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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Well, I like nature things, such as sea, beach, mountain, I would love to explore any country style village, throw myself to the local food, craft, culture. The world is too big to see it all, hopefully I have the chance to see it as much as possible. People say we should dream big, but I don't really, all I don't expect more than I need, simple and realistic.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I'll start by saying Im a happy fun and somewhat motivated person (depending on the day and what i need to be motivated for lol) I Work a job that i actually like to do, which i guess is an important part of being happy. Some of the things I like... curling up and enjoying a good book, hittin the drive in for a movie marathon, inventing some kind of new recipeto try. I play video games, i watch hockey, but im also a girly girl in all aspects of the words.
Somethings I look for in a guy, ummmm someone who can make me laugh, someone who knows its the little things that count, someone who has ambition, someone who isnt afraid to be goofy at times, or isnt afraid to be around me when im being goofy. All in all i would love to meet someone who i can make memories with.
OK... going through this site there are some alarming things I've noticed.... I want to inform you gentlemen (or not so gentlemen) that showing off your car, boat, motorcycle, house and other possessions does not impress me. It just tells me your more about what you have then what is real. Im looking for what is real and i dont care what my Mr. Right has as long as he respects me and treats me like a lady should be treated.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I am a kind, sweet, and an outgoing girl who enjoys life to the fullest! I think of the glass as half full and try to see the positive in most situations. I love being out with my friends and having a good time. I can be the life of a party but I also can enjoy a quiet night in. I am looking for a man who is into trying new things and who is spontaneous and fun.

Meet someone special from Canada. Easy goin', fun lovin', career driven gal. In my spare time I enjoy meeting up with friends, playing dodgeball, baseball and cycling. Playing sports are certainly a passion and although I play to win, IРІР‚в„ўm in it much more for the social aspect.
When in РІР‚?work modeРІР‚в„ў IРІР‚в„ўm a rather focused and ambitious individual and am quite proud of my accomplishments to date. But IРІР‚в„ўll get to know you a bit before I bore you with those details.
Outside of work and the aforementioned sports, I consider myself on the shy side until I get to know somebody. Once comfortable, then the real me begins to surface! Although I enjoy hanging out and having a few laughs with friends, IРІР‚в„ўm comfortable spending time alone too. I most value a sense of humour (mine tends to border on the sarcastic side) and honest, down-to-earth qualities in both friends and partners and I like to think I provide the same

Date a soulmate from Canada. Hey, I like to have fun and try new things. I like to entertain and cook for others. Most of all people tell me I'm a very loyal friend. I would do anything to help the people special to me. I'm also told I'm the life of the party... Want to find out for yourself, message me!

Meet a woman from Canada. Looking to meet people who are open to trying new things and love to travel. As sesse of humour is very important as well as self confidence but not arrogance. I like outgoing, adventurous people who are broadminded and career orientated.

. Like most people, I'm online in the hopes of meeting someone I wouldn't otherwise come into contact with in my daily life. I've been teaching for eight years now, and work has not been the place to meet many eligible bachelors...not unless I want to be featured in a Jay Leno monologue! I have a great family, amazing friends, and a career I love, but it would be nice to have someone to share all that with. During the school year work keeps me busy and while I love what I do, I definitely look forward to the summer. I like to spend my free time hanging out with family and friends, playing ping pong and tennis, hiking, reading, cooking, and enjoying the sunshine. Of course there are a few characteristics I'm looking for in a partner (honesty, reliability, sense of humour), but I think there's a lot to be said for basic chemistry!

. Well I am 32 year old female with brown hair and brown looking for someone who is kind carying funny and loves being around me. I like going to the movies haning out with my friends and going to the mall and I love going to the movies with that special someone

. My closest friend would describe me as :
- always knowing what she wants and goes for It
-honest, funny sense of humor
-loves animals
-loves being with family and friends( their most important to me in my life)
-quiet and shy
-book work

. I am looking for someone that is ready to settle. Caring, and that love children since i have one on my own. Someone that love to travel and that have been in different place beside Canada (Toronto). Spontaneous and understandable as well. Someone that values family and principles.

. Let me start by saying that I never know what to put in these here's my best. People closest to me describe me as outgoing, loves to laugh and laughs at everything, even things others may not find that funny(...oops) and really easy to talk to. People always notice my height when they first meet me. I'm 5'10 which I guess is tall for a girl, but I don't really see myself as being that tall, I guess it's just always how its been.
My family is really important to me. I don't have a big one, but we are really close. They make me smile and inspire and help me to get through some of the curve balls that life throws my way. My friends are also important to me. I have a close group of friends that I know will always have my back and I will have there's. Life just seems a little less crazy when you have friends around to vent to and help put things in perspective for you.
I really love what I do for a living and my career is important to me. I am always striving to learn more and be better at what I do. That being said, it is a job, a way to make a living and there are things in life that are just as or more important. I believe that there is a work life balance that needs to be achieved.
Socially, there isn't much that I don't enjoy doing, depending on the mood that strikes me. Everything from staying in watching a marathon of Quentin Tarantino movies, to going to a bar/club type of setting and spending the night on the dance floor and all the stuff in between. I love going to live events, concerts, sporting events, etc. and love to be outside in the summer months either on a patio or for a walk/hike, just enjoying the weather to the fullest extent!
I am looking for someone who is easy going, honest, funny and is not afraid to communicate honestly, even if he thinks it might not be what I want to hear. I feel that honesty and communication are so important in every relationship and both parties in the relationship should not be afraid to say how they feel. Its not an easy thing to do, but in the end, 9 times out of 10 its best to express yourself.

. Outgoing, opinionated, passionate and willing to try (almost) anything once. My hot-blooded roots tend to surface now and then, so thick skin is a must.
Looking for someone equally adventurous, funny/witty, who has a strong personality and enjoys both the simple and finer things in life. Preferably doesn't have a plethora of allergies, likes animals (cats), and also likes what he does for a living. Pessimists, naysayers and Debbie downers need not apply.
And if you expect me to be punctual or neat all the time, you'll be dissapointed.
Afinity for sports, facial hair and tattoos are a plus!

. I am a sweet, loving, intelligent and independent women looking for a man who is genuine and honest. A man who is driven and yet fun loving. A man who is kind to others and yet knows when to be protective. Someone to talk and laugh with, to experience new things with and to be myself with. Someone to get to know better and if it is meant to be then someone to work towards "something" with.
I think trust and communication are important. I like the idea of being able to walk out the door, not see each other (for however long depending on schedules) and know that there isn't even a thought (or worry). It's just a great way to live.
I Like to talk, I like to listen and I like to be quiet too. I enjoy people watching. It's relaxing and yet we can learn so much if we pay attention.
A couple of years ago I picked up my camera for the first time and fell in love. Photography is something I am pretty passionate about and one day I would like to travel with that special someone and my camera :)
I prefer smaller groups but I am comfortable in social settings. I stay away from the bar scene but I do enjoy a nice patio in the summer with great friends on occasion.
I am usually pretty easy going and like to have fun. I like to be active but i must admit it's nice to put my feet up, relax (and snuggle) too.
i love animals and enjoy being around them.
My favourite card games are euchre and texas holdem. I like to bowl and shoot pool. Volleyball, baseball, hockey (to watch) and golf or cool too.
I like to be silly at times and try to find the humour in life. Laughter is good for the soul. The more giggling the better!
Russell Peters makes me laugh :)

. I like to be around people and have fun as much as I like to just chill home and cuddle up to my special someone. I enjoy doing things last min spur of the moment. I love to laugh and appreciate how lucky I am with an amazing family, great friends and a wicked job. I am looking for an honest, loyal man. Someone looking for love and willing to be loved back.

. I think I'm a funny and intelligent woman. I sincerely try to be kind to other people, although I would guess that my close friends and family would say that I have a low tolerance for people who act aggressively and condescendingly. I'm fairly low key and relaxed most of the time, but I can get stressed about my work every now and then. My politics are left-leaning and I am not religious at all. Although I have always been a socially out-going person, since moving to North Bay I feel really content spending time at home, reading, cooking, and baking (and eating, apparently).
I've never been on a site like this before, but I'm new to North Bay and thought it might be a good space to meet people. I'm a little hesitant....but optimistic?
I am looking for someone who is confident and smart. I like men who are funny, relaxed, and athletic.