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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm looking for someone that is trustworthy,funny loves to laugh,loves going out for dinner and or movies. Someone who loves staying in and enjoying a glass of wine. Someone who is close to their family. Someone's who full of life and wants to share that with me. I describe myself as a open hearted women. I love spending time with my family and close friends. I love hosting at home and also love to go out for a nice quiet dinner.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. II'm a active, outgoing person, looking for someone that will compliment me, not complete me. Someone who can keep up with me and enjoys travelling, staying active and can challenge me. Must love dogs!

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Simple, down-to-earth,and likeable - that's me in a nutshell.
I believe in fairytales and magic dust. I believe that there is some speck of hope even in the darkest darkness.I believe giving is a gift itself.I believe in putting my best foot forward(well, most of the time).
I love hanging out with (good) friends and family.I place a very high value on friends and family.I'm not much of a drinker and i don't smoke either.But anywhere there's good food, you can definitely count me in.
I'm looking for intellectually stimulating conversation. I like a person who is natural and uncomplicated(mind you, i do have a wee bit of drama), a person who can appreciate the simple things in life.A man that can cook and make me laugh is sure to win me over.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. so, i'm a dork. it's something you'd find out quickly anyway, may as well not hide it. and when i say 'dork'.. it's a pretty broad-spectrum word... ask, you'll see. all good though :)
really i'm pretty basic.. if i could live in jeans, a hoodie and flipflops 90% of the time, i'd be a girl in heaven. i listen to music constantly, be it country or r&b phases.. i always wind up back at the basics, the standards: pearl jam, NIN, disturbed, soundgarden, 311, rage. movies are always great.. though i haven't taken much time for them lately, my scary movie issues are problematic (when i say "scary", it's the psycho-killer kind... vamps 'n zombies rock). i'm working to get past 'em. as of now, i can watch most things as long as it's the middle of the afternoon, i'm not home alone, and i have a blanket to hide under if i get freaked out. :D yup... sad.
there.. i've covered the "here, talk about these topics" portion of the profile :)
the most important thing i'm looking for here though, if it finds me... is someone to make me laugh, it's a necessity. i'm a goof, ya need to be too, or at least be able to shake your head and smile at it. cuddling on a couch needs to be JUST as much of an option as goin to the bar, which.. by the way, i'm totally game for too.
alright.. anything further, ask. i'm here.... here... being five minutes from the buffalo, ny border... amazing how that causes such an issue with people :P

Date a woman from Canada. hi my name is candy i'm 29 years old live alone with my cat i would love to meet a guy who is sensitive to my feelings and is ok with my past also would love to go out with me but you should also know that i am in a fellowship called CA and AA also go to meetings every night.

Meet someone special from Canada. Who am I.. suppose that could be a loaded question.
Well.. I am a person who is driven, goal oriented but at the same time able to laugh, relax and have fun. I tend to see the glass as half full instead of empty and feel that is a waste of time to be negative in life. Such a waste of both time and energy!
I am balanced, have my life somewhat figured out but at the same time able to adjust to the ebb and flow of life as not everything is set in stone.
Odd things make me laugh... when people fall, yes I know it isn't nice but you have to admit that we all giggle in side.
My match...
Well someone one who can carry on a conversation, is generally a happy person both at work and at home. Has a sense of adventure as we all know being spontaneous is just FUN! At the same time driven in life and able to constantly learn.

. I'm an honest, hard-working person who lives and works in the city. I make the time to get out and about whenever possible, whether its exploring a new part of town with friends, trying out a new restaurant for dinner or brunch, or something simple like staying in to cook a new dish or watch a movie. Traveling is probably one of my biggest passions and I always look forward to planning my next vacation, whether it's to a new destination or one that I've already visited. I'm not an 'adventure' traveler but I travel to places such that I can soak in its culture, sights, and of course, food.
I'm looking for someone who is serious and is willing to put in the effort into developing a long-term relationship, and eventually having a family. As such, I would appreciate that you share this same long-term goal, otherwise, I don't think we will be compatible. I also appreciate messages but more appreciate meeting in person, if it seems like we have some things in common. Meeting in person is really the only way we can get a better sense of compatibility.
I'm here with an open-mind, and I hope you are as well.

. I have a strong and independent personality. I'm optimistic / positive, adventure seeking, loyal and always up for a good time. I smile and laugh A LOT! (but know when I need to be serious....)
I am looking for someone who enjoys life as much as I do. Someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously (or expect me to either!). I love a challenge - whether it be friendly competition, sharp wit, broad conversation, or trying new things. I always want to be kept on my toes!
I am a music junkie, love many types! Most passionate about Canadian Indie music. I love discovering new bands / artists and seeing live shows in small venues with big character.
Family and friends are very important to me - and need to be important to the people who are important to me!
I play most sports at a recreational level and run road races to keep myself motivated!

. I've done the online dating thing on other sites with NO luck. Thought I'd give this one a try.
Let's start by saying if you don't have something of substance to say to me don't even bother. Not being mean I'm just tired of getting messages about my looks. Believe me I am more than just your average girl. Intellect is a must. I enjoy a good conversation and think that communication is a must in any relationship.
Who am I?
I'm an easy going, fun loving girl who works hard and puts my all into everything I do.
I've working with the same company for almost 8 years now and I love what I do.
I am very dedicated to working out and eating healthy. I live a very active lifestyle.
I enjoy listening to music and love to dance even if I'm not all that great at it.
Family and friends mean a lot to me.
I have many tattoos and plan on getting more.
What am I looking for?
A guy who can make me laugh. Someone who has goals and aspirations. A love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle would be great. Honest, loyal and caring. Someone who is willing to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world. if you think you're up to it...I hope I will be hearing from you.

. Fun loving, great sense of humour, wants to make a difference in the world and will inspire others to get up to really big things in their life.....Enough about you... Here's a little bit about me. I work in human rights and development and I'm really passionate about what I do. I highly value family and my connections to people and places. Travel sits high the list of things I love to do. I find I'm discovering new things to love all the time and I'm open to novel experiences!

. Hello,
I am honest, reliable, fun, hard working, autonomous, social, educated, grounded, motivated, and passionate. I love gardening, cooking, reading, travel, wine & my very large European family. I have three brothers and a sister; several neices and nephews and two sets of parents. I love my extended family, they mean the world to me.
I hope to find someone who makes me laugh, but who can also be serious too. I would like someone who is honest, ambitious, adventurous, and sensitive, yet masculine. I would love to travel more and find more time to read.

. I am a secure, and happy but..... Life is meant for two!
A little about myself: I enjoy travel, walking my dog, decorating, a good movie, Sunday night football and celbrating special events. I am self-sufficient, independant, honest, I have a great sense of humor, & family and friends are very important to me.
Looking for a man who ONLY has eyes for me, can brighten my world just by walking in a room, and make me laugh. No pressure! Let's just relax...... become friends & get to know each other and see what happens :)

. I am an easy-going, friendly and genuine person. Small things make me happy. I always believe to live everyday to its fullest regardless what I do. Life is to short to waste.
I enjoy my work, a webmaster which allows me to be creative. I guess that just says a lot about me. I really appreciate art. I enjoy all the beauty and wonders of life.
During my spare time, I like reading, singing, movies, excercising and volunteering in the cause I believe in. I also love learning and exploring things about other cultures.
I am looking for someone who I can connect with - a nice conversation, some laughters, simply having a good time together regardless what we do - ultimately is to find someone to share a life together. If you are genuine, kind, down-to-earth, smart and would like to know more about me, please message me. Let's see where life takes us to...

. I am tall, slim, energetic, athletic and beautiful young medical doctor practicing in Mississauga. I like to travel, enjoy sport, dramas, reading and have interest in interior decorating. I am looking for a professional match

. I am the stereotypical "good girl." I put my family first, I'm funny, loyal, honest, reliable and practical. But there is a bit of the "bad girl" in me and it takes a cetrain type to bring that side out!
My ideal short-term guy is this: someone who is fun!! Fun to talk to, fun to be with.
The long-term guy (who I doubt exists!): Someone who I can still have fun with but is ready for the real adult phase of life. Someone who understands the emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual responsibility and commitment required when two people decide to become life partners. Someone who understands me and when he doesn't, makes every effort to do so. Someone who makes my needs a priority, as I would do the same -- when that one act is reciprocated, a relationship cannot fail.