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Date someone special from Canada. I'm a fun, energetic, outdoorsy, smart-as-a-whip, career-driven guy, looking for... my partner in crime.
A bit about you: You’re smart and funny. You've probably also been told by your friends, on at least one occasion, ....that you’re awesome. Oh, and a killer smile couldn't hurt either!
I'm a pretty active guy and I'm hoping to find someone I can share that with. I like to get outdoors whenever I can, head up north to cottage country in the summer, or do some camping. I like to try new restaurants all the time. New hot spots, or the trusty hole-in-the-wall. Nothing beats a lazy weekend brunch. I love live shows of any kind. music, comedy, ..anything really. I like to travel and try to do at least one trip per year. Although, I have no idea what should be next on my list. If you have any ideas, let’s hear them!
Send me a wink or a quick message and let's get this started. Spunkiness is underrated.

Meet single man from Canada. About me:
I'm new to Toronto, and am set to start a new job. I've just graduated from my third degree. I am a doctor, and beginning residency here in Toronto. I am hard working, ambitious, and know what I want in life. I like to keep active, in-between the madness, by going to the gym, playing squash, beach volleyball, and any other sport I can get my hands on. I come from a strong family upbringing, and am very close to my family as well as my close friends. I love animals, especially dogs. I'm pretty laid back when off work.
As well, love to try out new restaurants, go to small boutique food stores, search out new and interesting foods, and hit local small markets. I'm a huge foodie. I will go far and beyond to find local great food hotspots and restaurants (Gryfe's bagels, Rahier). I will often be found walking around Kensington or the St. Lawrence market, looking for some obscure recipe ingredient or spice. I've already started trying new and upcoming restaurants (which is one motivating factor to go to the gym .... eating yumm... its all about balance!). I will try most any food, and have a new addiction to spicy foods!
I do enjoy both playing and watching sports. I'm a big Jays fan, and will catch a game whenever I have the chance (much easier now that I'm in TO!). As well, I'm a big NFL football fan, and like to spend time on the weekends getting together with friends, making a bunch of great food, and watching the games. Laughter is a huge part of my life, and I like to keep things light-hearted whenever I can.
I'm looking for someone to provide a good break from the intense work I'll be doing. Someone mature and genuine, and especially honest. Someone who takes care of both their mind and body would be great, as I strive to do both myself.
If you'd like to know more, just drop a line.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I'm an easy going guy, work hard play harder mentality. I always look for the positive in everything. I am a strong believer in what goes around comes around.
Looking for a someone that can complete me and go on the journey of life. Need someone that loves the outdoors and water, living life to the fullest and not afraid to take chances but can just hang out like best friends watching a movie as the rain falls.
I didn't write much, I'll kept it to the point, no filler just me. Feel free to ask me anything and I'll talk for hours.

Meet a man from Canada. I am a pretty laid back person, looking for someone who is honest and friendly. My friends describe me as a person who is quite bashful, but oddly very shy at times. I guess it depends on my mood.
At the momement I am trying to learn to play the cello. I have no musical background whatsoever so pleae don't expect me to play anything for you hehehe.

Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. Do you like a man that enjoys cooking and a nice glass of wine? How about one who appreciates the little things in life? What about one who enjoys spending time with family and friends. He also loves the outdoors and trying new things. Do you want a man that has goals and ambition? Does he enjoy traveling?
If you answered yes to one or more of those questions then we might be a match...Either way I am that person. So thanks for stopping by and giving me a once over.
Fun Facts:
I'm a go with the flow kind of guy; I love food and am currently an omnivore.
Any other questions you have send me an message!

Meet single man from Toronto, Canada. 200 character minimum? This is nonsense.
Taking up space. Taking up space.
As long as you're not braindead, can take a joke, aren't too politically correct, then you're okay with me.
Taking up space. Taking up space.

Date a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I've never tried online dating before so I'm not sure what to expect from this. I'm a pretty normal guy I guess. I love water so I like taking my boat out on the lake for sunset cruises, wakeboarding, camping and swimming…. just being outdoors in the summer. Additionally, I also like travel, music, movies, going to pubs, rollerblading down lakeshore (still learning)....pretty standard stuff. Not really looking for anyone specific, just someone who is fit, loves live, who I can have a decent conversation with, willing to explore and try new things, is playfully competitive, likes to tease or being teased. Also, I think its a good thing if we have a few different interests as well because I enjoy exploring new things.
I am a motivated professional, competitive and sometimes work long hours. I am a friendly guy who love life meeting new people and I care a great deal about those close me.
So if you think maybe we'd get along, send me a message with a pic and maybe a little about yourself. As long as I'm pretty sure your real, I wouldn't mind meeting up for a coffee or something. I just think its a bit of a waste of time to send a bunch of mails back and forth telling us about each other when we could just meet up and have a real conversation. If not that at least a phone call

Meet a man from Toronto, Canada. @@ME@@
I'm awesome in all aspects of my life...or at least I try to be. Life is good and only getting better. I'm a huge fan of fun. Fun is usually shared with and made better by my amazing friends and family. Often fun will include: pubs, wandering, cycling, cats, jigsaw puzzles, coffee, euchre, hanging out, CBC, voting, video games, brunch, pumping iron, babysitting, crosswords, cooking, debating, doing nothing, new restaurants, etc. The only serious part in my life is my desire to find someone to share in that "fun"
You are also awesome..or at least trying to be. You too like fun and can add your own versions of fun.
We will create epic awesomeness together. Our fun will include: goofiness, witty banter, pints, political debates, love, support, kids, commitment and everything that I've listed above. Recently came back from a solo back-packing tour of Scotland and Belgium and I would love to check out more of the world but have someone accompany me the next time

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Moved to Toronto 2 years ago from Alberta. I'm usually pretty reserved but will open up if the mood calls for it. I'm really into sports, so if you're really not please don't bother. I've been in the IT industry for several years and have an interest in technology and how things work. I think it's important to always keep learning and to stay informed, I find it odd when people are content in being ignorant.
Although I'm sounding like a straight up geek right now, I do joke around a lot and don't take life too seriously... in the appropriate situations of course. It is important that I am able to make a girl laugh, there is nothing sweeter than to see a girls genuine smile and her eyes light up.
My Niece and Nephew mean the world to me, I don't have any of my own so I like to hang out with them. These kids are the smartest and cutest most talented you've ever seen.
I love to travel and would like someone to travel with. Sitting on a beach is nice, excursions are better.
My musical taste is pretty eclectic, although old school hip hop is really my one love. My taste in movies and tv are just as varied but comedies are my favorite, the more odd ball and clever the better.

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. Im just looking for smiles and a happy go lucky kind of woman, someone whos honest and can speak freely of there feelings and just be open minded. Respect and honesty is the key to a healthy relationship, Support in what I do. Be open minded except constructive criticism, dont take it negatively. Out going and confident in who they are as a person. Someone whos willing to always move forward, not one step ahead and two steps back. I like a woman who isnt shy on being spontaneous, out going, relaxed, fun. Im really passionate about my music sometimes it can really consume my time but this is what ive chose to do so I need that support. My friends think im kinda crazy at times, I can be sarcastic at times. I was raised by my mother most of my life, and there was a lot of structure in the home, its made me very head strong and confident in myself, im not a jealous guy and I dont like to be lied to. If you were to look up the definition of my name then that gives a pretty good description of who I am Some what haha!

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. i am a male looking to start a good friendship with a nice lady looking to get to know her. I am independent, like salsa and very outgoing. My prefer lady has to be open minded and up to trying new things and knowing new places.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. Do you have something special that goes with your looks?
I train pretty hard. I started competing in triathlons this year so I'm at the gym 6 days a week and play an hour of hockey every week. I love my family and friends and I enjoy their support as much as I like giving mine in return.
I love living in the city and being surrounded by fun people...which means I get to say 'yes' to a lot of fun opportunties. There is no staying in on the weekend.
At an event recently a friend remarked that he'd met a women with great personality on a dating site. So I decided to give this a try.
I like smart women. So if you can hold up a decent conversation, we can hang out for just coffee some time.
I'm always looking for the next challenge in life whether that's professionally or personally. I’m fun, I like to laugh, honest, athletic, mischievous, and adventurous. If you like those qualities in a man, I could be what you have been searching for.
I love the feeling I get when I meet someone who is exciting and makes me look forward to whatever comes next. I've had some great dates recently but although the women were attractive, I've found them to be a bit shallow. If you resemble the kind of women I have just mentioned, I am most likely not your guy. I like fun, spontaneous women with great personality. If this sounds like you, hurry up already and email me.

. " I'm a principled man, Smart and Fun to be with willing to meet new friends for real love that can pleased with all of me and no hesitations whatever it takes when love matters most and humbly find acceptance of any mistakes.

. I am outgoing and adventurous. I love travelling. I read a lot both paper and online. I have to be well informed of the current happenings. I work hard and party. Fun for me can be a simple comedy movie with a friend culminating in a dinner for 2.

. Pressure. I love it.
I'm a eternal optimist who assumes the best of people...
Lets get together and see what happens. Expectations are dangerous!
I'm new I'll add more later. In the mean time, if you're curious about anything just ask!