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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Im a part-time lecturer at the University and finishing my dissertation. I love my job, and share custody of two beautiful children.
I have no idea who Im looking for, but Ill know when I find him. I couldn't be with someone who is not stable, kind, considerate, intelligent, driven, and hard-working. Im very career focused, independent, I own a horse and ride often, but I would, like everyone, like to fall in love.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. I am young, fun loving person. I am very down to earth and I am looking for someone that wants to be in a relationship. I am caring and sweet. I am not into playing games.
I am very busy during the week with work but I enjoy my down time on the weekends. I have a great career. I am very active I workout five to six times a week. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I like to go out from time to time but I am not into the bar scene.
I love to travel and spend lots of time outdoors when the weather is warm.
I enjoy cooking and and going out to eat as well.
I am looking for someone who is confident, caring and wants to be in a relationship.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'm happy and cheerful, big hearted, loyal, smart, thoughtful, and witty. I LOVE to laugh hard and often. I come from a very close family and surround myself with some exceptional friends.
Fitness is an integral part of my life, and I would consider myself a healthy foodie (with the occasional treat!). I also like going for walks and enjoying nature. I have a creative design side, and work in the Retail industry, but I treasure the simple moments with the people I love the most. I also have a tendency to say phrases only someone's grandma might say, but that's just part of my regional charm!
I am looking for someone who is loving, active, intelligent, loyal, honest, enjoys nature and exploring new cities. Being polite and thoughtful go a long way with me. Someone that can make me laugh and has a sense of humour is a definite must.
I'm not looking to just mess around here so if that is your intent, then need not apply please!

Meet someone special from Canada. I am a very special girl, and I am looking for a special man in my life. If you are intelligent, sincere and have good sense of humor, we will definitely match each other well. But I also think that two loving people can be different, can have different characters and views for life, and this will make them even more interesting for each other. I want to explore my future beloved man, to understand him and to support him in any situation. I am very serious about my search, and I am looking for a man who has serious plans for the future family. Being a giver, I need someone who will give me his love back. My future beloved man will always be surrounded with my love and attention.

Date a woman from Canada. Am a Barbie looking for my ken! Love guys who can make u laugh . Ok so i suck when i have to talk about my self ,my friends would say i was soft hearted and a great cook who loves to dance .Am grateful for family and friends.Am a nice dresser and i love Soccer and cars and bikes pretty much anything that goes shopping hair and shoes lol very girly for sure! love going to clubs hanging out and chilling with friends by pool or beach and in summer the patios.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. My friends would describe me as loyal; I'm there when you need me and will lend an ear if you need someone to vent to. I do admit I'm not very good at giving instant advice; I think, process and then tell you my thoughts. I'm also pretty hard working, I put my all in everything I do.
I'm grateful for my friends, and my family. I come from a close extended family, they are the people who feed you, love you and drive you crazy all at the same time!
The most important quality I am looking for is someone who compliments my personality as well as my work ethic. Someone who brings different knowledge and experiences to the table so we can strike up good conversation and share a few laughs!

. I know what I want in life.
I have a great job that I love.
I have a good supportive family.
I like to have fun and try new things.
My friends would describe me as fun, reliable, and easy to be around.
I like going out to local bars and restaurants, but also like staying in and watching a movie
I like NASCAR a lot, and go to a couple of races a year.

. YOU: I'm looking for a gentleman who is charismatic, loyal, honest, generous and hilarious. Also, chivalry is very important to me. Either you have it or you don't and if you don't...well, it's just not going to work. I need a man with depth, it's important for me to always be learning about/from my partner. It'll help that my partner is patient and kind since I'm not always the most organized, but if you like me you'll think it's cute.
ME: I'm adventurous and always looking for new experiences. I'm passionate about getting to know my city (Toronto) and trying new restaurants. I like to keep active whether it's hitting the gym, going for a run or walking my dog Ruby. I'm sweet and playful and have a lot of love to give, but it does take some time to crack my shell. I also enjoy my R&R which usually involves kicking up my feet and a bottle of wine.
Things that I love most:
friends and family, my dog, travel, hot sauce, coffee, music, cupcakes, the beach, red liquorice, food and wine, laughing, sunshine, fashion, my MAC, and LOVE.
**NOTE: If you are the following you need not apply... cheap, mean, super religious, you wear white pants and shoes with the exception of sneakers, are perpetual partier, have poor hygiene, don't eat carbs, and don't like dogs.
I know what I want and what I'm looking for. I'm ready for the next chapter in my book...who knows what will happen, but I'm excited to find out :)

. Someone is is smart, well rounded, knows how to have fun anywhere. Someone who is into travel and not afraid to explore new countries and cultures. Someone who is open and willing to grow, but not grow up.

. I'm smart, successful and kind. Beautiful, but not overdone or high maintenance. Wondering why the lack of photos? It's a small town and I'd like to maintain some privacy!
I like keeping fit and eating healthfully. You can usually find me at the gym, outside walking, canoeing, camping (nature kind of recharges me)... Or inside with a coffee and a book (either a thinker or a quick-read spy novel). I love to learn and talk about what's going on in the world.
I have a great career in a creative field. I've done a bit of traveling and love visiting new cultures and ways of doing things.
I'm looking for a healthy, happy and ambitious person with a career they love. Someone who takes good care of their mind and body. I'm not necessarily looking for anything long-term right off the bat, but if the right person comes along, who knows?
If you think this sounds like you and we might hit it off, drop me a line!

. Hey guys! I haven't visited the site since I created my profile, but I've decided I'm really ready to start dating. My profile was pretty lousy so I've decided to change it up. So bear with me while I make some much-needed changes!
Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I like to think I'm easy going, fun and smart, but if you're intersted, please send me a message and find out for yourself!

. As I'm trying to write up this description of myself, I've come to realize that I am much better in person than I am trying to describe myself on a computer screen! Here goes ...
A little bit about me - my life can be a little bit hectic, like most of us on here, I imagine, and I'm always running from one thing to the next. I would say that I'm pretty career-focused; I love my job, and it keeps me challenged – but it's not my entire life. My friends and family always come first, and I would consider myself a pretty loyal person. I'm definitely an extrovert, and I think living in Toronto has made me more so, but I can be a bit introverted at times – until I know someone and feel comfortable with them, I can be a little bit shy. But once I'm comfortable, watch out, I may talk your ear off! I love to laugh but I also have a bit of a serious side, and love nothing more than curling up with a fantastic book.
So, the million dollar question – what am I looking for? I'm looking to meet someone who is career-oriented, but who is able to shut it down and have fun as well. I love to travel and would love someone to travel with – although the all-inclusive vacation is fantastic (and don't get me wrong, I'll never say no to a beach vacation), I'm a big fan of seeing new cities, finding those great restaurants that others may not know about, and trying to experience the real culture of a new place. I'm very family oriented, so I'm hoping to find someone who is also close with their family. Someone who appreciates fitness, and staying active, is also a plus. In general, someone who loves to laugh, and who loves to be social and try new restaurants and places in this great city of ours, but who will drop everything and head to the cottage for a relaxing weekend at a moment's notice. And of course ... there has to be chemistry ...

. My name is Lallaine, and if you can pronounce that right on the first try, I already like you! If you canРІР‚в„ўt though, I promise I'm not keeping score. Now to get you intrigued enough to send me a message.
I am an extremely passionate person, I will never do something with half a heart. It's a way I can ensure a smile is always on my face, but have found it's also one of my major downfalls. I am an open book on almost every subject, but I won't tell you everything in one go, let's keep some mysteries to be discovered shall we?
I care about everyone in my life (my friends are my family, and my family are my friends) that is until you prove you aren't worth my thoughts. But I also believe in second chances, life is too short for grudges and if I can build a bond, why can't I rebuild one? I know, I know I'm a walking contradiction, blame that on my ENFJ personality. ENFJ you ask? Google it, it's me to the T.
I love sports, specifically watching sports. Shopping really isn’t my thing, I usually know what I want before I'm even in a mall. I LOVE to cook and bake (I'm always on the hunt for new taste testers. I'm a big bibliophile and a scrabble geek. I am an extreme right-brain; creativity – visuals, audio, everything really – inspires and runs my world. And as you can see, I'm a bit of a chatty Cathy.
// You - The "Short" List
I am looking for someone to share laughs with and smiles, to enjoy life with all of its surprises; someone that inspires me to be great and someone that I can inspire the same thing; that can sit at home and read a book all night, or go out and be social too; makes me feel safe in his company; knows how to cuddle; communicates and is consistent in actions and words.
There’s so much more and I'm sure if you're looking for the same thing I am your list is just as long. I'd love to hear yours. So If you've made it this far and you're just a tiny bit curious … well all you have to do is ask, I'm a bad liar!
WARNING: If you're posting up with half naked pictures or looking for a girl who will do the same on here, then you can move right along, it won't happen. If you're just looking for someone to play around with, I'm definitely not who you seek. Intimate encounters? That's down the block two lefts and a right.

. I am smart, fun-loving, down to earth girl looking for someone to share the precious moments of life. I am independent and confident with a good blend of eastern and western cultures. I am looking for someone with similar values.
A good sense of humour is essential in any relationship. I enjoy travelling, trying new restaurants, watching movies or even just relaxingcooking at home and last but not least, absolutely love to dance!
If you would like to know more just ask. :)

. UHmmm... Im loyal, nice, civil, real, no pretenses, loves humour and intellect combined, i'd love to go on adventures but not so much of a sports fan, quite busy with so many changes in my life but will stop and spend time with someone who deserves my time... dunno what to say at this point yet, just checking this site to see what it has to offer me...