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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Looking for the right person to share ideas, live life to the fullest, and be happy. If your the kind of guy who knows how to treat a women be kind and loving you will get the same in return. If you want the same let's get together and see if we have a connection.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Hey, I was not sure about this website but wanted to give it a try. I am a relaxed and easy-going girl but sometimes I can be hard and difficult person as well depending on my priority and interest.
People say I am generous with others but hard on myself.
I want to meet someone who can understand me and give me a smile and enjoy time together. I am explorative and active in doing new things and going to new places to widen experiences.
Preferably, I'd like to meet someone with Korean background but open to others who would match me.
I am a health care professional and my life motto is work hard, play hard. If you are passionate about what you do and also love to enjoy life, give me a message. I could be a great company to you and we could share a good time.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I am a happy and upbeat girl who likes to enjoy what life has to offer with people I care about. I am grateful for an amazing family and friends as well as the opportunities and challenges I've had in life. I'm hoping to find a good guy with a fun sense of humor who enjoys doing things together and likes physical affection :-)

Meet someone special from Canada. Hieee!
Okay, here's a quick run down of me. I am a kind hearted and loving woman. I am very easy going and would love to find someone that I can laugh with. I am young at heart and believe that sometimes the most trivial things in life make for the best memories. I'm not here to waste anyone's time so here are some qualities that I find to be important in a man:
-warm hearted
-family oriented
-sense of humour
Some random facts about me:
- I love animals... all of them!
- I love cake decorating (taste testing is not so bad!)
- I am a hopeless romantic
Okay, I think that is enough for us to get started! Now, all you gotta do is message me and get the ball rolling! lol!
Hope to hear from you soon!!

Date a soulmate from Canada. Ideal match would be someone who is business focused and not just a job person. Someone who loves to travel, has mutual understanding, communicate openly, dress well, spontaneous, funny and independent.
I'm 31 years old, born in Guyana, South America of Indian decent. I enjoy the lakes, boating although I can't swim :-) I've got great friends and my family is very laid back and sociable. I've worked for what I have and I'm content with what I've accomplished. My personality can be aggressive at times and I'm stubborn however I'm discipline, respectful and certainly have a TO DO LIST I'm working on :-)

Meet a woman from Canada. Looking for someone who is honest, looking for a life time friend, and who can make me laugh. I need someone who challenges me and who likes to keep growing and learning too. I think communication is key and I am looking for someone who is open to having fun conversations and at times difficult and serious ones too.

. I'm looking for someone educated, masculine, humble and funny. Good looking would be a plus :)
I enjoy the outdoors, movies, reading, music, travelling.
I love movies, all types, going out with friends – even though im not a big fan of night clubs - . I dont care what you do for a living, as long as you are smart and carry intelligent conversations. I love people who can make me laugh.

I donРІР‚в„ўt like most guys, but I am not interested in most guys.
Exotic girl looking for a serious relationship only. I’m not interested in casual acquaintances or more friends. I want to meet a man who’s interested in a real, long-term relationship and all the thrills that go with that – holidays, romance and fun of course.
Myself – intelligent, sociable, athletic, artistic, playful and caring. I am not offended by a dirty joke and can dish out a few of my own. I am family oriented. I am independent, but far from being a feminist. Timeless books and movies that make you wonder for days about whose side you are on put great flavor into many of my evenings. I enjoy exploring new cultures in my travels. Music and dancing get my body going.
WhatРІР‚в„ўs your story? What are you greatest pet-peeves and what makes you weak in your knees from joy and happiness? I love funny guys who can keep me entertained with a story or make me laugh until I cry. I have soft spot for intelligent, creative and passionate people.

. Hi there. I really enjoy what I do for a living, but I'm also looking to advance my career. I like new challenges and ideas. I love baking and sharing with others. My friends as as important as my family.
I'm looking for someone who appreciates sarcasm, and the occasional inappropriate outburst, only when it's hilarious of course. I wouldn't mind someone who could roam around a museum, attend a concert, or stay in with a movie.
My truths:
I prefer pubs to clubs
I like m&ms over smarties,cand pepsi over coke.
I love roller coasters
I'm shy until you get to know me
My heart stays on my sleeve most of the time.
I really want to get back into rock climbing.

. I'm looking for someone that's easy going, has a passion for his career and can have a good time just relaxing or being active. I'm looking for someone that doesn't hang on to his past but can move forward with no regrets.

. I've been on this site for a while now and not had much luck. Maybe you will be the person who changes my luck. I am an honest person, looking for someone who is also just as honest. Like every other girl out there I am looking for my Prince Charming, but I am realistic... I'm just looking for a nice guy, someone who can appreciate me for who I am.
About me: Family is very important to me. They have been there for me in a time when no one else was and I am very thankful for them. I have three younger brothers and my parents are still together and very much in love. I strive to have a relationship as strong as theirs.
I like to keep active. I play hockey and have played since I was 7 years old. Love the sport and intend to keep playing as long as I am able. I like to spend time outdoors when the weather is nice. I enjoy camping though I haven't been in quite some time. In the summer I enjoy biking or rollerblading, in the winter I play hockey and occasionally get out for snowboarding/skiing.
I love to travel, I have been to many places around the world including (but not limited to) Australia, Spain, Vietnam, Namibia, Svalbard, Peru, Brazil etc. Some of the places on my bucket list include: Antarctica, India, Laos, Bhutan, New Zealand, Ecuador, Burma, etc. I work in the travel industry, and sometimes I get a little jealous of the trips I am booking for my clients, but I know that someday I'll get to do the same.
I also love to read. My favorite author is Bryce Courtney. (Bonus points if you can name a book of his without googling him). I'm also a big fan of the series like Harry Potter, Twilight, Narnia, Golden Compass, Lord of the Rings, etc. I have a few hobbies one of which is photography, I don't consider myself an artist, but I do enjoy photography and am beginning to learn about it as well.
Anything else you want to learn about me, just ask.
Who I'm looking for: I am looking for and honest, kind-hearted person who has a generous soul. I would like to meet someone who likes to travel, doesn't mind volunteering, and has a good work ethic. If you enjoy the outdoors, camping, biking or hiking that would be great! I would like to meet someone who would like to have a family (doesn't have to be soon, but at least someday). Someone who isn't afraid to set high life goals and work hard to achieve them.
If you've read this far then you should send me a message. I look forward to getting to know you.

. the simple, natural things in life make me smile. The sun setting, the lighting flashing, the beach and the woods. I am grateful for life and want to try to make the most of it because it can change for the better or for the worse in a spilt second. In an relationship I am looking for that special someone who will be my bestfriend, my lover, and my soulmatee til the end.

. I'm looking for a good sense of humour and a healthy sense of adventure. I'm looking for someone to camp with, travel with and basically explore the world. I'm not looking for a passenger I'm looking for an active participant in my life. I want someone who takes chances, makes mistakes and finds the joy in every minute of it.

. I am a very happy, outgoing, positive woman. I have a great career, and worked very hard to become independent and successful. I am easy going, easy to get along with, maybe even silly and always has fun in any situation.
I wear my heart on my sleeve, am very compassionate, complimentary, and loving. I am sincere, direct and respect people that say how they feel.
I am hoping to meet someone who I could consider my companion/best friend. Someone who not only shares the same interests, but has the desire to do things together every once and a while, and laugh while doing it!!
I want to meet someone who inspires, teaches, entertains and adores me!

. Because who doesnРІР‚в„ўt like point form...
1) After starting Toronto's largest dance company, I spend most of my time teaching dance. As a result, I wake up most mornings feeling 90 years old, with no voice, and struggling to get into an upright position. For the first few minutes of each day IРІР‚в„ўm pretty sure I look like the Evolution Chart.
2) For better or worse, I am not much of a sitter, but I do enjoy just about anything that involves moving, socializing or being outside:
tennis!!, biking, seeing a Jays game, playing darts (sure why not), circus tricks in the park, playing ping pong at Spin, painting mediocre paintings, whatever... as long as I am doing something in good company IРІР‚в„ўm a happy camper.
3) I have always got along best with those with heaps of energy and big comedic personalities. As a kid, while everyone had crushes on NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, I was holding out for Conan. (And probably Ricky Gervais if I knew who he was back then).
4) Worst inventions = Meetings, snow, listening to live music, dinner parties.
Best inventions = Tennis, Summer, spending Christmas in Egypt (2010) and Morocco (2011)!
5) Knowing myself a relationship will only work with someone who:
* Has a positive & enthusiastic homeostasis. (Wow, what dork uses the word РІР‚?homeostasisРІР‚в„ў in an online profile?)
* Is athletically and socially inclined.
* Wants to live in Toronto for the next while
* Has an energetic and gregarious personality (if yours is of the same grain as Russell Brand, Joel McHale or Nick Canon, we will surely get along well!)