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Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. So a little about me right?
I'd say I'm a laid back guy that trys to live in the moment and would like to share it with someone. I'm always making someone laugh with my sarcastic sense of humour and have an open ear when someone needs it.
I'm into watching sports, especially anything to do with mixed martial arts or boxing, which is also why enjoy training in thai-boxing in my spare time. On the weekends you can find me down by Lakeshore by day or maybe drinking a pint at night with friends at a pub. Whatever gets me outdoors.
I’m loyal, especially to my friends and family who are both very important to me. I like the idea of having standards and standing by your word, even when others disagree. I believe that I’m pretty grounded and don't let little things get to me - Life is too short for that no?
The woman I'm looking for likes to laugh and enjoy life as much as I do. She should be honest, caring, affectionate, can have a little spice to her but under all that have a sweetheart quality. If this woman sounds like you, let me know!

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I'm looking for a best buddy, someone who I can do whatever with or absolutely nothing with. I'm fine either way. Someone who makes me laugh and vice-versa, i'm extremely easy-going most of the time and prefer someone the same. My business is important and they should have direction and goals. It's sexier trust me.
I'm a great guy and I know it, so all the women who say ' i just want a nice guy' put your money where your mouth is!
Hmmm this is harder then I thought, I think it's more of a 'click' when you meet the right person and no amount of words will be able to fill that.

Date a man from Toronto, Canada. I am a strong sex man I love a sexy women but not mean I am thinking dating is joking , on this world a lot people broken in love , the reason persent almost is sex problem that is a true , so I hope people don't get mad when read my own words, i am a nice,gentleman people, I would like to make friend with female(not gay)so we can learn some each other,ok thanhyou very much

Meet single man from Toronto, Canada. I am a good looking, respectful and caring gentleman who does not take anything for granted - looking for a beatiful woman with good values, who likes to travel and who also sees the world in a similar way.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. This is a work in progress and I will be adding to it over time.
I have always had a hard time talking about myself. My boss is always less critical of me on evaluations than I am of myself. Weather at work or while playing sports I am driven to succeed but I don't enjoy being publicly recognized or being in the spotlight. When I'm not working or playing sports I love spending time with family. If you want to know something about me it is best to ask.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am Michael. I am busy conducting my life's mission, living my dream. So I apologize if I haven't much time for fooling around on the computer. I prefer to use my time for helping others. At the moment I am flying solo. If you're down with being my co-pilot on this benevolent crusade, drop me a short note, and I promise that I will make time for you.
I confess that I am addicted to sweetness. And to loving and to giving. The secret to eternal happiness is giving... I love all humanity and have compassion for the sick parts. I am just one man striving for an end to unnecessary suffering. If we do it together, the results will be multiplied.
God is pure consciousness, and consciousness cures all suffering (which was caused by ignorance, which cannot exist in the presence of consciousness).
Have you ever heard of Yoga Nidra? It's the yoga of dreams... fun and rewarding indeed. Along with Tantra Yoga, this can catapult one's conscious evolution. If you are open to a profound experience, e-mail me.

Date a man from Ontario, Canada. Someone that enjoys life and everything around them. Can you keep up with me? Lets see what happens...... im pretty outgoing and love doing things outdoor or even indoor with a movie. Love baseball, basketball with a passion!!!! If you can only see how passionate and loyal I can be Thinks this is weird, but who knows.....
All I'm looking for is someone to share my experiences all the time! Nothing to hide her ladies....I may be rough a little on the outside but believe me I have a soft spot for women because I was raised correctly. Someone that I can trust and know shes gona be there every time!! I ain't clingy but if you need me there, say no more..
I don't wanna say no more, just msg me if you wanna see what's on the other side for real. You won't be disappointed LOL!!!!!
My sense of humor!!! LOL!!!! Even just to be friends...... I can be a very good friend!

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. How does one begin to describe who they are? Then after reading this description, how much more do you know about this person and how much about what you’ve just read do you believe? The reality is, you can’t get to know someone from viewing an online profile. You need to meet and interact.
So perhaps first I’ll describe what I’m not looking for in a person. I’m not looking for that person who is so conservative and cautious that they want to email back and forth for months “to get to know each other” before they feel safe enough to meet. Yes, there have been stories… but seriously, your chances of getting in a car crash are higher. When we connect, I’ll give you my name and you can do a Google search/criminal check :) Following this personality that can take a risk and live a little, I like someone who is care free, able to have fun and enjoy life. They care about themselves, in a mental and physical capacity. Meaning, life isn’t just about work/money and they enjoy physical activity and/or being fit. The rest is all about chemistry.
Now about me… I'm more of a laid back person who doesn't sweat the small stuff. I like to use humour to maintain a relaxed environment and am pretty easy going. However, I can also have a strong personality. If I want something, I will go get it. Rather than waiting to see if that apple will drop to the ground, I will climb that tree and grab it. I value my family because in the end, they are the ones that will be there for you through anything. I don't have a large circle of friends, I have a small circle of really good friends. These friends tend to be treated as family and I will go above and beyond the call of duty to support and help those I truly care about. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating well, working out, and being active (particularly through sports). In my free time, I enjoy movies, dancing, digital photography, enjoying good food and drink with friends, and just about anything that's fun. I like to discover new things so will try most things at least once.
I also love to travel. But I've come to realize that traveling to a foreign country as an outsider for a couple of weeks does not do the culture justice. The real life experience will come if you live in this country, even for a short period, and really become part of the culture. This is the only way to experience the life and culture of this country from the inside out and create a lasting, lifelong impression. This is something I've thought about doing but haven't pulled the trigger yet. If I find someone who is adventurous enough to do this too and can be my catalyst, bonus!

Date someone special from Canada. I don't know what to expect from this site so I'm going to give it a go. We'll see how this goes... Problem is I don't know what I want to write here yet so you'll have to stay tuned and find out...:)

Meet a soulmate from Canada. i get so busy with my career sometimes ..i dont often have the chance to really connect ..
i love the Toronto Beach and get enough ,
at sunrise i love to see the colour painting the sky with the overdrop of clouds
and Toronto at night can be a special time to gaze at all the lights...and allowing your senses to take it in
is a wonderful release you can do to relax , but thats just relaxing..
i have so many adventures , maybe we can share some !
im looking to have fun and meet someone along the way... to finding something serious ...and hey mystery is part of the fun so
lets Chat !

Date a man from Canada. I was born in Europe and came to Canada at a young age. I consider Toronto home but most of my family is back home. I enjoy the outdoors and travelling. Been to several places and still have a lot more that I would like to see. I know most people on here say they like to travel but eh so do I:) Looking for a kind hearted beautiful woman who enjoys the everyday of life. I don't like drama and don't care for it. I'm pretty straight up and honest. I have two beautiful nieces that I don't see enough of because they are on the other side of the world. I'm a family guy and want to settle down, been single for a while after being in a long term relationship. Not into games.
I like patio's and trying different restaurants. I'm not picky when it comes to food, I love all kinds of food:)
I like to spend time with my close friends.
Dinner parties and BBQ's are my favourite.
Camping and cottage outings are also awesome.
I love the beach, been to many islands in the south.
I can tell you more later, if your interested drop me a line.

Meet single man from Canada. i am kind of who like to have fun and love to talk too much sometime it's gets annpyed ,but i don't really care because we only live once and i love to enjoy each moment that given to me and i hate cheatter and like to be more honest .

. Hi. Thanks for checking out my profile.
I know myself well enough to know I’m ever learning & growing. What I know today is, I’m type A (in all the good ways in my opinion), goal driven, passionate, humble, successful (irony noted), active, and either hilarious or chuckle funny depending on your sense of humour. I moved to TO from Alberta (sorry, wasn’t a cowboy. But I do have the hat and can two step) in fall 2010, so still exploring this amazing city and end of the county. I’m passionate about seeing as much of the world with my own eyes as possible before I die. I’m happiest when I have a solid balance in all five main life areas, and I have at least two trips booked or in the works. I’m a real estate entrepreneur – accepting all the great and challenging parts that come with that. I say this because I’ve realized that it’s an important part of finding the right fit, as I find I think differently than a lot of people. Friends tell me I’m one of the most relatable people they know, and I pride myself on being able to listen to and get to know anyone. Everyone has a story, and I’m always interested to hear it. That said, I’m most attracted to positive, enthusiastic people that enjoy life. I’m sometimes late (although getting much better at it), can take on too much in my life, and my goal orientation can sometimes engulf me too much.
The ideal fit with me… are you the lady that your guy friends tell you that you’re too intimidating to most men? Because you’re amazing, unique, special, and…
1. Attractive & takes care of yourself
2. Successful at your chosen passion
3. Intelligent – in university, conversation, and life
4. Fun easy going personality – likes to laugh, at yourself when appropriate, and at both my good and bad jokes
5. Values family, and one day wants to create your own loving family & home
6. Honest & direct communicator
7. Can go to a party where you don’t know anyone, and leave having had a wonderful time and with a few new friends
PS – I believe strongly in the ideas in The Secret (or other similar books/movies), and am aware that I’m attracted to all of the above because they are all elements in myself too. Looking for the right fit where we both support each other’s weaknesses, strengths, and generally be even more awesome together than as individuals.
Look forward to a coffee or drinks to get to know you.

. Thanks for stopping by. Here's a little about me: I consider myself to be a fun and outgoing person who is looking for a girl that will really compliment my life. I have a great career, an amazing group of friends and definitely know where I am going in my life. I am a big fan of music, sports and keeping active through various sports and activities. I have been living in Toronto for awhile now and am amazed on how much I still need to see. I guess you could say that I need a good tour guide to show me all of the hidden gems this city has to offer!
Looking for a girl who is fun, active, cute, comes from a good family and will always put a smile on my face. I feel that I know the type of person that I am looking for and am a true believer you should never settle.
Sound good to you? Well, don't be shy, you just never know

. Looking for a activity partner and someone who can inspire me day in day out.. A spirited soul who can show me new ways o live and enjoy each day.. Korean girl who can be on same cultural wavelength is a plus. I'm interested in arts, architecture, martial arts, politics etc tbc