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Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I'm a honest, down to earth and rather witty female, looking for an equally amazing person to get to know and hopefully connect with. I'm looking for an honest person who is ready to have an honest and respectful relationship and who knows to have fun all at the same time!

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Be true to yourself.Dont hide the good or bad from others.Rather,allow them to love you as you are,respect your honesty and admire your confidence.
HOCKEY and BASEBALL make me smile.
Im grateful for my wonderful family and amzing friends and who knows im grateful for YOU.

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I think my close friends would say I am an outgoing person who is hard working, loyal and reliable, but also loves to have fun!
My family and friends make me smile, but so does live music, a great movie/tv show, amazing book and a glass of wine!
I am most passionate about my career as a Child and Youth Therapist and my family. My biggest accomplishment (to date) would be my educational background/career tied with purchasing my first condo.
I am looking for a "normal" guy (if there is such a thing...) who is hard-working, fun-loving and not afraid to be himself. He has to be goal-orientated and motivated, share some of the same interests and have a solid sense of humour. Family and friends should also be in his list of top 5 priorities.

Meet a woman from Canada. Play soccer, but clean up nice. Enjoy the outdoors, going to the occasional rock concert, and just hanging out. Looking for someone who is employed, and has a vehicle. Would like someone who enjoys the outdoors as well.

Date someone special from Canada. I'm looking for someone to have a great time with. To laugh with and who only brings me to life. I'm very passionate and I need someone who is passionate about life and me. Who is independent as well and has work ethic.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I'm a student and a mom, life is busy but I'd like to make time for someone who is sweet and good fun. I'd like to meet someone who is responsible and mature but doesn't take themselves too seriously.

. Iam new to this whole thing so bear with me...3 things I love is laughing ,spending time with friends and family and I love to cook! things I want to do more of is travel next big destination Italy!! if you asked a friend they would say I have a great heart and I am fun to be around.What Iam looking for in a guy is being down to earth and honest.
Ps.No pic =No reply=No IM Serial DATERS!
Thanks and good luck with your search

. I am quite the woman. Confident, to the point open minded individual who like to watch sports, listen to all types of music and loves stimulating conversation (other than sex). I am attracted to men who can 'think outside of the box', and who are also not insecure. I may seem simple but I keep a lot of observations to myself. I am not afraid to let someone know exactly what I am thinking. I believe in honesty and self respect...both ways. I like men who do not lower themselves and give in too easily. I like men who desire the same.My ideal match is someone who is open minded, patient, intelligent, sarcastic, honest, dependable, good with money management..LOL and knows AND understands how to treat a woman. The kind of guy that doesn't baby me but let's me know that he'll be there if I fall. The type of man who understands the importance of individualism in a relationship as well as team work. I like a man who keeps some things to himself....some observations...doesn't say things that don't need to be said. A man who can analyze his surroundings and support his opinions. He must be interrested in current events. He must have a natural interest in his community and social economic issues. A man who's lived poor and done or is trying to do something for himself. A man who understands the struggle...and the hustle (not in it now though). I want a man with an eclectic my own.

. I am 31 years old , single mom, tried dating the old fashioned way, meeting someone in a bar or whereever, and it just hasn't worked , i'm looking for someone who truly accepts me for me, someone whos not bothered by the fact that i have a child with someone else, he is a great little boy, and i couldn't ask for better, i want someone who can make me laugh, who can take a little fun natured teasing with a smile and give it back, someone to encourage me and encourage my son , not belittle, someone who sees in both me and my son, all that we are, and looks past all that we're not, someone who accepts that without my son there is no me, the way to MY heart is thought my son.

. I'm looking for a man who is intelligent, has a sense of humor and fun. Someone who has the same interests as me so that we can do things together and enjoy eachothers company. I'm not only looking for a boyfriend but someone who will be my bestfriend aswell.

. I seek to do good in the world and hope to meet someone who wants to do the same. I like simple things: board games, used books, cbc radio, coffee with a friend, my family, and hiking with my dog.
My ideal match is someone who has integrity, a good heart and a good sense of humour. He is a patient and motivated man who probably stands out among his friends for his goofiness as well as his smarts.

. I am a single mother of one who is looking to meet someone new to spend time with and get to know. I am loving, outgoing, sarchastic, laid back and spontaneous. I love to have fun when i can as long as my responsibilities are taken care of. I love to travel when i can and see and try new things. I am looking for someone who can be an equal all around.... someone who puts forth the same energy i do!

. I am kind and cheerful most of the time, that is unless someone gives me a reason not to be.
I go the extra mile in everything I do, or why bother in the first place.
Life can be really hard most of the's all about how you decide to get through it.

. I am a very outgoing, loving, fun, passionate women. I am looking for someone who knows what they want in a women and in life. I can be serious at times but do love to have fun and take life as it comes. I need a man that i can be confident with in any situation.
I love to cook, laugh, i enjoy dining out and exploring new places. Golf is something i took up last summer. I would love to meet someone who enjoys the game aswell and teach me a thing or two. I want a man who is confident yet has a soft side for a wonderful women!!!
I have a lot of love to give but am a One Man women. No need to settle!!

. I am sweet, caring, smart, funny, and honest. I am currently finishing up my Honours in Psychology and will be gradating this summer. I want a guy that is looking for something serious and no game playing.