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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. As I'm trying to write up this description of myself, I've come to realize that I am much better in person than I am trying to describe myself on a computer screen! Here goes ...
A little bit about me - my life can be a little bit hectic, like most of us on here, I imagine, and I'm always running from one thing to the next. I would say that I'm pretty career-focused; I love my job, and it keeps me challenged – but it's not my entire life. My friends and family always come first, and I would consider myself a pretty loyal person. I'm definitely an extrovert, and I think living in Toronto has made me more so, but I can be a bit introverted at times – until I know someone and feel comfortable with them, I can be a little bit shy. But once I'm comfortable, watch out, I may talk your ear off! I love to laugh but I also have a bit of a serious side, and love nothing more than curling up with a fantastic book.
So, the million dollar question – what am I looking for? I'm looking to meet someone who is career-oriented, but who is able to shut it down and have fun as well. I love to travel and would love someone to travel with – although the all-inclusive vacation is fantastic (and don't get me wrong, I'll never say no to a beach vacation), I'm a big fan of seeing new cities, finding those great restaurants that others may not know about, and trying to experience the real culture of a new place. I'm very family oriented, so I'm hoping to find someone who is also close with their family. Someone who appreciates fitness, and staying active, is also a plus. In general, someone who loves to laugh, and who loves to be social and try new restaurants and places in this great city of ours, but who will drop everything and head to the cottage for a relaxing weekend at a moment's notice. And of course ... there has to be chemistry ...

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. My name is Lallaine, and if you can pronounce that right on the first try, I already like you! If you canРІР‚в„ўt though, I promise I'm not keeping score. Now to get you intrigued enough to send me a message.
I am an extremely passionate person, I will never do something with half a heart. It's a way I can ensure a smile is always on my face, but have found it's also one of my major downfalls. I am an open book on almost every subject, but I won't tell you everything in one go, let's keep some mysteries to be discovered shall we?
I care about everyone in my life (my friends are my family, and my family are my friends) that is until you prove you aren't worth my thoughts. But I also believe in second chances, life is too short for grudges and if I can build a bond, why can't I rebuild one? I know, I know I'm a walking contradiction, blame that on my ENFJ personality. ENFJ you ask? Google it, it's me to the T.
I love sports, specifically watching sports. Shopping really isn’t my thing, I usually know what I want before I'm even in a mall. I LOVE to cook and bake (I'm always on the hunt for new taste testers. I'm a big bibliophile and a scrabble geek. I am an extreme right-brain; creativity – visuals, audio, everything really – inspires and runs my world. And as you can see, I'm a bit of a chatty Cathy.
// You - The "Short" List
I am looking for someone to share laughs with and smiles, to enjoy life with all of its surprises; someone that inspires me to be great and someone that I can inspire the same thing; that can sit at home and read a book all night, or go out and be social too; makes me feel safe in his company; knows how to cuddle; communicates and is consistent in actions and words.
There’s so much more and I'm sure if you're looking for the same thing I am your list is just as long. I'd love to hear yours. So If you've made it this far and you're just a tiny bit curious … well all you have to do is ask, I'm a bad liar!
WARNING: If you're posting up with half naked pictures or looking for a girl who will do the same on here, then you can move right along, it won't happen. If you're just looking for someone to play around with, I'm definitely not who you seek. Intimate encounters? That's down the block two lefts and a right.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am smart, fun-loving, down to earth girl looking for someone to share the precious moments of life. I am independent and confident with a good blend of eastern and western cultures. I am looking for someone with similar values.
A good sense of humour is essential in any relationship. I enjoy travelling, trying new restaurants, watching movies or even just relaxingcooking at home and last but not least, absolutely love to dance!
If you would like to know more just ask. :)

Meet a soulmate from Canada. UHmmm... Im loyal, nice, civil, real, no pretenses, loves humour and intellect combined, i'd love to go on adventures but not so much of a sports fan, quite busy with so many changes in my life but will stop and spend time with someone who deserves my time... dunno what to say at this point yet, just checking this site to see what it has to offer me...

Date a woman from Canada. About me and who I'm looking for... no one, just waiting for my subscription to end and realizing what a waste of money it was signing up to this website!!! I totally get why there's a guarantee subscription option for this site.

Meet someone special from Canada. I love to travel, go to concerts, and sporting events.
I'm an easy going caring individual who enjoys spending time with friends and family but also enjoys going out and having fun. I watch most sports and listen to all types of music.
I live downtown and love to be out and about in the city but also enjoy being up north in the summer at a cottage.
I have a pretty stressful job so a sense of humor is really important to me. Looking for someone who can make me laugh, likes to have fun and is a genuinely kind person with similar interests to me.
This is the first time I've tried online dating and I'm a bit apprehensive about it so please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested. Have a great day!

Date a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I'm easy going and social. Looking to meet someone who's fun and makes me laugh. I enjoy my job, and I'm lucky enough to have amazing family and friends. It's summertime in the city, looking forward to making the most of it! cheers :)

Meet a woman from Toronto, Canada. Just being a part of this site is a leap out of my comfort zone.
I have been described as demure, observant, soft spoken, funny and level headed with bursts of adventure.
I'm on a personal journey to try new things and meet new people. Want to you join me?

Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. I would say I'm a fairly social person with a good head on her shoulder. I'm driven and passionate about my work. I live and work in the city, so ideally you're a city lover too.
In addition you spend your days doing something you love and work hard at it. You are confident and genuine with a great sense of humor. (I like to laugh a lot and have been told that I'm always smiling, so it's important that I maintain that ;)
My friends would describe me as genuine, easy going, intelligent, and sweet. I guess I'm looking for someone with similar qualities!
It's important to me for a relationship to develop naturally and for that reason I've been apprehensive about the whole online dating thing. That being said, I'm using this as an alternative way to meet people, so perhaps I'm contradicting myself!
Either way, feel free to send me a message and we'll go from there :)

. Looking for: someone that genuinely enjoys life, is compassionate, smart, and curious and can make me laugh.
About me: work in non-profit (academic research). Care about people more than money. Come across initially as a tough girl with a smart mouth, but I'm actually very affectionate, nurturing, and loyal. I joke around a LOT, so you have to have a good sense of humor to hang with me =).
I am a *very* loving individual (one of those people that can even feel love and sympathy for those that cross me). Once you're in, I will move mountains to help you if you are in need. However, it takes a bit of patience to crack my shell, so get to work.
From the States, been in Toronto a few years, want to branch out and meet more interesting people/make strong connections.
Kind, considerate, empathetic, laid-back, happy, enthusiastic, non-judgmental, quirky, spiritual (but not religious), curious, funny, emotionally intelligent, self-aware....
Exploring spirituality has become a major part of my life, so I am particularly interested in talking to you if "consciousness" and "presence" mean more than the obvious.
Love reading (number one hobby), board games, video games (currently, Diablo III), napping on a blanket in the back yard, general adventuring, and people I can learn something from.
If you are into astrology, I am a Leo but should have been a Virgo (born a month early), and it shows, imo.

. People who meet me would describe me as a genuinely nice person with a witty (and sarcastic) sense of humour and a positive outlook on life... I also love being active and having fun!
My biggest passion is travel and I love nothing more than visiting and exploring new countries and experiencing different cultures. I enjoy participating in triathlons throughout the summer months and am a big fan of the outdoors; be it cottaging in the summer or skiiing in the winter.
I am a business woman with a career that is very important to me, but do not feel that it comes before everything. Despite being progressive, I do still appreciate chivalry and old fashion values when it comes to dating and relationships. (Okay, I get the irony of having old fashioned values and being on an online dating site, but we'll let that one slide for now...) I have friends with some pretty good online dating stories, so thought I'd give it a try.
I'm looking for someone who is kind, ambitious, unpretentious and has a great sense of humour... someone who I can have just as much fun with on a dinner date or trip as I can lying on the couch and watching a movie.
This online dating thing is new to me, so here's hoping!

. Not very good at writing lengthy paragraphs about me. Would prefer to exchange a few words in private. So please feel free to contact me. I would like to hear about you.
I'm looking for my best friend first and foremost.
NB: a wink is definitively nice but a message is so much better.

. Hey there,
I guess I would describe myself as a sincere, no BS kind of a gal. I'm self-assurred and also very caring. I have both a funny and a serious side. I like to be active, am social, but also very chill. I (think) I'm a pretty cool person, but have no time for "who's who"/"let me place you before I give you the time of day" kind of encounters. I like to eat very healthy, but also love my beer and nachos:)
I love going for drinks/dinner but I'm also really happy spending time in a nice relaxed setting (patio, park, my front porch) with someone I care about. I like to see live music, and love to hang out in the park or down by the lake with a couple beverages and maybe a frisbee. I think I may be a tiny bit hippie at heart, I love the outdoors and am happy when in nature. I am independent, but am hoping to find myself a partner. I figure going online can't hurt my chances...
I am far from perfect, and don't expect my partner to be. I'm really looking for someone who is kind, open-minded, and easy-going. Confidence is great, but I am severely turned off by arrogance. I appreciate someone who can laugh at himself, who is both fun and mature, witty and genuine. A sense of humour is sexy, I love when someone makes me laugh. Emotional intelligence and emotional generosity are huge in my books.
I have a rescue dog who is a little rough around the edges (but is also such a great guy), so I am looking for someone who is cool with that.
Now I know this is going to be read, interpreted, judged, in a bunch of different ways. So instead, maybe you could just see a girl who is unique, somewhat attractive (my friends tell me so at least;), analytical, and compassionate, with a lot of love to give, who just wants a guy who will care enough to see the world through her eyes, at least some of the time.

. Hey there!
I have just recently moved back to Toronto after spending 6 years in Europe. Europe was great but I am so excited to be back in Toronto. I love this city and am still exploring, but find that meeting new people has been a bit of a challenge. I'm looking to meet new people and hopefully a great guy :o) When it comes to my partner, I am looking for someone who is comfortable in their own skin and knows what he wants in life and isn't afraid to go after it. A caring, passionate, trustworthy, respectful .... goofy guy who has a positive outlook on life, a friend ..... the list could go on and on.
There are so many things that I love to do. To single out a few: My family and friends always come first and I always make sure to find time for both. I love to travel. I have taken total advantage of living in the heart of Europe and traveled all over Europe. This leads me to my next passion ... wine! No, not in an alcoholic kind of way (not yet anyway :)), but over the years I've developed a passion for French wines. Unfortunately, good ones at a reasonable price are hard to come by here ... but thank god for great friends who come to visit bearing my favourite wine! And last but not least, running. I love going for a run after a long day in the office. Recently, I've taken up hot yoga and absolutely love it.
I could go on and on about myself and what I'd want in a man, but what it comes down to is having that spark with someone and sharing the same values ... which we will hopefully get to chat about over a coffee or glass of wine!

. I am a city girl that loves the hustle and bustle of downtown. I think my friends would describe me as dependable, up for trying new things, patient, ambitious, social, and pretty easy-going. I appreciate good grammar, and I feel lost without a good book on the go. I'm a tea-drinker, but on occasion, will cross over to the dark side (with a coffee).
I have moved around quite a bit as a child and as a student, and as a result, I appreciate the value of living in different places and learning to adapt to your surroundings. Despite that, I am proudly Canadian. I love to learn new languages and I think part of the fun of travelling is trying out the bits and pieces of new languages learned along the way.
It's important to be able to laugh at yourself in order to laugh at things in life and not take everything so seriously. I usually get the best laughs when I spend time with my niece and nephews! I'm fortunate to have a loving family that supports me in everything I do. We're scattered around the continent, so it makes the times we see each other that much more important.
I'm looking to meet someone that can balance me, that I can learn from, and that I can grow with...I realize that's pretty vague (and admittedly, a bit cheesy), but for now, that's my story :). Oh and did I mention has a well-used passport?!