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Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. I have to say I don't enjoy typing all about myself but here goes:
My friends would say that I am nice and always there for them. People and animals make me smile.
I love spending time with friends and family. I am pretty close with my siblings. Silly and simple things can make me laugh, I like to enjoy life and try to be positive.
I am proud of my job, I can find it stressful because I am in the management side but I love working with the individuals I support. I love killer whales and dolphins. I took my clients to Sea World and was hooked.
I am most passionate about my family, they mean the world to me. I hate hearing about animal cruelty and I get offended if people make fun of those with disabilities.
I am looking for a partner that compliments me, sense of humour is important and I tend to be attracted to 'geeky' types--I think its the intelligence that gets me. (not necessarily book smart) I also hope that they are happy with where they are in life. I think it is important to be happy with yourself to make a good partner. I can be shy and quiet at times especially in larger group settings however I do have a fun, energetic chatty side to me at times as well.
If any of this sounds interesting send me a message :) If it doesn't then I wish you luck and happiness in your journey :)

Meet a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. Generally, I like to be busy. I work hard and I'm an active person. But my weekends are usually my own and I love to keep them packed with interesting activities.
I want to meet someone I can be friends with first and then see if we can be friends for a long time. I am looking for a companion to keep busy with.
I am a lover of wine.

Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. I am strong and thoughtful – but willing to let my guard down to get a laugh. I'm playful and energetic but at the same time I love the quiet romantic times too. I'm educated, confident, and independent, yet love sharing my life with others. Friends and family are a priority in my life.
I have a huge heart, I'm an open book and most of all I try to keep it simple. Love my weekends at my cottage - skiing in the winter and a beach bum in the summer.
I naturally gravitate to people that are passionate, outspoken, funny, and have a strong sense of self. I laugh easily, have a quick wit, and am affectionate with the people within my “circle of trust”.
As for you… I'm looking for someone genuine to have fun with, laugh with, and that has just as much to share as I do. A complete romantic who isn't afraid to show his affection for the person he cares and yet can still be a man's man. Someone who can fight and love with so much passion.
Interested in knowing me.....message me back :)

Meet someone special from Canada. Currently I'm working on my back up plan prior to considering the LSATs. I truly value education. Unlike many i would prefer to be in school challenging myself intellectually then sitting at an office desk all day. Like many uni grads i ended up working in a field completely opposite to my major. Working in finance has really open up the possibility of pursuing my MBA as another option. I enjoy meeting new people and prefer a great sangria on a patio with friends and family over any club in the city. I have a wonderful english bulldog who makes me smile everyday. On most weekends i enjoy a quiet agenda considering my busy schedule during the week so finding another great read on my KoBo while on my patio with my bulldog beside me makes me very content. Thanks for visiting and keep smiling. :)

Date a soulmate from Canada. I like some stuff, and dislike other stuff.
Oh, you want to know specifics? Let me see...
Things I like: God, cheese, chocolate, wine, coffee, Sci-Fi, all things 1980s, traveling, most animals, most forms of music, most sports, flowers, good personal hygiene, things that smell good
Thinks I dislike: creeps, too much body hair (on dogs is fine, not on humans), fake people, loud and obnoxious people, whining, terrible personal hygiene, things that smell bad
I'm a bit of a geek (like watching Nova and BBC Horizon documentaries), but I'm into some sports (mostly playing, not watching), love music, like dance (more of a spectator, although i do actively participate at random moments). I've been trying to lose 5 pounds for as long as I can remember, but I love eating too much - oh well.
I'm realistic yet I always try to look on the bright side of things. The things that are most important to me are my values and faith, family, and friends. I try to do my part to help the environment, and help others.
The first things people notice about me are: I'm easy-going,I look younger than I am, I'm pretty friendly.Short (5'2")... I'm not sure what else - cute? I hope so.
Things that I'm really good at: eating, taking it easy, laughing, being honest yet tactful.
At this point in my life, I'm looking for a long-lasting relationship that will eventually lead to marriage and children. Hopefully, I'll find someone who shares my interests, especially in music, food, travel, and things strangely funny. I don't expect perfection, but I do have standards. Here's to hoping to meet someone soon!

Meet a woman from Canada. I am a passionate person, who dreams big and tries to make the best of life (as clich? as that might sound)! I have many amazing people in my life who continue to inspire and support me every single day. I recognize all the many things (and people) I have been blessed with and try to give back to the world in whatever way I can. I am generally attracted to those who are also passionate about life and seek opportunities to make things happen!
Much like many others out there, I love to travel and see the world and I have been doing quite a bit of that over the past few years. Over the past couple of years, I have also started some fundraising and charity work to help orphanages overseas. Being involved with such work has been really exciting ... it is truly incredible to be able to help the less privileged individuals, especially the children :)
I generally feel really good about where I am at this point in my life. I have seen many of my goals materialize into "reality" (in terms of my career and other personal goals) and I am continuing to move forward with new endeavours, as I finish my M.A. ... but all of this keeping busy has made it difficult for me to meet new people and to be really involved in the dating scene. However, I feel that the time is right for me now and I am excited to meet new people and see where that might lead me. I really do think that great "love stories" exist out there for everyone who believes in them (to some extent even) ... call me a "hopeless romantic" ... but I believe in possibilities and happy endings (that is not to say I haven't had my own share of heart breaks and disappointments ... I just think there is never any use in holding on to those)!! :)
I value people, love, our global home, the arts and freedom tremendously ... and I hope to find a partner who not only shares similar values, but also someone who has ideals and visions of his own (and from whom I can learn a thing or two about the world)! I am seeking someone kindhearted, honest, open and driven ... I hope that together we could be a "dynamic duo" ... to support and inspire each other, to laugh a lot together and indulge in adventures (however big or small they may be, but that they will be *our* adventures)!
Naturally, it can always be a bit frightening (to some extent or other) when we choose to trust in (and possibly even share our lives with) another person ... but I am hoping to find someone who won't shy away from trying to take steps forward in his life ... to take a risk and see where circumstances may lead!

. hummmm well yes I am giving this online dating thing a whirl. Not sure what to expect.
I am a gal who knows what she wants in life and doesnt play games. I am honest, caring and my friends describe me as whitty. I pride myself on keeping things simple in my life and having a good time.
I am athletic and passionate about most sports. Seeking someone whom I can enjoy sports with. I am very laid back and would not be considered high maintence. I am drawn to people who make me laugh and who are grounded.
Well thats enough for now.

. I am hard-working, caring, and kind. I love kids, have an appreciation for art and enjoy crafts/artistic activities. I love to create new things and the artistic side of cooking and baking (decorating and presentation is most fun for me).
I enjoy running and going to the gym as a part of an active lifestyle, and generally eat healthy.
I would love to meet someone who makes me laugh, who knows what he wants and is not afraid of being a kid at heart. I look for honesty, and intelligence in a partner. I would love to meet someone who has an appreciation for food as I do, and likes to try new foods and try out new restaurants and/or recipes.

. Well, for those of you interested, I grew up in Europe, but have been a �proud Canadian’ for about 10 years now. (Yes, I do have an accent, but it’s not that bad.) In general, I am open-minded and passionate about the select few people I choose to share my life with, as well as the things I choose to do. The last couple of years I’ve dedicated to my education and those of you who’ve experienced graduate school understand how little time it leaves for anything else. But now that I finally have extra free time on my hands, I would like to share it with someone who values the same things as me (e.g., honesty, loyalty, and authenticity) and believes that experiencing the world is much more rewarding when there’s someone to experience it with. I remember climbing the Mount Sinai on a camel’s back in the middle of the night one spring with a bunch of people around me but no one to say “Look at that sky!” to; the sky was the most beautiful sky I had seen in my life, but it would have been that much more beautiful had there been someone to admire it with me.
So, I am looking for a man who takes his relationships seriously, and who is willing to put forth effort into making them work. A man who is intellectually conscious and emotionally intelligent. In short, a man with substantia and essentia.

. I am a happy, healthy, cute asian girl with proper amount of intelligence ;)
Loving family, great friends, fulfilling job....I am looking for a honest, healthy guy who can tease me and make me laugh.
huh..finally it is more than 200..:)

. Ii like hanging out having fun and enjoying myself, i love my son he is my life. I enjoy horror movies love my friends and love being with them but alo love time to myself. I enjoy long walks just to enjoy the scenery. Love going to the beach and just soaking up the sun. I also like camping alot love getting away......

. I can be so different. Sometimes I am very sensitive and can be easily moved to tears. On the other hand o am pretty reserved and posses some philosophical outlook. I am easy-going and keep any ball rolling. I can survive everywhere because I adjust easily to any surrounding. I am very kind and open person,the biggest present t which I will give to my future man it is my love and care.

. Let's get to know each other and have some laughs... lets just take our time and get to know one another...
Who I am...
-Well I am described as fun, easygoing and passionate.
-I am trying to lead more of a healthy and active lifestyle and I am looking for the same in a guy.
-I don't go out clubbing, but don't mind the odd night out at a pub for beers and on occassion a girls night does happen..
-I am not the Barbie girl type, I feel just as comfortable in lulu's and a hoodie, as I do in getting dressed up for a night out
-I am sarcastic too so if you can keep up with that, that's a bonus
-I'm hard working and ambitious.
-I am the adventurous type so hopefully you have some of that free spirit too....
I've had peoplE close to me describe me as artsy, athletic and a bit of a tomboy ( who gets pedicures, her hair done)
What I am looking for....
-Someone who can be themself, why waste each other's Time
-I value men who are humble (don't brag and see the value in who people are and not what they have)
-A man that has ambition and aims for his dreams
-abovE all else honest and loyal (don't we all look for those)
If you think u can keep up with me, don't be shy say hi ;)
;) Happy Searching

. I love to travel and discover new places and cultures which is probably why I love what I do for work.
I'm a passionate individual with a lot to offer. I have tried meeting people the traditional way with very limited success so here I am.

. Ok...I'm not usually at a loss for words, but I guess when it comes to talking about myself...who would have guessed.
My friends would tell you that I am fun loving, outgoing, dependable and loyal towards the people I care about. I enjoy having a fun time, trying different things . I can laugh at myself and do so often, I am always looking for ways to have fun and brighten the mood. But when the need arises I also have s serious side to me. I'm not looking for games so if that's want you want you are looking in the wrong spot.
Although I have a fun time being with family and friends I still like my independance and "me" time.
In a guy I'm looking for someone who is open and honest, mature, fun and can make me laugh. Confidence and knowing what you want are also great assets to have! Being
affectionate is also a good quality, what girl doesn't want to feel special?
I love to laugh and have fun so if you are up for it...we'll see where it takes us!