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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I think my friends would describe me as determined, considerate and accident prone. Recently, my boss described me as "sarcastically charming"... My father has suggested I invest in a helmet for all the times I have fallen (I donРІР‚в„ўt have one, I swear). I think I missed the point about selling myself...
I have a definite career path and I am working my way there. I have a strong sense of what I want out of life and I will work hard to get it.
I have a close group of friends that I really care about. We usually go for dinner, coffee or check out a movie. I am not much into the club scene but every now and then everyone has to get out and pretend they know how to dance, usually about drink 3 I am the best dancer in the world!

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. I have an active social life and my relationships are very improtant to me. At the same time, a night in with a new recipe and bottle of wine suits me just fine. I am easy going about most things but also love a good debate. I've been described as down to earth, I know a lot of people will say they are ... but really I am down to earth.
Fun Facts:
- I can beat the original Super Mario Bros in one life
- I know all the lyrics to Shaggy's "Mr. Boombastic" and the Goldfish jingle
- Amsterdam is one of of my favorite cities
- I'm allergic to pinapple

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I enjoy the outdoors, being active (running, biking, hiking etc) and laughing till I can't breathe. Love animals, books, movies, interesting conversation, thunderstorms, art, food (in general) and travelling pretty much anywhere (mountains, oceans...resorts,'s all fun). I would consider myself open-minded, honest, hard-working and thoughtful.
Mottos I live by (at least some of the time): work hard/play hard; hope for the best, prepare for the worst; to have good ideas, you have to have lots of ideas; if you want to tell them the truth, at least make them laugh.
I am looking for someone who is kind, honest, intelligent and loyal. I prefer someone who is active and enjoys new experiences, but also likes to relax and take it easy when life calls for some R&R. Sense of humour is key. Someone who can laugh it off, see the silver lining but also take serious action, when required. I will do the same.
Looking forward to meeting someone new ;)

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am a single mother. I love horses, and the country life. I am looking for someone that would enjoy cooking together, taking walks on the trails. Someone that likes to go out once in a while but can also be content with staying in watching a movie. I am also most happy when I am helping others, children as well as adults. I am in college now working towards making a career of supporting others. My perfect match would be someone that would also be a part of this life.

Date a woman from Canada. Hi. Welcome.
I like to spend time with my friends and family. I'm open to anything. I'm into music, hiking, cooking, entertaining, reading, walking, anything really. I'll try it all once.
I have several tattoos and don't regret any. I'll likely get more over time.
I often re-read a book three or four times to rediscover parts of the story, but I'll usually only watch a movie once.
I am looking for someone to compliment me, and teach me a few new tricks. I'd like to meet someone adventurous, and exciting. Ideally, this person will also like to spend the occasional night at home, or with friends. I'm really not picky. Just meeting new people is exciting.
I work in the wine & spirits industry, so appreciation for wine and delicious cocktails would be a definite bonus!

Meet someone special from Canada. Hello All,
I'm giving this on line dating thing a shot to see where it goes. Maybe I will get lucky! (fingers crossed) Lol!
I'm looking for someone with a good sense of humour. Someone who doesn't take life too seriously and can laugh at themselves from time to time. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I have an amazing group of friends. They are very important to me and I'm looking for someone who also values their family and friends. I enjoy the outdoors and most activities that involve water. I like trying out new restaurants and absolutely love sushi and Thai food.I like to travel and experience new cultures.

. My friends say I'm easy-going, funny, kind, and creative. I am just as happy going out for a fancy dinner, watching a Sens game, or staying home to watch a movie. I like comfort and good company.
I love to socialize with friends. Whether we get together for dinner/drinks, play sports, go to a hockey game, or hit up a dance floor, I'm usually up for pretty much anything.
I am a kindergarten teacher and I love what I do! Teaching little kids is really good for my ego because they think I'm amazing no matter what I do! ;)
I'm originally from Vancouver which is where I probably get my laid back attitude from and fairly healthy lifestyle. I like to stay active. I play on a couple of sports teams and I go to the gym a few times a week. I would really like to meet someone who enjoys a similar lifestyle.

. I'm really not good at selling my self, but here goes. I'm a down to earth, laid back and like to enjoy life. I love to laugh and have a good time.
I'm looking for someone with a good sense of humor and enjoy my spare time with.
If there is anything you would like to know about me, don't be afraid and ask

. Hello,
I am looking for someone tall, who is easy going and positive. Someone who enjoys travelling, is ambitious and funny, honest and kind, would be great!
I love to cook and bake, enjoy dinners at home or out with friends, and am always looking for great cookbooks. I have a weakness for chocolate.
I am a teacher, so my weeks are pretty busy but I definitely enjoy my weekends and summer. When I'm not teaching I can be found reading, volunteering, getting together with friends, running, or just enjoying being outside. Though I'm not very good at either one, I enjoy golfing and skiing. I play on recreational teams with friends, and take exercise classes. I love music, and have a wide variety of tastes, as well as play a few instruments. I have been known to rock out while cleaning or driving, makes for some embarrassing sing along moments.

. looking for someone who knows how a woman should be treated who will like me for me and care for my son like his own...someone i can enjoy spending time with alone or with others. i am not into the game playing men only being in it for one thing if that is you please dont msg me i am wanting to get to know people and talk hang out maybe and go from there

. Let's see... I like going to the cottage and spending time outdoors as much as I can when the weather is nice. Good food is another passion of mine, but I can probably order a better dish than making one. :P. Also enjoy getting comfortable in the evening and watching a movie or catching one of my fav shows (Criminal Minds, Modern Family). When it comes to dating, I expect maturity, and will not tolerate anything but. :)

. I'm pretty relaxed and easy going. I care about people and the planet and would love to have a partner who cares about that stuff, too. I love to laugh and joke around, but I also have my serious side.
I've learned that though I really like the city, there have to be trees and water near by. To relax and reconnect, I head to the woods or the beach. I love camping, canoeing, hiking and bring my camera with me. As much as I enjoy the outdoor adventure, I also am in love with relaxing nights at home with a good movie and good company.
I'm more of a pub-and-conversation kind of girl. I enjoy film, theatre, comedy clubs, museums, and art. I also love travel. I've lived all over Canada and drove all of HWY 16 in the spring... from Masset, Haida Gwaii in BC all the way to Winnipeg, Man. Gorgeous! I still have yet to go to Newfoundland, and the Territories, but they're on my bucket list. Internationally, I've been to France and Cuba. Loved both and plan to travel more in the future.
I'm an avid reader... can't go to sleep until I've read something, even if it's just a brochure! I always have about 4 books on the go (I'm not sure that's the best way to go through a book, but there ya' have it) and will read just about anything from history to fiction to autobiography to poetry. My undergrad was in English, (I've gotten so much more relaxed about grammar since then, as you can see!!) so I have a killer collection of books (also a sweet selection of kid's lit... I was an elementary teacher at one point).
I treasure my friends and my family and do my best to have them in my life whenever possible. I savour the simple things in life... a cold beer on a patio, being cuddled up beside the fire on a cold day, a good cup of coffee, a deep conversation, even sunlight hitting a tree at that perfect angle. I enjoy life and all the beauty and wonder that comes with it.
As for what I'm looking for... I value people who value people, not things. My life is not about collecting the best of the best and if yours is, I don't think we're a match. I'm looking for a man who knows who he is,what he wants in his life, and is on his way to getting it. A man who understands himself who is not tossed around by life but a participant in it.

. Well I guess this is a different way to find Mr. Right and love..but here it goes. I am a 30 year old that likes to have fun..but is also looking for a chance at love. Looking to find someone that has their head on their shoulders...not into drama or games. I am looking for someone that is employed, confident and is happy with life..just missing the right person in their life. I do want someone that wants a family (ONE DAY!). I wish you all the luck on your search! I am looking to get back into skiing and would love to connect with someone that shares that interest.
To the older men thank you for your winks and email. I am looking for someone in my age bracket (29-37). Good luck on your search!
**to the naked men, or half naked ones..geezus leave something to the imagination** So if you have "normal pictures", and your NOT naked please stop by and say hi. Others please continue along!

. I like to keep balance with friends, family, gym and healthy food. I'm a people person and love meeting new people; new environments don't intimidate me they challenge me and I love a challenge. I take life seriously when necessary but I laugh a lot and try to make people around me feel comfortable and happy. If I can make you smile it makes me smile :)
I'm looking for someone to make me smile. Someone who likes to get out and live life. I'm hoping to meet someone with an open mind for my vegan/vegetarian lifestyle as I would have an open mind if he is not vegan/vegetarian. I'm passionate about food and prepare just about all of my meals but LOVE to go out and try new restaurants! I would hope to meet someone who is as caring for people as I am and an overall fun-loving guy.

. I am a secure and happy women, but.... life is meant for 2!!
A little bit about myself: I enjoy a nice long, quiet walk, a great movie, a good laugh with close friends, and cheering on my favorite football team.
I am a self-sufficient, independant, honest women with a great sense of humor. Family and friends are extremely important to me.
A man who ONLY has eyes for me, someone who is honest, respectful and can make me laugh time and time again.
No pressure! Let's just relax and get to know each other, and see what happens.