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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am a 31 year old single mom of 2, recently(2 years ago) leaving a ten year relationship. My friends would describe me as being caring, funny and loyal.....I don't take anything too serious, sometimes to a fault. My kids are my world and raising them to be good people is what matters most to me in life. My social life is sometimes uneventful because really when do I have time lol, but when I do I definitely like to hang out with friends, go see a band, go camping, I am not picky. I love to laugh, I need to laugh it is what keeps life great. I am silly, quirky, I don't always say the right thing or do things the way you might but it's me and I've learnt to embrass it and hopefully you do too:)

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. This is really tough, not sure how to describe myself but I'm gonna try...really new to this. I'm pretty easy going and personable. I love travelling and experiencing what life has to offer. I love going out but can appreciate being at home, just chillin and watching a good movie. I'm proud of the fact that I'm independent and have a job that I love. Looking for someone who I can laugh with and can be completely myself.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. What do my friends say about me? My friends tell me I have positive energy and I am always up for trying something new ... so here we go! What makes me smile? Meeting new people and music both make me smile and I love spending time with friends over great food, great wine and great lighting!

Meet someone special from Canada. In a nutshell I am a 31 year-old woman that is very happy with the life she is making for herself and would like to find someone worthwhile to share it with.
I am very hard-working! I put my all into everything that I do! Whether it is networking to grow my business, running our annual reading rally for inner-city kids, walking 60km to find a cure for cancer or Crohn's, or even just relaxing with friends and family (they get my attention when Im visiting, not my phone)...I make sure that everything I do receives my passion, drive and full attention!
I want to find a man that loves his life, loves his job, loves his family and is looking to find a partner to love unconditionally!
I realize that must sound cheesy but it is what I want :) Is he, you?

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am looking for someone who is comfortable with themselves and would consider themselves to be in "a good place" in their life. I would like to feel as though the man I am with has waited for and deserves to be with the quality woman that I am.

Meet a woman from Canada. I am not crazy about "this writing" about myself and i think that getting to know each other grows over time but here it goes....
I am a pretty handy independant girl, love walks on country roads, going on tour, 4 wheeling,hunting, fishing (there's nothing better then being on the water) or the outdoors, camping (love the smell of crackling firewood and the sky lite with stars), love lounging around a pool, soaking my feet in the sand and sipping maragaritas on the beach as well; definitely got the travelling bug in me. Playing sports is a must in my life; crossfit, weight lifting, running but i also have the "homebody" in me; I enjoy staying in cuddling on a cold winter night by a fireplace watching movies, playing cards, board games.......baking home cooked meals and entertaining family functions, my dog/friends/family mean the world to me, they're pretty entertaining!
The most important things to me in a relationship is honesty, communication, chemistry/attraction, and friendship! I know what I don't want, and I figure the rest will sort itself out. I've never done this online dating before I thought I'd give this a try, wanted to see what the hype was all about, I guess you never know what might happen till you give it a try!

. I'm a bit of an introvert but have no problem socializing and love to be surrounded by good friends and family. I love being at home, cooking and gardening and have a real appreciation for a beautiful day. My passions are quite diverse and are really dependent on my mood. I love reading, writing and playing guitar (in the privacy of my own home!) and often just love to wander around the city and take in its life.
I'm really just looking for someone to share new adventures with; the kind of person I can talk to for hours about nothing with. I want to enjoy the company of someone who doesn't take life too seriously and can laugh at himself (and me) and appreciate some of the finer things that life can offer.

. i am simple lady,and a smiling face looks like no problem at all, and i love my family and friends, i am looking for a great relationship and a man that who will love me for the rest of my life, i love to

. Friendly, generous, kind, family-oriented, timid, shy. These are some ways that people would describe me.
I love my job.....some days. I enjoys working with kids. But I live far from my family and it's eating away at me to be far from them. Family is very important to me and it's important to me that my partner feels the same way about his.
A pet peeve: Incorrect use of prnouns I and me. This is probably the Speech Pathologist in me!

. Im ready to settle down and make someone specisl very happy.
I'm looking for someone with a sense of humour and who has respect for themselves and others, integrity, who keeps their word and follows through.

. I am looking for someone who can be honest with me and support me when I need it. Someone who will compliment my life. My friends know I will be there for them in any way I can, even if it is just someone to talk to.
I am hoping to find someone that will share some of my interests, and share their interests with me as well, but I think it is important to have some space. I am grateful that I am employed, but I look forward to vacation time.

. My family and closest friends would describe me as patient, kind, and friendly. I've been described as relaxed, easygoing, and down-to-earth. I can be very shy around new people, and once I know someone better, the funny side in me comes out.
The simple things in life make me smile - great dinner with friends, a rainbow after a storm, a funny joke.
I'm looking for someone who I get along with, who puts me at ease, and who I can be myself around. I'm looking for a friend, a lover, a partner. I think the lucky ones in life are those that can find all 3 within one person.

. I am an optimistic person who always looks for the good in people and every situation. I value honesty, integrity, respect, patience, and a positive attitude.
I am hoping to attract a person who knows what they want. I am not interested in playing games (only video or board games) or wasting each others time. I am ready to find a person to share my life with and the person I am looking for should be looking for the same.
I absolutely love to travel and I just came back from a trip in Asia. I love learning about different cultures and experiencing new things. I like to try new things and go out but equally enjoy staying in and watching movies. I like playing sports, I currently play on a dodgeball team which is tons of fun. I also go to the gym between 3-4 times a week, I'm not into weights and machines but I do take some classes including boxing.
The person I am looking for should be like minded, optimistic, positive, generous, and have similar values. They too must also love to travel and be patient and open minded.
If you want to know more just ask!

. i just want someone whom I can have a good conversation with, someone who can make me laugh and show me a good time.
I love guys who are ambitious, caring, considerate.
I love good company.
I am very easy-going.

. I'm looking for someone with a good sense of humor and adventure, someone kind and understanding, loves the outdoors and traveling. Definitely a bit of a goofball who doesn't take life too seriously :)
I love being out and trying new things, seeing new places. I'm an "army brat", although I hate that term lol but it's given me a travel bug. I would love to travel to new places. I've been to europe and lived in asia for 3 years. I do alot of photography as a hobby but I would love for it to become a career. I love creativity and a good imagination :)