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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm a very thoughtful person who were's my heart on my sleeve. I laugh at almost everything even stupid jokes. I like to go out an have fun with family an friends because they are very important to me. I would just like somone that has some of the same intrest as me and would just wanna han out an see were it goes from there.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. Mostly people know me described me as a nice, simple, down to earth person...Other than that I am a sweet and caring, romantic and passionate, creative and artistic, athletic and adventurous, explorer and traveler, nature and animal lover and good looking much I mention already, but it's good too if people will get to know me and describe me...In the other side I'm not looking for the 100% perfect match coz either me I'm not perfect. What I am looking for is the great connection and chemistry leading to a more meaningful long term relationship...

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. A little bit about me:
- I like watching Bruce Lee movies, I think he's kind of awesome.
- I could spend days in art galleries, and not be bored.
- I love coffee, good coffee. No Tim Horton's for me please.
- Enjoying a nice glass of red wine makes me happy.
- I love a good Saturday morning cartoon.
- Some of my happiest moments have been spent surrounded by breath taking landscapes in different parts of the world.
- I competed in the World Rock Paper Scissors championships some years ago. I made it to the top 64.
- I was challenged once to make an Origami Ninja. I succeeded.
- Some friends of mine figured out how I am six degrees from Kevin Bacon. I guess that makes me kind of awesome.
It's important to me to take in the world around me every chance I get. I truly appreciate the little things and try to surround myself with people who can do the same. I can be pretty sarcastic and tend to find a quick wit pretty attractive. I am looking meet someone to spend my time with exploring this city and laughing until our faces hurt.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Thanks for stopping by to check me out.
I guess this is where I should tell you a bit about me. I am a very fun-loving person. Easy-going, sarcastic and silly at times, down-to-earth, hard working, trusting, thoughtful, and family-oriented are just some of the qualities I possess.
I am looking for the same in a partner and more. I want to keep this part brief as I would prefer to get to know one another one-on-one and see where it leads..

Date a woman from Canada. I recently completed my nursing degree. I am currently studying for my nursing exam. I am looking foward to starting the next chapter in my life and hoping to find someone to show the adventure with. I am a caring woman who is career and family focused. I enjoy time with someone as I do with my friends and me time.
My ideal man would have a sense of humour, be honest, caring, want chlldren, enjoy to cook ( I like to cook together), family focus and enjoy sports.
In my spare time I enjoy spending time at the beach, golfing, roller blading, running, the gym in the summer. In the winter I like skiing, skating, and watching hockey.

Meet someone special from Canada. Funny, smart, bit of a klutz, single mom of a 3 going on four little girl, that I adore, I have plenty of love to go around. I am seeking for somebody that do not mind tagging along two pretty girls. I am not sure if looks matter but I have been told inside and out. I am looking for someone that is true in this world, and looking for tackling the future.

. Ok, so let's start. Basically, I love life and I love living life. I enjoy traveling, spending time with the people that I love, good food, good wine, discourse is sexy, laughing and basically socializing with quality people. Things about me that matter...
1. 60% extrovert, 40% introvert. Oddly, this percentage sometimes flips based on who I'm around.
2. By no means am I great at it, but I love playing soccer. I love the sound that the ball makes when I kick it in the sweet spot.
3. Five things I could not do without: great food, my friends, summer days on a terrasse, love, and five senses. I used to say the beach, but I've since learned that I would give up the beach for some daily spooning :)
4. I like lists
5. Montreal is magic
6. I'm the product of a home economics teacher, so I love to cook and find solace in baking
7. I will watch football; football Sundays in my PJs are good days
8. I can roll with the punches
9. I will bring out the best of you.
Message me if you are: really smart, witty, a smooth operator, have a handle on your baggage, funny and playful, driven, knows what you like, but open to trying new things, open, candid, honest. Sarcasm is a spice of life, so bring it on.

. I would like to meet someone with a similar background as me. Become friends and get to know each other and hoping to have a possible relationship with. If not, I don't mind having a new friend in life. I have to say, I am not a girly girl like most guys likes. I can be very tomboy, but don't mind dressing up once in a while for special events. Love the outdoors and sports. Love to take my camera and just starts shooting to make memories. I hope to meet someone who can show me and share the other parts of the world with me. As you should know, I don't get out much. Are you that someone you can show me around places?

. i am real easy person to talk and loving outgoing person, i am looking my mate to be a nice and attractive, he what that means must be confident of his self, beautiful hearts is better than thousand of beautiful faces, so i choose better people having a beautiful hearts, rather than beautiful faces,.i am far away with my family, i work hard for my better future,i want to spend my life who is honest, caring patient understanding trustworthy, loving person and GOD fearing,i surround my self, with good people, i would love to fine someone who have ambition travel, and explore what the world has,.

. Im out going and energetic. My friends would say im kind, easy going and loyal. Im a romantic and wear my heart on my sleeve. Any kind of romantic gesture makes me smile. I love a great sense of humor, and someone who enjoys the little things in life and takes advantage of the every opportunity.

. An easy going gril, who loves sports, enjoys life and is looking to spend time with someone who I enjoy and share interests with. This is a big city, and I work hard, and those things can make it hard to meet people. I am a girl who can hang with the guys and watch the game, but also loves to dress up and wear pretty shoes! Let's see if there is something that might become something....

. Hi there.........thanks for checking out my profile. I'm new to this whole online dating thing but I've heard some good things. Also, heard some bad, but I guess we all take our chances.
About me....I'm 30 years old (just turned....not quite over it yet), pretty laid back and easy going. I try hard to look good and take care of myself. Try to eat ok (beer, wings and pizza ARE considered ok once in a while......don't let anybody tell you different), go to the gym, play sports. I enjoy doing all kinds of things, providing I enjoy the company I keep. I consider myself a bit of a tomboy, but don't worry...I can clean up real nice too. I'm on here looking to find someone that I can get to know, get to know me, trust, laugh with, have fun with and hopefully one day form that awesome relationship that so many of us have been looking for. Not perfect...nothing is....but I find too often people have relationships just to have them. As cliche as it sounds......I want to find my best friend. Always have each other's back and just really enjoy each other. The best word I can think of is real.
About you......Honest, laid back and easy going. You don't always have to make a big deal about everything. Can take charge when need be. Absolutely hilarious and can have fun doing nothing at all. But also knows when to be serious. You don't have to take care of me but you got to at least be able to take care of yourself. No fronts. No pretending to be something you're not. Again....just real. Tall, dark and handsome would not be frowned upon either.
Drop me a line should getting to know me more and letting me know you interests you at all.
Good luck to us all in our searches.

. Just moved to city, so in an effort to meet people and explore the city, signed up for my first profile online.
My friends would say I'm caring, loyal, always there for my loved ones and family, funny and witty. I have a habit of making the best out of every moment and being able to have fun in any situation.
I'm ambitious, competitive and very focused on goals and accomplishments. I take pride in hard work and being independent.

. Like most of you out here I'm looking to connect with someone with similar interest, etc. I'm a down to earth pleasant person and I'm more of a country girl than a city chick. Very easy to get along with, I tell you like it is, don't play stupid mind games, and take responsibility for my actions. I bought my first place last year and busy attempting my own reno on some small things. I've always been handy with tools on the farm so all my projects have turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.
It's not very often you get to make the difference in someone's day and I consider myself lucky to have a job that gives me that opportunity everyday! Wether it's with a guest or a member of my team I'm always doing what I can to make the world a better place. I don't smoke and never will. I try to eat as healthy as I can, but a girl's gotta have her cake and eat it too! My family is important to me though I don't get to see them very often mostly due to distance, but we Skype a lot so it's not like we don't see each other. Excited to become an aunt soon!
I enjoy many sports outdoors and spend most of my time out doing something like riding (Been riding horses for 20 years, safe to say they will always have a part in my life). I love movies and going to the gym for some me time, but I'm not a gym freak, I usually spend the time with the horses. I haven't travelled very much however I'm in the process of changing that and went to Cuba in February. First time seeing another country other than the eastern US. I can't wait to get back out there and see the rest of the world, hopefully with a partner in tow. I'm a very experienced camper and love taking off for a few days in the wilderness on my own. There's nothing like coming face to face with a bull moose in the morning to wake you up.
If you're interested in getting to know a little more about me drop me a line. Just make sure it's a good one ;)

. Looking for someone to have fun with. Anything more is just a bonus.
I am passionate about science and medicine and love being around people who can teach me things... anything really. I am young at heart and look for the good in people before pointing out any flaws. I think it is important to develop a friendship with someone before you can think of having anything more with that person. So that would be the ideal way to start a new relationship.
If you can make me laugh and stimulate my mind then you are the one I am looking for.