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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am a positive person who always tries to see the glass as half full. I always try to have fun, smile and laugh often. I am grateful for my family, the job I have, the friends I surround myself with and my health. I have accomplished many of the goals I have set for myself and I continue to set goals that will challenge me and keep me on my toes mentally, physically and spiritually. I am hoping to meet someone who shares these qualities!!

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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am someone who is full of life and tries to take advantage of everything that life has to offer. I am extremely passionate about experiencing new things and love to travel. I find brillance in the simplist of things and generally believe that the simplier things are, the better. I'm stimulated by ideas and have no problems laughing at myself.
I am looking for someone who is kind hearted, giving, hard working, goal oriented, selfless, family oriented and knows how to take care of his family. Someone who knows about compromise and understands the true meaning of partnership.Someone who can enjoy the simple pleasures of life and not take themselves seriously.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm a nurse that enjoys travel, movies, good eats, and experiencing new things. I love jumping on planes and exploring new places or just relaxing lying on a beach. Urban/pop/rock are my musical preferences but I enjoy many other genres as well.
Optimally I'd like to find an attractive and outgoing gentleman who believes that chivalry is not dead. A person who will have just as much fun going on big adventure or staying in and cooking a meal. I'm easy going and like to have fun, and am looking for the same.
Message me if you share complementary interests... lets be partners in crime.

Date a woman from Canada. A little about me:
I am down-to-earth, fun-loving, witty, smart and have a great sense of humour. IРІР‚в„ўve accomplished several of my goals and am exactly where I want to be both personally and professionally. However, I am continuously challenging myself and am always looking for the next opportunity in life. My friends would describe me as an upbeat, positive, mature woman with a good head on her shoulders who knows when to be serious, but is also extremely social and can let loose and have a good time. ItРІР‚в„ўs the best of both worlds really!
In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, baking, exercising, reading, yoga, playing volleyball, watching hockey and basketball, travelling and spending time with friends and family. I am also a home reno enthusiast and enjoy learning about “do-it-yourself” projects. I also enjoy learning about cars (yes that’s right!), and am always eager to jump in and get my hands dirty!
One of my biggest passions is travelling, and am planning to visit Europe and the French Polynesian Islands next year. It would be great to meet a partner who enjoys travelling and would join me on a trip or two!
My end goal would be to meet someone who is like-minded, goal oriented, funny, compassionate and intelligent. A man who appreciates the small things in life, and can be as comfortable relaxed in front of the tv watching a movie as he is enjoying a dinner at a fine restaurant. A man who knows what he wants in life, and is ready to build a great friendship that will hopefully lead to a great relationship! If thatРІР‚в„ўs you then letРІР‚в„ўs chat and see how it goes!

Meet someone special from Canada. I am a wildlife biologist. I specialize in wildlife conservation and research. I am currently completing my Ph.D. program. My work requires me to travel quite a lot and to spend time in the field, which makes it difficult to meet someone that I could potentially start a relationship with. Hence, ...
I am an independent, driven and ambitious person. I am an individual. I am witty and can be sarcastic at times. I love to laugh, and would rather spend my days laughing at the craziness of life rather than stressing over the small stuff. I love to experience life to the fullest, but also to take time out to smell the roses. The great outdoors and the wilderness is the place where I belong, and where I feel most at home. I love animals, and am a huge dog lover, so the person I end up with has to love animals too!
The things that are important to me in my life, my family and friends, matter a great deal to me. Life is short and so precious, and I try to live as truly and as wholly as I can in my life. I am ready to find someone special with whom I can share my life with. Seek and ye shall find.
I love to travel and to see the world. This big old world of ours is truly a big and magical place, and there is so much more out there than we'll ever know. I believe it is important to try and experience a new place that you have never been before - it helps expand the mind and broadens your horizons.
I am looking for someone who knows what he's made of and knows what he wants out of life and is not afraid to take a chance by really living and not just merely existing. I'm looking for someone who has grown past the party scene of young adolescence and is ready to commit to a serious relationship, but still knows how to have a good time. I'm looking for an honest, trustworthy, responsible individual who is not afraid to dream, to live, to love, to see and to just be. The man I'm looking for cares about his appearance, but is not narcissistic - cares about his health, but is not a fanatic. He needs to be able to take care of himself before he can take care of someone else or a family. I am looking for an open-minded, intelligent person, who is not afraid to speak his mind but also listens and is willing to appreciate the differences in everyone, and who is not afraid to expand his horizons by trying new things, traveling to new places, and meeting new people outside of his comfort zone.
I am looking for someone who is ready to face one of life's greatest adventures - that of finding someone to share and experience the joys and trials of life with, to fall in love and to share one of life's greatest journeys together.

. "Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me and I will not forget you."
1) Funny, comforting, open minded and sassy.
2) Sunshine, enjoying a laugh with friends / family, music and dogs.
3/9) I have worked in the human services field for approximately 12 years and I'm still learning. My passion and purpose in life are intertwined.
4) I am greatful for a full and healthy life. The possibilities are endless.
5/8) A genuine person with a good heart, who is funny but mature. Someone that can be supportive but have their own opinions. They need to be willing to make an effort through having an equal partnership and not taking what is shared for granted.
6/7) I have a very active social life. Weddings, babyshowers, parties for various occassions, volunteering @ events. I enjoy keeping busy and connected with people. This usually involvies tastey food, beverages and a lot of laughter well into the night.

. I really don't know what my ideal match is. I never believed in dating sites and thought that romance should happen naturally - so I'm really just giving this a chance because my friends keep telling me how great it is lol

. As cheesy as it may sound, I believe that there is that perfect person out there for everyone. Someone who compliments you entirely and just gets it. I'm looking for that kind of love that you can't live without and the kind that makes you go a little crazy too. Because what is love if not a little crazy, right? If I haven't made you run for the hills just yet, someone to hang out with, go to the movies, maybe to the AGO and enjoy each others company would be nice for starters.
Family is very important to me and I would like to meet someone who has the same opinion. I love to spend as much time as possible with my young nephew and niece...they grow up way too fast! I would hate to miss it. Aside from my family being a huge priority, my friends are as well. I love my girlfriends with all my heart.
I hope that there is that person out there who shares the same values and opinions as me. If I happen to meet him great, but I'm also OK if I don't. If it happens it happens! So if my profile caught your attention drop me a message and we will see where it takes us.
"I'm looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love."

. I am a mature, funloving, adventurous woman. I have a heart for people but don't like being led on a wild goose chase.
I make it a mission to smile at least once everyday.
I enjoy being active but also snuggling up to a good movie.
Seeking a partner who is like minded and enjoys children..

. A little about me, I am down to earth, sociable, affectionate, love to laugh and make others laugh. I can be spontaneous at times wanting to experience new things and learn from each other while on the other hand, I can be reserved stay home and relax. I have always admired and longed to be dating and hopefully marrying a gentleman who is from another nationality than my own. I have an interest of learning about other people's culture, language, up-bring, ethics & morals. Furthermore, in a relationship, I would like to feel and know I am loved, valued, safe and protected.
Activities I would like to share with my partner-just to name a few: go bowling, skating (ice/roller) dancing, site seeing, going to the movies (or stay at home and watch), live performances/games (theatre, music, hockey, basketball) going to the cottage admiring nature (stars, clean air, sunrise and sunsets) I do not like bugs!! visiting museums, plan a weekend getaway at a hotel or spending down time at home and do absolutely nothing just hanging out with one another.
The type of person I am hoping to meet is someone who has a similar mindset and some common interests we could enjoy together: develop (in steps/stages) a long-term relationship. Someone who is Unique (just like a finger print), A Lover and Romantic (give and receive in your own special way), A Provider and Supporter through the good and down times of life, Optimistic-positive outlook of life, Humorous, Family Oriented, Outgoing-playful, and Maintains a Healthy lifestyle.
I promise to upload new photo's, so stay tuned!

. Cheerful and down to earth woman looking for a compatible match to share life's precious moments...someone genuinely nice.
Chemistry and romance are important to me but most of all, inner beauty.
My friends describe me as:
Life is about the people we meet and the things we create with them.So let's go out and start creating, life is too short to be spent alone.

. Well here goes nothing.... I figured that I'd give this a shot and try my luck at It's hard to describe yourself in words but I will do my best. Basically, I'm a good friends. My life is my first place :)))

. I've tread a bit of an unusual path. I started life thinking I was going to be an artist, and along the way somehow became enthralled by big business.
I dearly love to laugh - and I mean the deep, unbridled kind of laughing that makes your abs ache, eyes tear and is guaranteed to leave you with deep creases as you age. This occasionally poses a problem as I happen to have a hideous laugh (seriously, young children cower behind their mothers, and if I am by the ocean pods of whales are thrown off course), but usually others erupt in fits of their own as they have never really heard anything so ridiculous.
I also absolutely adore The Lord of the Rings (there, I said it), but I swear I have never been to a fantasy convention and know less than 10 words of Elvish. The book is probably where I picked up my love of the British Isles, and goddammit one of these days I will be a visiting lecturer at Oxford.
All things considered, I am a pretty fortunate human being. I have a great family and good friends, a job I actually like (most days), and my health. I feel somewhat self-indulgent asking for more, but am none the less going to as fortune favors the bold. In my "On Golden Pond" years I want to be able to sit in well-worn matching armchairs with a partner. As with anything, you've got to start somewhere, so I am starting here.

. passionsate and fun loving outdoorsy girl. I am intersted in dating someone who is interested in travelling and spending summers at the cottage. Family life is really important. I work to live not live to work.