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Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. Can I just ask if there is anymore SWAGGER and class out there? I am a honest, hard working single mom. I have an awesome son whom I have devoted my life to for the last 8 years. He means the world to me. I am all about family. I love to sing. I am NOT looking for any freaks, I have no fetishes, I do not like to play games nor do I want someone that is into playing games. I would like to have someone that can show me what life is really about. I have waited this long to find him and I will wait until forever. I have no particular type of man, I just know who he is by how he talks to me and treats me. I will know when I find him. I am looking for someone to sweep me off my feet. He must have a great sense of humor to fit in with my family. I am a music junkie, I love all music from country to hip hop, blues and even classical. It doesn't have to be fancy, but he must work, I work for what I want and I hope you do to. I am a confident plus size woman. If your looking for petite, you'll have to shop elsewhere. Thanks for checking out my profile.

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. I am an upbeat, vivacious person who enjoys the wee as well as big things life has to offer. As you can tell from my photos, I am very outgoing and like to try new things especially active stuff, like paintball....I can't believe I've never done it and really just want to get into nark mode and blast a few people. I'm very active and although we don't have to do everything together because really, we'd have nothing to talk about otherwise. It is nice to know that someone motivates you to be active as I would them.I do have a serious job as a teacher and crave structure as well. I always put my keys in the same place and make a healthy lunch with tonnes of variety. I won't buy super processed crap. Dorritos don't grow on trees guys! lol Yes, a good 5 guys burger and friers now and then hit the spot, but I cook like a champ, so no need to load up on junk. If you consider yourself to be rigid or boring, we are sooo not a match. I crack jokes a lot and even laugh at myself sometimes. I'm the type of person to get down a little bit at the gym in between sets because i just friggin love that song! I do believe music far outweighs tv FYI. There's too much B.S. on there nowadays. I haven't had cable for a year and could care less.The main channels I watched were the cooking shows and DIY. I believe you have to have balance in your life. I work hard, but I love to have a roster of people in my life that are positive and relaxing to spend time with. I don't do drama! We have an issue, talk about it and it's done! Stampees no take backs!The right people better each other. Travelling is a must and I hate living by a strict schedule. Yes, there are things to see, but put away the itinerary and lets just check it out and take it all in. Sushi and most Asian cultured food seems to be what I cook and go to for most. Arabic food is great too, but I make sure I have gum handy for obvious reasons! I like a good debate and have a quick wit. If you can't dish it or take it, beat it! Sometimes I use BIG WORDS sometimes, lol, vocabulary shouldn't scare you. I am hoping there are a few vibrant and educated people out there? I really am a sweet person who likes to do nice things for someone who appreciates it. Its so important to feel like you can be your true self in a relationship. I realize that different is good. Wondering if I will find the yin to my yang...
I can say any number of things on here, but the real judgment is if we mesh. Let's talk and see if there is a spark.
ps-please do not e-mail me if you haven't read this or are stuck in your past. The futures bright, wear some shades and buck up buttercup!

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I am looking for someone who loves the outdoors (hiking, camping,...) and dogs. I have a puppy and everyone in my family owns a dog and they receive xmas gifts! :) So, if you don't like dogs, you will be miserable with me and my family!
I am a down to earth, dependable, adventurous and very ambitious person. I believe that we are meant to continuously learn and grow during our life.

Meet a woman from Canada. hi there! thankz for checkin' me out. im just a simple woman with simple thoughts and dreams. i appreciate simple delights of life as i dont like complicated life but i handle challenges with care ;) im easygoing as i live my life accordingly. i love photography. im a music lover and loves to sing. i am fun to be with. i love surprises and making surprises (tricks to name lol) especially to someone sepcial. loves to travel and try new things :)
im a great family believer, and been grateful for having the greatest family. i enjoy, value and nurture the beauty of friendship that im blessed to have. im happy in every areas of my life, my family, my friends, my work and my faith.
i would like to meet someone who is NOT PERFECT, someone who strive progress not perfection. someone who has quality lifestyle.

Date someone special from Canada. IРІР‚в„ўll try to keep this short and sweet and tell you a bit about myself and what I'm looking for.
Ok so about me…. I'm a super cool girl who loves life, loves to try new things, and is independant. I am very loyal, reliable, and a happy person. I have a tight group of friends and I love to laugh and have fun but I can be serious when needed. I'm close with my family, and having a healthy stable family relationship is very important to me.
IРІР‚в„ўm down to earth, and very easy to get along with, I can be a girly-girl,get dolled-up but can also chill and hang with the guys.
I love to travel and try new adventures and I am always up for a challenge. I like to be active, go for jogs and walks and go to the gym. Interest in these activities is very important to me in a partner.
Ok, now about you...I am looking for someone who can be good company and by that I mean someone that can carry a conversation, is intelligent, witty, funny and isn't afraid to laugh at himself.
So if youРІР‚в„ўre someone that most people consider to be funny, kind, smart, witty, humble, loyal, independent, and trustworthy message me :).

Meet a soulmate from Canada. A little about me? Hmm, well the easiest way to figure me out would be to talk to me! ;) But I'll give this a shot...
- I love going for drives when I'm bored. Open the windows, crank the tunes, pick a direction and GO!! As long as I have a full tank of gas, a fully loaded iPod and snacks! ;)
- I have one cat that I somewhat 'rescued' and brought her in to my life so she could know what it felt like to be wanted and loved.
- I don't sit still. Even if I'm relaxing on the couch, I'm always fidgeting.
- I'm accident prone and when I go on vacation everyone who knows me expects me to come home with some sort of unusual injury. And a story to go with it!
- I love trying new food!! My philosophy is to try everything twice! I don't know many other people who have tried frogs legs. (PS... they do not taste like chicken. They taste like frog. lol)
- I'm a jeans and tshirt kinda girl, though I do quite enjoy getting dressed up for a night out!
- I'm that girl that can tear up watching a commercial. And then I end up laughing at myself for it! lol
- I'm very loyal to my family and those I care about and I would do anything for them.
- I love baking and love it even more when I can share the yummy results!
What I'm looking for: Confidence, good manners and someone who knows when it's time to be silly and when it's time to be serious. Someone who will keep me on my toes and introduce me to new things and who will be as willing to go on new adventures with me as he is to stay in curled up on the couch together.
So, are you ready to begin a new adventure? Drop me a line!! :)

. I am looking for a handsome boyfriend who really loves me. if everything goes well I will think about marriage as well. I am looking for a handsome boyfriend who really loves me. if everything goes well I will think about marriage as well. I am looking for a handsome boyfriend who really loves me. if everything goes well I will think about marriage as well.

. I'm adventurous and love to explore new places. I also love to just enjoy a relxed day with good food, a good book or good company. My friends would say I'm talkative, a bit "zany," and insightful.
I'm most grateful for my family, friends and for having grown up in such a great country!
I'm hoping to attract someone who is confident (not cocky!), positive, excited about life, curious, emotionally mature and loyal. It's cliche, but I'm looking for a relationship where we're a team and eachothers bestfriends....with that extra spark of course!

. I am a newly single woman, seperated and just looking to make new friends and have fun. I am just looking to find a good man to help me forget all of my problems and heartbreak and move on with my future.

. The answer is 42. What's the question?
I'm ambitious, well traveled, and I love adventure. My favorite place in the world is Israel. I loved spending my days walking on history, and my nights partying in Tel-Aviv. Portugal and India are also awesome.
I like art. You need to like art. Or fake it spectacularly.
I value ambition, loyalty, trust and honesty. A relationship is a partnership - if you think so too, then we're destined for success.
I love breakfast - please love breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day. Let's make dinner jealous.

. My friends and family would describe me as someone who is passionate about the people and things I love, and persistent in reaching the goals I have set for myself. I suppose some people may look at that as being stubborn, but it has made me who I am and gotten me to where I am today, so… so be it.
The most important thing in my life is my family, which is part of the reason I moved back from Toronto after 12 years. I'm originally from a really small town and still carry the values I was raised with having grown up in the country. I guess the saying is true -- you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl. I'm still fairly new to Ottawa, but so far it feels more like home than Toronto ever did.
I love music and reading, as well as watching movies and football and hockey games. I'm a big fan of the Argos and the Habs, as painful as that is right now. lol I cannot start the day without a cup of coffee, and I'm a bit of a night owl. I swear the coffee has nothing to do with it! haha When I meet new people I tend to be more on the quiet/observant side, but once I feel comfortable I am very social.
I would like to meet someone who is down to earth and sincere. A sense of humour is a must... all the better if you can appreciate sarcasm! I also believe honesty and respect are integral to a lasting friendship/relationship. It would be nice to find someone to talk to and get to know... think more than a text message a week but less than inviting me for a trip to the Caribbean after only a couple of emails (yes, this really happened). You know, a happy medium. :)
I am by no means perfect, nor would I expect anyone else to be. It is our imperfections that make us individuals. Maybe there's someone out there whose imperfections complement my own? Worth a shot to find out!

. I am a fun, easy-going gal who lives and works in downtown Toronto. I love what the city has to offer but I am sometimes torn by my suburban roots.
I am most attracted to a person's sense of humour and intelligence. I could probably list a multitude of other attributes I find appealing, however, I've discovered it really comes down to chemistry in the end. Ideally though you are a person who has a big heart and loves to travel - or is at least open to it.
I've travelled all over the world, including a six month backpacking trip to Europe, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Also been to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Egypt, Panama, NYC, and a road trip out East. My goal is to visit every continent and I only have one left now: Antarctica. Other places on my wish list are Peru and Galapagos Islands, a safari through Africa, China, Japan, Vietnam and probably many others that I can't think of right now.
I'm looking for my best friend, lover and partner in crime. Someone that can make me laugh and I him and know exactly what the other person is thinking with the simplest of looks. Could that be you?

. This is never easy is it? But definitely worth it in the end right??!
Well, I think it's obvious from my pictures that I'm Asian...phew, got that out of the way! And as someone recently commented, "Wow, it's rare that you find a teacher over the age of 27 who's unmarried!!" So apparently, I am of a rare breed...snatch me up while you still can fellas!!
On a more serious note, I'm a very easy-going and fun-loving girl. I love spending time with family and friends whenever I can, sharing a glass of wine over good conversation, reminiscing over embarrassing stories from our childhood or creating new memories to laugh and smile about years from now.
I am the youngest of three girls (my poor dad!) and am very close to my family. I'm an aunt to a 16 year old nephew and 11 year old niece, whom I love as if they were my own! They remind me every single day of how 'young' I am!! Another important part of my family is my amazing friends. All of whom know that I would do anything and everything for them!!
In addition to my family and friends, it's the simple things in life that make me smile. It could be the last chapter of an amazing book, a relaxing cup of tea (or wine depending on my mood!!), an amazing meal, and most importantly, seeing a smile on someone else's face...the kind of smile that you see in their eyes. I'm pretty easy to please and when it comes to making me smile, it really is the thought that counts!
I love, love, love food...both the cooking of it and of course the eating part as well! Some of my favourites include french fries (I know they're not good for you!!), mussels and good cheeses. There are few foods that I don't enjoy! I am definitely not a vegetarian, never will be, never could any time you're craving a good steak, I'm game!
Some of my favourite things to do are watching movies, at home or on the big screen, spending a beautiful day outdoors, either hiking, biking or walking through a market for fresh produce or antiques to add to my collection. With the beautiful weather around the corner, I also enjoy a relaxing day on a patio, soaking up the sun, and enjoying a few drinks. Baking is a favourite pastime of mine, as well as a second career on the side, one from which one day you might hopefully benefit!
If I werenРІР‚в„ўt working, IРІР‚в„ўd be travelling! I love taking advantage of my time off of work and travelling to new places and trying different things. A few countries I can check off of my list of places to go: Costa Rica, Panama, Fiji, Italy, France, the UK, China and a few more. There are so many places IРІР‚в„ўd still love to see and a lifetime to do just that!
Now for you…I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for in a guy but I do know that I’ll be able to recognize it when it comes along. I can tell you this, I most value trust in a relationship; if you can’t trust one another then it’s simply not going to work. I need someone who can make me laugh and smile every single day, even if it’s just from hearing your voice. Last but not least I just want a sincere, loving, gentleman…now is that too much to ask for? ;)
If thereРІР‚в„ўs anything else you want to know, feel free to ask!

. I am family oriented, friendly and carrying person. I treat others the way i want to be treated. I dont have time for games or for players and nor am I here to waste my time. The list is long. I will describe myself when the right question is asked. :)

. I am content with my life thus far and am looking to meet someone special or just to make a new friend, someone who enjoys life and isn't afraid to shake things up.
I work with people who have sustained injuries from motor vehicle accidents or workplace accidents, or who have developed long-term chronic conditions. I am driven to help those individualРІР‚в„ўs in need and to assist them with achieving their greatest level of functional independence and potential. My current job provides me with satisfaction, knowing that I have helped someone in a small way. It is the small things in life that usually mean the most. I am passionate about many things in life, if you get me on a topic that I hold dear and near to my heart I can assure you I will have plenty to say:-) I like discussing literature, hot topics, current events and plenty more. I am open to exploring new activities and adventures. I love to dance but realize that this activity is often more fun to do with someone else. I also enjoy travelling and although it can be done alone, sometimes there are moments where you wish there was someone special to share it with. I believe in the importance of family and close friends and care greatly for those who are closest to me. I am friends with people who bring out the best in me and are positive.
He should have a sense of humor, but should know when it is time to be serious. He should enjoy what he does for a living (generally speaking, everyone has days they don't!) and should have family values, much like me. I think it is important that we have the same interests, but also different ones. The different ones will keep things new and exciting.
I do not know what the future will bring, but I know it will bring adventures and happiness. Do you see yourself in my future?