Date men from Canada / Ontario / Toronto, 31 year old

Date someone special from Canada. I am a fun person who loves doing things as a couple I enjoy outdoors and love soccer I treat everyone with respect and love to make people smile I put other people before myself and really want to meet someone who feels the same

Meet a man from Canada. Hi, my name is Matt. I’m fairly new to Toronto and since I really don’t know many people here yet and my workplace consists of 97.8% construction guys, I thought I’d give this Match thing a try.
Let's see; I would say I’m a friendly, considerate, well-educated, easy going, and down to earth guy. I’m kind of sarcastic and always like to have a good laugh. Being young at heart, I am very adventurous and love to try new things and explore new places. I really enjoy getting lost too and am always game for a good road trip. One day I’d love to just indulge my inner travel bug and go wild jet-setting across the world. I grew up in New Zealand till I was 15 (sorry I lost the accent) and have loved travelling ever since. I like being active such as going to music shows or having drinks downtown but I can also appreciate my home time too such as ordering a pizza, having a movie marathon, and being a homebody for a night. It is true, I also do like long walks on the beach but probably because I like beaches and the introduction of alcohol as a variable to beach walks is a winning scenario. I would recommend it.
I love animals and if my apartment was bigger and my schedule more conducive for pet ownership I would probably have a bunch of stray dogs and cats living with me. I'm also a bit of a bleeding heart, which at times has put me in some very weird situations. One such time I ended up buying a homeless guy batteries for a radio because it was the "only thing left in this world that was keeping him going", according to the guy. This story pretty much sums up the way I am with people for better or worse (and many times it is indeed worse). I have a very giving and caring personality, especially to my family and friends, and apparently homeless people with radios. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and think its important to treat people with kindness and respect. Maybe it's because I'm from a small town but it's a quality that seems to be lacking especially here in Toronto, and in particular on the TTC when it often feels like a mosh pit at a death metal show filled with old people, children, and occasionally Chihuahuas stuffed into purple designer Gucci bags...
I have a Master’s Degree in Political Science, which has given me a solid edge in Jeopardy and once in a while bar trivia. Despite my schooling I have worked quite a few years in degree unrelated retail management, which I loathed with every essence of my being and soul. Finally, one day I realized I wanted to do more personally rewarding work and decided to switch careers and begin a Carpentry apprenticeship in Toronto, and thus is the reason why I am here now. At the moment I’m working downtown in condo construction and so far love what I do, even though I'm sort of starting out and resetting my career again. But who doesn't want to go to a job in work boots and jeans and get covered in drywall dust while being perpetually cut by wood splinters? I know, I know... It sounds too good to be true. In actuality though it has been a great change for me and it's an exciting career to pursue.
I'm sort of sceptical about this on-line thing but I think it's always good to try new avenues. I still like going out but as far as going out with the purpose of meeting someone in a club or a bar, I'm over those days. It's better just to have fun at a bar I think. Your really not going to meet your soulmate doing Jager bombs in a crowed club with Flo Rida pumping in the background and only comprehending 15% of what the other person is saying. Ultimately though, I am looking for a relationship and while I'm happy with who I am I think life can always be enhanced with good company and with someone you care about. A fitting quote perhaps: "everything is clearer when you're in love" ~John Lennon
Well, I’m not really sure what else to say, if you feel like chatting drop me an email

Date single man from Canada. I'm a really open-minded person who works hard and tries to stay out of trouble. I'm looking for a nice girl who isn't an idiot, isn't hideous, and isn't too evil. Hope I haven't excluded too many of you lovely ladies!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm easy going and open minded. Rather go partying with a date, then go to meet someone. I like to have fun and meet new people. Also comfortable watching a movie or just grabbing a coffee.
I like to go out with friends and have a good time. Very open to new experiences.

Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. I'm athletic guy who plays sports 2-3 times per week (basketball, football, softball and swimming and the flavour of the day). I enjoy going out to great restaurants and drinking the night away to good conversation. I also enjoy going to concerts and hearing new music.
I'm looking for someone for someone easy going to help me enjoy this city. Whether it be exploring new areas during the day, taking advantage of the festivals and musical acts that seem to come every weekend, or going to a Jays or Raptors game (sorry Leafs fans, I'm from Edmonton, so I'll only be cheering for the Oilers). Hopefully you have a good time at any neighborhood pub or casual restaurant with good friends and don't need to go to the hottest bar in town (not that going out to a club isn't fun, it's just a once in a while thing for me as opposed to the norm). And, hopefully, you're a kind, considerate, intelligent person who likes to stay fit and active.

Meet a man from Toronto, Canada. Hrmm, where does one start?. I work in the IT industry and thus meeting the opposite sex is pretty tough. After working a full day, going to the gym, making dinner(I do more than just ice cubes) it doesn't leave much opportunity to meet new people, this is why I'm here.
I'm looking for someone who hasn't become jaded from years of dating. Someone who believes in loving like they've never loved before while still knowing what they want. I find that most people put up a great wall of china based on past experiences.
I'm a strong believer in taking ones experiences both good and bad as a blessing. It's only because of these experiences do we really realize what we want.
Someone who believes in helping those in need, someone who's a mover and not a bystander. To clarify, by no means am I referring to a nun unless we're talking about role playing in which case i'll have to retrieve my power rangers costume.
The first thing people notice about me is my energy. Regardless of where I am, who I'm with, I'll make the best out of any situation. I'm usually the social butterfly at gatherings, striking conversation and not afraid to speak my mind. I remember one summer going to a cottage, I took a walk and crossed over to the trailer park area. Sitting around a campfire were a group of country folk whom I don't think had ever seen a colored person. Within 30 minutes we were drinking beer and engaged in deep conversation. I did however turn down their offer to go cow tipping, I regret that decision to this day.
I've been told I can be odd and quite quirky at times. Perhaps it's because I'm an avid executor and creator of the scuba? What is the scuba you ask? The scuba is a move used when your tired and need a slap in the face. It involves snorting water through one nostril to simulate the feeling of drowning, and because I don't want to drown or potentially die, I instantly wake up. It's like a jolt of coffee, try it. It could also be because I do the flying squirrel which is a move performed in the shower where know what? We're not there yet.
I'm not here to play games, as cliche as it sounds. I find far to many people have ulterior motives. If I don't see a possible relationship after the first couple of dates you will know and I expect the same. If however there is something more, I give it my all. I'm big believer in healthy romance and not letting that proverbial fire "die". Too many couples stop doing the things that matter after the "honeymoon" phase.
There's no point in being in a relationship if your not committed to it. Wearing my heart by my sleeve hasn't bode well at times, but I don't regret it one bit. After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
So take a shot, send me a message and lets see where this goes.
Want to message me? Not sure what to write? Here are some thought provoking questions for you to choose from :)
I'm dizzy and my left arm hurts. What has most likely happened?
The weather is terrible outside, and you're bored stupid. What do you put on the stereo?
If you were a superhero or could have any power in the world, what would it be and why?

Date single man from Toronto, Canada. I just moved to Toronto and am looking to meet new people so I thought I would try this out.
Alright, so a little about me. I’m hard working and career focused but at the same time I always make time to hang out with family and friends. In the summer I spend lots of time in cottage country.
I’ve done lots of traveling, love playing sports and have an active lifestyle. I’m outgoing, talkative and try not to take life too seriously.
Looking for someone that’s fun to be around, friendly and has a great sense of humour.

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. "Can I lie on these profile things?" I asked my friend.
"What do you mean?" My friend replied.
"Can I put that I am 5 feet 10 inches even though I am probably closer to 5 feet 9?" I asked earnestly.
"I don't think 1 inch will be a big deal," mused my friend but only half interested.
"I am legally 5 feet 10, so I am probably not lying anyway," I rationalized.
"Legally?" My friend asked, still not very interested.
"That's what it says on my driver's licence," I replied. "Hmmm, maybe I should point out that I have access to a car."
"You will be very popular with high school girls," My friend said dryly.
"I don't know. I don't know what to write in these things," I furrowed my eyebrows at the computer screen. "Maybe I should mention that I am gainfully employed. Girls like that kind of stuff, right?"
"Your profile is going to be awesome," my friend remarked. With that encouragement, I began to type.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am good at relationships, but not good at meeting new people. I'm a good listener, am genuine and loyal, and I love planning fun days of picnics with perhaps a free concert and swing dancing at night. I love Toronto. There is always something new and different to see and do and would love someone to come along or show me their favourite spots.
What shall we talk about if you message me? Anything strange or unusual, I am one that prefers a daydream that lasts a week and will suffer puffy eyes for a good book and sore feet to see something wonderful. I have traveled and want to travel more and and am always looking for a unique event to make me laugh or think. All I lack is someone special to come with.
The girl I'm looking for is ready for something serious, and is kind and sweet. Who is open to new things but also happy to spend a simple night in watching movies.
So drop me a line and see what happens, maybe we will drive each other crazy, or bore each other to tears, or perhaps finally we will find that last bowl of porridge and be, just right.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. I like to make close friendship. i like energetic people.i believe in true relationship. i like honest people. I like to travel with them.Life is game play it carefully.Set your goal and start working on that.

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. Pretend this is a job interview? Yes please. Kidding, that sounds awful. I’ll ramble instead.
If there was a dating site that required me to write 200 characters describing myself, I would definitely exceed those 200 characters. For example:
Sometimes I do things like: laugh when I’m not supposed to, stay up too late, allow a novel to consume me, imagine a better ending to a movie and brag about myself on dating sites.
Speaking of dating sites: Hi. I’m here to hit on you.
I am also here to meet someone special.
I don’t have a checklist or description of “special”. Instead, I’ll say this:
Being different, supportive and happy are things to be proud of. Open mindedness and a sense of wonder are also cool in my books.
As for me: Creativity, empathy and sense of humour are skills that I am proud of.
If you want more, say hi.
Like this:

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am just checking things out - I am freshly out of a long up and down relationship so not looking for anything too serious out of the gate - I am looking for a confident and intelligent young lady who can let loose once in a while...
I am lots of fun - I know the city and cottage country very well - just looking to branch out a little and meet some people that aren't in my network - this seemed like a good place to start... time will tell...

. I'm an easy going, down to Earth, and fun guy. My friends and family would say I have a funny and slightly strange sense of humour sometimes haha! I live and work on the border of downtown/midtown Toronto. I enjoy my job, my family and friends are very important to me, and I strongly believe in a good life/work balance. In my free time I like to wander around Toronto aimlessly visiting the many interesting places this city has to offer, catch a baseball or basketball game, play baseball and basketball, biking, lifting weights, relaxing and watching T.V. or a movie, playing the odd video game, hanging with family and friends, a beer or 2 on the patio, a coffee or 2, traveling a few times a year, trying new restaurants, concerts etc. I'm not looking to get married or have kids right away, but maybe some day if the right woman comes along. Right now I'm just looking for a woman in her 20's to early 30's who I have some things in common with, then see where things go from there. Feel free to message me!

. And the hardest part of this survey... To talk about me...
I'm a young professional that's trying to make it in the big city, and I'd say I'm doing a good job so far. I come from a small town, so I tend to appreciate the smaller things in life and have learnt that slowing down is ok!
Family and friends mean a lot to me. Life would be boring without them. Because of this I try to spend time with them every week (mainly friends since family is out of the city). I'm known for being a great listener and committed to helping them out whenever I can. I would never consider myself a selfish person.
My job keeps me very busy during the work day and some evenings and weekends. I'm looking for someone who can appreciate this and does not mind me being out late without them. The pay off for this is that my job comes with a lot of benefits and I love to include my lady whenever I can.
Family values are also important for a partner. Your relationship with your family speaks so much about someones character.
I'm also looking for someone who can make me laugh. We live in a world that has many flaws, so taking it too serious does not make it any better. I consider myself as a funny person, and I'm sure all my friends and family would back me up on that, so I would love to be with someone who can match my wit and sarcasm.
That's just a small taste... Please message me because I'd love to tell you more about myself, and find out about you!

. Hello, I think we’ve already met. There was that moment when your fingers rested on your keyboard wondering what next to write about yourself, and I was on the other side thinking the same damn thought. You may not remember it or, if you do, it may be of little significance—our 21st century brushing of shoulders—but I remember it fondly because it means that we already have this one thing in common.
I am new to the city and new to online dating.. Just moved from New York , so still exploring this beautiful city.
I think its difficult to give a balanced opinion of oneself but still I will try to describe myself.. I am ambitious, enthusiastic, creative and spontaneous who believes in living every moment of life to the fullest.
I have a passion for my job and love working with kids. I am glad I took medicine as a profession as I don't see myself doing anything else.
So, let’s meet. After a couple of minutes, you will recall that time that we first met online and were at a sudden loss for words and then laugh to realize that no such thing will ever happen again.