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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Hello,
I'm really new at this online dating thing. I'm a very family oriented person who loves my family very much. I work full time as a program coordinator. I love to watch movies, go for walks in the summer days, spend lots of time with my family and friends, like to get away when I can for the weekend or on vacation once in a while and I am open to trying new things. Some people think I can be old fashion when it comes to family morals and beliefs.
I am looking for someone that is outgoing, funny, and will make me laugh and smile. Honesty and open communication is a very important step in making a relationship very strong.
Currently looking to meet someone that will be my best friend / soul mate, knows what he wants, looking for marriage and wanting to start a family one day.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. If you are still reading my profile after I equated this process to picking out a new pair of shoes online, then you have passed the first have a sense of humour!
If my profile is super lame compared to the other gals on here, it's because I have trouble composing flowery prose to describe myself. I am also not thrilled by the task of distilling my entire personality down to a few paragraphs for public consumption on the interweb. But I'll give it the old college try.
I have a graduate degree and I am working in Toronto at a job I love that allows me to travel all over the world.
I love food and booze, not necessarily in that order. I enjoy eating out at any of Toronto's many dining establishments, but try to contain it to the weekends. I fancy myself a bit of a baker too (my friends often refer to me as Betty Crocker).
I spend a lot of time wandering around the city, window shopping while enjoying a handcrafted latte from one of the many awesome non-Starbucks coffee shops in my hood. I think Toronto is a fascinating city and learning new things about the place I call home is always high on my list.
I spend many a weekend exchanging stories and tall tales with my friends over a pint or two.
I own a bicycle and a car, so I don't have a hate-on for cyclists or drivers, like most people in the city.
Anyway this whole online dating thing is weird and awkward for me. I'm looking to you for a witty quip to break the ice. I'm also good at answering questions, so ask away!

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Alright, here goes (*takes deep breath*). I'm moderately intelligent, fairly funny, and extremely loyal. I'm an editor by trade, but I promise I won't take marks off for spelling and grammar. A good friend once described me as a "real dame." I have no idea if this is true, but I like the thought that it might be.
I'm looking for someone to explore the city with me and make me laugh. Maybe we can check out a new band or grab a pint on a patio?

Meet someone special from Canada. About me : I just moved to Newmarket after living in Liberty Village for 1.5 yrs - there's a story to go along with this - another time. I'm still working downtown which allows me to maintain a balanced urban and suburbian life. I'm easy going, social, friendly, loving, well travelled, well educated, i have a great family and a fantastic group of friends.
I work in a forever changing industry, fashion; with a very well known company and I would qualify myself as very fortunate. I love trying new restaurants, bars, and destinations.
I find beauty in the strength and determination of people who follow their own paths, who aren't thrown off by obstacles along the way. I love challenges; confidence comes from experiences, good and bad and the ability to pick one self up and move on. I'm grateful for my experiences, my family and friends. I love a good laugh often, good company, great food and wine.
This is an experiment and wasn't sure I'd ever be on this sort of site but there's no harm in trying and I'm ready to find my best friend / partner who will enhance my life, the person I can share all the exciting and memorable life moments with.
P.s I'm not a fan of this kind of writing so I'm keeping it short.
If you are interested in learning more MSG or wink ;). And good luck to you all

Date a woman from Canada. I'm loving life and looking for someone to make me smile!
I grew up in Alberta and have lived and travelled all over Canada. I've had the fortune to travel and see many places in the world as well. This has made me adventurous, accepting, and up for a challenge. I know how to speak my mind and get what I want, but I do so with a smile! I'm considered a very generous person in all aspects of my life especially in friendship, family and love. I'm looking for a man who shares my views on love, family and friends and is ready for all of it to begin with me.
I love my job...most days. And it affords me the flexibility to enjoy so many of my other interests: traveling, exploring new and exciting places in Toronto, keeping fit, and surrounding myself with good people and good wine!
I would love to find someone who wants to join me on an adventure and see what this world has to offer!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. IРІР‚в„ўm currently pursuing my dream job and pretty happy where I am right now. I would describe my self as independent, down to earth and open-minded. I love to laugh, learn and try new things.
I am originally from Montreal but I have lived in Ireland for 5 years prior to moving to Ottawa. It was a great experience and I hope to go back to visit soon.
My interests include kickboxing, working out, travel and reading to name a few. I would love to travel more and hopefully it will be with that special someone.
If you're confident, open-minded, active, and love to laugh IРІР‚в„ўd like to hear from you. If you want to know more just message me.

. I am a girl seeking a boy that will make me smile!!! I am strong, independent and yes i am oing to use the word, 'sweet' girl ;).
I hope that my knight and shining armour is reading this right now :)

. A happy person who is looking for a happy guy!! I have benn focused on my career, but believe now it is the time to think about my life.
My ideal parter would be a very good communicator, genuine... and just like me - easy going, fun, but sometimes weird???

. Realist with a love for life, friends, family and seeing people happy. Live life in the moment, love to travel and see the world. I'm a simple girl, who enjoys the simple things. Hockey is a passion - good ole Canadian girl at heart! My friends would say I'm compassionate, funny, slightly more sarcastic than necessary at times, honest and a good listener. I'm a mom to a wonderful little boy, who is my world and who teaches me how to be a better person each day I'm with him. He makes me want to make this world a better place any way I can, so that he can grow up enjoying and loving all life has to offer. I am grateful for all the good times and all the bad times, as each moment left me with memories and understandings that I would not have otherwise.

. I'm an outgoing girl who is looking for someone with whom I can laugh and just have a great time hanging out. I like going to restaurants, the movies, lounges; basically anywhere! I do enjoy staying active and make visits to the gym a priority. At the end of the day, an honest, respectful guy who I connect with is what I'm looking for....aren't we all?

. Hi :)
i'm a straight forward, honest, and a kind hearted woman with a love for life, travels, and ofcourse my animals. The most memorable and enjoyabe time for me is when I owned and operated a horse farm down south. I also did a lot of therapy work with the horses visiting children and adults in various institutions, facilitites and hospitals. I moved back to London about a year ago and in the process of figuring out where I would like to settle. (soon to explore the east and west coasts for the first time) :D
I have a passion for music and dance. I prefer jeans and a tshirt, although I like to dress up from time to time. I'm a movie buff but also enjoy physical activities and the outdoors.
I am independant, hard working, and happy being single. If I find that somone special, it will be someone with a good heart whom I can look up to who will inspire me and make me laugh everyday.
What I'm looking for:
First and foremost, someone with integrity!!
Second, honesty and respect; these two transcend into so many other qualities and traits making the whole package come together. Furthermore, I would like to find somone genuine, hard working, modest, compassionate, affectionate, happy with where he is in his life, clean, physically active, financially responsible, chews with his mouth closed and doesn't slurp! Someone who knows what they want, and more importantly, knows how to treat a woman. And lastly, someone who stands up for what is right even if he finds himself standing alone!!
Love for animals, the outdoors, and travels is a must! A plus would be a partner on the dance floor and height. :)
Please do not contact if you have baby mama drama or if your status is "currently separated". Close off chapters from your past COMPLETELY prior to starting new ones. Thank you and all the best in your search!

. This online thing is totally new to me, but my friends are telling me to try it out so here goes nothing.
Am I happy? Yes! Am I am looking? of course, but at the end, I am here to look for someone who wants to share life and who wants to live in the moment…with me.
I feel so bless with my family, friends and my job. My family and my faith has kept me grounded growing up and I am thankful for that. What I have right now I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. I believe my faith and the people around me are what matter the most and not what I have superficially. My priority are my family as they have shape me who I am today as a women.
I am a dog lover myself, I have a Chihuahua (who is super laid back, but only bark at guys, not sure why…lol) and a Pomeranian (who is super friendly). They always make me smile when I have a bad day at work.
I enjoy getting to know and the people and world around me and practically anything that life has to offer, I guess I called that “living in the moment”. I also enjoy the simpler things in life; whether that might be a walk in the park with my dog, cuddle with a good book, a walk by the beach or in the city, cooking a meal or a cup of latte.
IРІР‚в„ўve been told by my friends that I have a sense of humor (but I guess thatРІР‚в„ўs for you to find out when you get to know me). Laughter is the best medicine for both the heart and the mind. There are times where life needs to be serious, but at the same time life also needs a break. That being said I need someone who can make me laugh and bring the inner child in both of us.
I believe everybody needs to strive for something in life and not just let it go by wasted. I myself tend to set goals I want to achieve and set to strive for them. Of course I don’t always succeed, but at least I know that I tried and I don’t regret asking a bunch of “what if” questions.
I am a hopeless romantic (which girl isn't?) As much as I enjoy a romantic movie or a chick flick I would not want to spend the first date in a dark room in front of a big screen. I would rather get to know the other person over an activity or a great meal and a nice glass of wine.
So what do I look for in a guy? I am looking for someone who has a strong connection with his family and is mature in their spiritual growth. Someone who is confident, ambitious and know what they want in life (If you donРІР‚в„ўt I hope you are at least striving to get there.) Somone who can just let his guard down and be himself. Someone who is open-minded and not judgmental, someone who can carry a good conversation. Someone who lives a healthy lifestyle and know how to take care of himself both physically and mentally so that he can get the most out of life!
I see a good date where we get to know and learn about each other, whether this might be over a meal or some type of activity. Overall, just live in the moment to see where the nite/day would take us. Could that person be you?

. I am looking for someone who hopefully has similar interests as me. I love being outside in the summer; spending my time running, roller blading, golfing, going to the beach, camping/cottage weekends, concerts, etc.
I enjoy reading, cooking, or just watching a good movie. I ski and ice skate in the winter and am always up for doing anything active.
I have a career that I really enjoy, close friends and family that are very dear to me and spending as much time as possible with them is important. I do want to find that one person though, that I can come home to every day and we can enjoy all the little things together.

. I am a confident, happy person who is driven and passionate about everything I do. I have worked and lived all over the world and moved to Toronto so I can live near my family. I consider travel, fitness, coffee, patios and great food among my biggest loves.
I think some of the best nights are the ones you almost never had.
I am looking for someone who is easygoing (a must!), confident and assertive and knows what they want out of life.

. I am looking to find that person to share my life with. I am pretty easy going and love children. I work hard and have a great work ethic. Travelling is something I enjoy to do and I am very close to my family. I am a loyal person who has had the same core group of friends for almost 20 years. Living life is important to me and want to live it to its fullest.