Date women from Canada / Ontario, 31 year old

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. A friend , a lover, a partner...honesty, loyalty, trust, fall madly in love with someone. I want someone who is willing to give as much as I am in good times and bad, willing to work together towards a future and willing to take the time it takes.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am a single mother of 2. My daughter who is 3.5 years old and my son who is 1 year old. I own a weight loss and wellness company so I work alot. I live an active, healthy lifestyle and want a partner who values these things as well. I am an energetic positive person who enjoys doing almost everything. I don't really have a social life at the moment between work and my kids but when I do socialize it's mostly with my best friends. I am passionate about my work, my friends and family, my health, helping others with their health. I want to find someone who is confident, strong, independent, has a positive outlook most of the time, likes being active and healthy and does not want more children but can have their own.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm a Mom of 2 beautiful children that are first and fore most in my life, they make me laugh everyday!!
I love to laugh and make others laugh I can be goofy at times but im serious when I need to be....Life is to short to be uptight and angry.
I'm a very honest, loyal and trustworthy person, more so when I am in a relationship and I expect the same in return....I don't have time for games or non-sense.

Meet someone special from Canada. I like to have fun, to laugh and just generally enjoy life. And just so you know, I refer to all fun as "trouble making". So, if I refer to you as a trouble-maker, that really just means that I like your style.
Kindness is important. I tend to be slow to judge and give people the benefit of the doubt until I am proven wrong.
I must confess to being in a long-term relationship of over 6 years with yoga. Perhaps what I love most about it is that I have yet to master it. I am usually active and become uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time. I am not a spaz, but figure there are so many better things to do than spend hours in front of a television. So, if you like to talk about TV shows, you may find my ability to converse about these things slightly disappointing.
Traveling has made up a large part of my life and contributed to how I see the world. I have been back in Canada for a year and a half now after spending 6 years living in Southeast Asia. I like to think of all traveling as “adventuring”. This, I have found increases the fun aspect of the whole trip by a thousand fold. As you can probably guess, I have never stayed in a resort.
I am fluent in Mandarin and can speak some Farsi and Japanese. I love languages and am always looking to learn more. Always thought there was something beautiful about the sound of a woman speaking Spanish. That may be next.
I am lucky to be surrounded by a fantastic group of family and friends so I am very particular about who I introduce into my personal life. Usually, my romantic relationships evolve out of friendships.
I am comfortable with myself and would ideally want to find someone who is also at home in their own skin. He would have to be an open communicator, values family, is a gentlemen (I love when men hold the door), quick to laugh, intelligent, preferably has done some traveling and likes to touch (touch for me is a language).
Between work and study I am pretty busy. So, from meeting on here, things will move quickly to a phone call and then, if all goes well, I am going to want to meet you rather quickly to see how a "real" conversation feels!
Thank you for stopping by. Be well and good luck out there.

Date a soulmate from Canada. In a nutshell, IРІР‚в„ўm a happy-go-lucky, free-spirited woman but stable and down-to-earth (sound like a bit of an enigma?!). IРІР‚в„ўm quite playful, quirky, classy, and sarcastic. I am constantly laughing, usually at myself!
That being said, I'm not a beat-around-the-bush kinda girl, so let's get specific. I'll get to the "who I am and who I'm looking for" but I'll save you some time right off the bat - I've dated some great guys and had a ton of fun but now I'm looking for my partner in crime. If you're looking for the same thing, please read on!
In some ways I'm very traditional (having strong family values) and in other ways very modern (preferring to fix something rather than cooking). I'm equal parts girlie-girl and tomboy, usually wearing skirts and dresses, but I love getting dirty while learning something new! I've recently made (not assembled) a table with my dad and learned to make wine! I am very close with my family, immediate and extended; my cousins are my best friends and my nephews are the loves of my life!
I'm always looking for new things to do and try and can have fun doing just about anything! I enjoy the simple life but I also love adventures, big and small, spontaneous and planned! Some things I've done recently are learn to scuba diving and hang glide and going to the shooting range. I also have two trips planned for this summer (1) going out East and (2) Las Vegas (clearly with different groups of friends!).
I'm comfortable in my own skin and independent to a fault! I'm enjoying this point in my life, where my career allows me the time and stability do to all the things I love to do, even though I usually just default to hanging out in the backyard in good company with a glass of wine or going for dinner or drink on a patio.
What am I looking for? Is it terrible to say someone like me?! I'm looking for someone who is mature, responsible and emotionally stable - no games or drama. Someone who is passed going to clubs and bars every weekend but can still let loose and have fun. Someone who is happy with a movie and take-out on a Friday. Or slowly waking up and going for breakfast on a sunny Saturday morning. I'm a bit of a frugalista and find it attractive when a guy can manage his finances and is good with saving.
Having a strong connection and deep chemistry is very important to me, too. Someone who loves to play . . . someone who likes to go out as much as they love to stay in . . . a best friend. I want to be able to communicate without talking . . . make sense?
Side note: If you read "Aurora" and think its a far off town, its not! Its probably quicker to get here from T.O. then from one area of the city to another, because its right off the highway. That being said, I have a car to get to you but you need to have a car as well to get to me!
If you are smiling or nodding right now, message me!

Meet a woman from Canada. I love to cook and bake some someone who likes to eat is a bonus! I love to go camping but I'm not much of a beach bum, prefer the trails instead.
I have two small dogs so loving dogs is must. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. But I love to meet new people!

. I had something written, but truly, I am not good at describing myself in a few lines, even more so in a second language... So here is a second attempt:
I am French Canadian and I have a Fleur de Lys tattooed on my right foot (don't' read too much out of it, but it is who I'm).
I love baking, it is my retirement plan (opening a little coffee shop/bakery).
I spent a lot of time in school (don't believe what they say on the news, university is really cheap in Quebec) and I started my professional life only a couple of years ago.
I lived in several cities (moving is in my genes), but I am ready to settle down and I really like Toronto.
I like to go out (not too much the club type, but pub, patios and live music are things I really enjoy doing), but I also love my wine / microbrewery beer on my couch.
I love to travel and I make sure to do it at least once a year. I'm not into the resort type of vacations too much, I'd rather be walking and discovering new places than lying on a beach and drinking for 7 days.
I keep my hair short, mostly because I am lazy with my hair, but also because it suits me pretty well.
I'm a caring and very open-minded person, that being said, I'm opinionated (in a good way.. I am always open to discuss my ideas).
I enjoy politics, I am a bit of a news addict (need my fix every day).
I love my wine and my beer (especially Quebec microbrewery beers... and I have to confess that I'm picky on my beer).

. I am very loyal and loving. I love to communicate and believe that it is essential for the beating heart of a relationship. Animals will always make my day- I grew up around them and I feel akin to them. Nature nurtures my soul and body-I don't know what I shall do when we shall have virtual trees....I am looking for love and committment. Not the perfect ever after but something real. I am looking for my five senses to be satiated and more. I want to spend lots of time together in all aspects of our life.

. Do you tell a good story? Does the story involve a motorcycle man driving an ebike? An opera with a sumo wrestler? A tussle with a streetcar track? If so, you might give me the giggles and I will probably find you attractive. I looking for someone with whom I have chemistry, and for me chemistry starts with a sense of humour (and physical attraction).
A few things about me…
I grew up in the US and have retained the confidence and straightforward nature. Be warned - the accent will slip out when least expected.
I have a wonderful circle of friends in Toronto and close relationships with my siblings and two young nephews.
I seem to have obscure hobbies. Currently they are dragon boating, curling and pilates. I also love biking, hiking and wandering the city. Next on my list - I want to learn to sail, golf and spend more time in Canada's national parks..
Online dating is new territory for me; I would much rather get to know you in person, instead of through endless email exchanges. If you are kind, funny and looking for someone who will take care of you, send me a message.

. I'm not a socially butterfly but I seem to attract friendships but I only really have a few close friends that I cherish and call my true friends.
I'm looking for someone to live life with, to share experiences with, laugh and someone who can make me smile everyday because I have them in my life.
More to come...

. I am a gal who loves to explore the world we live in through food, culture, arts and music. Family and friends are instrumental in my life. Their support, learnings and trust have been a huge gift. I love to stay active and enjoy watching sports. I try to live life to the fullest and enjoy it as it comes.
IРІР‚в„ўm looking for someone with a similar approach to life where we would have some interests in common as well discover new adventures together.

. In a nutshell, I am a down to earth, social girl and love the outdoors. I'm the happy runner you see at the crack of dawn, the cyclist you may not want to share the road with and the girl who manages to laugh when she's hit with a curve ball. lol
I'm here to meet a genuine guy -someone who is active, with a good sense humor, is family oriented, ambitious, and loyal. Physical attraction is definitely a MUST, however it's not the only quality. Honesty is the most important! I respect men who have an open book, lay my cards out type of attitude!

hard working
love music
love animals
not offended easily
want kid(s)
hot tubs
travel anywhere/everywhere
love games
camping anywhere!
thumb wars, lol!
I don't get bored.
first time single in 13 years
love thrills
fast cars
home renovations
very intuitive
I sing really loud while driving alone (lol)
low maintainence
will beat you at Wii golf, haha!
video games
antiques and refinishing
very trustworthy
tattoos on men
extremely passionate
painting home & canvas
P90X & Insanity
hate negativity
need partner to be best friend (okay, there is a particular order, this is #1, lol!)
very sarcastic, like partner to be also!
Detroit Lions
love movies
Swedish berries & Caramilk bars....alternating.
don't like to be nagged, or to nag.
love an adventure
smart....have I said that already?
love sports (playing more so than watching)
1. My first POF date smashed my car.....I drove a rental for three months
2. I tripped over nothing four or five times in my life, but have only fallen once
3. I don't care how the caramel got into the Caramilk bar
4. I like talking in broken sentences and I'm also fond of lists
5. 32% Extrovert, 58% Introvert
6. I'm terrible at math
7. I once saved a bee from a spiders web. The bee stung me, then died. The spider went without a meal. That's all I have to say about that.
(If you can feel that 80% of this next list describes you then MESSAGE ME!)
1. Humility
2. Honesty
3. Integrity
4. Humble
5. Fit
6. Sexy
7. Sarcastic
8. Funny
9. Passionate
You can't laugh at yourself
You care too much about what others think of you
You don't say 'YES' often
You get offended easily
You are very emotional or depend on others to make you happy
You don't LOVE all animals
You look at yourself in the mirror more than I do
I typically reply to those who have written a funny/interesting message, I will not write back when I receive the following questions...and I will give you those answers here so you don't have to ask, lol!:
How are you?: Super.
How was your day?: Great.
How was your weekend?: Stellar thanks.
Care to Chat?: Seriously?
How is Match treating you?: No comment.
The floor is finally yours;)

. My closest friends describe me as caring, outgoing and ambitious. I enjoy getting out of the city on a long weekend or just hanging out with my dog. I like to think, I am simple, non high maintenance kind of gal.

. Ambitious and down to earth. Friends and family are very important to me. I love to travel - there are so many places I have yet to see. I enjoy exploring new adventures, love live music, weekends at my friend's cottage, NFL (yes, you read that right) and the rest...well you'll just have wait to find out.
Looking for someone who likes to have fun, laugh, has goals and can have a decent conversation.