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Date a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. well my name is leonardo i was born and raise i argentina, i came to toronto in 2002, am a hard working person, am running a small construction company, i have reach a point in my life that i have to settle down, am looking for that special one to share my life with...... if u want to know more just ask.....

Meet a man from Toronto, Canada. lol
i'm nice
i'm open
i'm a good listener
i love to travel
i love doing nothing in a rainy day
i love sitcoms
i love animals
i like it here
shall we give it a try?
i love life..
what do you think?

Date single man from Toronto, Canada. I'm checking out this whole "interwebs" thing the kids are talking about these days. Trying to keep things light for now, but open minded to see where things go into the future. I'd like to find someone who likes being a tourist in her own city.

Meet someone special from Toronto, Canada. I'm an intelligent, confident, well adjusted, charismatic and outgoing young man. I live in downtown Toronto and work hard/play hard (at times haha). I'm also a part time writer and cerebral individual who enjoys good conversation about life, the world, people's problems, etc. I tend to be very laid back but attentive and serious as requred. ha
I am looking for an attractive woman, who is fun, likes to have a good time, and enjoys a good night out and really just see what happens from there. I'm probably more of an old fashioned gentleman and I certainly know how to treat a lady.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Kidding, I'm sure she'll love me:)
Thanks for visiting my profile, help yourself to a beer.
Version #1: I'm currently a doctoral student at UFT studying political economy. I like long walks on the beach and heart warming romantic comedies. I volunteer at a hospital and an old age nursing home when I'm not busy protesting against social injustice and nuclear proliferation.
Version #2: I prefer horror movies to romantic comedies and you'll find me in a bar before you catch me at a protest or taking a long walk anywhere. Let me know which package you prefer. Personally, I think the first version would make for a boring guy, but if you're really into that maybe I can adapt (not really). I actually am a doctoral student at UFT and I do read a lot about social injustice and I do like romantic walks to the fridge, so maybe that brings me close to version 1. Aside from the latter interests, I enjoy travelling and reading, especially about international development, and I try to go to the gym as much as a I can. So overall I think I'm still a pretty good guy to take home to your mom, so long as she likes doing jager bombs..
P.P.S: I've made quite a few references to beer and other alcoholic beverages in this description, so if that's a cause for concern, then please lighten up. I'm obviously partly joking. But in order to know for sure, you'll just have to message me and meet me in the flesh at a bar.
Also, please don't bother messaging me if you live somewhere in the United States or Western Canada. Unless you plan on sending me a ticket and entertaining me by showing me all the great tourist sites while paying for everything, you're wasting our time. I thought this would fall under the heading of 'common sense' but apparently not:)

Meet a man from Canada. Im outgoing, like to have fun, pretty active, have a good sense of humor, love to eat...I have a huge sweet enjoy socializing and going times though, I can also be laid back so staying in and just chilling out works too...Im not one to really go on and on about myself so I'll wrap this up..what I'm looking for??? Someone who goes with the flow so if you're curious, give me a shout and we'll go from there :)

Date single man from Canada. I'd like the exact opposite of me. I live through someones eyes that I really care about. I soldier for her. I lay down for her. I give my coat to her. I give my shoes to her. I hold doors for her. I carry her when she can't go on. I defend her. And yes, cross her and I will put men down for her.
I require that other 60 percent that I need to maintain a straight path into the right direction or I'm a soldier with no cause, no hope, no light and no life.

Meet someone special from Canada. I am a creative and passionate individual who is down to earth. While I might not have tons of friends, the friends I do have mean the world to me. I have a career which I enjoy and work hard at, however my real passion lies in both photography and theatre. While I don't see or talk to my family very often, they still mean a lot to me. I am a very curious individual who always likes to know now things work and can spend hours lost on wikipedia. I can often be found out wondering the streets of the city with my camera (though not as often in the winter). My friends would probably describe me has fun, humorous, and caring.

I am looking to get to know some people who enjoy and understand the arts. Someone who likes to hang out whether it be at a bar over drinks, Starbucks over coffee/tea, or at home over a home cooked meal.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. As much as I dont mind being the life or energy of the conversation or the party Im also a pretty laid back individual. I'm also pretty content/happy with the person I've become and Im hoping you will too; its taken me 31 years to become this cool ;)
I dont have a lot of family but am very close with the family I do have and Im hoping to spend more time with them as my 2 nephews and neice get older.
I take pride in working hard and am looking for someone who appreciates the value in that
That said I usually keep a low profile during the week with a movie or dinner and a pint sometimes but also look forward to the weekends. I enjoy a wide variety of music, film and food. I love cooking. Banana chocloate chip waffles for breakfast or a spicy chicken alfredo for dinner (which I think 'Ive perfected) are my personal favorites.
One of my favorite pastimes would be kicking back for an entire day watching nothing but the best of bad movies with a bottle of wine and an order of chinese food for dinner to finish it off
Im not looking for anything serious off the bat but certainly open to spend the time and put in the effort in order to make that happen
...enough ebout me, tell me about YOU !

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. Im a funny funloving person i allways put others before my self. I am also hardworking. Im looking for my best freind and soul mate and to say who or what that is i dont know. But i will know when i find it

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. Hello. I was born in Toronto and returned two years ago after spending most of my life in Charleston, South Carolina. In describing my character, I would say I'm the hybrid of south meets north. I believe in hard work, social etiquette, polished shoes and mental toughness... I also believe in smiling at strangers, not sweating the small stuff and brunch that lasts five hours. I'm astounded at how angry people get when they miss the subway!
I love going to the movies - except on Tuesday when the theater is too crowded. Happily will I pay the extra five dollars to not have my chair kicked. I am an avid runner and cyclist (inside in the winter) - a great way to find new spots in the city! Love food and wine of all sorts. Making my way through the Toronto scene - lots of great places. Definitely a dive bar over a club...I feel sorry for the girls with little skirts and no coats on.
Music, art and literature are important to me. From Johnny Cash to Puccini, C.S Lewis to Ian Flemming. Love to read. My formal education is in Economics and Finance so I do read a lot of political commentary. I believe "The Economist" is the best magazine for knowing whats going on.
I'm looking for a strong, confident, smart, optimistic woman. Someone who is comfortable in high heels and hiking boots; insightful but is not afraid to laugh at themselves. What you do in the world is not important so long as you know why you're doing it. If you know how to change a tire, great! If not, just say so and we'll go have dinner...

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am a confident, young man who is looking for a smart, confident young woman to spend the rest of my life with. I work, I enjoy living in the downtown core & I work out 5 times a week. I like to eat at restaurants, I live in my apartment.

. I'm an energetic and outgoing person. My friends would describe me as honest and trustworthy. I like good conversation and meeting new people and I'm looking for someone who I can have a friendship and a relationship with. I enjoy travelling and try to stay active. My faith is important to me and I'm looking for someone that I can grow with.

. So after reading a few profiles on here, I found it strange how in the "About Me" section, people write about what they are looking for in a person, without actually describing themselves. I thought this section should be about both. But then again, much easier than said...
So I'm going to give it a shot. Without sounding arrogant, self-centered, uninspiring, boring, too cliche or like every other dude out there that's trying to get your attention!!!
Who am I:
I am a successful and driven individual with a strong moral compass. I am capable of an intellectual and inspiring conversation, but also playful and fun. I love to travel, and my job allows me to visit some exotic destinations. I'm not your typical Asain. 6 generations removed from Asia. I have a unique life experience thus far, and can tell stories for days on end. But I'm also a great listener. I don't want to bore you with this, so if you're interested, don't hesitate to reach out.
As for my ideal match, let's get to know each other and take it from there.
Take care.

. I would like to meet interesting people. I like my work, hanging out with friends, sports and exploring the city since I just move here. I'd like to meet someone who enjoys life and likes to laugh and have a good time.