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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I"m supposed to write about me and who I'm looking for, so here goes...
I am a down to earth, casual person, family is huge part of my life and I enjoy spending time with them. I have a close circle of friends, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to meeting new people. I love venturing into the unknown and travelling to new places. I have been around the world but there are still many places that I want to see, and plenty of things that I would like to do.
When it comes to spending time at home that usually involves reading a good book on the balcony, or painting while listening to some classic rock. I try to get up to the cottage as much as possible, there is nothing like sitting on the dock with a cold beer in the summer, or hitting the slopes on a beautiful sunny winters day.
I'm a tad bit sarcastic, so this online thing has been hard, I sometimes forget that not everyone is going to read things the way that I intend them to, and sometimes people think I'm just a jerk. I have a good sense of humor and I'm rarely in a bad mood, I try to have fun no matter what i do, but I have discovered that I'm too old for the bars in Ottawa, they are just not that much fun anymore.
I'm looking for someone that knows who he is, has a great sense of humor
, someone that is comfortable meeting new people and trying new things, especially when it comes to eating and travelling. Ultimately I'm looking for a long term relationship, but I'm a realistic and know that doesn't come easily. I'm at that point in my life where I want to settle down.
If any of this interests you, please feel free to ask more

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am a fun loving, yet driven woman who is looking for someone to settle down with. I have a good sense of humour and love to laugh. I need a person who is stable, dependable, trustworthy, and has a great sense of humour. Someone who has a drive for life, and motivates me to be the best that I can in all that I do.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm funny, outgoing. I have an active lifestyle and hope to ind someone who does too. There's never really any dull moments in my life.
People close to me describe as sweet and loyal. I produce a fun and enjoyable atmosphere around me. They see me as someone who is fearless and strongly passionate.
I enjoy attending sporting events rather then watching them on tv.

Meet someone special from Canada. I'm a fun loving person who also knows how to be serious when the time calls for it. My motto in life is: always try your best, and when all else fails--pray. I've worked very hard with my career and now am looking to find a life partner to celebrate life

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am someone who loves to learn new things each and every day = whether that's in my personal life or professional one. I enjoy travelling and would like to see as much of this world as I can. My friends and family are the greatest people and are very important in my life. I grew up in a small town which I think helped make me the person I am today. Although being from a small town I love living in Toronto. I am looking for someone who's kind, generous and will make me laugh.

Meet a woman from Canada. I'm an honest and intelligent person, looking for the same in a man. I have an awesome job I love. I like to laugh and make people laugh.
I think it's important to look on the bright side of things and live life. I have a sarcastic sense of humour and I can appreciate the same.
I am looking for someone I can live, laugh and be happy with, yes it's cliche, but really it's true. I am focused on my dreams and goals, I would like to find a man who is the same.
The picture I have definitely needs to be updated, I'm much small than when that photo was taken, it's a bit out dated.

. Sociable, goal & family oriented and like to have a good time. Love all things godly. I love church. Love movies and food. Right now i'm busy with work so i dont go out a lot.
Im trying this at the suggestion of a friend. Can't believe I'm doing it, but whatever. I am ready to settle down and start life with someone special, and if this is a way to meet someone, why not try.

. I am just out here looking to see who else is out here and if I find someone I click with that's great! I'm new back into the dating scene. I really don't know what to write here. I wish I could come up with one of those fantastic witty profiles that would have all the men swooning... but then swooning men might not be my thing, but maybe they are... see, this opens up a whole can of worms. Maybe we'll just chat and see where it goes... deal?

. Hi everyone, well I'm taking my chance to meet new people, build friendships and hopefully a relationship. I moved here Canada few years ago, since then had not have the chance or time to build my social life since I've been really busy working. Now, I feel like I need to settle down and have the family that I'll always dreamed of.
Here are some descriptions of my personality: Often people and friends describe me as being funny, open-minded, kind, patient. I guess these are some of the impressions that people have of me as they get to know me. I would describe myself as being funny, loyal, sincere, romantic, kind, hard-worker, and very passionate about life, friends, and family.
I don't ask much about my date, thus, being sincere, romantic, heart-kind, and to value women in all aspects.
Hopefully, I'll find interesting dates, and with God's blessings my complement.

. I am outgoing and happy by nature. My friends would describe as caring, with a good sense of humour and pretty easy going. My family and friends come first in my life and a close second is my work with kids and teens (which is a blast!). I am looking for a relationship, but even more important, I'm looking for someone who is fun and interesting and thinks the same thing about me.
I am someone who enjoys all that life has to offer. I'm usually taking a class, playing a sport, taking on a project at home, or trying to find someone to fix my latest DIY attempt. In a relationship I like to spend time together, but I also like maintaining separate interests. I may choose my girls over watching you play an 11pm hockey game, but I really do enjoy sharing my life and being a part of yours! I'm a person who is affectionate and caring ... in a relationship I'm the same. It's important to me to do the small things like cooking a favourite dinner or remembering what goes in your coffee, and it's the small things that make me the happiest! Cleaning the snow off my car or wishing me luck with a big meeting will honestly win my heart every time.
I am looking for someone who is interested in finding out who they are and what they want for themselves; and is working hard to meet their goals. I want a relationship where my partner and I can have a great conversation, rely on eachother for support when we need it and just as easily, fall down laughing over something ridiculous! I'm happiest heading to the cottage for a weekend, hanging out with good friends and nothing beats the dance floor at a wedding... so send me a message if that sounds like some of your favourite things too!

. Hey,
I would like to think I'm an easy going, fun loving, independent women who is looking for someone to share those special moments with. I love sports, and play and coach as much as a I can. I enjoy lazy days at the cottage, or spontaneous adventures. Looking for someone who has some similar interests.

. My close friends would most likely describe me as someone who is serious when need be and works long hours but enjoys life and takes it as it comes.
I am very greatful for my friends and family and for the freedom to be able to live my life on my own terms.

. I am pretty much looking for a best friend/life partner!
Someone who doesn't judge others. Someone who accepts me for me!
I am unique... my friends and family would say that but maybe with different words!
I am in a life transition right now but I plan to move on soon enough... well as soon as the right opportunity comes along.

. So after a long break from the dating world, I am jumping back in. A little about me: I have a great career, and while shift work isn's all perks, the extra days off are worth it. If you'd like to know more, feel free to email. Cheers!

. i am a very outgoing person who enjoys being around people that make me laugh and take life for all that it has all to offer. I am looking to meet someone dynamic, ambitious, considerate, caring, intellegent and adventurous.