Canada. just simple as I am,simple life with a simple living,I'm a friendly person,kind and sometimes naughty.what I like is hanging out with my friends,family and watching movies with my special someone that would be great.
I'm looking forward for having my own family,a man who is caring,understanding,with sense of humor, and most of all a God fearing person,who will love and accept me for what I am.
I'm having fun biking around.I'd also love to explore the wonders of the world,do some things that I thougt it could never happens in my life and of course it would be great if I have a partner in crime...Are you gonna go with me?

Date a soulmate from Canada. Wanted: Partner in crime (must provide own cape and have a cool name)
I've had some great guest appearances, but I'm looking for a full-time co-star this time.
Characteristics of my ideal co-star:
1. Must have a sense of humour (read: laugh at all my jokes)
2. Must be athletic enough to jump over tall buildings (or have the directional ability to find the nearest elevator)
3. Must think brunch is the single greatest meal ever invented.
4. Must like animals i.e. Dogs and think that cats are Dog people definitely rule.
5. Must not be a jerk (if you have a pic of yourself posing in the bathroom mirror or a pic of your car, move along, this profile is not for you)
And finally...
6. Must be smart – there is nothing sexier than an articulate well versed man.
Fine Print:
Please be between the age of 30 to 40 and the smart is really important, you donРІР‚в„ўt need to be Albert Einstein or anything. But an intelligent man who loves great conversation is number one on my list. So is having a sustainable living - job or lottery winnings. And a passion - I don't care what - just that you are happy to do something each day.
About Me!
Well, I'm fun. And silly. And I have a good head on my shoulders. I have this amazing group of family and friends that I roll with. Known to be a little sarcastic, but always good natured. I have a job that I love and a life that I'm very proud of. Now I'm looking for someone to share that with!
Hope it's you!

Meet someone special from Canada. - Down to earth
- Family-oriented
- Can be a total lady and/or a bit goofy
- Adventurous and love to travel (I try to get away as often as possible for work and play)
- Quite the avid reader and sports enthusiast
- Very active (intro training, fitness, cycling, sports)
**I'm hoping to find someone with similar interests with a few new 'tricks' (interests) up his sleeve.

Date people from Canada. i'm looking for whoever will have me ... it's been such a long time and i think i've got cobwebs - can you help me clean out the cupboards???? if you think you can handle the job, then give me a shout, if not ... give me a shout anyways ;)

Meet men and women from Canada. I wonder if our grandparents could have ever predicted that in the future, their descendants would so often be asked to "describe themselves" in electronic boxes for the purposes of making human connections.
Now that I've pointed out the obvious weirdness of this, here goes...
My friends and family tell me I'm kind, warm and generous. This must be true because they continue to hang out and put up with me. I'm self-deprecating and funny in a dry/deadpan and sometimes silly kind of way. I need to be with someone who can make me laugh and who hopefully finds me amusing too.
I love art and culture, but don't get along with people who get all uptight or pretentious about it. I have a low tolerance for BS and seek out sincere, genuine people, expressions and experiences.
I can be pretty sensitive, a tad stubborn and a wee bit shy/reserved, but believe that with the right person, these things will endear me further to them.
I love to socialize and do so often, but I also value my alone and quiet time.
I'm attracted to men who are highly intelligent -- both emotionally and intellectually. Deeply kind and gentle paired with a strong backbone. Fun-loving and lighthearted. Someone who has matured and grown into himself, with an open mind and open heart who is genuine and honest in his words and actions. I'm not looking for something casual and will not be patient with games.
I could write more, but that would take away the fun of getting to know each other.

Date a woman from Toronto, Canada. I am recently single and new to the whole on line dating world. I am looking for a new way to meet people as a lot of my friends are already in relationships and I am finding it harder to meet new people without being out at bars all of the time.
I currently live and work downtown Toronto. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, shopping, nice dinners, wine, traveling, reading, and watching movies.

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I'm new to Toronto and looking to meet someone special. In my spare time I enjoy running, reading, cooking, hanging out with my friends and going out for good time. I'm looking for someone who can make me laugh and likes to relax and have a good time.

Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. my friends says on me i am serious, strict and silent in 1st meeting but when they know me they say i am simple, funny and idealistic. And i also believe i am caring, loving woman..
i am hoping to meet my ideal man who like this kind of attitude i have, and i am chubby girl since birth so i wish too a kind of a man wont mind about the physical appearance...

Meet people from Toronto, Canada. Soft ,help other,listener,spiritualy strong ,sharing,
When the senior gets love from there . if some say hi
I'm in Canada helping family,
Im looking for a man who has a well attitude & good behavior

Date men and women from Toronto, Canada. Hey there! So, I don't want to reveal too much about myself just yet and I really hate talking myself-up on this. What I can say is, that I'm just a girl looking a for a guy. Simple really:) If you're a genuine person who loves having a great convesration, discovering new music, restaurants, wine, and who doesn't take himself too seriously give me a wink or an email.
Talk soon!