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Date single man from Ontario, Canada. A bunch of random words and terms that describe me:
- vegetarian, liberal, talkative, happy, focused, energetic, driven, sarcastic sense of humour, style conscious, music lover.
Things I like:
- brunch, dining out, animals, traveling, learning, reading, patio hopping, cocktails, sunshine, coffee, cupcakes, Jays games.
Things I don't like:
- Cigarette smoke, laziness, selfishness.
I'd rather just meet for a coffee and chat than exchange a bunch of "winks" and messages.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. At the end of the day, words can't sum me up, and talk is cheap. If you are here, and looking at random profiles, your ex wasn't Mr. Right. Hopefully, you'll try to meet someone different this time around.I`m open to meeting new people and making new friends. Besides, everyone has a story to tell, what's yours? I`m not subscribed at the moment, and I have my reasons and they are vaild. If you wish to contact me, it`s not very hard, unless ofcourse you are ``challenged``. In that case, i`ll take it as a blessing in disguise, and you may keep on trucking. I'm on "koobecaf" (Read Backwards).
You know what to do next. Enjoy :D

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I would say that I’m an outgoing, independent person who enjoys trying most things at least once, I guess the fact that I’ve just moved with work from London to our Toronto office is proof of that. In terms of the more everyday interests they would be sport orientated (both active and passive) travelling/exploring, listening to music or gigging (I’m not missing the English weather, but I am missing their please keep me posted if you hear of any). I have in recent years got into cooking and reading and wish I had more time to do this...although with the disruption of the move and the continuous good weather it think that's understandable for now.
In terms of what I'm looking for I'm not going to write down a shopping list, although some commonality with the above would make sense, it's not critical. Anyway, I like to try new things and be spontaneous, so an element of surprise and being introduced to new things is good! However, on a serious note I guess I'm looking for someone who's genuine and loyal, someone who I can have fun with and feel comfortable talking to about anything. If she can make me laugh then she's probably a keeper! While I’m obviously looking for that special person (who isn’t?) to share life's experiences with, if i don't manage to do that then at least it should provide another opportunity to meet new people/make new friend's.
If you like what you've heard so far and are interested to find out a little more then drop me a note

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. my best friends would describe me as their friend. my facial muscles make me smile and I am most proud of my biggest accomplishments. I am grateful for everything and am a true optimist. I am open for anything

Date single man from Toronto, Canada. k here are a few things I can tell you about me. I am loyal to a fault, I am also very kind and soft hearted, but am a straight shooter, I don't mince words or side step confrontation. I work hard and take my responsibilities seriously. I like to play even harder. I am athletic and like to be active all the time. There is nothing I like better than to improve myself, intellectually, physically and spiritually. I read a lot and try to self improve where I can. I take criticism fairly well, it is part of growth, as long as it is most of us, who likes to be criticized?
I allow everyone around me to be themselves, to bloom at their own pace. I don't force my opinions on anyone, but a good debate every once in awhile is healthy, isn't it?
If you are in my life, be prepared to make decisions....about absolutely everything we do....eating, going places...etc. Nothing I hate more than if I ask "What do you want to do tonight" and I get a response.."I dunno!" I like a woman that is strong minded and assertive, but also can be soft and feminine. A contradiction, I don't think so!
In a nutshell....some key words describe me: very honest, straightforward, loyal, sometimes introverted and many times extroverted, but always fun! There is so much more to explore but you will have to meet me to find them out! It's complicated as they say, what interesting individual isn't? If you are looking for these qualities and a hell of a lot more, then hit me up!
Signing off Midnight Santiago!

Meet a man from Toronto, Canada. Looking for a modest outgoing person who is confident in her own skin. Someone who's open to new ideas and knows how to have fun, even under the most trying of circumstances. Who doesn't mind being taken care of, and yet knows how to treat a guy

Date a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. Wow, where do you start with talking about yourself? First I guess is I have tons of life experiences, I've traveled to different parts of the world, I've had many different jobs in different fields, I'm always going to school learning different skills most recently for my Gas Technician License. I've had my share of long term relationships, casual relationships and I have tons of friends and also a small family that I love and couldn't live without. I'm very open I wear my heart on my sleeve and don't hold back. My friends would say I'm funny, supportive, a good listener, some one you can count on for anything, always honest and always wanting to help people.
I'm looking for someone who is out going, a foodie, likes to go for bike rides (but not a deal breaker), spontaneous, likes trying different things, likes to go on road trips and concerts. Someone who has read my profile this far and is still interested. Someone who can share the same values and morals that I do and wants to have a family in the future. Someone who is easy-going, loves to laugh, loves being social but also likes to lay back watch some movies or just sit in a park and catch up on some reading.
Hopefully this is a good start and interesting to some or even just one and hopefully someone can see in between the lines...

Meet someone special from Toronto, Canada. Basically I love life and I love living life. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, restaurants, laughing, going to cultural events, and socializing with quality people. It's just better living and sharing life with someone else.
Grew up in a small town outside Ottawa, now I'm big city living... I work for myself as a tech entrepreneur, focus on growing exciting companies, traveling and doing some charity work...
I like mountains. Seeing them, climbing them, smelling them. I like the thin air of it all.
I also like working out, go to crossfit all the time.
I do believe that �love conquers all,’ but that’s because I’m a hopeless romantic.
I am laid-back but focused, and a dash-friendly with everyone
I enjoy being active, healthy and staying fit. family and friends are important to me as well.
You should message me if you are:
Beautiful, kind, compassionate, intelligent, witty, wonderful, giving, generous, self-assured, modest, humble, outgoing, shy, etc.

Date single man from Canada. Just like to find someone to spend time with. Experience what life has to offer together. Travel, be spontaneous, and love.
I enjoy food and cooking so much, I love being outdoors and around great settings!

Meet a man from Canada. Hello Everyone,
April 1 2012- Just signed up for this website! Tried that free one, but didn't seem like anyone was there for the right reasons.
About me
- I am in sales for an extremely environmentally friendly manufacturing company.
- I live at King and Bathurst downtown and my office is 3 blocks away.
- I have had some nasty back problems from a snowboarding accident and the only treatment is to be as healthy and in shape as possible. So, I lead a pretty simple life that consists of as much exercise as I can handle or fit into my day.
- I have a 4 year plan to complete an Ironman
- I spend a ton of time cooking because I try to make everything from scratch. However, on weekends I have expensive taste and LOVE going out for dinner with friends or a special someone and drinking lots of red wine!
- You will find me at the dog parks when the weather is nice with my little girl Roxy. I got Roxy from a family that couldn't take care of her anymore and she is the best dog on earth!
- I'm the youngest of 3 boys.
- I have a large group of friends, but my industry is very social and I find I spend the majority of my social time with people I know through work.
About you
- Confidence and maturity is the most important!
- Outgoing is key because I do like to socialize. A good story teller is always attractive
- I am in very good shape, but I have to be because of the back problems. My partner doesn't need to have a rock hard body, but having health and fitness goals is very important.
- Must love their career, but at the same time always be shooting for more.
- I really like my little bubble downtown. I hope you enjoy city life and live close. Not a deal breaker though.
That's all I can think of now. Send me a message if you enjoyed the read!

Date a soulmate from Canada. I like to dream of possibilities, set goals and work towards achieving them. When I work, I work hard. But I also like to relax and do other things I enjoy - fitness, playing music, going to restaurants I've never tried, etc.
I'm a pretty simple type of guy and really do enjoy the simple things in life - Good conversation, good company.
I enjoy traveling and among a few other places, I have been to Brazil a number of times. I love to go 'exploring' - wandering a little bit off the beaten path when I travel.
I'm looking to meet friendly, interesting people. Nothing too serious too quickly at this point - if anything, probably just looking for friendship to start.
Hopefully this person will have a generally positive outlook on life, have her own interests/hobbies that she persues and someone who has a bit of a fascination for life's mysteries.

Meet someone special from Canada. I have gone sky diving.
I have cheated death at least twice.
Despite all this I have not yet found a partner in crime, which is why I am here.
I'm a straight forward down to earth guy that loves doing anything fun. I love outdoor activities in the summer, going to the movies and going salsa dancing! I also love random road trips, especially to Niagara during summers -- I get a kick out of driving my car in the summer with the sunroof open.
I have been blessed with a wonderful family and a close network of friends and strive to ensure I make time for everyone.
I am a big fan of trying new food and am particularly fond of sushi and Persian food.
I am working hard to get into shape and try to make it into the gym twice a week. I must admit I don't always make my quota!
I work in Technology and with the exception of certain times of the year have a pretty good work life balance. Although I love what I do I also believe that there is more to life than just work and strive to live this way as much as possible.
I seek to find an intelligent woman that is not afraid to express herself. I enjoy chatty people as I love to listen. Good humor and a positive attitude are a must.
Ideal first date is coffee, nice dinner or an activity like bowling so we can get to know each other. I believe in taking our time and not rushing.
Want to know more? Message me and I'll be happy to answer you.

. Well..Let's see... I'm a down to earth university educated guy who lives and works in Toronto. It would be great to meet someone who is open, genuine, and interesting. Acceptance and loyalty in a relationship is important to me.
I could tell you all about myself here, but I think it's much more fun and meaningful for you to find out who I am in person. So feel free to message me!

. It's hard to summarize oneself in a few words but let me try.
I foremost value the people in my life – my family and friends. I take my work seriously and at the same time I am very easygoing, relaxed and always calm. I enjoy good conversations on just about anything: movies, current events, or the good old times. I live in the present, look back at the past with fondness and look forward to the future with optimism. Food is a hobby and passion: in my spare time, I love to make new recipes and try out new cuisines. In the interest of full disclosure, I've been told that I'm quite funny.
After moving from India to the US, I have mostly lived in New York and Washington DC where I own a home. Currently, I live in Toronto, Canada.
I've been working in executive positions at leading hospitality chains since 2005. I have an MBA from Johnson and Wales University, USA. Prior to that, I graduated with degrees in hospitality management from Switzerland and Ooty, India.
I would like to meet someone with whom there will be fun and humor, mutual support and respect, companionship and partnership. So long as these exist, the rest of the relationship is details that I am not particular about; I am confident they can be worked out.

. Hi I don't know how to describe myself. I am kind of laid back in nature. Mostly busy in my work but would love going out and travel in free time.
I am new to online thing but just trying. If interested please email and we can go from there.