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Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I have decided to give online dating one more chance.
I love travelling. My most recent trip - a drive from LA to SF was amazing, but my all time favourite is actually Boston. I would actually consider moving there. I've travelled the Carribean and the US quite a bit, so the big plan is to do more trips to Europe and across Canada in the next little while. In addition to Europe, my bucketlist also has: Brazil, Japan and Belize.
I love food. My favourite would probably be Asian cuisine... Just because there are so many varieties of it. So it is easy to try something new each time! At the same time, I don't like spicy hot foods. I simply do not understand the purpose of having your mouth on fire! If you can't taste the food, how can you enjoy it?!
I love reading. I am always on the lookout for something new and interesting. My most recent find was Game of Thrones. Amazing. I recently discovered it is also a tv show!

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Hey there, thanks for checking out my profile!
I would describe myself as down to earth and relatively easy going. I can by cynical but, for the most part, I'm optimistic about life. I like to get out and try new things but I also like time at home to just relax. My family and friends are what I value most in my life and I am very protective of them.
I am passionate about social justice and I am trying to live these values through my work and volunteering in my community. I have a good job that I enjoy on most days. I try to be active every day, whether itРІР‚в„ўs going for a run, going to the gym, or just making sure that my dog gets a long walk. I do get bored of activities after a while and IРІР‚в„ўm looking for something new, so let me know if youРІР‚в„ўve found any fun new ways to stay active.
What I value in others, in no particular order: loyalty, self-assuredness, intelligence, and genuine concern for the well being of others.
Most of all, I’m looking for someone to laugh with – I know, it’s what everyone says, but it’s no less true. You don’t have to be a comedian but I appreciate sarcasm, self-deprecation and the ability to find humour in the ordinary.
Anyway, if you think any of this sounds like a fit with you, let me know. Otherwise, good luck out there!

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I would describe myself as genuine, open-minded, and honest. I am passionate about being present and engaged in my day-to-day life. I'm a creative person who enjoys a good adventure. I would love to meet someone who has a great sense of humour and is confident in who he is.

Meet a woman from Canada. My ideal match would be someone that has the same interest in me and loves to try something new.
I can be spontaneous, and I like to be active especially in the summer, I like spending time outside exploring the city or taking roads trips.
I'm hoping to meet someone who i can spend time with and enjoy each other's company.
I'm grateful for my friends and family, they are my core group. I'm attracted to someone who knows what they want in life, and are in a part of their life where they are comfortable and enjoy their career as well. I believe in a relationship its important to spend quality time with each other and compliments helps for one person to appreciate the other.

Date someone special from Canada. Where to start...never done this before do here goes nothing.
I'm a kind of person you can always count on (at least that's how my family says). I've been there done that but i still seems to be missing something. I can easily laught at the things life throws at me becaus eif not i'll end up going crazy. I barely have a social life, I'm more of a work-home type of person. I've walk the straight line all my life. i'm proud of who I am and what i have accomplished in life. Am i where i hope to be at my age? i think i have a long way to go. I'm looking for someone who'll be there for me and vice versa. I'm looking for someone who at the end of the day i can say "i'm finally home".

Meet a soulmate from Canada. i normally hang out with few close friends and family and want to meet a nice guy away from my social circle. i am a sucker for musicians especially someone that can teach me guitar. i would like to find someone that is spontaneous likes doing exciting things and also can relax at home. my goal is to have a faithful relationship

. I am an extremly caring and loyal person who is always there for the people I love!! I want someone who will care for me...I tend to put myself on the back burner and would like to be made to feel like a priority for someone else.
I am rarely seen without a smile on my face and love to try new things and be outside.
I have made some major changes in my life over the last 2 years and want to complete those changes by finding someone who completes me...awww lol
ps...I laugh a LOT

. Am fun loving, love movies and music, enjoy reading...and conversations !! I am looking for a friend who can be objective and fun and knock some serious sense into me ! Damn they need atleast 200 characters. Looking for someone who likes music....hindi..tamil...english....listen to anything...but be in love with some kind of music..I assure you you will find a solid friend in me first and anything else later.

. I work quite a bit but love to travel, and often find ways to travel for work with little getaways in between. I keep busy but always have time for friends and family. I'm nearing the end of my PhD in Education. I write, research and teach.
I love art, film, books and music from hip hop to indy alternative and electronic. I like to craft things with my hands when I can. I'd like to learn woodwork, miss the BC mountains and name all my plants.
I'm looking for someone kind, easy going, smart, cultured, creative and interested in finding an actual connection with someone else. I'm looking for someone who cares about politics, inequalities and community.

. I'm a completely funny, crazy in a good way, feisty person looking for someone who accepts me for who I am and in fact enjoys my lame charm. I make people laugh on a daily basis and really think laughter is the best medicine. I'm a very honest person and give my opinion freely, which sometimes gets me into trouble :). I love to travel, and would ideally do so twice a year. I am looking for someone fun, spontaneous, and who I can laugh with.

. Like to fun and love dancing, enjoy movies reading books. I like long walk, not needy person very giving in out of the bedroom. Cook like crazy enjoy doing, Very respectful. love a good time, very common person. love guy who close with his family, i like to have kids but i enjoy others kids who doesn't be long to me. I like easy going guy who know to relax at with his woman. Love help others who are helpless, care for the needy. I simple person enjoy life in good healthy way. i hate hurting others. I am a very kind heart person and also very understanding of others. Very support with my mate and loyal. I am a very honest person. Love being clean also with my body and my home. I hate a mess home, i enjoying dressing well in my home and out of the house. I easy going easy make friends

. i'm new to the online dating scene. Not really sure what to write.. if you're looking for something other than a relationship or possible relationship don't bother messaging :) That's the most important thing you need to know about me.

. Today I had a great day and I realized that if I shared it with someone else it would have been that much better…and if that person has a dog, bonus!
Below is a summary of my day. If after reading it, you picture yourself joining me for all or part, we should talk.
• Woke up because I wanted to, not because the alarm said so
• Made breakfast (my favourite meal), eggs, toast, bacon, hash browns, oj and coffee
• Wandered around the market
• Randomly ran into friends at a patio, perhaps had one too many beers (is there really such a thing?)
• Found a new area of downtown that had red Muskoka chairs for the public just to sit. Which I did.
• Had an afternoon nap, before my soccer game.
• After soccer came home and made cookies (needed something to go with my glass of milk)
• Typed this and now am predicting that I will fall asleep on the couch

. So I’m new to this whole online dating world. I was a little skeptical at first but I have friends who have tried this and have met some pretty cool people, some of whom they are still with. Mostly I’m looking at this as a way to meet someone I may not have had the opportunity to meet in my day-to-day life. I’ve heard once that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” so here I am and here it goes…
About me…I live a pretty balanced life and I count myself blessed to be surrounded by supportive family and friends. My parents enabled me to do and experience many things while growing up, regardless of how much they sometimes worried. The friends I have are good people and ones I can count on. I really love to travel and am constantly being inspired by the world around me. I’m an active person and enjoy being out doing things rather than sitting at home watching TV (although there are some days where it’s nice to just stay in and watch a movie). I like trying new restaurants, going out for drinks, networking, meeting new people and checking out funky shops in eclectic neighbourhoods in the city. Living a healthy life is also important to me. I love hot yoga and I stay fit by running, swimming and going to the gym.
My “Mr. Right”…someone who is genuine, balanced, driven and adventurous. You don’t have to be a world traveler (although it helps if you have a passport :p) or have jumped out of planes but I’m looking for someone who is open-minded and willing to try anything once (maybe twice…in case first time sucked) before they say they hate it. Other qualities important to me are reliability (we need to be able to depend on each other through the good and the bad), sense of humour (life’s too short to be serious all the time), easy-going and confident (not cocky). Lastly, the ability to enjoy the simple things is also important. Yes, I know – honesty and trust are missing from my list. But to me, honesty and trust are a given – there is no relationship without the two.
Wow, this is really starting to get long...if youРІР‚в„ўre still reading this, I take it that you are somewhat intrigued? So why donРІР‚в„ўt you send me a message and we'll see what happens...

. A little about me: I think anyone who knew me would say that I am very passionate about my horses and riding - give me a couple spare hours and you'll find me there! I love being outside, working with them, and seeing progress in our training. It's so relaxing for me and an escape from the daily grind.
I'm ambitious and career oriented - I love my job! I work hard, and believe in balancing that with my other interests.
I've been told I have a quiet confidence and it seems an accurate description. My friends say I'm witty, fun, dependable and perceptive.
Looking for someone who is active, intelligent, fun and has integrity - you can't build a solid relationship with it. Someone who appreciates the lighter side of life and I can consider an equal partner.
Good luck in your search! I'm hoping to find that elusive connection - having common goals is important, though I think it's nothing without that 'spark'.