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Date a man from Ontario, Canada. A quite, sensitive, Australian that enjoys see the world and being of the world. Looking for someone to have fun with and get to know in a relaxed environment, who is outgoing, adventurous and like minded.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Ok, the part where I check the boxes is over, and here comes the hard part. No one wants to read too much, I guess, so here are a bunch of random points:
I've circumnavigated the globe. Well, maybe "navigated" is embellished a bit.
I never learned to blow bubbles with gum.
I never really read the instruction manual.
I lived abroad for 5 years.
I respect my body and my mind, and seek someone who does the same.
I'm new to Toronto, but this is my second time here.
I'm not much of a "winter" person.
There is a difference between being confident and cocky, just as there is a difference between having an opinion and being bitchy. :)
I'm kinda flat footed.
I'm passionate about learning, exploring, living and loving.
Sharing a laugh with a total stranger is one of the most honest things one can do.
On a semi-related note, sometimes I check the missed connections on Craigslist to see if anyone has ever missed connecting with me.
Someone once described me as "a catch." I don't know if there is any truth to that, just sayin' ;)
I usually don't write like this.
The worst date I was ever on was a mall date.
The best date I was ever on didn't even start out as a date.
Sometimes I have breakfast for dinner and vise versa.
I'm allergic to shellfish, so if you are a crustacean I probably won't date you.
I'm not someone who needs to have tons of friends and a packed social calendar. Quality over quantity in my books.
Ultimately, I'm looking to meet someone like-minded, but not too like minded, because that would be a bit weird. I'm hoping to meet someone to laugh and have a good time with, and then go from there.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I dont lie,I dont cheat, I am loyal, i will protect you and take care of you the best way i can if you dont lie, cheat. I want a woman that i can trust, talk about my good and bad days, to think to have a family, to success together not just financially, to be happy,

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. Looking for an older woman than me willing to open herself for everything. No games nor promises, just nice company and chat, and we?ll have fun along the way if we?re both up for it. I'm a Finance Controller in Toronto and do not have a lot of time to socialize, but it's nice to share your thoughts over some dinner or drinks.

Date a man from Toronto, Canada. Nice Cool person, simple, Down to earth, Easy going, I practice Tennis, Swimming, i go out for moovies, concert, Travel, Clubbing sometimes, Camping, and i would like to share same activities with nice cool women

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I find that describing yourself is one of the harder things to do. So I'll try to say it how I think the people close to me would explain it. My family would say that I'm stubborn, extremely driven, and generous. I rarely take no for an answer, when it's not the answer I'm looking for. I sometimes suffer from "tunnel vision," not medically, but if there is a task at hand that needs to get done, it gets done. I always like to help people out, whether it moving, fixing something, or having people over and making sure all they could ask for is there....I get real satisfaction from seeing those around me happy.
I think my friends would describe me as being loyal, wise, and steady. I have a fairly large group of very close friends, with each of them I share a different relationship, but I would do anything for all of them, and value each of their friendships equally. I've been fortunate to have many different experiences in life, as many have, but I really try to learn from each experience. I'd consider myself to be a pretty intelligent person (also full of useless facts thanks to Discovery), but I'm also wise enough to know that I don't have all the answers. I'd prefer to just listen to someone rather than offer opinion. I think wisdom comes from listening and thinking, not hearing and reacting….not sure where I came up with that, but it seems to make sense.
As for what I’m looking for. To be totally honest, I’m not sure. I do know I need someone to balance my sometimes overzealous approach to life. Someone to pull in the reigns and help me take the time to “smell the roses.” I’d like a person who is equally confident in themselves as I think I am, and not afraid to show it. And once and while, I’d like someone that I can lean on, I pride myself in always being the guy that people come to for help, but every so often, we all need a break.
That’s it, thanks for reading this, I hope it all makes sense. So if you think there’s a possible connection here (whether it be romantic or friendly) write me a quick note, or give me a wink, we’ll see where it takes us.

Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. Hi,
My friends would describe me as an easy-going guy...I live and work in Toronto and am simply looking for a sweet and laid back girl...
I travel quite a bit for my work (I own a renewable energy company) and would love to find a travel companion to share my adventures with!

Meet single man from Toronto, Canada. Hola! I am a 30-year old single guy. Looking to meet a nice girl to share fun times.
I work hard but I also like to enjoy life. i like to go out, hang out with my friends, enjoy a good movie, or have a good dinner with an interesting conversation and enjoying a good wine.
If you share some of the above we might get along! .. feel free to email me a few lines with some info about you!

Date a man from Canada. I am creative guy who loves to smile and joke with those around me. I Love to cheer somebody up with a few jokes, drawing a funny picture, or by presenting a different way of looking at a stressful situation.
We are currently opening a video game studio in Toronto and I am doing some teaching once in a while on weekends so I am a little too busy to get out and meet someone in a more traditional way. So here I am.
I like to cook. I became a vegetarian in August and am making the transition to vegan (if only I could give up chocolate and cheese) so if any good cooks out there have a recipe I could try that would be awesome.
I am on this site to find someone to get to know and share some of this amazing existence with. Someday I would really love to rasie a family in a warm and caring home. I am looking for someone who would like the same and who also has some interests of their own as I tend to get lost in my own head working on personal projects from time to time.
I am open to dating people who hold different political or religious views but I am not one to keep my opinion to myself although I try to make my points in a light-hearted way.
I am looking for someone who is:
-Fairly laid-back
-Likes to laugh

Meet a soulmate from Canada. nice,who likes to have fun and party but also has a good head on there shoulders...funny. basicly looking for someone like me or close. I'm not too picky. someone who likes to hangout with friends have a couple of drinks, talk and joke around.

Date someone special from Canada. Is easy to talk to and communicate with even though I'm not really much of a talker! Just gets me, Supports my individual interests,
A little bit crazy from time to time.
Is easy to talk to and communicate with (even though I'm not really much of a talker!),
Just gets me,
Supports my individual interests,
A little bit crazy from time to time...
I'm sure you subconsciously we know who you would like to be with but it's hard to think about it, and also not so good to put too many restraints on the whole thing. The top three would be the most important to me as a foundation and hopefully things would grow from there.
And of course I'd give them all the things in return.
But hey, I haven't found the right girl yet.

Meet single man from Canada. I've been told I'm a funny guy, and I tend to agree... even when I'm lame, I'm still funny... lol
Humor is very important in my life, and to meet someone who is funny and loves to laugh is key.
I would consider myself to be a busy individual, so I tend to enjoy my free time with friends and family.
I live downtown and there isn't anywhere else I would rather be.
My greatest love in life, aside from my family and friends, is my passion for sports; futbol (soccer), NFL football, baseball, tennis, hockey and running/working out.
As far as music goes, I can listen to pretty much anything, but I do prefer both classic/modern rock, and retro.
I had always been skeptical of dating sites, and I'm not exactly sure why I decided to try it, but here I am. :)

. Bukibuki likes so many things. He doesn't like, however, being forced to write out a 200 character message against his will. Bukibuki does not feel it is a necessary component of the match making process.

. Hey girls,.. Ever wonder where all the nice dudes in the world went? Well, theyre all gone, and Im the last one left!!
So dont waste your time with these other guys on these sites, and gimme a shout... lol
LOL, no, just joking around lol,.. I am honestly a nice guy, but I believe in balance.
I (and I would like to think others as well) would describe me as nice, sweet, intelligent, fit, athletic, trustworthy, loyal, fun, and open minded..
I just recently got a new job in downtown Toronto and even more recently moved downtown. With all of the changes as of recent, I already feel like I am starting a new chapter in my life...
Anyways, I am not quite sure what else to say here, but I Thank You for reading this far. If u find me at all interesting and would like to know more, please, dont be shy, and msg me..
There is no pressure at all from my end,.. if all I make is an extra friend or bbm contact, I will be a happier man =)
Take Care..

. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, sitting on a patio, going out, catching a game, watching a movie, reading a good book, being active and spending time with the family. In the summer I like to get active... I play softball, volleyball, tennis or golf. I enjoy going to raps/jays games, going to a concerts, checking out a new restaurant or enjoying the city (I've lived here my whole life but there's still things I'd like to check out more). I've had a chance to travel quite a bit and see some cool places. I love to go out and try new things (anything can be fun with the right company). I live in a condo downtown, but work in mississauga. I'm ambitious and work keeps me busy, but I definitely make time to have some fun and do the things I enjoy. Anything else you'd want to know... give me a shout.