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Date someone special from Toronto, Canada. I don't want to bore you with mindless details about my life, where I grew up or what I do for a living. I'm just looking to hang out with someone who is genuine, can take a joke and is not easily offended, is generally a happy, easy going person and can play nice with others.

Meet a soulmate from Toronto, Canada. I write and explore Toronto's neighbourhoods for a living, and when I'm not doing that (or laundry) I like to explore other corners of the world. Despite a love of travel, I'm actually a bit of a homebody (and devout snooze-button pusher). I'm grateful to be able to surround myself with friends and family, and frequently do so. I'm looking to meet someone who is grounded, family-oriented and at ease one-on-one or in a crowd of people.

Date a woman from Toronto, Canada.
I, like most of you, am just looking for someone cool to hang out with that could turn into something more. I work in television and meeting people outside work has been tricky. So here I am trying something new.
I love going out and seeing bands. Love seeing movies. I travel as often as I can. I love Comedy and think I am pretty fluent in the funniest comedians.
I am mostly looking for someone who is social, likes going out and having fun.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am a fun chickadee.
I like adventure and wit and whims's..
I also like responsibility and maturity...
i am an artist, an entrepreneur and a landlordess
Sense of humour and loyalty are key to all relationships in my life,...i love people that can make me laugh and who can challenge my thoughts and who i can trust, can't beat a hot banter
I seek out people who are aware,.. who know who they are and how to get things done,.sooo very attracted to skills!
I love pick up trucks and dogs running free on dirt roads, the colour blue, singing loud by myself, sarcasm and getting scared by movies...
I am a fan of fiestiness and charm and adorable smiles and broad shoulders.
P.S My 11 year old lab is a major part of my life....he's a stellar soul
P.P.S I am quite tattooed (but not in a harsh and rebellious way)
i am looking for a partner, but am open to casual dating in the meanwhile

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Hi,
I am a free spirited globe trotter therefore traveling is my major passion. I can't even count how many places I've been in the past 2 years but goes from Egypt and Israel to Argentina and Panama passing through east and west Europe.
Oh I'm Brazilian and have been living here for 3 years. I have a 10 yo kid who is also an awesome friend.
I've been a business consultant for the past 10 years but decided to become a nurse when I left Brazil and couldn't be happier.
I'm happy, always smiling, love movies and live music and sports. I'm a soccer fan!
I'm tall and ALWAYS on heels (even when wearing flip flops or walking boots) so being tall is an absolute requirement for a man! Other than that, good spelling and witty conversation is hot! :)

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Here's where the profile gets awkward! I say this because this is the part where I'm suppose to be all cute, and witty and fun and yet for the first time I'm at a loss for words! And if my family were reading this they'd be laughing because I never run out of things to say!
Okay here it goes...
When at home I like tea over pekoe to be exact. But then this likely makes me sound 80, so let's leave it at tea. Plain old, regular tea!
I like the ocean over the lake, as that hopefully means I'm travelling to some place exotic! The caribbean, although fun and fabulous in it's own way, doesn't count.
The city over the country side, unless you can convince me otherwise!
I love the Autumn over any other season. Hello?!?! Pumpkin spiced lattes at Starbucks! Need I say more?
I don't do insects of any kind. And I'm terrified of spiders...I think you should know that there is no catch and release program here. Spiders are to be killed on site! Full Stop.
(Cough) I may like reality TV. Don't judge me, you know you've watch it too at some point!
Basically I'm a fun down to earth girl looking for the same qualities in a guy. I've been told I have a great sense of humour, so that is a must have quality in a partner.
I enjoy spending time with friends and family. And I try to do so as often as possible.
I'm looking for someone who I can travel with, laugh with, talk with, basically someone I can just be with on a cold day curled up on the couch being content doing absolutely NOTHING!
If any of this sounds like you I may be your girl!

Date someone special from Canada. I consider myself an intelligent, open-minded, easy going person who's always up for fun. I've travelled fairly extensively and lived in Egypt for 3 years, while teaching English. I love the outdoors and try to maintain an active lifestyle. I will never turn down a road trip or camping trip :)
My career is important to me and keeps me busy, but doesn't consume my life. I make it a point to find the time for doing the things I enjoy and spending time with people who I care about. I tend to surround myself with intelligent, funny, adventurous people.
Toronto, in my opinion, is a great city to explore, good food and fantastic music is never hard to find. I love live music and often check out local bands around the city.
If you think we might be a good match, send me a message...who knows what could happen!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm very relaxed. Love entertaining my friends. Watch a lot of movies. Spend a lot of time with my daughter. I'm grateful for life and all the opportunities God has sent my way. I'm blessed beyond measure. I look for someone who is not there to just point out my imperfections but rather someone swiftly encourages me to be a better person. I'm not perfect. Love my dog and passionate about Africa.
The rest lets talk about it.............

Date a woman from Canada. Thanks for stopping by! I must say that meeting people online seems like quite the experience... why not give it a go, right!? I have included some notes below about who my ideal guy might be but really he could be totally different than what I wrote... who knows you might surprise me! If you want to chat or grab a drink send me an email! I honestly feel like meeting in person is the best way to see if there is a connection!
I would love to meet a man with a great sense of humour who can laugh with me, at me and at themselves. I like to travel and try new things and would love to have someone to share those experiences with. For lack of a better term, I am looking for a good Canadian man who likes to cottage in the summer with friends and family and hit the slopes in the winter.... oh ya and must eat red meat and enjoy a cold pint! ha ha
A bit about me... I am an outgoing person who has an amazing group of friends and a fabulous family. I am always up for a night out to check out a new hot spot but am also just as happy to host friends at my place or spend the night in with that special someone- could be you!

. My friends describe me as someone who is always smiling, loving, witty, funny, intelligent, generous (sometimes to a fault), dependable, honest (sometimes to a fault) and always up for anything. I've also been known to be a baby whisperer, I like to participate in a healthy debate or a philosophical/thought provoking conversation, and I'm usually the initiator of kitchen dance parties. I am very optimistic and positive - I believe in making the most out of every situation, always looking on the brighter side of things, and have an incredible ability to view situations from all standpoints. Having said that, I am non-confrontational, don't like drama, and try my best not to judge.
I love to cook, especially for my family and friends. I also enjoy a wide variety of music, reading, I love to dance, watch HGTV (I don't like to call it wasted hours, but let's just say I've wasted a few on HGTV), go hiking and both play and watch soccer. I am very interested in languages, different cultures, and religions - I could learn about these topics night and day, and therefore love to travel as it feeds my thirst for knowledge about these topics. I become very fidgety and restless after about 3 to 4 days on a beach - so I tend to prefer a vacation with adventure, sightseeing and exploring.
I love to learn new things and am constantly reading up on and getting lost in subjects which are foreign to me - a trait which mom likes to blame my Gemini horoscope for.
I strongly believe in chemistry, both physical and mental, and realize a dating profile page is not all there is to a person. The qualities/characteristics I would like in a match should be innate in nature: kind, loving, protective, affectionate, not afraid to be vulnerable at times, posses a 'do unto others' type of attitude, love for life and to live it well, and quite importantly - a good sense of humour....I need someone to be able to laugh at me while I'm laughing at myself
So that's a scratch on the surface of, a mouthful rather, yet just a small piece of a large puzzle. If you're interested in getting to know one another, please feel free to message me. Best friends make the best partners, so I am looking for a new friend first and foremost and seeing where things go from there.
Best of luck in your search!

. I am hard working but know how to have fun. I am outgoing and love to hang out with friends. I am looking for someone to get to know better, be friends with and then see what else happens. I want a man who is hard working, funny, has a big heart, is outgoing, smart and would give the world to be with me.

. I have a great family, great friends, I love my job, and I am looking for someone to share experiences with, be they travel, good food, or exploring this fabulous city. I am hoping to find someone who can make me laugh, or engage in thoughtful conversation, or show me new things, and someone who I can show a few things to as well!
I'm fun, extroverted, and a little bit nerdy. I have a rather wide range of interests including hockey (disclaimer: I'm a Leafs fan - it's genetic), the opera, and cheesy Canadian-made sci-fi TV shows (to name a few).
I like interesting music. Sometimes it's Glee, sometimes it's Dark Side of the Moon, and sometimes it's CBC Radio 3, where I never know who might be on the podcast. It all depends on what kind of mood I'm in.
I also love to travel, and have recently visited Morocco, Portugal, Cambodian and Vietnam, to name a few. The next trip is a little less international (but no less exotic) as I plan to visit the Yukon and experience 20 hours of sunlight (and the Dawson City Music Festival). Who knows where to next? I've only ever spent 12 hours in Japan (which is not nearly enough) or maybe I'll head off off to the Amazon, or Austria (even though I'm not really a skiier). It doesn't take much to be inspired...

. am here to found my real honest man and i hope i can see him here in this side, a man that can stand by me and trust me , and a man that care good care of me, pls take note am not for game, am real, and am not for noise

. My header best describes me and what I look for in a match. I'm looking for someone who is grounded, fun, affectionate, educated, and goal driven. I have no patience for dating games.
A little about me..
My closest friends would describe me as independent, hard working, modest, and simple.
I'm grateful for my history and how it has shaped me into the person I am today.
I work in a profession I enjoy. It has opened my mind and heart to larger issues in life and encourages me to work towards something other than a paycheck.
I have a small, extremely close and important circle of friends. I have trouble relating to people who are caddy, phony, and over dramatic.
And... I will save the rest for when I meet you!

. I value family and friends and they play an important role in my life. I adore animals and my career is based around them. I am looking for a supportive partner who will always remain honest and be willing to communicate.