Date women from Canada / Ontario / Whitby, 31 year old

Date someone special from Whitby, Canada. So here I am single after my two year relationship ended in the Fall. Most of my friends are married, most with children, so it's a bit tricky to meet new people. I'm hoping to have some luck on here.
I work in marketing speacializing in natural health products. I've been working on a vitamin brand for the last four years.
My two best friends have little ones that I like to spend as much time with as I can... I'm hoping 'Auntie' will be one of their first words!
I love dogs and have an eight year old chocolate lab. He has a bit of a weight issue currently. He doesn't know it yet but I'm going to be his drill Sargent this summer to work off those extra lbs.
One of my most favourite spots is up at the family cottage. I can't get enough of the lake and hope to master standup padding boarding this summer! I started practicing yoga last year and now can't get enough. I love the workout but find it completly chill at the same time. On the complete opposite spectrum I go to two Zumba classes a week which I love. It's like having a dance party mid-week!
I love to laugh! Oh and I think falling down is one of the funniest things to see (be it me falling or someone else) ~ i cant help myself. I love slapstick!
In a partner, I value honesty above all, throw in some thoughtfulness and an amazing sense of humor and you could be the one!

Meet a woman from Whitby, Canada. hi my name is candy i'm 29 years old live alone with my cat i would love to meet a guy who is sensitive to my feelings and is ok with my past also would love to go out with me but you should also know that i am in a fellowship called CA and AA also go to meetings every night.

Date a soulmate from Whitby, Canada. I'm pretty relaxed and easy going. I care about people and the planet and would love to have a partner who cares about that stuff, too. I love to laugh and joke around, but I also have my serious side.
I've learned that though I really like the city, there have to be trees and water near by. To relax and reconnect, I head to the woods or the beach. I love camping, canoeing, hiking and bring my camera with me. As much as I enjoy the outdoor adventure, I also am in love with relaxing nights at home with a good movie and good company.
I'm more of a pub-and-conversation kind of girl. I enjoy film, theatre, comedy clubs, museums, and art. I also love travel. I've lived all over Canada and drove all of HWY 16 in the spring... from Masset, Haida Gwaii in BC all the way to Winnipeg, Man. Gorgeous! I still have yet to go to Newfoundland, and the Territories, but they're on my bucket list. Internationally, I've been to France and Cuba. Loved both and plan to travel more in the future.
I'm an avid reader... can't go to sleep until I've read something, even if it's just a brochure! I always have about 4 books on the go (I'm not sure that's the best way to go through a book, but there ya' have it) and will read just about anything from history to fiction to autobiography to poetry. My undergrad was in English, (I've gotten so much more relaxed about grammar since then, as you can see!!) so I have a killer collection of books (also a sweet selection of kid's lit... I was an elementary teacher at one point).
I treasure my friends and my family and do my best to have them in my life whenever possible. I savour the simple things in life... a cold beer on a patio, being cuddled up beside the fire on a cold day, a good cup of coffee, a deep conversation, even sunlight hitting a tree at that perfect angle. I enjoy life and all the beauty and wonder that comes with it.
As for what I'm looking for... I value people who value people, not things. My life is not about collecting the best of the best and if yours is, I don't think we're a match. I'm looking for a man who knows who he is,what he wants in his life, and is on his way to getting it. A man who understands himself who is not tossed around by life but a participant in it.

Meet someone special from Canada. My friends would describe me as being easy going with a good sense of humor. I love spending time with my family and friends. I am most proud of being a nurse and hope to gain acceptance to school so that I can further my career. I am grateful for the amazing friendships that i have gained over time. I have my times where i enjoy going out having a couple drinks with friend but I would take sitting around a fire or going camping over going to a club any day. I am looking for a man who is honest and kind and one who enjoys life and all that it has to offer.

Date a woman from Canada. I am a very outgoing, loving, fun, passionate women. I am looking for someone who knows what they want in a women and in life. I can be serious at times but do love to have fun and take life as it comes. I need a man that i can be confident with in any situation.
I love to cook, laugh, i enjoy dining out and exploring new places. Golf is something i took up last summer. I would love to meet someone who enjoys the game aswell and teach me a thing or two. I want a man who is confident yet has a soft side for a wonderful women!!!
I have a lot of love to give but am a One Man women. No need to settle!!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am a very go with the flow kind of girl. I love surprises and giving them and especially last minute plans. I am organized by the way I just love adventure and the unexpected and am looking for the same in someone. I give a lot of trust to people so I would appreciate the same in return. I have never been engaged and I would like to be married once and once only. My dad taught me that lol. I love eating so if you can cook than you are good to go ha. I just love having fun and having a good time so if your up for it send me a message and I will reply. Thank you for reading and happy searching.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am a very loving and caring person. I take care of the people around me and try to help whenever possible. Family is very important to me and I try to see them as often as possible. I have a very close relationship with my mother and am inspired by the things she does on a daily basis. I hope to have people in my life look at me the way they look at and admire my mother.
I am looking for a relationship full of love and respect. Ultimately I think those are the most needed attributes in a healthy and strong relationship. I am looking for a man who has a kind heart, and great sense of humor. I have the tendency to joke around and have a good laugh sometimes at my own expense but as long as it lightens the mood I don't mind.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Do people actually read these profiles? I am trying online dating because I have a career that keeps me busy and requires that I work shift work making my schedule a little hectic and even more difficult to meet people the conventional way. I am hoping to get the opportunity to talk to and possibly meet some cool people who share common interests and goals, and maybe have a chance to share a few good laughs with. What can I tell you about myself? I am pretty easy going, not an athletic person but I do like the outdoors and am willing to try anything if given the opportunity. I do enjoy yoga and watching hockey, and yes, I am a Leafs fan. I love watching movies, most often horrors, suspense or comedies, but again, I will watch just about anything. I am an avid reader and have started to enjoy cooking but beware, I am NOT a good cook; yet. I have also recently started to enjoy travelling and hope to do some more in the future. If you have a good sense of humour and a little adventure, I would love to hear from you.