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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I'm a pretty lucky girl. I have a fun and challenging job in technology that lets me see a lot of the world. I have an amazing family (who are all in Toronto) and great friends who are like family. I had a blessed childhood growing up in the country. I love music, love movies, love the country, love road trips, love fall, love sports, love cereal.
Weekends are about family bbqs or dinners, seeing friends and taking care of myself. I can honestly say that I love my life and I appreciate that I've been extremely lucky In most departments. Love is kinda giving me a challenge but I've been neglecting this important side of life for a while. We'll see what happens :)
A little more about me...
Travel - I like to travel. Road trips are my favourite and I would like to see more of Northern Europe. More a cottage than a beach girl.
Sports - Love to watch but I'm a terrible player (despite best efforts by my dad). Hockey is king in my family but I love football and baseball too. Love to go to live sporting events.
Music - I love music in general. Love country, but will listen to top 40, rock, classical, motown. I'm all over the place depending on my mood.
Fitness - I'm not a big gym girl but like to work out by trying new things. I go through seasons where I like to run, or do classes. Right now I'm in to Barre which is a ballet yoga. Last night I did aerial yoga which was painful.
I love a lot of things but I'm not a big fan of scary weight lifting or tattooed shirtless pics. I really prefer a sincere smile, ball caps and a beer - hard to find these days.
That's all I've got for now.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm truly a free spirit and love to kick back, relax and laugh about anything. One word that best describes me would be easygoing. My friends tell me that I'm funny, which surprises me because I don't try to be funny. I think I say and do some silly things at times, in which case is unintentional so if they're laughing, it's AT me not WITH me? :)
I love exploring music - it's one of my passions and I appreciate many different styles. I tend to prefer industrial rock, snyth pop and electronica, but when I'm in the mood, I have tons of good floyd, doors, and neil young tracks to make for some good road tripping.
I like trying different types of food and I'm not picky when it comes to dining out as I am open to new things. I do love vietnamese/thai cusine, west indian and Italian but I'm always down for some pub grub :)
I currently do event planning and employee relations at a kids' indoor sport centre in Oakville. I love working with kids, they are truly a breath of fresh air.
I'm looking for someone that is fun, easy going, has a great sense of humour, honest, loyal and an all around good person. I really like a guy who knows how to express himself, is not afraid to get what he wants, and can communicate effectively. I respect family and friends and I'm looking for someone with similar values and someone who can get along well in different social settings.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. 1.Intelligent and independent
2.Being a city gal I always enjoy checking out new places whether it be for entertainment, culture, or food.
Who are you?
1. Easy to talk to
2. Ambitious
3. A man who owns a suit (but isn't one).
If you answered yes, feel free to drop a line!
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Meet someone special from Canada. I would rather let you learn about me!!! However, I would like to share these qualities with whomever I am dating: family-oriented, loyal, honest, active, has hobbies or interests, someone who can teach me new things, doesn't like drama or have baggage.

Date a soulmate from Canada. Hello! A bit about me, well I like to play sports and be active. Hockey and soccer are my favorites. I`m an honest, generous, loyal person that strives to be a good person. I volunteer my time coaching at a local soccer club, and enjoy helping my friends and family out. I tend to be outgoing in my career, though initially shy and can be very quiet in my personal life. I have a great job that I very much enjoy and hope to keep for an extended period. (This is a big thing for me since my longest job was five years, lol)
I enjoy and look forward to time spent with my friends children, though I probably won't want children of my own. (I will elaborate in person!) It's ideal if you already have children. I look forward to getting to know them :)
I don't think I'm unique necessarily...just an average girl with a few strange qualities. For example: at least once a week I will typically have some dirt under my nails from fixing something (usually at work). Car and bike repairs are exciting for me! I don't like shopping unless it's at Princess Auto or Canadian Tire. I can go into a mall, select, try on, and purchase a dress in under 15 minutes (30 at most!).
I'm hoping to find someone with similar interests to fill in some time with, become friends, and hopefully connect with :)

Meet a woman from Canada. I am a working full time single parent. I love my job and love what I do, but it does not consume my life.
I've lived in the area for about a year now and am looking to meet someone who is established in the area and has a social circle that they would be willing to include me in, as well as my son. My boy is older(13), so meeting someone who has kids around the same age would be a bonus, but not required. lol Kids or no kids, it's all good with me.
I enjoy spending time with my boy (when I am cool enough to be around, lol), going for hikes, walking my dog, taking him to the dog park. I LOVE to fish, but unfortunately have not been out this year. I'm not really into the bar seen thing, I would much rather do the back yard BBQ and drinks with friends, or a patio somewhere. Pubs are great too.
I'm finding it extremly difficult to meet a good man around here; seems all men are in relationships or not over thier ex. It would be fantastic to meet someone who makes my heart skip a beat and has an interest in my son.

. About me:
My friends would describe me as smart, caring, sweet, practical, level-headed, and above all else - genuine.
I enjoy both the simple and finer things in life. What can I say, I'm a Libra, I'm all about balance! I'm passionate about working hard and achieving my goals. So far, life has been very good - God has certainly blessed me.
I have a certain zest for life. I can be spontaneous - go out for dinner, drinks, and dancing one night, and then enjoy a quiet evening at home the next. Both can make me very happy.
What I'm looking for:
I consider myself respectful, intelligent, and honest - and I expect the same.
I'm looking for an old-fashioned romance. I'm interested in getting to know someone.
I'm happy and content, and surrounded by an incredible circle of friends. I'm looking for someone who feels the same way and wants to share the good things in life.
I'm an avid tennis player and am looking for my perfect doubles player, on and off the court!

. I am looking for honesty and someone who does not mind kids I am a very outgoing person who sometimes does not always plan things and just go I am looking for someone that has the same intrest I enjoy walks going to the beach or just hanging out at home and cuddling up to a good movie I am shy and affection it person

. I would describe myself as adventurous, hard-working, honest, and caring.
I love the outdoors, good conversations, and laughing every chance I get…
IРІР‚в„ўm looking for someone who is intelligent, easy-going, and has a strong character. Some shared interests would be nice.

. I am established with my career, looking for someone who is as well.
Looking for someone who is proud of their relationship, will do anything for their girlfriend, who treats me with respect- Expect the same in return from me. IРІР‚в„ўm looking for a man that will also not only be my partner to grow old with but my Best Friend. I believe marriage is forever, and a one time deal.
I am comfortable with myself and I am happy with who I am.
I am a homebody but I love the occasional night out. IРІР‚в„ўm not into the Bar scene any more. Occasionally I do prefer the Pubs/lounges and summertime Patios!
IРІР‚в„ўm not the one who has to go and do everything with you, independence is nice. Sometimes we need a night out with just the guys/ladies. There will be that guy camping trip you want to go on and I'll gladly pass (yes I will go camping...sometimes)
I get along easily with people and I am down to earth.
I love dogs, I have one-bella
I love going to movies, reality TV, not Jersey shore! I LOVE Sons of Anarchy!!!
I am honest, genuine and Trustworthy. You can bring me home to Mom with out concern.
I own my own home.
I enjoy cooking although I am not the best, BUT I will have dinner on the table when you come home most of the time ;) maybe you have a recipe or 2 to teach me?
For music I like mostly anything with a good beat.. Love rock
I do put time in to what I look like, although I am not obsessive about it.
I am a family person. And love my friends.
I like to clean and be tidy but am not a "neat freak"
I have a huge heart.
Honesty and trust is very important to me..
Some must haves -
You must want kids or open to the idea. I donРІР‚в„ўt care if you already have children.
You must not be a control freak.
You must be Mature, have patience, not hot headed and arrogant
you must be able to compliment, be romantic, easy going, and say sorry when your wrong.
You must have a sense of humour and want to tag along to those ugly sweater parties
Things you wont find me doing -
not telling the truth, showing too much skin, having road rage, cheating, playing games, nightclubbing, starting drama, doing drugs or smoking.

. How would I know? That's why I am here for goodness sake! What are you looking for me to say??? Well, I would like to meet someone normal!!!!!!!!!! Whatever that means!!!! I am still not sure.....let me know if you are and maybe we can meet?

. I am a professional lives and works in downtown. I love life, close friends and family. Have goals in my career and achieve them.
Love to travel, especially Europe, love the history, the culture, the architectures, the villages, the colours.
Love dogs, I have a white miniature schnauzer, we like to go biking along lake shore in nice summer evenings, she sits in the front seat of my bike :)
Love shopping, from fashion dresses and shoes to antiques, from home decors to hardware tools :)
In the evenings, have a glass of wine, cook a nice dinner, take care of my little garden, study Italian language. On the weekends, catch up with friends, wandering around the city, drive somewhere or sometimes let my hair down for a girls night out.
Looking for someone similar. Someone who is honest, caring, mature, lives a life and loves family.

. I am a kind person with a big heart. I have two children who mean the world to me. I enjoy having fires, going to the beach. I also like to stay home, watch a movie, play cards or board games. I do like to hang out socially with friends but not really into going to the bars.

. I'm a very caring, warm and affectionate person who loves to travel and keep fit. I'm looking for a partner-in-crime to share intelligent conversation and to explore what life has to offer.
I'm looking for someone spontaneous and easy-going, who knows what they want in life and isn't afraid to go after it.

. You and I - Sitting and enjoying each others company, laughing at anything and everything...
You're tall, strong, handsome, affectionate and protective. You enjoy being with me and I with you.. You love the way I make you feel. You feel you're the King of the World, with your Queen right by your side.
We care about eachother's well-being and support each others long and short term goals.. We inspire each other to be successful and motivate eachother when we start losing steam...
We pull each other up when we're down, we bring a smile to each others faces... When life beats us up we join forced and beat it back!
My friends and family love you. Your friends and family love me.
In our spare time we enjoy a fun night out on the town. Dinner, movie, walk in the park or on the boardwalk. Sometimes a quiet night in, just you and I..
Sometimes you are with the guys, sometimes I'm with the girls.. We are together but still individuals. There is trust and respect for each other.
We love having family and friends over, family matters most to us and we often think what our own would be like..
Our chemistry is off the charts, our lips can't be separated.. My favorite place is inside your hugs.