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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. i am looking for someone that don't play games and that wont s to meet .
I love
- camping
-spending time with friends and family
-lay back and in joy live
-i love to be spontaneous
i am shy till i get to know you ..i like meeting new people so come and chat

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I don't want to bore you with mindless details about my life, where I grew up or what I do for a living. I'm just looking to hang out with someone who is genuine, can take a joke and is not easily offended, is generally a happy, easy going person and can play nice with others.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. So I thought I would share this.. A few years back I filled out this fb profile -25 things about yourself.. its good to know that I haven't changed .....Hmm so here goes.... 25 things about me.. well more like 12, cause this site has a limit
When I was 16, someone told me that after watching the movie “clueless”, they understood me so much better (Till this day I’m not sure if it’s a compliment or an insult)
-I love to travel,I litterally spent 8 months last year travelling the world
- I will find humour in any situation;
-My fave places that I have traveled are….. Tahiti, Vietnam, New Zealand, Cambodia, East coast of Oz, Tortola, Paris...
- I am addicted to the following: Diet Pepsi, my iphone, chips, Across the Universe soundtrack, and ole school hip hop!
- I have never felt more at peace as when i scuba dive
-If I was Bill or Ted, and I could travel via telephone booth with Rufas, I would want to meet the following: Liz the 1st, Marie Antoinette, Shakespere, Van Gough , Rousseau, John Lennon, Winston Churchill, Anne Frank, Im sure there are more but thatРІР‚в„ўs all I got
-5 songs that always make me smile: Dennis Leary’s “Asshole”, Beatles: Come Together (anything off the Sgt Pepp Album really), “Sitting on the Dock ”, CCR's Bad Moon Rising”, the Roots’ The Seed
-My motto till this day: “you can't change the story but you… you can always control how you tell it!”
- Racoons terrify me!
-IРІР‚в„ўm here for comic relief!

Meet someone special from Canada. I write and explore Toronto's neighbourhoods for a living, and when I'm not doing that (or laundry) I like to explore other corners of the world. Despite a love of travel, I'm actually a bit of a homebody (and devout snooze-button pusher). I'm grateful to be able to surround myself with friends and family, and frequently do so. I'm looking to meet someone who is grounded, family-oriented and at ease one-on-one or in a crowd of people.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Hi, umm well here u go for a casual read ... I am a fun, energized, motivated person who enjoys good company, a bottle of wine and if ur nice an evening strole. I like to laugh, smile and have fun with life. I work hard and enjoy playing hard also. My friends say that I am pretty easy going, honest and I do have a strong personality. I guess I just know myself :O) I love to travel, last place I visited I did a full blown tour of the country seeing both sides of the ocean! Good times! I would have to say I am a pretty adventurous person as u are reading and some pics I've included for u. I am hoping to meet someone who is as adventurous and excited about life as I am. I am not too shy, and I tend to be strait forward and honest at times. I love my job, I value family and friends and I enjoy life in general.
I am looking for someone who also knows who they are, has a strong personality, and enjoys the good things in life. I would prefer if u were active, honest and open as well.
Saying that most men are but a few know how to do it well... Just saying :)
Send me an email and we can take it from there.

Meet a woman from Canada.
I, like most of you, am just looking for someone cool to hang out with that could turn into something more. I work in television and meeting people outside work has been tricky. So here I am trying something new.
I love going out and seeing bands. Love seeing movies. I travel as often as I can. I love Comedy and think I am pretty fluent in the funniest comedians.
I am mostly looking for someone who is social, likes going out and having fun.

. I'm doing this for fun, and cause, why not! I am not looking for random shagging so don't bother!! Fun social times is all I'm looking for. Let's have cocktails and go pole vaulting.
Or we could do karaoke, but I only sing puff the magic dragon.

. Fun, easygoing, considerate, just a few words that you could use to describe me.
I moved from the East coast to Hamilton at the end of 2010 to advance my career. It's probably one of the scariest and most challenging moves I've ever made. I'm never one to shy away from making a big move in my life. A year and half later, my career is in order but I'm still missing that "special someone" in my life. I'm looking for someone to spend time with in the evening and weekends, someone to explore new places, try new restaurants, encourage me to do something I've never tried before.
If you think we might have something in common send me message and we'll find out!

. I am a fun chickadee.
I like adventure and wit and whims's..
I also like responsibility and maturity...
i am an artist, an entrepreneur and a landlordess
Sense of humour and loyalty are key to all relationships in my life,...i love people that can make me laugh and who can challenge my thoughts and who i can trust, can't beat a hot banter
I seek out people who are aware,.. who know who they are and how to get things done,.sooo very attracted to skills!
I love pick up trucks and dogs running free on dirt roads, the colour blue, singing loud by myself, sarcasm and getting scared by movies...
I am a fan of fiestiness and charm and adorable smiles and broad shoulders.
P.S My 11 year old lab is a major part of my life....he's a stellar soul
P.P.S I am quite tattooed (but not in a harsh and rebellious way)
i am looking for a partner, but am open to casual dating in the meanwhile

. If start describing myself everyone will runaway.. :) but anyway I am very persistant and passionate in everything I do....and I need a strong minded man to follow and to be followed....
thanks for reading so far :)

. Well here I am, hoping to meet someone that shares the same interests as I do, possesses the qualities I'm looking for in a partner and someone to create new experiences and build lasting memories with.
I'm a simple, caring, down to earth woman with a big heart. I'm adventurous, funny, sometimes silly and generally up for anything fun and exciting.
My friends and family consider me to be the life of the party and can always count on my honesty and reliability.
I love meeting new people and experiencing new cultures hence my love for travel and adventure. There's alot more to know about me but the rest will reveal as you get to know me:)
I'm looking to meet someone that shares the same qualities, someone to make me laugh and have fun with, someone caring and charming and most importantly someone I can trust and build a long term relationship with. Could this be you? Let's find out!

. In a nutshell, i'm vegetarian, i work in finance and like to stay active, but don't like working out in the gym. I prefer to be out doing something in the summer rollerblading/running, swimming, in the winter skating or learning how to snowboard. Currently learning kung fu and love to dance. I like camping, love the beach and also like to travel. I'm down to earth, easy to talk to, have a good sense of humour (and love to laugh). I like all types of music... like R&B, soca, merengue, salsa and bachata.
I'm looking for a down to earth guy with a sense of humour. Enjoys the city and the country, being active and likes to travel. looking for a long term relationship.

. my closest friends will tell you i go all out for anyone. I love unconditionally . I love to help people who are less for fortunaten than i am.Simple thing make me happy i am not a material person ,yes you need certain things in life but i try to be contented as well as remember there are people out there nt khowihg where there next meal is coming from .I am grateful to god for my children and my mother who stood there with me through thick and thin. The things i look for in a relationship is honesty without that your problems have already began

. Hey,
So I am taking a leap and looking to meet someone to share some laughs with. I am an out going girl who loves hanging out with friends and family and enjoys sharing good food and conversation.
I am looking for an open minded someone who is easy going, ambitious and of course...has a great sense of humour.
Hope to hear from you!

. I am waiting for a Mr. Right, who does not need to say 'love' everyday but can remember our days, who does not need to be smart but can read my heart, who does not need to be rich but must have a heart full of love to everyone and work hard for his dream. As for me, I am an ordinory people, loving travelling and loving dogs.