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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am a simple girl looking for a simple guy to share my life with. Could it be you?
Things about me that you need to know are: I am creative, fun, caring, and very thoughtful. I value family life more than anything. I am grateful for my good health, talent, and my parents' devoted love for me. If you are a mature man who has a good head on his shoulder and knows what he wants in life you are what I am looking for. Otherwise, please don't bother contacting me.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. I seem to have come to a point in my life where random encounters are not as frequent as they were before. I never thought I would be flashing a profile on a website to seek a partner, but here I am.
I am a lawyer, but have been told that I'm an atypical one. I tend not to cross examine people on dates and I avoid fighting at all costs (even when I'm right!) The chances of me cancelling plans for work are slim to none and although I'm emotionally attached to my iPhone, it's not for work reasons. I love my job and I work damn hard at it, but my social life does not take a back seat to my profession.
I currently lead an independent lifestyle, but think that life could be much more fulfilling with someone to share it with.
And this is why i'm here...

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Hey there! Im new to this and just wanted to check things out. I am light hearted, wear my heart on my sleve type women. I like to have fun and try to make the best out of any situation.
I am Looking for a down to earth man who has ambition.I like a great smile and a wonderful sense of humor, and a man who likes to let loose and have fun.
If thats you, lets start there...
A few things about me:
I like all kinds of music but mainly hip hop, R&B. reggae, soca, and old school.
I love a good movie, going for walks, and spending time with family and friends.
I dont club much anymore but dont mind a good night out every now and then.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. i am caring loving woman,, you can make me smile by your sincere words. you can bring me anywhere as long as there's no monster out there. i like to go out, for camp, for walk but thereare time that i want to be alone.
talk to you soon.............

Date a woman from Canada. I am outgoing, intelligent, fun, family oriented type of girl. I love to get out and experience new things, hang out with family and friends and enjoy life. I want to meet someone who shares the same values and ideals as I do. He must be a positive person, with a career and a great sense of humour.
My ideal partner would be family and career oriented with integrity who treats others well, someone who is respectful, down to earth, humble, laid back, intelligent, positive and kind. I'm looking for someone who is honest, compasionate, loving, unafraid to try new things, friendly, fun and under the age of 36. I'm 31 and it's important that I can grow with my ideal partner. If that's you dont hesitate to send me an email and contact me.

Meet someone special from Canada. I am compassionate and creative, and sometimes a bit goofy. I enjoy the outdoors (sitting on a patio with a nice cold pint or going up to the cottage), dining out, laughing, checking out a live band, and hanging out with friends and family. I love to experiment in the kichen (cooking and baking)....things don't always turn out as planned but I have fun trying :) I have done quite a bit of travelling lately. I really enjoy discovering new places and new cultures. I hope to find someone who enjoys some of the same things that I do so that we can enjoy them together!

. I am a very happy, compassionate, outgoing woman. I am easy going and easy to get along with, never take life too seriously and rarely get upset. I have worked hard and am independent and successful.
I give a lot of compliments, am sincere and direct. I have found it difficult and frustrating to see the dating games people like to play as I usually don't withhold how I feel if I like someone.
Single for the first time in a decade and truly hoping to meet someone who I could also consider my best friend.

. I am a laid back, patient woman who is looking for someone who likes me for me. Someone who can make me laugh is also awesome. I like to go hiking, walking, and trying new things. It would be a nice change if I can meet a guy who doesn't play head games and tells it like it is!

. I am a hard working and driven at the same time as being fun loving - I am always willing to try something new and find enjoyment in everything I do! I am very social; I am always willing to meet new people and try something new.
I am a fairly busy person. I am passionate about my career but I am trying to not let it be as consuming as it has been in the past. I go to the gym 3 times a week and I love it. I have also started to run and I am a running coach for a group of teen girls. I also enjoy reading and I try to read every night before I go to bed. I like doing pretty much anything as long as it is with good company. I don't really like watching sports on tv but I love going to live sporting events. I like to find interesting things to do on the weekends like going to the Food and Wine expo or an exhibit at the ROM. I also enjoy just staying in a cooking a good meal and watching a movie on a Friday night.
I am looking for someone who has strong family values as I am close to my family and think family is important in life! I am an aunt and I spoil my nephew! I also value having strong friendships in life as they are the people are always there to see you through tough times and great times (like the 6 bridal parties I have been in and my relationship with my Godson!)
This is a snapshot of who I am and I look forward to getting to know someone in more depth!

- Moved to Toronto from Montreal 5 years ago to go back to school and be closer to my family
- Graduated a year ago and am constantly surprised and delighted by just how much I love my job.
- Things that are awesome: CBC radio, audio books, good conversation over drinks, good food, skiing/camping, BBQs, patios, sangria, napping in a hammock, sharing a hammock, travelling around the world, the beach, xkcd, the oatmeal, languages, etymology, family and friends, my insanely affectionate cat, board games, card games, word games, silly games, games... video games not so much.
I am a very social person - I love meeting friends for drinks, dinner, brunch, bbq's and board game nights. I enjoy meeting new people, but my ideal night out would be with a group of good friends, over food or drinks or just at someone's place for a games night. I am quite close to my family and have 3 siblings that i consider good friends. Despite the fact that we are a little scattered around the world, we all talk and email regularly and really enjoy our reunions in our home base of Toronto.
I am very much into travelling and had the good fortune to travel quite a bit in my life. Of everywhere IРІР‚в„ўve been so far, I think my three favorites were Turkey, Panama, and Thailand. All three have the perfect mix: a fascinatingly different culture and interesting historical context, with a good dose of beautiful coast lines and beaches to round it off!
I have a bit of a geeky side. I love smart conversation and nerdy science jokes. I love playing board games (settlers anyone?), cards (recently discovered poker!) and I am always up for a game of charades or some such variant. I also have a soft spot for karaoke and can occasionally be found at Bmb in koreatown with a group of friends after a night out in the annex.
I enjoy learning about other cultures, languages/linguistics, history, and such. In fact, I tend to love learning about anything new, and can be fascinated by conversations about just about anything. If you are the walking encyclopedia type, we will probably get along ;) Similarly I love listening to lectures, whether in person, podcasts or radio. There is something I just love about learning new things by listening - as much as I love reading, it's just not the same somehow!
I am a pretty active person, and while I love a lazy Saturday morning, I'm not the type to spend the day inside and always need to get out of the house after a bit, even if it's only for brunch and a walk. I really enjoy the outdoors, and love skiing and nature walks (“hiking” might be an exaggeration). I'm no extreme outdoor type though - it's nice to get away here and there, but I'm too much of a city girl to want to leave every weekend. I love to walk, and try to walk everywhere I go when I can. That said I've been surprised to find just how much I enjoy driving now that I have to for my job.
- warm, sociable, open hearted, generous with your time and able to take a lot of joy in simple and silly things.
- quick to laughter and slow to annoyance.
- into family and friends, but ultimately put your relationship first,
- into good conversation and feeling close to your partner. I truly believe the best relationships are based on a strong basis of friendship and comraderie.
- like to read and learn about the world and share your thoughts/ideas (without turning every conversation into a debate!)
- someone who takes life seriously enough to plan for the future, save for retirement, and do all the things that grown ups do, and yet someone who is relaxed and enjoys life, who approaches the world with humor and the knowledge that in the end no matter what surprises life throws at us, things will always be ok.
- Someone who likes to see the good in people and finds humor in the vagaries of every day life.
- Someone who has a positive outlook and is optimistic about life that enough? ;)

. I love the outdoors and trying new things. I would like to find someone who enjoys the same things. Someone who is up to just stay in and relax or going out to try new things and spend time with friends. I love to laugh and is looking for someone who is not affraid to laugh at themselves every once and a while. I love to laugh and spend time doing things that make me. I am looking for someone is outgoing and funny. Someone who is adventerous and up for anything.

. I am grateful for being surrounded by inspiring and positive people. I have lived and learned in many aspects of my life and I believe falling and scraping your knees helps build resilience. I don't believe in coincidences, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and doing unto others as you would like done to you.... karma.
I would love to meet someone that wants to experience all that life has to offer...traveling, family, friends, adventures and the unknown.
Someone that still values the delicacy of a woman and respects them. A man, who is looking for a real realtionship and is not afraid to work for it.
So, good luck and Carpe Diem. Anything and everything can change in the matter of moments.....

. Originally a small town girl and now looking for someone sweet in the city. I live life to the fullest and looking for someone who enjoys it just as much:). I live for Sunday mornings and enjoying the day. The simple things in life are what truly make me smile the most.

. I am looking for someone to meet someone that's interested in long term relationship, with a good heart and a good sense of humour. My ideal weekend would be, checking out new shops on Queen W, hiking with my dog, weekend trip to somewhere new, or just curl up at home and snuggle.

. Im recently separated and not looking for anything serious. I am a mom of one and that will always be my number one priority. Just looking to see if this is the way to go. I am a hard working, kinda shy, loyal caring person who would be content to meet for coffee and conversation