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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am a self driven individual who enjoys a challenge. I am looking for someone who will support my work ethics and enjoys to explore new adventures. I love pets, which I currently have a Golden Retriever. He sure keeps me busy.
I love to travel and explore new areas. IРІР‚в„ўve been to South America many times, explored the CaribbeanРІР‚в„ўs and visited many cities in Canada and the USA. My next adventure will be Europe.
I am looking for someone who is honest, respectful, and has a strong open communication.
I am new to this, but I am looking forward to what it has to bring.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Hi there,
I am a very open and honest person and usually say what's on my mind, even if it will get me into trouble. I love to laugh and have been told that I can be pretty funny myself and maybe just a little sarcastic at times. I am past the bar scene for the most part, but do enjoy a night out every once in a while.
I do believe physical attraction is important but so is an attractive personality. I want someone who can make me laugh, is able to hold a conversation and who I can just be myself with. That someone would need to be comfortable with expressing his thoughts and feelings. I like a guy who isn't afraid to get dirty, able to build/fix things and just generally good with your hands. I do prefer someone taller with an athletic to average build.
I am not into intimate encounters, friends with benefits, or random threesomes, so if thats what you're looking for you can just move on.
If you want to know more just ask :)

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. Hi, thanks for checking out my page!
So here is a little bit about me:
- Very active, independent, busy - hence why I'm on the site! Although my schedule is pretty packed, I definitely make time for people that are special in my life and for things that keep me balanced. And although that first phrase didn't sound like it, I'm pretty easygoing and chill :)
- I'm thankful every day for the opportunities that I've been given and hope that you would share a similar outlook
- I regularly enjoy cooking, baking, working out (plyometrics, weight training, interval training, pilates)
- Anything outdoors: camping, hiking, picnics, caving, blading, ice skating, suntanning. I'd also say surfing it was more available to me, only tried it a few times, but it was awesome!
- On more chill days I also like to stay in and watch movies, partake in sudoko challenges, have a big game of Cranium, talk about life/the world/etc
- Other things I am into: volunteering, new advances in healthcare and health program initiatives, Ted Talks, cupcakes, travelling, reduce, reuse, recycle
- Dogs are wonderful, I don't have any at the moment. Now might be a good time to say that I have a cat allergy...
- I just love music and have an ecclectic taste. I'm not nuts about any particular artist, but I enjoy most music depending on my mood: Adele, Hedley, 90's alternative, 80's retro, old skool Rnb, lovers rock culture mixes, Jah Cure, Andreena Mill, Mos Def, Kings of Leon, Anthony Hamilton, Amy Winehouse, Pink, The Hip, buddha bar mixes, kwaito…Also I adore the only 3 songs I know by MGMT: Kids, Electric Feel, and Time to Pretend.
I'm really passionate about holistic health and wellness, and recently returned to school to complete the doctor of naturopathic medicine program at CCNM. It makes me so happy to be doing something I find truly rewarding, and I'd love to help make naturopathic medicine and education accessible to those who don't have the means to access it themselves. This being said, I'm not against allopathic medicine, and I do enjoy my share of pizza and cupcakes. Maybe your share too.
I'm looking for a partner who knows himself really well and is passionate about something - a hobby, career, goal, whatever, as long as you have something going on or you are working towards :) Someone who is intelligent, sexy, adventurous, and can be a gentleman, a playful brat, and everything else in between as the situation calls for it! I'd love for my partner to be that bright spot in my day and vice versa, a best friend around whom I could just be myself. I want someone who could share with me new activities, challenges and experiences, whether we try them out together or have fun teaching each other. Family and friends are really important to me, so being with someone who gets along well with the important people in my life is huge. Having a sense of humour is also important to me, and of course there has to be chemistry!
Please note:
- If your profile indicates that you are seeking 18 year olds in your desired age range, this is definitely not a match. In fact itРІР‚в„ўs a definite turnoff. Especially if you are in your 30's or above...
- Please understand that while I'm sure you are a very nice person, I don't respond if most of your pics are in sunglasses or there are no pics at all. Also, fairly recent pictures are appreciated!

Meet someone special from Canada. i'm a nature lover............................i am approachable and trustworthy. I am aperson wants to go out, and do new things in life. i enjoy going out with my friends and family and going out for walks and visiting places we have not been to.................

Date a soulmate from Canada. Suffice to say that I am all but too human and I firmly believe that those who plant the seeds of kindness gather love.
I enjoy being around people who make me laugh and in whose company I need not pretend to be free.
I am grateful for each day I get to try and live with good intentions and for every opportunity that I am able to forgive myself and others for whatever wrong done. I am also grateful for every time I am able to put a genuine smile on someone's face.
I am profoundly fascinated by the complex vulnerabilities of the human spirit and how beautifully they humble each one of us and remind us that love is ultimately the purpose of our existence and the wisdom by which, we rise and fall, we hope and obtain strength to go on and on
I am interested in meeting a free-spirit who can compliment my eagerness to constantly learn something new and who is not afraid of journeying through the realities of life with openness

Meet a woman from Canada. What to say... this is all very new to me, I guess i will start off by telling you a bit about myself... I am currently in the process of completing my Masters in Nursing and working as a Registered Nurse. If you ask my friends they would describe me as being caring, fun-loving, trustworthy, extremely helpful and very creative.
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends as they hold high importance in my life, I also enjoy traveling to new places around the world to learn about new cultures and experience new things, however, in my downtime I like to take care of myself by shopping, going to the spa or exercising.
Overall, I don't consider myself a very picky person but the most important quality I look for in another person is honesty. For me, being honest and open with your significant other is the foundation of a relationship. Someone who is well-balanced (not afraid to express himself and appreciates me for who I am) is also very important to me.
If you're interested in getting to know me a little bit more, please feel free to send me a message and we will take it from there.

. A little about me!
I am single and a mom of a 6 year old. I am very social and love to laugh and be surrounded by fun happy people. I enjoy having friends over for dinner parties and hanging out with loved ones. I'm up to trying new things and can be spontaneous at times. I'm very family oriented and looking for someone who is as well.

. Music gets a lot of air time in my life. I love going to see live bands on any day of the week or just laying low at home with a bottle of vino and a solid playlist. I only know about 5 chords on the guitar, but I'm the Piano George of the Sultans.
I think summer is better than pizza. But every year, I still give winter the chance to prove its worth. Mainly because I have no other choice here. Last year, I took myself skating to Nathan Phillips Square. I hadn't worn skates in about 3 years, but I wasn't too shabby... until the token "one more lap" happened. I couldn't have possibly nailed the centre of my tailbone more accurately against the ice. Brutal. But at least it gave me an excuse to drink whiskey until I felt better.
I'm always honest and easy to get along with. I can be either super awkward or super not - it depends on the connection I have with that person, regardless of what the intended relationship even is. Sometimes I throw out a few expletives every other sentence if I'm really pumped about a story, but I definitely know when it's key to be well-mannered and professional. I work two jobs, one involves a lot of talking and the other involves a lot of walking. I love 'em both.
I have friends of all ages because I enjoy the company of good souls. I'm usually quite silly and I get a good kick out of the everyday behaviour of others. People are hilarious if you just watch them. All the better if you're a bit kooky yourself.

. I'd like to find someone to hang out with who is easy to talk to and laid back. I have a good sense of humour and I'm open minded. I'm bad with awkward silence so hopefully you're not. I have been told that I'm surprisingly stylish for someone with such a love of comfortable shoes. I like to run a lot so a guy who's into being active would be a bonus but I'm also good at being lazy. I don't particularly care what you read or what bands you like, so long as you're literate and like some kinda music (except maybe something super lame like Nickelback). I like people who have passion. I'm into being inspired like that. I have cats. Yeah I'm into being a crazy cat lady like that. I like tattoos and eating, too. I don't eat meat, tho. I'm a non judgmental vegetarian. I like people who treat others how they would like to be treated. That's how I roll.
My subscription on this site ends in September and I won't be renewing so act now!

. Hi,
I am a 30 year old, sober, single mother of a beautiful 3 year old girl. I am a Sales Associate with Remax and I work very hard.
I'm looking for someone who have quite dinners with, laugh, share stories and someone I can trust with my heart. Someone who is goal oriented and established in a career.
I am a vegetarian and I love cooking, photography, hockey, quiet nights, movies and art. I like getting out and going to the various events, street parties and concerts this city has to offer.
Looking forward to meeting someone honest, kind, compassionate and caring. As well, I am looking for someone who is settled down a bit and can be understanding to my hectic schedule.

. Looking for long-term love and affection, intellectual stimulation and openmindedness.
I need someone attractive, funny, motivated and willing to work to ensure that their relationship remains stable.

. I have an easy going personality and enjoy experiencing new events. My work days are rarely boring as I teach young children and each day is an adventure usually ending with a giggle and a smile. Evenings tend to be filled with relaxing nights on the sofa with either a book or a fav tv show. As the weather has been getting nicer, I have been enjoying more outdoor activities. Weekends consist of experimenting with new recipes, spending time with friends and family or enjoying whatever opportunities pop up!
Looking for someone who is able to spend relaxing nights in and adventurous days out. Someone who is able to go with the flow and add to the enjoyment. A man with his own interests but a willingness to share some of these interests together.
Only way to know if we really connect is to send an email and we can see where things may go.

. Hi, I am very easy going and caring. I value a great deal of family and friends.
I like to live a simple life. So I keep things as simple and positive as possible. Deep inside, I am very traditional minded.
I am looking for the right person for years, however still not lucky enough to find the one. I would like to date for the potential to be serious. I am looking for the click and that special connection.
For my match:
Someone I have deep connection with.
I value honesty.
Ethics are very important to me.
I am looking for someone who is willing to do the right things with his life, so he will have my deepest respect.
I am very happy in Toronto, but also willing to relocate if we are serious enough!
Email me if interested, if we do not work out as a couple, at least we can try to be friends.

. Indian girl, attractive, smart, goof sense of humor, love to cook, like to work out and watch movies. I'm thoughtful and easy going. I love dogs. I like to take long walks. I live in Scarborough. Born in Canada. I am looking for a man to spend time with. Im not interested in marriage at the moment.

. Ok, so here goes!
I enjoy discovering Toronto there are so many cool little neighbourhoods, and places to go. I also like kicking back and heading into the woods for a few days of camping. I am the most happy when I am at a bon fire with good company and good music. I like going out with friends, going to movies and discovering new restaurants.
In the summer if there is a patio close I will be on it.I enjoy red wine, but also like going for a pint now and then. I am a chef by trade so I love everything about food. No really, I will talk about different types of food a lot.
I enjoy traveling, but there are so many places that I would still like to go.
Family and friends are a large part of my life, and I enjoy spending time with them whenever possible. Work keeps me pretty busy, but I try to make time for social gatherings and fun times! I feel that balance between work and play is very important.
Pretty much, I am an easy going girl....I enjoy a night out on the town as much as I do staying in.
I am looking for someone who enjoys simple things, doesn't take life to seriously and who is able to be with me but still be able to do their own thing.
If you would like to know more feel free to send me a message.