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Date a woman from Ontario, Canada. Ok... in a few short words I guess I would describe myself as fun, easygoing, lively in the right company, energetic, compassionate, sincere, loyal, trustworthy, confident and the list goes on. Aside from working, i enjoy shopping, travelling, watching-playing sports, magazine reading, etc. My motto is moderation, do what what you can when you can and take advantage of every good oppotunity that comes your way...why not!
In a relationship, i am looking for someone with similar qualities, a guy who is honest and dependable and sincere, who enjoys being in the presence of a good girl and has overall good family values... no one is perfect so I am definitly not expecting perfection but maybe something close to it would be nice!

Meet someone special from Ontario, Canada. Me
I'm a fun loving, affectionate, and a loyal person. I am close with my family and have a group of close friends. I donРІР‚в„ўt easily get offended by a dirty joke, and I can dish one out on my own. I enjoy getting dressed up for a night out but at the same time, I enjoy staying home to watch a movie or a leafs game. First date......a ball game is a good start! I may come off as shy at first, but can open up to the right person.
Tall (minimum 5'10", remember i'm 5'7"), handsome, hard working, and honest. Looking for someone who can make me laugh, and knows how to treat a girl. Please mean what you say and say what you mean!

Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. I have heard you shouldn't post too long a profile on here, so I'll keep it short. I am hoping to meet some new people that I might not otherwise have a chance to meet. I like fun and active people and I hope I would be considered the same.
I like running, movies, ski trips, wine, watching sports (true story! except golf, sorry), and just generally hanging out with friends and family. Hopefully someone also enjoy these things; running being the exception since I enjoy doing that by myself just as much :)

Meet a woman from Canada. I'm a software eng. specialized in the business system analyst area and Have a MBA, currently taking the Business Analyst certification course in UofT.
I'm from Lima-Peru, I've been living in toronto about 3 years, like to do a little bit of everything but not going to extremes, very sociable, like to meet new people and do new friendships. I enjoy walking in the park, go to the movies and also go out at night with friends, consider myself a home person and when it comes to dating, i'm kind of old-fashioned, I like guys who are gentleman, the first to call, that show you that have the time and commitment to be with someone and initiates advancing the relationship.
I don't like people who doesn't say what they really think or want. Honesty and truth will always come first, right or wrong answer, I'd rather know.
I have traveled around south, central and north america, I speak english and spanish

Date someone special from Canada. I am hoping to find someone I can connect with. Someone easy going with a great sense of humour that I can have a wonderful time either chatting with, sharing the same interests and be attracted to on several levels.
I love ancient history, music, camping and drawing...but by all means, it doesn't make me a boring person.
My family and friends are of the utmost importance to is their well being and happiness. I am a very passionate person that loves with my whole heart...and at times stubborn.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. Let me keep this simple. I like to live a healthy life style and keep active by going to the gym, taking a walk in the park or playing a game of soccer with friends. Want to know more about me just message me.

. Hi!
It's tricky to represent yourself in a box but I'll give it my best shot :)
I'm originally from Indonesia and having lived in different countries through out my life, I've learned to be quite self reliant, open minded and better appreciation of the simpler things in life.. like a nice cup of cappuccino :) On the other hand, I also became more drawn into the more finer things in life. A recent trip to Europe inspired me to study Interior Design while I continue to enjoy my career in management consulting.
I rely on great friends, Yoga, travelling adventures and my amazing massage therapist to keep my system in check :) I love to dance - I did a flash mob with a dance studio to support the Juno awards about a year ago and it was so much fun! I'm often referred as a great singer too, although my singing tenure has only gone as far as karaoke clubs. And while I never made it to the entertainment industry, I volunteered for a film festival in Toronto which I also hosted a few years ago; I find that more nerve wrecking that dancing randomly in public with a big bunch of people :p Decorating has always been a passion - I do hope that some day I can work in a more creative field to live my passion while also leading a sustainable life style :)
I gel well with people who have diverse set of interests, not afraid to try new things, career driven, down to earth, smart and good sense of humour (a must :)). They would be the kind of people who would have the luxury of access to finer things in life but are just as happy to lay low and settle on much simpler things. Who can be well composed but also off guard at times. Who understand that every person is unique and well aware that it's not so much about seeking the perfect person to be around with, but more about getting the best out of people and finding the right combo that works for you. Including not always taking life so seriously, and being playful from time to time ;)
I've been pretty fortunate to have been surrounded by such people in my life and I hope to continue to meet similar folks here.. :)

. I'm a pretty simple girl (or like to think I am) that loves my family and friends to pieces. I work hard and like what I do. I love life and love being busy and active. I try to be positive and upbeat everyday and the better I am at this, the more i see the same in return from those around me. I hope for a life full of travel, and adventure, but also a peaceful home and family of my own. I prefer big cities, where walking is my transportation and there is always lots to see and do. I am a "girly girl" with a tom boy side, that loves watching and playing sports. I love my jeans and converse as much as I love a great dress & heels to head out in with my girlfriends. I love my girlfriends and surround myself with women that I admire, respect and look up to.
I'm looking for a guy that can make me laugh! By far my favorite thing in life is finding humour in things, everything if possible.
I'm looking for a guy that is empathetic towards others, that is passionate and happy and loves his family and friends. I like sports, so I like guys that like them as well.. You'll be bored to tears at my parents house if you don't like sports, music and cocktails by the pool in the summer or fire in the winter. There is always a game of some sort on and music in the background at my place and my parents place, and I love hanging out in both places so the guy I like will like it too! I want to talk about my day with the man I am with, about politics, about the world and about ....well everything really!
I am looking for a partner in life, that is positive and strong and supportive. I love what my parents have and hope to have what they have one day. I will not settle for a mediocre relationship or life. I can't imagine my future without children, but I'm happy to wait a few more years for their arrival.

. Well, where to begin! Most people describe me as sweet and down to earth, definitely the girl next door. IРІР‚в„ўm smart, have a great sense of humour and a positive outlook on life.
I live and work downtown and have a career in healthcare that I absolutely love. My work is rewarding and keeps me pretty busy, but I always manage to find time for family and friends. I have a lot of interests ranging from the arts to sports. I also love to travel and am always planning my next vacation!
It would be nice to share all that life has to offer with someone special. I value qualities like integrity, compassion, thoughtfulness, educationcareer, and humour. Having a healthy lifestyle (non-smoker) and being affectionate are also important qualities.
If you like watching hockey, then we might also get along! :)
Maybe IРІР‚в„ўll talk to you soon!

. I have decided to give this another shot. Nothing ventured nothing gained I guess...I am outgoing and pretty independent. I have a lot of things on the go lately and really haven't had the time to venture out to meet someone alas here I am =) I guess to best describe myself I'd say I like simple. I am not interested in cars or what someone does unless its something they are truly passionate about. I am a single mum of a pre teen and have been pretty good at it so far. I would have to say I am not the typical live, love laugh kinda girl, I hear that all the time and feel it is a better idea to just do it rather then say it. I'm all about action vs words. I am looking for someone who isn't still a partier. Don't get me wrong my hair is awesome when I let it down. I am just looking to have more quite times. I find the older I get the recovery time after a night out lasts far longer then it used too. I would rather have experiences then woop it up lol I will also add I am not looking for a father for my son I do well on my own. I do hope one day the man I settle down with would be a pal. I love to help people and would like to further my life in a positive non material way. I like nice things but they aren't a priority. Something about seeing someone smile when you know its not easy makes me feel so awesome. I am silly so if you don't know how to be ridiculous and laugh even when times are tough it probably won't work. I am looking for something more then a night out and hope to find it. I would love to settle down and I am a firm believer that doesn't mean you have to settle. I love to cook and am becoming a healthy choice kinda gal. I do believe in things being equal so I am not into having things paid for all the time. I like to contribute and won't take no. In saying that I still like having a door opened for me or being romanced. I just feel a woman has far more responsibility in a relationship then whats in her pants (ya I said it). I am honest and expect the same. I am a woman and have learned enough to know there is no point in pretending or being something someone else wants. I believe the right man is out there and the only way he will find me is if I be me. Thanks for reading =)I

. I'd much rather learn about others than talk about myself but here goes:
I'm petit (a.k.a. short) but very coordinated and good at sports. I love getting dressed up for a night out just as much as I love chillin' at home in my sweats. I'm a small town girl at heart, but I love the big city. I'd rather be at a sporting event than watch one on TV, but I'd do it for you. I'm a little shy at first, but I'm also affectionate, giving and easy to be around. I love to travel - I'm pretty much game to go anywhere I haven't been already, (and some places I have already been to). I'm a dedicated, hardworking professional, but I believe in a balance of work life to personal life. (I have a pretty cool job, but sometimes it's nice to leave the office and forget about work). I think it's important to live life to the fullest and to me, that includes making time for your loved ones. I enjoy the simple things in life - spending time with my family, friends, exploring the city, sitting on a patio, or reading a great book. I love wine, not beer. I'd choose a suspense/action movie over a romantic comedy. (Don't get me wrong...I love Dirty Dancing and the Notebook). I prefer phone calls over texting. (Call me old fashion). I prefer summer over winter, but I am a decent skier:) My best friends are girls, but I can hang with the boys just as easily. I'm flexible, but opinonated. I'm sweet, but sassy. And, I'm a pretty good cook. I'll try almost anything once!
My friends would say I'd be there for them in a heartbeat - to babysit their kids, pick them up from the airport or to lend a shoulder to cry on at any hour of the day. My family would say I'm a bit stubborn. But that's because I've always followed my own path in life. I'm never too concerned with what other people think.
I'm looking to get to know someone who is a gentleman. Someone who will grow to be my best friend and partner in crime. Making me laugh is a big turn on:) Honesty and communication is important to me. I'm not interested in playing games. I like a guy who is smart, funny, confident, stylish and not afraid to go after a good thing when he sees it.
If you think you'd like to get to know me or we'd be a good match, let me know.

. I'm blessed to have been raised in a good home and with good values. I value family, honesty, working hard, playing harder, a sense of travel and adventure (but nothing to crazy like sky diving and bungee jumping!) Looking for a guy with similar values and a great sense of humour wouldn't hurt. West Indian background ground preferred.

. fun, easy going, enjoy travelling and exploring new places as well as the simple life. Love going out with friends, being outside, doing various activities, enjoying music or a movie. Sense of humor is important. I would love to meet a down-to earth, funny, caring person that I enjoy spending time with.

. A person that can bring positive influence into my life, they can aspire them selfРІР‚в„ўs and me to be a better person. Open minded not afraid to face life and to new things and experiences, fun and funny.

. I work full-time as a Project Manager at one hospital and part-time as a Manager of Finance for another. I feel very passionate about my work and the healthcare sector in general. My free time is currently eaten up by sailing (dinghies and keelboats), going to the gym (3-4 times per week), riding my motorcycle, and enjoying the downtown TO lifestyle with friends. I'm also a volunteer director on a shelter's board. I love to travel (who doesn't?), and have moved around a lot growing up (Canada and Europe), so I've been fortunate to see a lot of the world. There is still plenty more to see though. For the MBTI peeps out there, I'm a textbook ESTJ.
Now that I've gone over the basics, I thought I'd dive deeper into what I value. I value standing up for what you believe is right, and not being afraid to speak out (or not letting fear stop you from doing what's right). Even though I fear and hate conflict, I never shy away from it when it's necessary to resolve issues. I value a desire to constantly learn, improve, and be the best you can be, no matter how challenging that is at times. I value hard work and making a positive contribution to society.
I am looking for a partner - an equal - that shares those values. Someone that tries to make the most out of life and cares about the world around him. A highly educated, ambitious professional, with strong ethics, very intelligent to keep me challenged, practical with common sense, but also outgoing, adventurous, charismatic, and with a good sense of humour. Living an active lifestyle is a must as well, since exercise is important to me. Someone that can cook (healthy) would be a definite bonus, since I sure as heck can't. Other bonuses would be someone that is musically inclined (I play the piano) and speaks multiple languages. If you sail or ride (motorcycles), even better!
P.S. Although I am currently separated, it's been over a year now. Just waiting to get the divorce certificate in the mail.... I just won't lie about it in my profile since dishonest profiles is a peeve of mine.