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Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm a quiet person when I first meet people. Once I get to know you I open up. I'm a sarcastic person and the person I want to be with must have a sense of humour. My friends and family are very important to me. Must love dogs as my dogs are my 'kids'

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I keep my passport with me at all times so that if an opportunity ever presented itself for me to pick a flight at random and just up and go, i could!!!
will write more in profile soon
doing a total revamp

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am a kind and compassionate person. I am very conscious and open-minded. I am looking for someone who shares my spiritual, humanitarian, and environmental interests. Also, i am looking for someone who is intelligent, sets high standards for acheivement and who will never stop learning.
I love travel, health, nutrition, animals, and SO much else.

Meet a woman from Canada. I'm an independent and outgoing single mum looking for someone who compliments my life. I love getting together with friends and have a strong sense of community. Family is the centre of my priorities and I would like to meet a great guy who also has strong family values.
On days off, I'm usually planning the next big get together for my friends, out bicycling, or walking the waterfront with my daughter.
My job is in emergency services and I work shift work - but I love my job and the hours give me plenty of time off to spend doing the things I love. I am pretty sure my work is where I picked up my sarcastic sense of humor!

Date someone special from Canada. This is alot harder than I thought :) Well here it goes....
I am very much a home body, but I don't hesitate to pack up my suitcase and jump on a plane! I have travelled extensively from Yellowknife, NWT to South Africa to Italy, plus more.
I am someone that can adapt to any situation, I can be comfortable being all dolled up and attending a formal event, or hanging around in sweats around a campfire.
I am passionate about my family, they are the most important thing in my life and I am looking for someone who is family oriented as well.
Things that make me smile - dogs, kids, books, chai lattes, shoes, sleeping in on snowy days, palm trees, lazy sundays, rollerblading
Hopefully if you want to know more you will message me, looking forward to this new experience!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm very serious about this online dating,because I hope I will find the right man for my Heart through this online dating that's why I'm Here..And i want you to know that I'm not the Types of women who usually come online Just for Playing Games or Breaking Heart..I do respect myself very well,So I will not introduces myself In doing such things like that..I will never do such harmful thing to you when we have much feelings for each other,and I will never do nothing to Hurt your feelings that you have for me,I will never do nothing to hurt you too..Never Would I, If i do something to hurt you I will also Gain It some I will Never Attempt to Do that..

. I am a creative type with a bit of a dark side and a dry, often dirty sense of humor with those I am comfortable with. You may also find me slightly cynical or a bit wierd. I have an appreciation for body art and most form of self expression. My hair colour may change as often as my mood but i feel i have a pretty good handle on who i am.
Though life has thrown a few curve balls I try my best not to hold onto bitterness. Every failed experience is a lesson learned an I am always eager to learn.
I am a terrible liar so i try to be honest with my self and others, and would hope that others will do the same.
Though i prefer my drama to be on the big screen, i am not afraid to go a round or two if pushed to it. Luckly i have being discribed as patient and tolerant more often then dramatic.
Being comfortable is great, but i've learned that I need to want my partner and i would hope that he wants me too. My creative inspiration comes form my emotions so I need to feel, happy, sad, curious, anger, joy... and all though other messy stuff that makes us human.
Personaly I am chasing that feeling, I don't know what causes it but im looking for it regarless.
Thats me in a nut shell, hopefully I didn't scare you to much.
i'm not that complicated, we'll click or we won't. But i wish you the best. Regards.

. I love out doors.Iam really up for anything.I will do anything once.Iam very loyal and love the word respectI need a man that takes control.I also live making my man happy and would do what ever it takes. Iam looking for someone that i can just share life with someone that is very handsome and knows how to make his women laugh I also like a man that is into sports I would be right there beside him lol I own my own cleaning buniess and can make my own hours I just need that someone that i can have a god life with kiss kiss

. Looking to find someone special to shower my affections with and vice versa. I like to maintain an active lifestyle and can be very social at times, while there are great days where doing absolutely nothing is fine with me too.
Combined with family, friends and a great career, I'm pretty busy, but there's always time when you find that special someone.
Favorite singer... Bob Marley! Hands down!

. My ideal match should be funny and easy going. I don't like when people fly off the handle immediately for no reason. He should like to have fun.
I have a son, so my ideal match should be open to kids, mine is only 4 months right now.

. About me: I love life, and try to live it to it's fullest everyday!!!
I have great family and friends, which I am extremely grateful for.
I am pretty easy going, always up for an adventure. I am honest, inventive, intellectual, caring, funny.
I live a drama free life and try not to entertain negativity or harbor past failures and regrets. The future is where is my passions, dreams and goals lie and that's what I focus on.
I am looking for a Man! A Man who knows how to treat a lady.
He has a great sense of humor, is attractive, has a lot of passion and ambition for life. He is well rounded, loves to travel has a decent emotional EQ
He would sweep me off my feet over and over again.
If you are ambitious and adventurous with a good heart and a good sense of humor then you are more than welcome to contact me.

. Tough but sensitive. Probably mostly sensitive. I am a young mom, now single again before I ever thought was possible, but I believe life just happens and the way we view the twists and turns defines us. So I try to be positive. Cause no one likes a complainer. And it's much nicer to believe there is an upside.
I love being a parent. My children are little and my time goes mostly to them but when I am not with them, I have an unusual combination of technical and academic interests. I'm university educated but work in the trades. I take care of my physical appearance and health but that doesn't mean I don't love pizza and beer on Fridays. Also "tequila Tuesdays" could solve a lot of our issues as a society. Just saying.
I am a serial laugher, sarcastic, a lover of humour and comedy. I am often the joker/attention-getter of the group but this doesn't necessarily lend itself to meeting people who are genuine. I love to read, write, and watch movies, and I am a fan of the Oxford comma. I'm an entrepreneur. I mix a mean martini. Gin, of course.
Oh, wow, it is just way too difficult to sum oneself up in a little box.
I am not a pop culture person but I follow current events. A bit of a Jeopardy dork. Like the classics - literature, rock, cars. I have a respect for aged things. If you flipped on MTV and my life depended on identifying the next dropout from New Jersey, I'd be dead meat. I like trying new things. I just don't need to try every new thing. I don't shop as a "hobby". I don't replace stuff when it's not worn out. I'm probably a bit of a luddite, now that I think about it.
This is all a bit superficial, perhaps, but here's the facts. I need an intelligent person. I can't abide that sinking feeling that sometimes when I'm talking, you don't know what I'm talking about and are just nodding your head. So be smart.
And be funny. Because I'm occasionally funny and it's not fair if I make you laugh and then you don't return the favour. I can't be upset about every little thing that happens. I can't hold a grudge. I'm just not capable; I've tried.
I need some parts of life to be unplanned. I like going where the wind takes me some days.
Also quite a few hugs.
And it would be good if you had a job.
Other than that, to be determined.

. Well, many of my closest friends would probably describe me as someone who is well rounded, altruistic, humorous, reliable, fun, quarky and intelligent. Ergo I am looking for someone with very simlair qualities. A guy who appreciates non-sequitur humour and books would be nice. I would perefer to meet someone who is ultimatley looking for a long term companion however, willing to take things slow. I am not one for going "all in" right off the bat, it's just not my style, I don't like the idea of rushing. I hope to meet someone with confidence, who enjoys spending time with their friends and family.

. Some likes (In no particular order):
-fashion, arts and culture (especially photography)
-gardening (especially urban agriculture)
-singing and dancing in the car (don't worry, I make a point to only do this by myself)
-Blue Jays games
-mac and cheese (preferably baked, but I admit to the boxed variety- it's a weakness, as usually I try to eat healthy)
-profile pics taken yourself with your cell phone in the bathroom mirror-especially if you took your shirt off : )
IРІР‚в„ўm interested in trying new things. A few recent ones include: 4-wheeling, driving in heels (not while doing the previous), b.b.qing and calamari.
I saw my astrological sign on a pillow which read Leo: creative, faithful and loving. Oddly enough it was right on.
The most essential thing in my life is community, family and friends. It's a common line for a reason; the people in our lives matter.
IРІР‚в„ўm looking for a person who is an eclectic combination of things; down to earth but also appreciates the finer things in life, positive but also has a bit of cynicism, quietly confident. Most importantly IРІР‚в„ўm looking for someone to have fun and grow with.

. I am an outgoing person, love the beach like to dine out. Have tried hiking when I was a kid and never experience it again. I love to try new things, and adventures.
I'm looking for someone who has a strong personality and make a good influence to people's lives, kind and patient as well