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Date single man from Toronto, Canada. "if you cannot be the poet,
be the poem"
- david carradine
wandering dreamer, dreaming and wandering through life with my head in the clouds.
i'm a sum of many parts,
fixed together like lego blocks,
never really knowing what the end result will be.
money, materials, possessions mean very little to me,
if anything at all...
"To walk in money through the night crowd, protected by money, lulled by money, dulled by money, the crowd itself a money, the breath money, no least single object anywhere that is not money. Money, money everywhere and still not enough! And then no money, or a little money, or less money, or more money but money always money . and if you have money , or you don't have money, it is the money that counts, and money makes money, but what makes money make money?"
- Henry Miller
everything in my being believes in love.
"if you want love, you must be love.
if you be love, you will die loved"
- me
i crave real connections.
i crave like minded souls.
i crave laughter and jokes.
i love the colour purple.
i love turtles.
i love aimless walks through side streets.
i write poems.
i write plays.
i love making new friends and forming new connections.
i stare at random people and imagine whole backgrounds for themselves in my brain...where they came from, what happened to them in the past, where they're going...
i am sometimes psychic.
i am sometimes crazy...crazy awesome!.
i am sometimes a crazy, awesome, psychic (in a good way!)
i am emotional.
the moon and i are best friends.
i absolutely hate capital letters in all forms of communication.
i fall in love way too easily with people who can make me laugh.
i am who i am, who i am.
been thinking a lot lately about molecules and have been tripping out on the thought that we are all just glorified versions of cells, going through life and bumping into one and other, and, every so often, we find others who we connect with and become a different cell entirely.
i am on this site looking for would appear that the friends i had before are all getting older, having children and becoming married...seeing as how all of that is something which is not happening in my life, i'm looking for new social circles and people to hang out with. it's not a race!

Meet a man from Toronto, Canada. You can find me enjoying classical music (playing the piano, going to the symphony, or listening to it on the radio), browsing used bookstores, or taking in a baseball game during warmer months. I also enjoy letting my creativity run wild, especially when I compose piano music. Being considerate is important to me - whether I'm lending a supportive ear to a close friend, or organizing a charity gingerbread house building contest at work, I do my best to keep others in mind. (I climbed the CN Tower last October to raise money for charity, it was just as fun the second time around!) I treasure my friends and family, who know that they can depend on me for anything; also, there's nothing like exploring new restaurants with friends, or getting together for a board game night!
There are few things that I enjoy more than good storytelling, regardless of the medium - while novels are always my favourite, I'm also a fan of movies and webcomics with great plots, interesting characters, and engrossing writing. My preferred mode of transportation is walking...I enjoy exploring unfamiliar parts of the city on foot, and I've valued that freedom even more, ever since suffering a broken leg playing soccer several years ago! (Not that that's stopped me from playing soccer since, from time to time.)
Like me, you're kind, honest, compassionate, and hard-working, with a quirky sense of humour. You're a lady with an independent mind and quick wit, who loves to laugh, and understands the need to kick back and relax outside of work. You're looking for a guy who will take the time to understand you, and will always listen when you have something to say. In addition to enjoying our shared interests, both of us are also open to exploring what each other is passionate about. I'm interested in connecting with you - let me know if you'd like to learn more!

Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. About me:
At this moment I am very happy with my life. To give you an idea of how I live my life, here is a little background.
I have a large family, three sisters, and one brother along with three brother in-laws and one sister in-law. These four families make up a total of seven nieces and nephews.
I work for a construction management firm downtown whom I have worked for for the past 7 years. I've worked with this company in Ontario and Western Canada. I devote a lot of time to my career and have been able to over the past few years. I am now comfortable with my position and feel more time needs to be spent to focus on other goals.
I own a condo in downtown Toronto. I have just recently moved here and I am still trying to find the time to explore this city. I enjoy Kensington Market, Queen West and the Esplanade. These are the only three places that I have actually been and loved all of them and I am quite sure there is a lot more to love.
I have a ton of interests which are more uncommon than most. I enjoy riding horses as well as my Vespa! I enjoy following the Ontario Rodeo. I love playing sports and being active but hate running. I love going to cafes. I love wearing ridiculous t-shirts. All kids make me smile and nothing makes me more happy than playing with my nieces and nephews. I will stay young at heart for the next fifty years!.
My personality. I am a passive-assertive type of person who will respect everyone unless given a reason not to. (Yes, some people don't deserve to be respected). I have a sensitive side to me and will help anyone out if I can. I believe it's the simplest things that can make someone's day! I think differently than a lot of people. I think very logical and am kind of a nerd, one of those cool nerds though! But most importantly, my humour is impeccable (so is my spelling). I promise that my witty, dry sense of humour will have you in stitches. For the people who come on here and say they're funny, it's completely offensive!!! :p
Past Relationships:
No Baggage. I have been in every scenario that a relationship can throw at you. I have been around the block, I am not "worn" but more "seasoned" than anything. We need to learn to take every challenge as an experience whether it be positive or negative.
What I look for:
BeYOUtiful and be happy and we'll get along great!!!
Anyway, that's all I have for now and if you would like to know more feel free contacting me.
P.s. I am open to all questions and I am not judgemental, you don't have to worry how you say things to me. Stick the proofreading!

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. More about me:
I know many random facts about history, science, anthropology
I am an electrical engineering (Bach and masters) from UofT
I work for a bank where I manage a team of 20 people
I have my own condo which i love in downtown TO.
I love reading facial expressions and body language
I believe empathy is the key to success in anything that needs interaction with other people
I love Wikipedia and google is my best friend
I love traveling to places that have a history of more than a millenniu
About 3 months of the year I'm an extreme workaholic, otherwise there is a good work life balance
I love making people smile, it is very empowering

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. About me. Well, I moved to Toronto in April 2010 from northern Ontario. Growing up there, I had my doubts about the big bad city to the south but to be honest it's grown on me. I've been having a blast with all the things going on, going to hockey/basketball/baseball games, hanging out with friends both new and old, and just basically taking in all the sights and sounds of this incredible city.
I've had a strange few years with my career, and in fact the whole career story is somewhat interesting. In short, I've been in the right place at the right time, learned the right things, done it well, and landed in a rewarding career that I love.
I'm looking for someone I can be as comfortable with hanging out at home or exploring the world. No, really. One thing I'd really like to do is travel further than the US (yes, I've sadly only ever been to Canada/USA in my life so far), see and experience different cultures and just have fun.

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. I tend to be light-hearted and accepting of most of what life throws my way. I love adventure, and exploring.... travelling is definitely a lifestyle one of my fortes! Good roots, good family and amazing friends.... now I'm interested in finding a great partner! So the question becomes then "what are you hoping to find in a partner?" Well, to be honest I've actually thought about this a lot. First off, easy-going & knowing of how to relax! Life is meant to be enjoyed! Sure you can have stressful days as everyone does from time to time, but the trick is to find that someone that you connect with, and they can whisk you far away with something as easy as a kiss. If you're easy-going you can let everything go at the end of the day and concentrate on having fun and creating memories that you want to hang on too! I'm hoping to find someone that wears her heart on her sleeve, that says "awww" when we come across a puppy, isn't afraid to play with my little cousins when they want to search for gold on a pirate ship, can be whisk away on a road trip across Ontario or into the States, someone who has some ambition, is a little bit of a geek, and someone who can truly see me for me! A love of heels definitely doesn't hurt Camping, canoeing, wine tours, road trips, spontaneous Niagara trips, heading up north to the cottage....all fit into my yearly vocabulary as well, and I hope they do for you as well.
Favourite quote at the moment - "No self respecting Canadian says 'let's wait for a warmer day'!".....awesome!
One thing I should point out, our run team does try to do a number of marathons nationally and internationally through out the year, I would love to find a partner that is interested in either running, or at the least a love to provide vocal support at the start!

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Friendship, Relationship..I am a very much simple man in nature, who appreciates nice and even simple things. Not to sound conceited but I am also a generous, spontaneous , sensual, communicative optimistic passionate. i am a nice person easy going love to enjoy life love to work hard for what i want. any thing u need to know.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. A real go-getter looking for any interest for a mild mannered and softly-out-spoken very insightful comfortable with most subjects, a bit of a witty humour thus I love to and make people laugh, quite the Coinnossuer.

Date single man from Canada. A little bit about myself, with my career gaining momentum I don't have much time to myself. When I do have down time though I like to go out play with my dog and try and spend time with family and friends.
I still like to go to the occasional bar or lounge, some where I can be with my friends, have a few drinks and occasionally do a little dance.
As for what I expect from using this site, just want to be able to meet someone new and see where it goes.
I know i did not right much but if you want to know more just ask.

Meet a man from Canada. I'd have to say my most unique feature that nobody else posses is that I love to have fun. It's pretty rare to meet someone who enjoys fun. My most prized possession is probably my online dating profile. All the chicks dig it.
-I love tacos
-I love pizza
-I love Patios
-I love guitar
-I love fun
-I love beach
There's much more. Ask if you're curious. Email at your own risk.

Date someone special from Canada. I'm told by all my friends and most people that I am witty and funny but I'll let you decide. My sense of humor is more dark and sarcastic
I ride my bike throughout the year. I also love bike tours through the country side and a bi annual trip to Montreal
I can cook but have recently started using the slow cooker more
I work full time as an IT guy so yeah I can fix your computer and have a gigantic movie tv collection.
Love to veg on the couch watching a movie, doc or british tv but also love to be out of the house while there is sun or any reason to be out and about.
Ideally I am looking for someone who likes to try new things, is independent and can handle my sense of humor. I am not sure what to expect with the online dating world so lets start off with message and see where it goes.
PS: If your still reading, I do get the concept that most women are getting a lot of messages and winks so if your interested than send me something so I'll know. I've decided that sending out messages doesn't really make any sense when they aren't being read.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Hello
I am basically here to meet new and interesting people.
So let me allow myself to say a few things about, uh, myself:
-moved downtown a while ago so i don't have to deal with the multi-taskers on the subway or the expressways...i am in awe of people who can talk on their cell phone, drink coffee, tweeze their eyebrows while driving!
-my job has allowed me to combine my two biggest passions: crunching numbers and creative writing.
-traveling is a big goal of my fav things recently is grabbing a coffee and hanging out at Washington Square or Union Square in NYC
...longer term: i want to back-pack across Europe, visit the pyramids in Egypt and the Australian outback.
-How do I fund all this travelling? By desperately trying to win the lottery; any tips would be appreciated :)
I love pop culture...I can answer questions about current events as well as I can about the Young and the Restless trivia.
I am passionate about reading...I am probably one of the few left who buy magazines....right now I am juggling/reading Blink and 11/22/63.
The music that gets the most listens on my iPhone include Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Justin Beiber (please dont tell my friends), City and Colour, and Kanye West.
I'd like to find someone who is dependable, likes to volunteer, has a big heart and wants to discover the city.
So if this sounds like fun to you, you should contact me!
Good luck with your search

. You’re dealing with the ultimate gentleman/bad boy. No matter what happens, at the end of the day I’ll make you smile, laugh, and wonder, “How come I’ve never met a guy like this before??!!”
I live by myself, I own my condo, I wear socks that match and I love my Grandma. I am a confident, attractive & comedic person.
I like all types of music and love living on the waterfront.
I hate it when women are “DROP DEAD GORGEOUS” on the outside and “DROP DEAD GARBAGE” on the inside.
Food: Anything goes
Movies: Action or any movie that makes you think
Six things I would never do without:
• Laughter/ comedy
• Exercise
• Family
• Friends
• Food
• That’s none of your business
You should message me if you are:
Sexy, smart, fit and fun. I don’t think that’s too much to ask…lol.

. Hey,
I am on here just to test the waters, I've tried it before and it worked out enough for me to try it once more. I am pretty tall, I have tattoos, I have a steady job and an interesting hobby, I keep myself fit and am in the gym 4-5 times a week.
I am really easy going and I don't like drama or games, I respect people who are straight forward. If you feel like messaging me; go ahead and I'll do my best to respond.
Good luck to everyone on here.

. My friends would describe me as a down to earth guy who is generous and cares about others. I enjoy watching hockey and movies and love to travel. I love camping and anything that involves the outdoors. One of my favourite movies is I am legend. I like going to new places and learning new things and am looking for someone that would share that same interest. I am looking for someone who has a sense of humor and likes to help others. I tend to be open so feel free if you have any questions and would like to learn more about me :)