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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I love to take long walks, watch movies and laugh in general.
Honesty and hard work are two qualities I admire the most.
Someone who wants to travel learn about other cultures, likes to experiment new types of food.
Also, I love fashion, can spend hours in the shops just browsing.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Hello,
I'm new to this, so bear with me. Looking to meet new people. Ideally I'd love to find someone to have a committed relationship with. I have traveled extensively and would love to meet someone who is well-traveled or who enjoys traveling or exploring new places.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I'm looking for a great man....someone to explore all the great things life and love has to offer. I live in Toronto and have a job that I love. I have a wonderful family and incredible friends.
That's enough for know. See you soon.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Are you the guy who likes to try new things, enjoys a night on the town and has a great sense of humor? If you're looking for a girl to share a fun adventure or a movie at home on the couch... I'd love to hear from you. Traveling, cooking, playing ping pong or tennis are a plus if you can play!
P.S - if you don't have a photo I won't respond.

Date a woman from Canada. I've been on here for about a month...maybe 1.5 months actually because i got suckered into an additional trick month for not deactivating....anyway - i'm going to be honest...not having a lot of luck. Was told about a month ago (on a date with a guy i met in real life) that i have a really boring online profile - and he wouldn't message me if he came across it. Well guess what? It didn't work out with that guy, but there's something to take away from every experience, and maybe his profile advice was it.
So here's the truth.
I'm amazing (HA!...but true...). Seriously - funny, driven, smart, heart of gold...the problem might be that I like the bad boy...yup, it's true. I don't mean for it to happen. I think there are a few of you out there online, maybe 1 or 2 reading my profile right are why I am often dating, but still single.
I am going to try hard to turn a new leaf; maybe there's a bad boy out there who's doing the same thing ;)
So, here's what I want:
- subjectively attractive - i recognize that's a tricky one, you will have to email me to find out.
- think's he's funny...this is key, confidence.
- driven
- wants to work towards a relationship...this is the first time i have said this on an online dating profile. I think I have finally reached a simple conclusion; if you are just in it for fun, i'm pretty sure I can meet you at the bar and do just fine without spending the money to meet you online. I love to chat and flirt and don't need this site to get me to the same point at the end of the day.
Here's what I offer in a relationship:
- exactly what i'm looking that weird? i think it's good.

Meet someone special from Canada. Here's some of the fun stuff I've been up to this last month:
- travelled to Trinidad and New Orleans
- started playing the guitar
- watched a Jays game
- took a flying lesson
- played ultimate frisbee and basketball
- swung a hammer at habitat for humanity
- checked out some live music
I'm very fortunate to have a wonderful family, friends whom I love, a career that is challenging and the opportunity to do what I love. I'm looking for someone to share the experience of life with. I'm a genuine believer in a relationship that enhances each others life and compliments both individuals.

Date a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I am open and passionate. I know who I am and looking for someone who are whole and happy . I love my son he is my soul, my flesh and my blood. I think I have a clear , strong and objective mind. I always favour reason over chaos, always strive to be ethical and considerate of others.
I do like men who are incurable romantics, KIND, intelligent, smart, educated. Strong minded just like me.;)
I seek harmony and good feelings in relationships, however I do need challenge and a good old fiery battle of wills - it makes me feel alive and deeply and passionately attracted to my partner.
I must admit it feels a little strange, and a little funny to be on a dating website. Although I am busy with my studies, my son and my life in general - I feel it would be so nice to share a strong connection and new experiences with a male friend.
I love beauty in all its manifestations and am artistic in my life pursuits. I care about the way people treat each other and feel that beauty in any relationship, along with respect and kindness, are the most important things to strive for.
I am realistic about meeting the one and only here but should I, by some amazing stroke of luck, find one, I would not push him away. But most of all, I am looking for someone to share beauty-filled experiences, which would bring us both joy and laughter in the end of a busy day, and leave a faint, but unmistakable veil of satisfaction and joy about the time well spent.
P. S please don't bother messaging me if you do not have a picture, or you are wearing sunglasses on one. I firmly believe that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Even though the picture won't really show much it does provide a tiny glimpse of the inside.
Also if you are exclusively looking for the booty call, sex buddy, intimate friend how ever you want to call it... Please don't bother winking, poking, or especially writing here.
Good luck with your search! :)

Meet a woman from Toronto, Canada. I'm very serious about this online dating,because I hope I will find the right man for my Heart through this online dating that's why I'm Here..And i want you to know that I'm not the Types of women who usually come online Just for Playing Games or Breaking Heart..I do respect myself very well,So I will not introduces myself In doing such things like that..I will never do such harmful thing to you when we have much feelings for each other,and I will never do nothing to Hurt your feelings that you have for me,I will never do nothing to hurt you too..Never Would I, If i do something to hurt you I will also Gain It some I will Never Attempt to Do that..

Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. Looking to find someone special to shower my affections with and vice versa. I like to maintain an active lifestyle and can be very social at times, while there are great days where doing absolutely nothing is fine with me too.
Combined with family, friends and a great career, I'm pretty busy, but there's always time when you find that special someone.
Favorite singer... Bob Marley! Hands down!

. About me: I love life, and try to live it to it's fullest everyday!!!
I have great family and friends, which I am extremely grateful for.
I am pretty easy going, always up for an adventure. I am honest, inventive, intellectual, caring, funny.
I live a drama free life and try not to entertain negativity or harbor past failures and regrets. The future is where is my passions, dreams and goals lie and that's what I focus on.
I am looking for a Man! A Man who knows how to treat a lady.
He has a great sense of humor, is attractive, has a lot of passion and ambition for life. He is well rounded, loves to travel has a decent emotional EQ
He would sweep me off my feet over and over again.
If you are ambitious and adventurous with a good heart and a good sense of humor then you are more than welcome to contact me.

. Tough but sensitive. Probably mostly sensitive. I am a young mom, now single again before I ever thought was possible, but I believe life just happens and the way we view the twists and turns defines us. So I try to be positive. Cause no one likes a complainer. And it's much nicer to believe there is an upside.
I love being a parent. My children are little and my time goes mostly to them but when I am not with them, I have an unusual combination of technical and academic interests. I'm university educated but work in the trades. I take care of my physical appearance and health but that doesn't mean I don't love pizza and beer on Fridays. Also "tequila Tuesdays" could solve a lot of our issues as a society. Just saying.
I am a serial laugher, sarcastic, a lover of humour and comedy. I am often the joker/attention-getter of the group but this doesn't necessarily lend itself to meeting people who are genuine. I love to read, write, and watch movies, and I am a fan of the Oxford comma. I'm an entrepreneur. I mix a mean martini. Gin, of course.
Oh, wow, it is just way too difficult to sum oneself up in a little box.
I am not a pop culture person but I follow current events. A bit of a Jeopardy dork. Like the classics - literature, rock, cars. I have a respect for aged things. If you flipped on MTV and my life depended on identifying the next dropout from New Jersey, I'd be dead meat. I like trying new things. I just don't need to try every new thing. I don't shop as a "hobby". I don't replace stuff when it's not worn out. I'm probably a bit of a luddite, now that I think about it.
This is all a bit superficial, perhaps, but here's the facts. I need an intelligent person. I can't abide that sinking feeling that sometimes when I'm talking, you don't know what I'm talking about and are just nodding your head. So be smart.
And be funny. Because I'm occasionally funny and it's not fair if I make you laugh and then you don't return the favour. I can't be upset about every little thing that happens. I can't hold a grudge. I'm just not capable; I've tried.
I need some parts of life to be unplanned. I like going where the wind takes me some days.
Also quite a few hugs.
And it would be good if you had a job.
Other than that, to be determined.

. Some likes (In no particular order):
-fashion, arts and culture (especially photography)
-gardening (especially urban agriculture)
-singing and dancing in the car (don't worry, I make a point to only do this by myself)
-Blue Jays games
-mac and cheese (preferably baked, but I admit to the boxed variety- it's a weakness, as usually I try to eat healthy)
-profile pics taken yourself with your cell phone in the bathroom mirror-especially if you took your shirt off : )
IРІР‚в„ўm interested in trying new things. A few recent ones include: 4-wheeling, driving in heels (not while doing the previous), b.b.qing and calamari.
I saw my astrological sign on a pillow which read Leo: creative, faithful and loving. Oddly enough it was right on.
The most essential thing in my life is community, family and friends. It's a common line for a reason; the people in our lives matter.
IРІР‚в„ўm looking for a person who is an eclectic combination of things; down to earth but also appreciates the finer things in life, positive but also has a bit of cynicism, quietly confident. Most importantly IРІР‚в„ўm looking for someone to have fun and grow with.

. Looking to see what's out there. I have heard lots of good things about this site. One of my really good friends met someone they really liked online, so I thought I would give it a try. I'm giving it a shot.

. Thanks for stopping by! So a little bit about me...
Likes: Coffee, CBC radio, singing loudly in the car, skating outside, lip gloss, football (I'm a shareholder in the Green Bay Packers).
Dislikes: Cereal, people who scuff their feet when they walk, blueberries, and indecisiveness.
My 'quirks': I never make my bed, I crack my knuckles from time to time, and I love the CFL.
I love travelling and I've been fortunate enough to live outside of Canada and backpack around the world. I've been to 33 countries with a goal of reaching 50 by the time I'm 50 years old.
I try to stay active through running (I run three times a week with some friends) and yoga.
I'm always up for watching a football game with some beers, a game of Scrabble, or baking / cooking. I enjoy hanging out in the kitchen with some friends, a glass of wine, and a new recipe. I even made a dessert that you set on fire before serving it once, which was totally awesome. I also grow my own pumpkins and squash for my fall pies and soups.
People say they can usually hear me laughing before they see me - don't get me wrong, I can have a serious heart to heart with the best of them, but at the end of the day I figure why take life too one gets out alive!

. Hey there,
Thanks for stopping by.

Here is where I tell you all about me in 200 characters... I'm someone who enjoys being alive. I'm passionate about my career. Always new and exciting projects that make me feel that I'm actually helping someone! But, at around 6 pm though, my other interests kick in and I do all sorts of stuff!! I enjoy outdoor activities and when you can't be outdoors, anything that keeps you active! Biking, swimming and some tennis are my favs these days. Hanging out with my friends, opera, ballet, salsa dancing, rock climbing, singing, drawing, cooking (which unfortunately includes a lot of burning) and apparently filling out this online profile are some of the things that keep me busy. I also enjoy being lazy and watching movies sometimes... To sum up, I like to laugh and experience life to its fullest. Voila, that's a little bit about me... now, about you...
I'm looking for someone who enjoys the small everyday things and that just enjoys life as it is... the good and the not so good, and who knows that "It only gets better." Someone who likes to laugh and have fun and it's OK with crying too (you or me... but hopefully not too often!). I'm not looking for a long list of qualities... I'm actually here to be surprised!
Looking forward to hearing from you!