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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. Hmmm I've never been on one of these things so this I all very new to me! I figure it's a new year and to try different things!! I'm a hard working individual and enjoy hitting the gym a few times a week it keeps me sain and motivated!! I enjoy being at home watching movies or hanging out with friends and families.

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Meeting people is hard enough,meeting someone you are compatible with and someone you can eventually fall in love with is even more difficult.
I don't expect to meet the man of my dreams on this dating site, but it doesn;t hurt to try :)

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. i am a fun loving woman that likes to have a good time famliy comes frist in my life that is very important to me. i am a hair stylist and looking to have am owen business some day i'm looking for someone with the same values honest and respectful, a man that would like to get married and have kids and enjoys being around family.
trust, honesty and understanding is the foundasion of a good relationship.......

Meet someone special from Canada. I am driven & I know what I want. Once I set my goal I'm gonna do everything I can to achieve it. I live my life with 110% put forth. I like making people laugh as much as I like being surrounded by people who can make me laugh. As for my ideal match, I'm looking for someone who is trustworthy, genuinely kind hearted & smart.

Date a soulmate from Canada. I am spiritual person. I am very compassionate. I am a people person. I am a christian. I am adventurous.I am creative artist. I like to teach young children. I am known to be a strong woman in spirit and character. I have a bubbly personality and am cheerful when in a good mood. I love to cook, I am known to be a clean freak!!
I am looking for a man that is strong caring, positive, a family person. I like someone who is very responsible and puts other first. Someone who loves God and is not afraid to express it in words!! I like a man that loves his job. I like a man who has communications skills. I like a loving kind man!!I like someone who has a sense of humor. I like someone who is adventurous. I like someone who likes to cook!I like a man who knows how to romance a lady!! I like a man who is affectionate and loving and caring.I am looking for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. I am looking for compatibility! I am looking for someone who believes in God and has a personal relationship with God.

Meet a woman from Canada. I am a single mom looking for someone who is great with kids whether he has any or not,funny, has a zest for life and has no issue being romantic.My friends say Im funny and can be very sarcastic. My ideal man also has to be taller then me. I am most passionate about life

. i am simple and sweet and i love to do whatever i want whenever i want.. i am looking for the love of my life because i still feel so incomplete. i have dated a lot but need a husband. are you him? i hope you are!

. I am looking for someone who is motivated, and funny. That sounds like a great combination to me and a great compliment to my lifestyle. If I want something, I figure out a way to go get it, and I make sure I'm smiling along the way.

. Some things about me: I've got brains: I'm educated, smart, quick-witted and love to read and always be learning. I'm athletic: I run marathons, play soccer, snowboard, ski, and wakeboard; anything to get off the couch and get moving. I don't own a television. I don't believe brand names make me cool. I have many long-term friends from all my life experiences, and I love them all for exactly who they are.

. I am a very passionate person. I think that is a key ingredient in life. To find passion in life, and with the people around you. Life is too short not to jump in with both feet!
I like to try everything once...twice if I'm not sure I liked it or not! The thing that occupies most of my time right now is Roller Derby. I'm also working on opening my own store, and writing.
I'm a traveller at heart and love going everywhere and anywhere! Backpacking through Europe? Count me in! Road trip? I'm there! Camping in remote wilderness? Is there swimming? I'm in!
I'm looking for someone to share this stuff with. That's all. Share the fun, share the surprises, the excitement, the good times, the not so good. Someone who has a lust for life and an open mind.
A good time could be anything from a new adventure, to staying in with dinner and a movie.

. Single, independent female. Must like animals and children. Non-smokers only. Preferable, open to cultures and orientations. Good luck on here everyone. Stay positive and make sure to keep looking in real life too!

. So I guess I should probably tell you what i'm looking for in a guy...
I'm not picky and don't really have a 'type' but I prefer my man to be tall, but not too tall, strong, but not too strong, handsome, but not "pretty" handsome, sweet, but not sickeningly sweet, smart, but not nerdy smart, kind, but not save the world kind. So ya, if you're all that AND rich, message me ...okay, i kid! ;)
A bit about me:
I'm a well rounded, considerate, thoughtful and honest, tell-it-like-it-is kind of girl. I'm ambitious and passionate about my work (well most of it).
I'm well travelled but would love to see and experience much more given the opportunity. I have a close family and an amazing group of friends who are a huge part of my life. Some tend to think i'm shy and quiet at first but i'm quite the opposite and speak my mind when comfortable with my surroundings.
Basically what i would like to find is someone who is ambitious and intelligent. Who has a great sense of humor, of course some charm and wit wouldn't hurt either :)
I find people who are well travelled and cultured have more of an open mind, it's definitely a quality i would want in "my guy".
I don't think it really matters what you're doing on a date, it's all about who your with ;)

. I love to keep busy to be out and about!! My friend would describe and some who loves to go out and meet new people. Im not shy and i don't play games. Im a good girl, but i still luv to have FUN. Life is to short.

. Hi my name is Victoria and I freely admit I am single. I also find myself wondering if there isn't someone out there that could handle this chatty ball of energy.
I am at a place in life were I am growing into myself and would like someone to join me on my journey.
I haven't figured it all out yet but I would love to find someone to discuss the great riddles in life with.
I have a lot love and affection I would like to share with the right guy.
I may be content with spending warm nights by the fire alone but it can be a whole lot warmer and more fun with someone who could stir the flamed a little. That and chop the fire wood lol.
If you think u could be the guy let me know I'd love to hear a little about you.

. I'm a simple person who enjoys quiet get togethers with family and friends. The most important things in my life are not things but the people around me. I try to be respectful,caring and truthful with people and I would like the same in return. I enjoy my work and in the end it's all about the kids.