Date men from Canada / Ontario / Westport, 32 year old

Date single man from Ontario, Canada. I love to have a good time and do often with all of my good friends. I love being out in the rural areas and won't move to a city. I like to smile and laugh a lot, and do. I have a very large and close family and they are a RIOT. :)
I would rather be on water than land and so I have what some of my friends would call "a problem" (haha) with buying boats. Currently have 3 which isn't too bad considering, not so long ago, I had 8. What do you do with EIGHT boats!?!? Ummm... what do you do with 8 horses? Or cars? Or pairs of boots? Or whatever you are into? :)
I am, ultimately, looking for a lifetime relationship. Am tired of headgames and half in half out women. I want a family of my own and a stable homelife. I have always admired those old couples who have been together for decades and decades. My wild side still takes the wheel by times, but my bar/night club days are done. I would much rather stay home with friends or hang out at a party.
Am looking for a girl who is stable. Am looking for a girl who is honest. She should laugh easily and live life with a light heart. I am looking for someone who wants a family and a good home life.