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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am an architect in profession, moved to Toronto recently, currently i work at a Law office and taking courses in Sustainability.
I love spending my weekends going to Tango or Salsa dancing, or go out with friends for a drink and a laugh..
I love outdoor activities, biking, beach and my favorite activity of all is Scuba Diving...
I am looking to meet someone who would like to share a decent talk and laugh, loves to travel, athletic and has a good sense of humor.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Haven't quite figured it all out yet, but what I do know is that not getting stuck on a list of expectations and being open is the way to go. Positive energy, spontaneity, caring and compassion can go a long way in a relationship.
Everything is sweeter when done with a smile and a day just doesn't feel complete without feeling sore from laughing so hard. I'm grateful for my family and the friends that are more like honorary family. Ready for the next adventure and I am looking for someone to share it with.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I enjoy food and travel...
I love to cook but I also love to dine.
I'm a photographer and consider my self artistic. I have a great appreciation of anything creative. I enjoy being creative myself.
I'm animal lover. (especially dogs)
I enjoy laughing and someone who can make me laugh ;)
I'm a camera geek and usually get excited about new technology :s
I enjoy watching movies and love music (who doesn't)
I don't watch much TV, but I can spend a whole day just watching movies!
Running, yoga and dodgeball are some things I do to keep active....I also eat healthy and love talking about foods and natural remedies. I studied Holistic nutrition and live the lifestyle of eating natural foods and staying active/fit.
I'm very social...I love meeting new people and tend to get along with everyone :)
I love to dance...especially with friends. I LOVE watching live music...usually live jazz or blues bands.

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. What can I say about myself that will really sell you? I am a PhD Candidate so I am living the Graduate student kind of life... I am Really Italian, I moved here 4 years ago, and I miss my country a lot but I am considering to stick around Canada for a while... ;)I love the city, I love "studying" the people surrounding me but equally love spending time in nature.I love traveling and plan on continuing to see the world..I come from a great family and have great friends.

Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. Love taking day trips and discovering new places in Ontario. Enjoy taking long drives and hiking in nature trails. Also enjoy curling up and reading a good book, watching a movie, or hanging out with friends.

Meet a woman from Toronto, Canada. I'm an easy going, genuine, and thoughtful person who appreciates the simple things in life. In general, IРІР‚в„ўm interested in meeting someone who is honest, caring and has a good sense of humour. If this sounds like you, I'd love to hear from you!

Date a soulmate from Canada. I'm an active person and a people person!! I am a nurse and I absolutely love it! While I enjoy my career I also like to keep active on my days off. That being said, I like to get outside, try different sports, go for walks and of course hit the gym! For me the gym is a great place to de-stress and keep healthy. Besides being active, I really enjoy spending time with my friends and family, they make me laugh and we're always having great adventures together!
I love to laugh and joke so I'm looking for someone who likes to laugh and has a great sense of humour. My family and friends are very important to me so I hope that the person I'm with shares similar values. I'm an outgoing person so I'd like to find someone who enjoys being active so that we can enjoy some sports and adventures together. That being said I also enjoy time for myself and hanging out with my friends, so I would like a person who respects my independence. Lastly, one of the most important things I'm looking to find is someone who makes me feel comfortable when I'm around them so I can be myself.

Meet someone special from Canada. I'm a young, attractive, Charming, creative, intelligent,witty, honest and artistic women. I've gone to school for fine arts, culinary, and fashion arts. I'm working towards a fashion stylist career(it's as difficult as dating sometimes lol I've also just started taking a professional photography course. I love a challenge :) I think it's hard to describe yourself exactly, but once you meet me I think this description is pretty close. (I hope) lol...
I'm not sure what I'll find on this site. So I'm taking it one day at a time. If I meet someone special wonderful! If not, guess i'll keep on looking?:) I would like to find someone with no drama, interested in similar interests.(I always love learning something new.) A creative man (artist, music, arts, writing, photography,film,fashion) A handsome man (inside and out) who is loyal, honest, Not into mind games, intelligent, and looks forward to the future. I like to take things one day at a time, and see where things go. I just want to find a quality man! (no clingers , or players)Lol
I know a long list. I'm not expecting to find a man with every quality. I'm just giving a lot of options :)

Date a woman from Canada. Not easy to be limited to 4000 characters to write about myself and my ideal match.
I am passionate, driven and motivated. Firm believer of working hard to achieve your goals and your dream will come true. Optimistic and try to see the glass half full. Looking for someone who appreciates the simple act of helping others. Hoping that chivalry isn't a past time of our generation.
Born and raised in Toronto. Enjoy traveling and exploring new adventures. Have traveled to the tropical islands, across Canada and recently Italy. Next adventure would be Asia. When not traveling, I truly enjoy the company of my family and friends, usually over some good food and great conversations.
I love my job and what I do. But during my downtime, I enjoy being at home watching my favourite tv show to going to the movies to shopping to going dancing to dining out. Appreciate organization but likes the odd spontaneous little adventures. A hopeless romantic, usually always smiling, but can be very sarcastic. I like a good laugh and looking for someone who appreciates my sarcastic humor (or maybe its a dry humor?). Yes, as most women may say, I am complex, a bit complicated but simple. A bit old fashion and modest. Always smiling (did I say that already?).
I'm looking for someone who is open minded and easy going. Passionate and knows what they want. And isn't afraid to be open to say whats on their mind (within reason). Someone willing to go out and try something new, but also appreciates staying at home watching movies. So how did I do? Think you can handle me? :)

. My closest friends would describe me as someone who initially seems very quiet and serious but once you get to know me I can be pretty loud – especially when I laugh! There is nothing I love more than watching a funny movie/tv show or having a good time with my friends.
IРІР‚в„ўm looking for someone who has a great sense of humour, is considerate, kind and open minded. My career and my family/friends are very important to me and I want someone who feels the same. Does this sound like you?

. Nice to meet you :)
Let me first try to tell you my life in a few lines. I was born in Taipei Taiwan. My family immigrated to Montreal Canada when I was 12 years old. Although my parents were super liberal and laid-back (they couldnРІР‚в„ўt read my report cards as they were in French!), somehow I managed to find my way into a medical school and now practice medicine in Toronto.
It is always a bit strange to describe myself to another person (feel like medical school interview all over again!), but I will try my best here. Although I tend to be a bit of an introvert when meeting people for the first time, I am actually quite easy-going and a bit of a goofball around my friends and family. Being the eldest daugther, I'm a natural big sister to all those around me. My experience as an immigrant has also shaped who I am. I always try my best and am very independant and comfortable in my own skin, but am always eager to learn more about other people's culture and world view. On a more philosophical side, growing up in a Christian family has made me thinking about meaning of life, social justice and existance of God from a young age. I certainly don't have answers to any of these questions and they will be things I will be exploring for the rest of my life.
On a ligther note, I love going to indie band concerts, visiting museums, trying different restaurants and reading manga in my spare time. Although not terribly good at it, I also like to play classical piano, especially when I am stressed-out (itРІР‚в„ўs like my benzodiazepam!)
My ideal price charming/partner in crime would be someone who is intelligent, open-minded, down to earth, kind, considerate and comfortable in his own skin. Contact me if you think I just described you to a T and we''ll go from there OK?

. Like everyone else, i figured i would give this online site a shot, after all what is there to lose right?
Me: kind, optimistic, caring, family orientated, ambitious, risk taker....
Love: watching & playing sports, shopping, road trips, camping, running, white chocolate, cooking, red white, movies, reading, biographies/documentries, patios....
You: looking forward to talking to you to find out!
If you want to know more, drop me a message and lets take it from there :)

. I'm an honest, hard-working person who lives and works in the city. I make the time to get out and about whenever possible, whether its exploring a new part of town with friends, trying out a new restaurant for dinner or brunch, or something simple like staying in to cook a new dish or watch a movie. Traveling is probably one of my biggest passions and I always look forward to planning my next vacation, whether it's to a new destination or one that I've already visited. I'm not an 'adventure' traveler but I travel to places such that I can soak in its culture, sights, and of course, food.
I'm looking for someone who is serious and is willing to put in the effort into developing a long-term relationship, and eventually having a family. As such, I would appreciate that you share this same long-term goal, otherwise, I don't think we will be compatible. I also appreciate messages but more appreciate meeting in person, if it seems like we have some things in common. Meeting in person is really the only way we can get a better sense of compatibility.
I'm here with an open-mind, and I hope you are as well.

. Fun loving, great sense of humour, wants to make a difference in the world and will inspire others to get up to really big things in their life.....Enough about you... Here's a little bit about me. I work in human rights and development and I'm really passionate about what I do. I highly value family and my connections to people and places. Travel sits high the list of things I love to do. I find I'm discovering new things to love all the time and I'm open to novel experiences!

. Hi everyone im Bummy from bangkok, Thailand (The land of smile :) haha) I just came here 5 months ago for working and study because i'm worry about my english anyway, I think!! I can take care of you well.Everytimes I saw a couple walking hand in hand sometimes makes me feel lonely. Sometimes seen in their own fate. It's because we are frustrated waiting for it. Hope I meet someone well.