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Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. Sometimes things fall apart so better things can come together...
...And so here we are, in online dating.
I have a strong underlying sense of my identity. I have the moral courage to always be extremely honest. I am also humble enough to admit I'm not perfect, and my lack of speling skils is a fla ;)
I've been told I have an exciting presence. People feel comfortable with me very easily. I have a background in Stand Up Comedy, so I can keep the mood light and airy.
I have a strong protective instinct, for the people that are closest to my heart.
I am most passionate about health, self improvement, comedy, and culinary arts.
I have no agenda – I am open to letting things develop in a pure and natural way. I'm looking for someone who is sweet and affectionate, and makes me want to be a better person.
I will challenge you to expand your mind, thoughts, and opinions…and take you to places you’ve never been.

Meet single man from Toronto, Canada. I like to think of myself as a fun, down to earth guy. And although I am down to earth in spirit I also would consider myself the creative type that is always striving to be better than I was the day before. My friends would describe me as funny, outgoing, trustworthy and up for anything. Well they probably would describe me as that, I've never really asked them.
What I am looking for in a women would be someone who shares some of the same qualities.
Things would work out better if she lived in Toronto. I'm not into long distance relationships and if it takes me an hour just to get to your neck of the woods than that's probably too far.
There's nothing wrong with a casual fun date with no expectations, I'm open to that. But I'm at the stage in my life now where I am looking for something more, a partner in crime to share all the things life has to offer. I think that's really the only way to winning the game.

Date a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I find beauty in simplicity. I am looking for someone honest. I am up for fun. If it leads to something solid, so much the better. I am passionate about fair play in all aspects of life, personal or professional.

Meet a man from Toronto, Canada. I've come to this site as I'm hoping to meet a great girl and see where it goes. I'm a passionate person who lives each day to the fullest and I am lucky that I have a good family that supports me in my endeavors and I am blessed to have wonderful friends in my life. I'm an active person who likes to work out and stay fit by playing sports such as; skiing, tennis, golf, running and working out. I'm not one for repetition so I like to keep things new and exciting which includes traveling to new destinations and experiencing new cultures. I enjoy making other people laugh and spending time with other like minded individuals. I believe in being a good human being and giving back to the community when I can so I do my fair share of charity work. As cliche as it sounds I'm a big dog person as I grew up with dogs my entire life and although I don't have one now I plan to have one in the future. Perhaps we can pick out our future dog together. Send me an email and I look forward to hearing from you.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I have a small dog named Turtle. We frequent the park areas along the Lakeshore and he's determined to become a skilled squirrel catcher. He has yet to catch a squirrel, but a small groundhog got a lick in a weird accidental ambush last summer.
If you didn't catch the title, it's an old soul title by Gwen McCrae... Amongst other things, I surround myself with music. I've been collecting/buying vinyl records since back when it only cost $1.50 to take the subway downtown after school. I recall walking home once because I needed the return fare to purchase a much desired LP. It's tough to explain the excitement when I meet someone that introduces me to new music (and vice-versa).
I pursue many interests/hobbies. When I take hold of a new hobby I have a tendency to become absorbed in it. This happened when I picked up a snowboard in Grade 9. The skiis never saw another flake of snow after that. I also spend my spare time working on old cars, painting, playing with photography (I prefer to be behind the camera than in front). I love working with my hands, and own far too many tools. I enjoy a good whiskey, and checking out hole-in-the-wall bars in search of great music and interesting conversation.
I'm here because I'm very much interested in broadening my potential for meeting someone special. Looking for something of substance... Relationship material. Confidence, and a balance between maturity and the ability to let loose on occasion is hugely attractive to me. I'm social, gentlemanly, and often referred to by many as being a 'nice' guy. I'm also pretty chatty and keen to find an outgoing personality in a prospective match. I work as a Profession Engineer and am very proud of my career accomplishments. I believe that I strike a great equilibrium between my career and social life.
Perhaps you can help off-set that balance a little...

Meet single man from Ontario, Canada. Just recently moved to Toronto from eastern Canada and am looking to meet others in the city. Looking for a partner in crime and trouble who is beautiful, exciting, and not at all pretentious. I'm looking to meet relaxed people who enjoy a drink and laughing while shooting about nothing. Someone who likes to be a bit mischievous, a little bad at times, and a whole lot of funny. Someone who is a different person than they are on their job, someone with a dry-sarcastic-borderline offensively funny sense of humor. I'm looking for nothing more than to laugh, smile, and enjoy a like minded persons company. I am not into talking about cars, money, how many expensive things I own, but I am into talking about life, philosophy, and finding meaningful experiences in life.
I live in the beaches

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Looking for my partner in life.
I'm not your average Joe (even though that's my name). The best relationships I've had are those where I learn something from the woman I'm with.
A bit about me:
- Clever, kind, caring & respectful
- Loves animals
- Craves new music almost as much as a good meal
- Finds pleasure in the little things life has to offer
- Has a very successful career, my own condo and can cook
- Accepts people for who they are (faults and all)
- My "background" is Egyptian and Greek (Everyone asks....)

Meet a man from Ontario, Canada. I grew up in Bombay, have lived and worked in Hong Kong, India, US and Canada. Have traveled to many more locations. Love to travel and explore. I work for a global management consulting company and am based out of Toronto.
I like to win in the rat race, but every now and then I like to take it slow.
I am passionate, compassionate and almost at all times balanced to a fault.
I love to explore, do new things all the time and am looking for a partner for life who shares similar interests.
I would love to be with someone who is cute, caring and centered. A good book or a great movie should excite her more than some designer bag!

Date someone special from Canada. I am very loyal and have a big heart. Family and friends are important to me as is humor, food, creativity and honesty. I love dogs and cooking. I really enjoy entertaining my fam and friends. I've been able to travel a little and always enjoy getting away.
Being active is something that is important - I try and play outside as much as I can. Looking for someone who enjoys this as well, but has no problem being fat and lazy on couch island sometimes.
Always enjoy simple things that me smile and making people laugh.
There's lots more!

Meet single man from Canada. What can I say, I'm between a work to live and live to work kind of guy. I like my career but have hobbies that keep my mind occupied outside of work. I'm also a bit of a nerd and like to learn much of the time, even if it's just cruising dictionaries and thesauruses on random whims. Having a sense of humour is important as I like to indulge when the opportunity presents itself. Hopefully you do too. I find I need some space to be myself and am looking for the same.
Generally my hobbies are mechanical, tactile and inventive. Having cultivated hobbies on your own would be a plus. I’m not super active, but do stay in shape and enjoy outdoor activity most. As for pair activities, I'd like to improve on my tennis and squash. Favorite seasons? Warm and sunny, cool and snowy are preferable, getting caught in a down pour not so much. The two times that I got thoroughly soaked in torrential showers I was close to a warm towel and a set of dry clothes to change into, so not that bad, just not preferable, maybe it’d be more enjoyable with a partner. Want to go for a walk sans un parapluie?
It's tough to describe ones self accurately and in whole in the space provided, so, if things look promising I'd prefer to meet than chat endlessly. Nothing like a little face time to size each other up. (Although first impressions are often not quite right either) This doesn't however mean I want to get physical right away. Getting to know each other platonically would be my first choice. Besides, STD tests take time. If you feel the same way then great, we already have something important in common. Let's get to know each other and see where it takes us.

Date a soulmate from Canada. A young professional who works hard and plays hard. Life is short, so play hard! Always up for the next adventure - road trips, vacations, sports, pub crawls, patios, cottages, you name it. I'm in.
I would say I am an easy going guy, intelligent, honest with a silly/goofy sense of humour seeking someone with similar interests and good chemistry.
Five random things about me:
1) I love sports - baseball, football, hockey, golf, and others - love playing and attending sporting events. Go Jays and Go Pack Go!
2) I prefer pubs and patios over clubs and lounges - love going out in large groups, talking smack and staying aways from the douche scene
3) I prefer cottages over camping - I will be your instant friend if you have a cottage!
4) Travelling is a must! - Last year I travelled to Germany, Mexico, Boston, Montreal and Vegas. This year is not fully planned yet but could include Miami, Pittsburgh, Australia, Spain, Iceland and Costa Rica
5) My idea of a fun date(s): live music, comedy, getting lost in the city, playing/attending a sporting event, brunch, bar crawl and others
I have no expectations from match - looking to expand my social network, make new friends, date and eventually find a relationship. Bonus points to those who live/work downtown or in king west. Drop me a line!

Meet a man from Canada. hardworking,empathy,sincerity and honesty also to be able to resolve crisis amicably without hurting each other cleanliness is also a factor it is said cleanliness is next to Godliness. the watch word in relationship a truthful one is love

. Easy does it, looking for someone who feels the same about life. Ideally someone who is financially responsible and grounded in their worldview. Someone who enjoys the simple things in life and active.

. I graduated with a Masters of Business Administration with a specialization in Finance in 2009. I now work in Finance, and am quite passionate about my career. Although I'm quite career driven, I know that work isn't everything and am looking for that perfect match to balance out my life.
I'm originally from the East Coast, and have the East Coast mentality of "work hard, play hard." I can party with the best of them, but I also enjoy staying home and reading a good book, or watching a movie. I think the first thing that people notice about me is my sense of humor. Most people tell me that I'm quite witty. Although I'm outgoing with a good sense of humor, sometimes I have a bit of a hard time opening up to people about my personal side. I really want to find someone that I can be completely honest and open with.I guess what I'm really looking for is a kind, intelligent, honest girl. Without these three traits in the long run I think that everything falls apart in a relationship.

. Hi,
Young professional Asian in his early 30s.
Beside work I like to hang out with my friends and discover new things.
Love traveling and all kinds of sports.
Let's have a chat ;)
Have a wonderful day !