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Date men and women from Canada. Thought I would give this a shot...
I am looking for a man with core qualities I respect, someone I am drawn to physically and mentally. He is intelligent, assertive, optimistic, honest, professionally focused, and has a great sense of humor and adventure.
As far as physical appearance, I am attracted to tall men with nice hair and captivating eyes - thats just what my eyes are drawn to! I am even more drawn to intellect, passion, warmth, good manners, and chivalry.
I am a picky girl, but I think my expectations are reasonable. I believe a successful relationship requires undeniable chemistry, definitive compatibility and good communication. Hope you agree.
What else can I fit in this box that's relevant???
I am educated, successful, capable and eloquent. My pictures are recent, however, I am told I am more attractive in person. I could not agree more:) Always have nice hair and nails, some make up, and mostly wear dressed and skirts, so if you like my photos and can appreciate someone that looks trendy and well taken care of, you will like me in person.
I am athletic and competitive. I love to swim, ski, rollerblade, cycle, dance, drive, play tennis, ping pong, volleyball, and enjoy most sports I am good at;) I am willing to learn and improve, always!
As a friend, I am loyal, compassionate, thoughtful. Friends tell me I have a contagious laugher. I sometimes cry when I laugh, and love making others around me happy, and comfortable. I am both funny and a bit sarcastic but never ill-spirited.
Focused professionally, I run a successful marketing consultancy for professional services firms, mostly law firms. I love what I do.
There is definitely room in my life and in my heart for someone special, and if you think we might hit it off, reach out!

Meet a woman from Canada. I enjoy spending time with family and friends just talking and laughing. I love reading up on science and technological advancements (I am a geek at heart). I have always had a curious mind and a good imagination. I'm passionate about learning, personal growth and I enjoy eating healthy. I absolutely love to laugh...without laughter, life would be dull!! I enjoy reading and I'm an avid movie watcher. :)
I'm looking for a serious relationship with someone who ultimately becomes my best friend. To be able to share personal successes and failures with. To support each other through everything. Someone who has a good heart, a caring soul and a great sense of humour.
Keep smiling!

Date someone special from Canada. Hi There! I love being spontaneous. I enjoy listening to all types of music. I would say my life is well balanced. I enjoy hanging out with friends and being social. I also enjoy cooking and reading a good book. If you don't laugh every day your doing something wrong