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Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. Ok, so I'm not going to lie. I find this whole thing pretty strange. So instead of writing a novel about who I am or what I want (because who really knows anyway until you find it?), I think I'll write a few random things about myself. Then you can make what you will from that.
So, in no particular order:
- I come from a loud, italian family (not the obnoxious kind) but am pretty laid-back myself (usually)
- I can't imagine life without music, but have little actual musical skill of my own
- Without sounding too hokey, I think it's important for people to just be plain ol' kind to each other. I have no patience for people who put others down to make themselves feel better
- I'm a sucker for a good romantic-comedy
- I probably watch too much reality tv
- I like people who like to laugh
- There is no sound better than the sound of ocean waves
- I'm not a fan of flying (which puts me in a bit of a pickle when it comes to the whole ocean waves thing), but I will do it for a worthwhile trip
- I teach special education in an elementary school and absolutely love my job

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Italian/Scottish background, fun loving, great cook, affectionate young professional who knows what it takes to make a relationship work.
You: Honest, mature, gentleman, emotionally, mentally, financially secure. Knows how to treat a lady, ready for a long term

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am a sweet and kind person. Always doing for others. I love animals and treat them with the greatest respect. I am very good at my job. I've been with Sportsnet for 11 years.
I am looking for someone who enjoys watching sports and can put up with my shift work.
Also you have to love animals as well. Dogs and cats...haha! I am always laughing, so NEVER judge your joke by my laughter. I laugh at everything!
I love camping and the summer outdoors! I could live by a campfire...LOL!
I am also an avid photographer shooting weddings and such all over Durham and Toronto. I have a need for creativity.
I grew up in a small town, Blackstock Ontario. I live in the big city now, but will always be a smalltown girl at heart!

Meet a woman from Canada. My work hard, play hard motto leads me to be at opposite ends of the personality spectrum sometimes. I am incredibly driven in my professional life, and I am the complete opposite and am incredibly laid-back in my personal life.
I always try to look at every situation in a positive light and to always have fun. If you're not laughing and enjoying life, then why bother?!
I'm here because my friends gave me a rather strong nudge. While I am outgoing and extroverted, this is completely out of my comfort zone. Oh well, what the heck...!? May as well try once. (Oh, and no players please...while I may be fun, I'm not into that kind of fun. I'm a modern woman with traditional values.)
Where I stand:
I have a fantastic family, great friends, and I'm happy with who I am and where I am in life. I would like to meet someone who is in a similar place and shares a similar outlook on life so that we can bring out the best in each other and just have fun.

Date someone special from Canada. I am down to earth, easygoing, outgoing and witty! I don't smoke and don't have kids. I like to try new things, see new places and learn new things! I love trying new restaurants and foods, day trips, going out on the town or just relaxing in and watching movies. I've got a great job, I live alone, I'm happy with myself and what I have - so what better time to see if there is someone that wants to enjoy life with me.
I'm looking for a great guy who is fun, open minded, intelligent, has a great sense of humour and has a positive attitude towards life. Someone that appreciates me and will accept me for who I am. Also someone who can bring out the best in each other! I have a strong personality, not quiet by any means - I can find fun and entertainment in almost any situation and it doesn't take much to make me smile.
I am not into the bar scene anymore, and when I am working I am doing just that so I find it hard to meet new people. I contemplated for a weeks joining and decided I have nothing to lose, so here I am. If you are interested in knowing more - don't be afraid to ask. I highly doubt you'd be able to make a decision without getting to know me first.
It'll be worth it. Promise :)

Meet a soulmate from Canada. My friends would describe me as sweet, cute, dependable, loyal, easy to get along and open minded.
I work full time and love what I do. I'm focused on achieving my career goals. Outside of work I like to workout, go to hot yoga, hang out with friends or family, watch movies, travel or try something new.
What I am looking for? Someone to share and build onto my life with. A man who is open, honest, caring, affectionate, good sense of humour, active, romantic and sensual.
If you are interested send me an email :)

. I am a hard working career oriented mother of one, looking for someone to share some laughs, dinner & drinks with.
My little man holds my heart, and will always come first, but I do have time to share my life with someone special, who knows how to respect a woman.
I enjoy the outdoors; camping, boating, jetskiing, snowboarding, bowling (quit laughing!). I've never really been into sports, but I do go to a few hockey andor baseball games a year. I'm not opposed to going occasionally.
Of course a physical attraction is important to me, but more importantly, I am looking for someone who can make me laugh. Share a couple good jokes.
Looking forward to sharing someone laughs with that special someone.

. I'm looking for someone I can have conversations with. Someone who makes me laugh and challenges me to be more than I am. It would also be great if he could dance and loves music. Last but not least I'm looking for someone who's out going and enjoys discovering new things and places.

. I'm an easy going girl who likes to have fun and laugh a lot. I enjoy heading out for dinner, or seeing a movie, going for a walk, or just grabbing a coffee/drink on patio.
I'm looking for someone who can make me laugh and likes to have fun no matter what the situation is.
If this interests you, send me a message. :)

. I consider myself creative, professional and self motivating. My family and friends would also add that I am shy and sometimes too nice. I am looking for a relationship that can lead to something beautiful or just friendship too. The kind of man that I am looking for would have to be smart, funny, caring and a true gentleman. I want to find a person that is balanced and someone who is ambitious and has goals set for himself in life. To me, simple things matter more that fancy complicated things. I guess that I am looking for Mr. Right, but the kind of Mr. Right that is meant for me and I for him.

. I'll write something in more detail later. But essentially I'm really happy with where I am at in my life right now - I have an amazing job and fantastic friends and family. Now I'm looking for the right guy to share it with. I'm looking for someone that in fun, active, intelligent and loving.

. Here's the truth about me.
I am just recently separated after 8 years. My ex and I are still very close and will remain so for the sake of our two beautiful children who are my life. In fact he still lives here in the basement temporarily but he has his own life and that's just fine with me.
I am a fulltime nursing student starting in Sept. I just moved here in the last year and I know absolutely nobody. I hate drama, I am not looking for a sugar daddy and I can take care of myself.
I seem to be getting a lot of questions about what I'm looking for and why I'm on here Let me be clear. I'm not looking for a rebound. I'm not looking for validation I don't need a man to do that. I don't want your money. I don't need a baby kids already have one and he's pretty great at it. I am not looking for a friend with benefits as we'd have to really be friends for that to happen. I'm looking for a connection. A spark. Chemistry...whatever you want to call it. If it's there you know..if it's not that's ok. I am not looking to seriously delve into a life long commitment either. I want to date you. Get to know you..hang out. Have life. If we end up falling for each other that's fantastic. If not we can be friends or go our separate ways with well wishes.
I am fun and spirited..incredibly forward, blunt and probably more than likely inappropriate (I'm dirty ok!.I'm a terribly bad flirt. I always like to be doing something and I'm usually constantly in motion. I love the outdoors, camping and pretty much will do anything for an adventure. You wanna go somewhere?? Let's go! I am very physically active and fitness is an essential part of my life not only for health but mind frame as well. What you see is what you get with me..I just like to live love and laugh.
I like to laugh so you need to be funny...and relaxed. I like stimulating conversation and friendly debates. I'm kind of quirky and have some interesting ideas. I like watching movies but not scary ones unless you enjoy nails in your arms. I'm sort of a wimp when it comes to those. I'm a closet hopeless romantic (I would never admit that in a million years..but I'm girly) and only watch those kinds of movies in my room with the lights off under a blanket so no one can see.
I am very openminded. I will never be perfect in mind (because we all make mistakes sometimes) or body (I've had two kids so honestly be fair to me although if you like curves I'm your gal). I can only strive to be better than I am. I understand everyone does things a different way and it's whatever works for you.
I can't say I'm just looking for a friend...but that's definitely where it starts. I need to go slow and frankly will probably be nervous (like giggly and possibly develop a tick) when I meet you. All I ask for is honesty..if you like me tell me..if you're not interested TELL ME!! Don't stand me up or just quit chatting leave me wondering what the hell I did wrong! Seriously what is up with that you chat me up for a couple of days and then just stop?!! I may not like what you have to say but I will respect you more if you're honest. It's a two way street. I won't leave you hanging either.
Please if you decide to message original and have something to say. Use PROPER SPELLING AND GRAMMAR! I don't get the one liners..and no I won't go out with you tonight..I don't even know you yet! Please don't send me pictures of you with your shirt off...I like pecs and all but that's not what this is about. Sorry for the lengthy read. But that's pretty much all I got right now. If you're curious about me MESSAGE ME. Don't be afraid! Not everyone responds to me either.
PS Thank you for reading my book. :

. I am a hardworking,passionate women ,am very positive in life and very grateful to be in this world. I love to laugh,I see the beauty in others and the world around me,am very caring, understanding,reliable and honest. I am very family oriented,I love children very much and I am very close to my family and friends. Family is very important to me and they come first in my life. I am happy and content and stable and secure in my world. I am a person I like to meet people from all over the world,from different races and cultures,for friends but I am also looking for that one great men who can complete my world who I can spoil and love for the rest of my life.

. My friends would describe me as being a very caring, easy going, fun and happy person. I would love to find a person who makes me laugh, who is easy going and that can bring new and exciting adventures into my life. I also want to meet someone who is confident within themselves and knows what they want in life!

. IРІР‚в„ўm a playful, passionate woman with an adventurous soul who likes snowboarding, dancing, and laughing with friends. DonРІР‚в„ўt see any of your favorites on this list? DonРІР‚в„ўt worry. What I do is less important to me than who IРІР‚в„ўm with.
If I had to choose just a few words to describe myself, IРІР‚в„ўd pick loyal, honest, fun, and independent. I can be shy when meeting new people, but I donРІР‚в„ўt stay in my shell for long. I warm up even faster with encouragement. IРІР‚в„ўm new to both Toronto and online dating, so go easy on me!
IРІР‚в„ўd like to meet a kind, outgoing man with an active lifestyle and a positive attitude who shares some of my interests and introduces me to his. Physically IРІР‚в„ўm attracted to handsome, confident guys with warm smiles. Beyond that, the qualities that matter most to me are intelligence, an open mind, and emotional strength. A down to earth personality is good. Jealousy is not.
Sound like you? I hope so. LetРІР‚в„ўs get to know each other here and see where that takes us.