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Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I am an outgoing person who loves to laugh, with that I am not into the bar seen. I enjoy the pleasures of daily living. I appreciate the little things and strive to be the best me I can. I am hard working and don't mind getting dirty to get the job done. I am very grateful for my wonderful family and friends who mean the world to me. I would like this chapter in my life to push me to try and experience things out side of my comfort zone. I would like to meet someone to enjoy daily life and make time for ourselves to enjoy common interests. The one thing I know is I am a country girl,however, I love going into to the city for dinner, movies or events. I like to balance the city and country living as I work in the city and love to relax in the county at the end of the day. Over the past years I have learned I need someone who is also filled with passion and willing to express it. I would also like to embrace new activities that my future partner has a passion for in life. I would like him to have interests of his own and ones that we could share together or in the future with my three wonderful children.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. What I'm lookingfor is someone that I can share my time with - a good connection is so hard to find these days.
I'm a pretty down-to-earth girl who's pretty flexible when it comes to interests. I like to share mine, and also try to pick up something from a potential guy. I'm more of a simple girl - doesn't take much to please me. A simple dinner out, flowers and surprises for no reason. Just someone who takes as much an active interest in me as I do them. Someone who's not completely selfish. I enjoy showing affection, taking walks - whether to the beach, roaming around downtown. I don't drive, but love a guy who does because I like riding in the car - around town, in the country or down to Niagara or Montreal.
I'm very much a family girl - I love spending time with my extended family at get-togethers and picnics and such. A guy with a good relationship with his family is a plus.
I'm very much a kid at heart and love to joke around and have a good time. I've got a great sense of humour and have been told I tend to have more of a guys sense of humour - very dry and sarcastic at times. I love to laugh more than anything.
Anything else you want to know - all you gotta do is ask :)

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm a caring, generous, down-to-earth woman looking for a man to settle down with. I love sports!! I play slo pitch every summer for a few teams, I'm at the local race track every Friday night, and enjoy going to as many live events as I possibly can. I like to be outdoors as much as possible during the summer. I enjoy travelling; I've been to Mexico a few times, Cuba, and Jamaica with Jamaica being my fav of all places. Next year I'd like to check out the Dominican Republic.
I do not like drama or head games. Life is simply too short for either so if you attract a lot of drama, thrive off other people's drama, or enjoy playing mind games with people please keep walking.

Meet a woman from Canada. I want someone to share the everyday stuff that life brings well as my hopes and dreams for the furture.
I want someone who is willing to work out problems and who wants to enjoy life.
I want someone who wants to travel.

Date someone special from Canada. I am a care free person. I don't let little things bother me. I think life is too short to hold grudges. I love to entertain and host small gatherings at my place. I am passionate about teaching and I love to be able to teach overseas one summer! I am planning to travel to Europe and Africa in the next couple of years. The world has so much to offer and I want to experience the different cultures.
What am I looking for? I am looking for someone who has a strong connection to his family. He would have to be intelligent and open minded to trying new things. I love a good laugh and hence, my ideal man would have a good sense of humour. I need someone who will appreciate the little things in life that most people take for granted. I do like a man to take charge in planning dates and making me feel special!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm a generous, caring, outgoing, laid back, independent female looking for much of the same in a male. I love sports, doesn't matter if it's watching or playing, I play slo pitch for a couple teams every summer, spend a bit of time at the race track, and always look forward to the NFL season; I also enjoy snowboarding, movies, music, shopping and almost anything to do with the outdoors. I have a great career as a planner working on the shop floor in the nuclear industry. I enjoy a night out on the town as much as chilling on the couch with a movie :)

. I'm looking for someone that can make me laugh and with whom I can spend a nice / fun evening either going out or staying in and relaxing. Family and friends are very important to me, I'm looking for someone that can shares these values.
I love travelling, it is one of my biggest passions. It is definatly a great way to learn about new cultures, places, people and all in all fun.
I also enjoy trying out different sport, not that I'm good at them ;o) but its fun to try them out, this summer I've taken up volleyball and kickboxing and if I'm still motivated I'll be even trying a little yoga, dont get too excited ... my bar is set pretty low, as in let's touch my toes!!!

. I am a person looking for someone that is going to treat me right and except my kids just the way they are. I want someone that enjoys being outside hunting, fishing, camping etc... I have been on my own for a while now and I am thinking it is time to meet someone t o get out of the house once in a while to do exciting things with.

. Too many people in this world seem so miserable because they cling to the stresses in their life the best advice to happy living is to always have faith in yourself and in others. Try to see the good in others and help them see it too. Most of all do not let negativity linger in your life or you will create an overcast that will follow you around and hide the joy that you were meant to experience.
I want somebody that does not have a dreadful face created by lack of enjoyment. I need smiles, love and a zest for the finer things in life. When you start to set boundaries for what you can do the fun in life disappears.
I want somebody to live life with that can be 80 years old and still want to go hiking or even scuba diving.
I am a silly, fun-loving person that likes to be around people that are open-minded, compassionate, faithful, loyal, have a love for nature and the journey.
I see way beyond the black and white in life and hope my match can too.

. I live in the moment and have a great time, whether I'm being spontaneous or experiencing plans unfolding. Love to meet new people and build relationships, learn new things.
Always lived in Toronto and love what the city has to offer but love to get out from time to time and either spend the weekend in Ottawa or Montreal, New York and would like to add more to that weekend getaway list. I've also been out west to Alberta and Whistler, BC. Baltimore, Atlantic City, Vegas, Bahamas, Cuba.
I find cooking relaxing and fun especially when creativity is welcomed in the kitchen ;-) I'm fairly health conscious, try to eat right and make regular visits to the gym, yoga classes and jogging or rollerblading along Lakeshore.
What I'm looking for.... chemistry is a must! A few common interests so we can enjoy them together. Adventurous and ambitious are great qualities to have as well as creative, fun loving and witty. Someone who is physically and emotionally affectionate.... some teasing while we are apart can be fun too ;-)
Pictures are a must, it's only fair!!

. Just seeing what is out there. Short description would be enjoy sports, music, reading and meeting new people. New to dating sites so Im not to sure what to expect. Maybe meet some new friends have a few drinks and see where it goes.

. I am a well-rounded, kind-hearted person who is goal-oriented and works hard to achieve goals that I set for myself. I am looking to find someone who is down to earth, has a strong work ethic, is family and friend oriented, and is passionate about what they do and who they are. I enjoy a variety of activities and would love to find someone who shares some of those interests and of course, can possibly expose me to some new and exciting things! I'm looking for that guy that can relish with me in the good times, and comfort me in the bad times.

. I am a unique individual who enjoys life.. I am somewhat shy, untill i get to know a person on a deeper level . I enjoy cooking, talking walks,love watching sports, hitting the gym, likes watching movies. Looking for someone who is really good hearted and family values no head games. Looking to find a guy that I can laugh, me myself, cry and share all my dreams with bascially my best friend.

. I am into good people, good music, and good times! I love travelling! I love to laugh! I love my job!..but I sometimes contemplate packing up and heading to Bahamas ...or Hawaii, selling beads, and just soaking in the view and rays!..but then I come back to reality, and realize that probably wouldn't be enough mental stimulation for me lol... and I do enjoy the finer things in life... which require money! :) I enjoy going out, and also enjoy sitting on my patio with tunes on having nice conversation over a glass of wine! My friends and family mean the world to me! Especially my sweet daughter!

. Thanks for stopping by. Here's a little about me: I consider myself to be a fun and outgoing person who is looking for a guy that will really compliment my life. I have a great career, awesome family, an amazing group of friends and definitely know where I am going in my life. I am a big fan of sports (NFL..Go Pats!!) and keeping active through various sports and activities. I teach group fitness part time and I have run 3 marathon's and 7 half marathon's so far and hope to do many more. I have been living Downtown Toronto for awhile now and am amazed on how much I still need to see.
Love travelling. I've been India, Thailand, Enlgand, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Mexico and most of the Carribean. I love beach destinations. I'm originally from California so it's in my blood. Love to golf in the summer and snowboard in the winter.
Looking for a guy who is fun, active, cute, comes from a good family and will always put a smile on my face. Someone that knows what they want in there life and goes for it. I feel that I know the type of person that I am looking for and am a true believer you should never settle.
Love going out or just staying in and enjoying a glass of wine with good company.
I do have a dog and 2 cats so hopefully you love animals too!
Sound good to you? Well, don't be shy, you just never know!