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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Hi there. Well, I never thought I'd be online to find someone, but it's worth a try. I would describe myself as a sweet, confident and down-to-earth person. Love all sorts of activities-shopping, traveling, spending time with friends and family, movies, and lots more. There's much more to me but then can be left for later. I'm looking for someone who is confident, intelligent and fun. If this peeks your interest drop me a line :)

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. I've had an amazing life with great opportunities and I would love to move forward and share my life with a best friend. I am down to earth, outgoing, independent and intelligent with a goofy sense of humour. I am very active and adventurous looking for someone who values work/life balance and who is athletic and can hit the gym with me. I've partied on the beaches of Cancun, backpacked through Europe and would love to do more traveling. I am equally comfortable with a night on the town or curled up on the couch with a good book. All in all I am pretty fun and interesting and as my friends say a one of a kind. I get bored easily so stimulation is important to me and I'd love to meet someone who enjoys great conversation and adventures. I love doing different things and enjoying everything Toronto has to offer.
I would love to meet a nice, smart, funny, educated and athletic guy. Insecurities are a turn off. Confidence is a turn on.
Chilvary, Romance and Passion are also key. I have a Master's degree and value education. I would like to meet someone who also has a University education.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. It looks like everyone seems to be meeting online these days- so am going to give it a try.
I am easy to get along with, sometimes silly but mostly fun. I love watching movies- perfect way to unwind. i dont like wine but i love beer. I like good food and love to travel.
I am looking for a life partner who talks more than I do, is less implusive than i am, can cook better than me and can speak to me in a foreign language that only our hearts can understand- hehehehehe -- that was so corny!

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I am an unique lady filled with positive spirit, love, humor, talent, and wisdom to make your day! Individuals describe me as the "Sophisticated, Sweet, Strong, Stylish, Smart, Secure, Simple, and Super Sharma" ;o).
Several random facts about me (that I do on a regular basis):
* being always there for others,
* singing and dancing to Bollywood music (when no one is around :P),
* watching the news,
* praying and saying the Gayatri mantra daily,
* snacking all day (yummy fruits and nuts),
* smiling and laughing,
* hosting and organizing games at parties,
* sharing words of wisdom,
* shopping for jewellery (don't worry guys - not for real gold nor,
* listening to Hum Desi radio show,
* remembering everyone their birthday and special occasions,
* going to the library and mandir,
* giving gratitude and surprises,
* watering my plants,
* having open and honest discussions (and adding my masala humor to them) on any topic,
* doodling,
* buying gifts for my family (my mom believes she can't have enough sarees...hehehe),
* looking out the window and imagining ideas, and
* playing poker and Mortal Kombat video game.
Currently, I express my passion for dancing and Bollywood music through my dance fitness school called Bollyworks (google it to get my contact info!). It is significant for me to keep fit by jogging, biking, interval training, lifting weights, (garam) yoga, swimming, and other athletic activities. During my past time, I immerse myself in digital SLR photography, watching movies, reading, travelling (Hawaii is next on my list - would you like to join me?), attending various events and spending time with my loved ones.
As for my career, I wake up daily, looking forward to going to the hospital due to its inspirational ambience to do our best with terrific support from co-workers. My volunteering experience at the local hospital and YMCA provided me an enriching and fulfilling opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. Last but not least, I hosted a Bollywood radio show, where I can be the voice of the community.
As for a partner, I am looking for a healthy relationship with a gentleman who shares a similar personality, background, interests, and values as mine. I hope to find someone who has a big heart (like mine!!), and will love me unconditionally. In return, I will give you the world and more (sounds good to you? I hope so...). Together, we will learn, laugh, love and live each moment to the fullest.
If my profile appeals to you, then don't hesitate to contact me. Otherwise, I wish you all the best in finding a magical love that will make your life worthwhile!

Date a woman from Canada. Hi and thanks for checking out my profile! :)
About Me: Feminine, attractive and fit with blue eyes, fair skin and strawberry blonde hair. Optimistic, warm-hearted, kind, passionate, classy, enthusiastic and believes in beauty from the inside out. Always fantasizing about my next vacation! I love good conversation, being outdoors, sweaty gym sessions, fine dining and experimenting in the kitchen.
About My Match: A Type A alpha male. You ask and are confident that you'll receive. You know you deserve the best, and accept no less. You play to win and you are a man of principle. You would like to meet a woman that respects and inspires you mentally, physically and emotionally.
If you think we could be a fit, I'd love to hear your thoughts and see your picture? Thank you!

Meet someone special from Canada. I find it difficult to summarize anything in these paragraphs. However, I am looking for someone I can have an interesting conversation with. Some with whom I can laugh at the absurdities of life. Someone to enjoy spending time with.

. I am described as:
-A "smart ass"
-Playful, etc,etc.
I am a very "playful" person who doesn't want to lose the kid inside! I'm NEVER going to stop watching cartoons, Teletoon is by far one of my favourite channels, but I also have a serious, mature side. I am a laid-back, casual type of person (low maintenance). I would much rather roll up my sleeves and get dirty then worry about if I'm going to break a nail!
I am looking to become more active this summer. I want to do some hiking and take up indoor rock climbing or go horseback riding.
YOU should be:
-Have a moral compass
-Have a silly sense of humour
-Not do drugs
-Have a sense of loyalty
-Career or goal oriented
This continues, but I think you get the idea.
I'm really looking for someone who can become my best friend and also a "partner in crime."
If you can make me're in!!
Thanks for stoppping by...Q & A anyone?

. Im rogger just a beaut and ilove people places and thing i hope you love me too cause im just an amazing guy and just a sick guy god but id love to hang out with poeple and ihave had alot of girls in the past like alot

. Hello there,
This part of my profile is still work in process, so please bear with me.
My closest friends would describe me as:
Good heart
I am looking for a person who is intellectually stimulating, reliable, well traveled, has good values.

. im very kind and very loving and i want a man that is honest and loves me for who i am. i want a man that knows how to romance and make his partner a relationship i am looking for a person who is active ... and is mature...he should also have respect for not only his family but also my family

. I'm looking for a lifetime partner. A partner who I can trust with, a partner who knows to love, knows how to respect, an open minded and most especially "a responsible man"..Good looking is not necessary because what matters to me most is the attitude.

. Me:
A picnic in the park is my ideal way to spend the afternoon.
I'm a naturally positive person.
I like my job and Im good at it.
I need to explore the world.
I read.
I have really long eyelashes which rub against my sunglasses.
I'm entrepreneurial.
Prefer vintage over modern.
Wish i knew more about politics.
Am a decent cook.
Intimacy is important to me.
Im a girly girl.
Strong- emotionally and getting there physically.
Dogs and babies really like me.
Can fit in pretty much anywhere.
Am more productive with music.
Im nice to everyone.
Like my wine red or white but not rose unless its bubbly.
My family are like my friends and my friends, family.
Inspire people.
Know what you want (or actively trying to figure it out).
Lover not a fighter but could kick butt if necessary.
Trying to bring chivalry back.
Are good to your friends and family.
Not into dramatic women.
Strive to know about your environment and the world.
Open minded.
Not afraid to communicate.

. i am very picky this is who i'm looking for. I would be interested in meeting someone with the following qualities.
He should be trustworthy he should be, Honest, Caring, Understanding, Patient, respectful, not pushy he should also be a good listener, dependable and compassionate.
We should have some of the following things in common
Family and comedy Movies, Pop soft rock and some country Music, Animals, dogs and horses, and some TV shows, Threes Company, Full House, The Cosby show, The Facts Of Life, At the end of my leash , Touched by an angel and Sue Thomas FB:Eye. Oh yah it would also be nice if we both liked the same actor. I myself am very fond of John Ritter and Nancy McKeon.
Things I donРІР‚в„ўt like.
Smoking, Drinking, bad language and drugs tattoos piercings, long hair, heavy mettle music, rap music, jazz music, alternative music, r&b music, rock and role music. Horror movies, any movies with violence or swearing in them.

. I need affection, independence and someone who can talk to me about their problems, because that is how I am. I'd rather get hit then to be with a man who cheats and is sexual immoral in a relationship.

Me: kind and romantic, love art and music and everything that makes life more colourful. Interests: psychology, reading, traveling and music.
My ideal match is a smart, caring, attractive and kind person.