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Date a man from Ontario, Canada. Im pretty easy going. Looking for somone to enjoy life with, i am always up to try new things and somone to challenge me in life...... I like to keep busy i do somtimes get bored easliy and then i will bother you lol.......

Meet people from Ontario, Canada. I'm a very private person, live modestly and spend most of my time in solitude in which I explore music, poetry, literature and good art in general. I'm proudly old fashioned. I've been in a long term relationship which has recently ended. I do believe in true love, but I don't feel ready for it at the moment. I'd wait if life wasn't so short. I miss the warmth and tenderness of a female. I don't like senseless, mechanical fking that sadly dominates the adult world of today but rather would like to explore sexuality with passion, mutual affection and understanding.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. like having a good time with the people am with, spending time with my son and making him grow up to be the best man he can be. what i want from that is some one who will not waste my time and i will give you a good time with smiles

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. I am very easy-going single guy who is ready to meet that special girl who can make me laugh as much as I make her, a girl who lights up every room she enters. She will be confident but humble and sincere. She has a very POSITIVE outlook. She can hold her own in a good conversation. She wants to travel and has big ambition, but also loves doing nothing and joking around!
I have a good job, but enjoy my time away from the office. I play hockey twice a week and golf religiously in the summer. I love sports and also photography, a large hobby of mine. I REALLY want to travel more and a lot in next couple years. The thing I enjoy most is making someone or a group laugh. I have a very sarcastic sense of humour but can be very quick and witty as well. A girl who could match me in enjoying a stupid laugh would be perfect!
I also love good movies and music. Eddie Vedder, Eminem, Mumford and Sons... every type of music.
If you think we would be a good match, send me a message, I'd love to meet you.

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. AM a easy going type of person, can be a tad jovial and sarcastic. Feeling lost And need the warmth of someone genuine i guess right now. Really would like to explore with someone thats open minded, Caring and not manipliativE .Willing to settle down in the near future, if possible .Feel like a tortoise here,just learning. (le visage livre JOSE LEO)
Socially adaptive, not afraid to Be upfrOnt , Outgoing K, inclined to push /nudge each when necessary , every now and then . i really hate being pampared/ most prefer givng than receiving. like to meet (am firm believer that everything, every situation, every encounter, happens for a reason, and that things that we perceive as problems, are truely opportunities in disguise. Life is all about timing. change so that you can learn to let go, and things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right. , goal oriented, and motivated to make the best out of my life. ) on the other note like to fix stuff around the house FIGURE
A go-getter at heart ,willing to learn any and every thing that forthcoming ,an overachiever if you may but down to earth at the same time.
someone that not afraid of travelling in the long run and been them selves ,love cooking,been around family and warmhearted.(different)
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Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Passionate and loving person. Would like to spend time talking, listening, dining out and visiting places. I would love to hang out in the evening and visit restaurants, sometime dancing clubs and spend time with each other.

Date a man from Canada. Hi there... im new in Toronto live and work Downtown and am looking for a friend and hopefully the one. About me, I am 32 years old slim/athletic built. I work at a professional services firm graduated from univeristy with honours. Im pretty much a down to earth guy enjoy the outdoors, dinning, clubbing now and then, playing golf, movies. About my girl.. you should just be yourself. There is no formula for chemistry. Lets do dinner, coffee and take it from there. Hope to hear from you. Chat soon :)

Meet people from Canada. Not much of a social life right now. Recently took job training and need to get back on my feet again. I'm looking for someone to share my life - the ups and the downs, the good and the bad. I'm from a close knit family and want the same for my future life.

Date someone special from Canada. Since one can find kindred spirits in the strangest of places, I figured I'd give this a shot. I enjoy my work in the ivory tower, but also harbor interests in drama, finance, comedy, fitness and activism. I think that I'm quietly confident, but also self-deprecating. My iPod is littered with indie rock, and the occasional guilty pleasure. As for the superficial stuff (which I figure is at least a necessary evil), I also exercise fairly regularly and intensely, both to sublimate and keep myself looking decent. I love the outdoors, and would love to have excuses to explore Southern Ontario. Most of all, I want to be happily overwhelmed, learning the nuances and idiosyncrasies of someone complexly wonderful.
I'm currently writing my dissertation, and alternate between pondering over semantics, theory and the urge to refresh the New York Times webpage to look for new articles and some edifying procrastination. I also have a Nintendo Wii at home which is great for turning off the rollercoasters in my mind.
In short, I'm not sure it's fair to single out types of people I'm looking for, but as a rule, being quirky, independent, ambitious, feminist, activist, creative, funny and intelligent scores major points with me.

Meet single man from Canada. I am a professional with lots to offer! I like nice candlelight dinner, bubble bath treament, massages,. Love taking long walk. Enjoy sight seeing. I am a fun, intellectual, energetic, compassionate and with great sense of humour. My dtream in life is to enjoy the beauty of it with the compatible mate.

Date men and women from Canada. Hi there!! I'm a 32 year old white male!! I tell things the way I see things!! I'm fun to be around, and I play hockey whenever I can!! Hope to hear from you!! I come from a close family, but I know live in Edmonton!! It's been great here, and hopefully it's my new home!! Cheers!!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm a working artist, so my 'hobbies' tend to blend with my work. When not working (or painting) I love boardgames, trolling second hand music stores, visiting galleries and reading.
Yup, I like music. A Loooooootttt! Post-Rock, Modern Classical, Jazz, metal, math rock and on and on..
I like books. Mostly the non-superhero graphic novel stuff, but the occasional Hitchens or LaBute will find its way onto my bookshelf. I also read a lot of music and art magazines.
I hate TV but love HBO.
I'm a big film buff and support the better movie rental stores here in the city.
I'm honest.
I bike.
I love the library.
I recycle.
I love animals - especially dogs.
I'm very environmentally conscience.
I have a good sense of humour.
and on and on...

Date a man from Toronto, Canada. I'm the kind of person who looks for the positive in everything. I have no regrets because even the bad things that have happened in my life have made me the person I am. And I like who I am! My friends would say that I'm outgoing (even if I choose to stay in more than I used to) and that I'm funny, but not the kind of funny that everyone gets. My jokes sometimes go over people's heads. I'm very smart and looking for someone who knows she's smart too. I'm looking for someone who's 2/7 party girl, 5/7 working girl and %100 easy going. And finally, i need someone who cares about environmental issues (I'm reasonable of course, I buy some things organic, recycle everything I can, use cfl light, try not to waste water, etc. I'm no Eco warrior)

Meet people from Toronto, Canada. I'm very romantic passionate,guy,that believes in love in some things i'm very open mind but when you talk about love i'm old-fashion kind,very tolerant,fun guy,whit much much to give, i dare you to discover for yourself you won't regret it.

Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. After considerable thought on this subject I have decided to be very verbose and concise in describing myself and the woman I am searching for. (Please allow me to apologize for the contradiction in terms.) Trying to describe ones self is a daunting task, as we tend to see ourselves in a different light than we actually are seen and precieved by others. None the less, I shall endevour to be as neutral and accurate as possible while maintaining a " Positive Spin" in a P.T. Barnum kinda way.