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Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. Hey guys, a little bit about me...
i'm very normal, stable and a down-to-earth girl. I tend to surround myself with good positive people. I feel very blessed with all in my life right now; I have a great rewarding job, great family friends and live and cherish even the simple things in life to the fullest.
I am looking for a guy that is fun and easy going. Somebody that can make me laugh, rolls with the punches and that makes even the simplest of dates a fun adventure. I am just as happy going out on the town, an afternoon of snowboarding or, sitting on the couch and watching a hockey game. The things that I find attractive in a man are confidence, sense of direction, positive outlook on life and a great sense of humor.
This whole online dating is new to me and I didn't want to read a "how to" guide on creating an online profile (LOL) so, this might sound a bit "cliche" but....
If you like what you read and, think we might have a connection, feel free to connect with me.
If I don't respond please don't take offence. I just don't want to waste anybody's time :) Also if you say you're an "engineer" and can't spell "engineer" probably not one so please don't lie ;) lol
CHEERS! Good luck to everyone in your search :)

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I am happy, I love to laugh, spend time with the people in my life who are important to me. My friends would say that I am always there for them and am always up for a spontaneous night out or dinner and a movie.

Date a woman from Toronto, Canada. I am loving and devoted to my family and friends, once you gain my trust I will forever be there for you.
I may be stubborn at times, but am drawn to those that are quick witted and can challenge me. This world is meant to be explored, and I looking for someone to come along on the journey with me. And along the way, enjoy all the little moments, marvel at the beauty of our surroundings, and delve into the local cuisine.
History inspires me, draws me in, and helps shape my future.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I'm a simple person. I love the comforts of home but am curious of the world around me. I am an excellent partner and am looking for someone who prefers partnership. I am fit and try to eat healthy minus my love of potato chips. I expect the same from a partner. I am hoping to find someone to spend time doing super awesome things and some relaxed simple ones too.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm an easy going, fun loving girl...that hates to think of things to type about herself lol. I'm looking for someone to share my life with, not just a few casual flings. I find it very difficult to meet people in the city unless its in clubs or bars, and I'm not a real 'clubbin' kind of girl. If you'd like to get to know me....just ask.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. A little bit about me: Sweet, caring, indepenant, easy going and ," giggly". I am ambitious, fun, playful and love to laugh and know what i want in life and I expect nothing less of the man I'm with. Humor will get you everywhere with me :) Topless shirts on here will NOT! Impress me with your wit and a coffee will def be in order :)
I work hard and accomplished one of my goals in life: Travelling!! where I travelled and lived overseas for 4 years....(much different experience when you live overseas!)
In my spare time, i go to the gym, yoga, beach volleball. I like to have a few patio drinks, bbq, sun tanning, walking/hikiing, and often just crash and watch some of my favorite tv shows. I'm not a high maintenance girl nor like drama or a crazy control or jealous freak so don't worry :). I'm not a mushy gushy girl nor do i need that from a guy (please do not tell me you love me on date 3 or 4 ) but a lil' romance and chilvary is a must.
Besides the above I'm looking with someone who has a close family relationship, who is physically active (healthy lifestyle), social, intelligent, ambitious, loyal, decisive (as i tend not to be). Please be emotionally stable - although i like a lot of humor i hope that you can also express your emotions when needed...sounds like I'm picky? yes I probably am which is why i'm here... however i just feel like i'm at that age and know who i am and what i want and hoping to find that special someone who i have that connection with and take it from there... :)

Date someone special from Canada. I am an upbeat energetic gal who enjoys learning new things and exploring new places. I love what I do and love how I live.
My best feature is my laugh ...
I am looking for an accomplished person who has a zest for life, who is decisive and sensitive.
If you believe yourself to be that guy and more - drop me a line... -:)

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Physically I take good care of myself. I go to the gym often and recently started taking up salsa/bachata dancing. I love to play sports, basketball, volleyball, tennis to name a few. I don't watch t.v much at all and when I do have some down time I try to watch documentaries or do something that is productive or has a purpose. Don't get me wrong, there are times where you just want to do nothing, which is fine and that happens to all of us, but I think it becomes a bad habit when down time always consists of sitting on your couch and watching meaningless t.v. I'm very down to earth and friendly and I treat people the way I would like to be treated. I guess I would like to meet someone who is intelligent, who has a great sense of humor, integrity and who takes care of himself physically. I'm not hoping to meet the one, it would be nice to meet new people out of your normal group of friends and see where that goes.

Date a woman from Canada. I am a kool chic...I love life, doing different things, travelling the world, learning to always strive to be the best you can be. I am a muslim that is looking for someone to be my lover, best friend, companion, provider basically all the good things that gets attached to love and relationship. I will never let things get boring...always keep you on your toes. I need a man to make me feel sexy and treat me like a princess but always know that I am your Queen. I need a man who is a man, can build and fixs things and take charge. Has to be smart and sexy, have a great job so we can do the things in life that others dream of. You have to be a good honest muslim, study the ways of Allah and work together to uplift ourselves. OMG we have to have fun and make each other laugh....You know what when we meet we will discuss each other and all our great atributes..Can't wait!!!

. Hey there, thanks for checking out my profile!
I would describe myself as down to earth and relatively easy going. I can by cynical but, for the most part, I'm optimistic about life. I like to get out and try new things but I also like time at home to just relax. My family and friends are what I value most in my life and I am very protective of them.
I am passionate about social justice and I am trying to live these values through my work and volunteering in my community. I have a good job that I enjoy on most days. I try to be active every day, whether itРІР‚в„ўs going for a run, going to the gym, or just making sure that my dog gets a long walk. I do get bored of activities after a while and IРІР‚в„ўm looking for something new, so let me know if youРІР‚в„ўve found any fun new ways to stay active.
What I value in others, in no particular order: loyalty, self-assuredness, intelligence, and genuine concern for the well being of others.
Most of all, I’m looking for someone to laugh with – I know, it’s what everyone says, but it’s no less true. You don’t have to be a comedian but I appreciate sarcasm, self-deprecation and the ability to find humour in the ordinary.
Anyway, if you think any of this sounds like a fit with you, let me know. Otherwise, good luck out there!

. I would describe myself as genuine, open-minded, and honest. I am passionate about being present and engaged in my day-to-day life. I'm a creative person who enjoys a good adventure. I would love to meet someone who has a great sense of humour and is confident in who he is.

. I work quite a bit but love to travel, and often find ways to travel for work with little getaways in between. I keep busy but always have time for friends and family. I'm nearing the end of my PhD in Education. I write, research and teach.
I love art, film, books and music from hip hop to indy alternative and electronic. I like to craft things with my hands when I can. I'd like to learn woodwork, miss the BC mountains and name all my plants.
I'm looking for someone kind, easy going, smart, cultured, creative and interested in finding an actual connection with someone else. I'm looking for someone who cares about politics, inequalities and community.

. I'm a completely funny, crazy in a good way, feisty person looking for someone who accepts me for who I am and in fact enjoys my lame charm. I make people laugh on a daily basis and really think laughter is the best medicine. I'm a very honest person and give my opinion freely, which sometimes gets me into trouble :). I love to travel, and would ideally do so twice a year. I am looking for someone fun, spontaneous, and who I can laugh with.

. Like to fun and love dancing, enjoy movies reading books. I like long walk, not needy person very giving in out of the bedroom. Cook like crazy enjoy doing, Very respectful. love a good time, very common person. love guy who close with his family, i like to have kids but i enjoy others kids who doesn't be long to me. I like easy going guy who know to relax at with his woman. Love help others who are helpless, care for the needy. I simple person enjoy life in good healthy way. i hate hurting others. I am a very kind heart person and also very understanding of others. Very support with my mate and loyal. I am a very honest person. Love being clean also with my body and my home. I hate a mess home, i enjoying dressing well in my home and out of the house. I easy going easy make friends

. i'm new to the online dating scene. Not really sure what to write.. if you're looking for something other than a relationship or possible relationship don't bother messaging :) That's the most important thing you need to know about me.