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Date a woman from Waterloo, Canada. In Myers-Briggs, I am an INTP (introversion, intuition, thinking, perceiving). In all the questions relating to the Introvert portion, I am 100% introvert. (I usually socialize with one person at a time).
I can be quite sensitive, and like to "borrow" a friend's dog for company. (Small, white, fluffy, non-allergenic, non-shedding, and very cuddly). I buy him clothes, and teach him tricks. (He's my surrogate kid at the moment).
My favourite thing to do is to build things. I like seeing how things work, but I most enjoy coming up with new ways of how to make things work "better". Or with more features. Or "but it spins like this, and bends like that!" :) Imagining how things can work and then building them is what I do when I'm being most authentically "me".
I'm currently between jobs. My last job suited me very well. I designed bug traps, and now I know that if you ever ask a kid what they want to do when they grow up and they say "I want to play with bugs", there really IS a job like that! My traps did very well, and are on the shelves in many stores.
I'm also really good at doing sales pitches if it's about something I made. But pretty lousy at it if I don't truly believe in the product.
I'm a terrible liar. I just avoid these scenarios, because though with an red-hot iron prodding at my back, you might get words out of my mouth that say "it's good", the rest of my face/tone/ and everything else will be telling you the truth. (Not a good sales person.)
I like sunny days. I have a motorcycle and like to ride it. I bought a trampoline because exercise needs to be fun. I haven't been working out enough, but this will change because I'm always more active in the summer. If you are more active than me, then this is wonderful. I could use positive reinforcement and invitations to active activities. :)
I want to go camping at least once this summer. I love spending time with my nieces and nephew and hope to get to play with them much more this summer.
I have a dry sense of humour, and it's rare to find me at a bar or pub. Coffee shops are less rare. Fields and nature are wonderful.
I am smart, thoughtful, and creative.
I'm really good at listening, asking questions, and writing "To Do" lists.
I'd like to be more social, more outdoorsy, and build closer and stronger friendships.

Meet men and women from Waterloo, Canada. I am hardworking, easy goin... fun luvin, Loyal! Very caring woman! The little things in life make me smile :) I'm laid back country girl at heart and always will be! I'm most proud of my 3 kids! they have made me ME!!! I'm grateful for my family... they mean more than the world to me! I'm looking for someone to compliment my life! and maybe just make some new friends... who knows .... ;)

Date people from Waterloo, Canada. Now I've reached the worst part of online dating, having to talk about yourself. Seeing as I'm a creative person youРІР‚в„ўd think writing this would be a whole lot easier... The short version is that I'm outgoing, funny, smart, musical and a little sarcastic.
I work at a restaurant to pay the bills, and I work as a jewellery designer to feed my creative needs. I love being able to turn a piece of silver into a beautiful piece of jewellery. The only feeling better than looking at a newly polished piece of jewellery that you made with your own hands is when someone loves your design enough to pay you for it!
In my free time you will usually find me out with friends grabbing a pint or a bite at a pub. I'm a very social person. I love going to concerts, although I don't seem to get to as many as I used to - my favourite bands need to tour more! Generally I'm up for pretty much anything, as long as the company is good.
Hopefully you're looking for someone to hang out with, travel with or even just sit around and watch TV. It may be a cliche but I enjoy a long walk on the beach - especially if there is a cold beer waiting for you when you get back. If you want to know anything else, just ask!

Meet a soulmate from Waterloo, Canada. I am currently dating someone I met on Match. All the best to you in your search!
I am honest, organized and very hard working. I love my family and friends and enjoy meeting new people. I am a kindergarten teacher and love going to work each day. I am looking for someone who enjoys his career, has a positive outlook on life and who can make me laugh. I enjoy going to the gym, going out for walks and watching movies with friends. I have an amazing four-year old son who is the love of my life.

Date someone special from Waterloo, Canada. Thanks for checking out my profile. I am a fun loving, easy going girl. I live an active lifestyle but also enjoy taking time to relax. Spending lots of time laughing is a must regardless of what I am doing.
I enjoy fitness classes, jogging, and biking. I am an animal lover, and I love to travel. I like to cook or go out for meals, with wine to go along with it in both cases! I am looking for someone that has similar interests as me, but also has things that they enjoy on their own.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. 4000 characters seems like a daunting task, but I'll do my best!
I'm an athletic therapist, and absolutely love my job. Well, except for all those injured athletes.....they fill up my day. Kidding aside, the job I have now is a few small tweaks away from being my dream job, the one I set out to get when I was a student. I consider myself pretty lucky to be in this position.
Because of my job (and sometimes in spite of it!), I try to stay active. I love going to the gym, yoga, rollerblading, snowboarding, etc. I even resurrected my high school glory days as a hockey and basketball player by joining leagues this year. I would rather do these things than sit on the couch. I'm also a bit of a sports fan. Fave teams are the Ti-Cats, Jays and Leafs (don't judge me...).
Family is very important to me. I try to get home once a month, work permitting, for a good ol' family dinner. I'd like to find someone who values this as well.
Musically, my two loves are Dave Matthews and Amos Lee. Terribly disappointed that I did NOT get to see Dave last summer, and now have to wait a whole additional year. The rest of my iPod is filled with a wide variety of music, from Aerosmith to Zac Brown. I rarely sit in silence, I always have something playing in the background. Shared musical interests is a plus - I'd always have someone to go to a concert with!
I've been told I can be a bit sarcastic. It's a key element in my sense of humour. If you haven't noticed that yet, best to stop reading now. I do like to laugh. I'm also caring, shy and overly trusting. The last two are works in progress.
Other interests include reading. I'm a big fan of anything CIA/FBI/detective/lawer-ish. I love finding a new author, then reading all his books back to back. I DON'T love waiting for these authors to take their time writing new ones....
Pet peeves: dishes in the sink, crumbs in the butter, and people who start a sentence with "Yo" or "P.S".
I think that sums me up (in 2000 characters, give or take). If you found this at all interesting, I'd say that's a good start. I'm hoping to find someone with a good sense of humour, who loves his family, and who really just likes me for me. Is it you?

Date men and women from Ontario, Canada. my closest friends would describe me as a very honest person. Conversely.
I would say that Caesar Malan and John Ritter make me smile.
I have accomplished a lot in my life too much to write down in here.
I am grateful for my health and my family and my friends.
I am hoping to find someone who is honest, caring, respectful, not pushy.
My social life right now is currently nonexistent
comedy makes me laugh.
I am looking for someone who is honest, caring, not pushy at respectful someone who will treat me the same way they would like to be treated.
I am most passionate about my family and close friends.

Meet people from Ontario, Canada. Temptation's nothing to run away from! Life is meant to be lived, and IРІР‚в„ўm looking for someone to share some adventures with. A little bit about myself: I enjoy travel, spending time at my cottage, playing and coaching basketball, playing golf, going to concerts, and celebrating, well, just about anything. I must admit, I still love to go out and have a good party :). I am self-sufficient, independent, honest, I have a good sense of humour and family & friends are very important to me. A man who is adventurous, intelligent and can make me laugh are important qualities! Let's just relax, become friends and get to know each other... and see what happens.