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Date a soulmate from Ontario, Canada. My friends would describe me as outgoing and silly. I love red roses and jelly beans. I am passionate about my job and volunteering. I love traveling the world and look for a partner to share that with.

Meet a woman from Ontario, Canada. I grew up in the country in Nova Scotia, before moving to Halifax when I was 18. At 27 I moved to Toronto and I love being in the big city. One thing my family says about me is that I am a city girl at heart.
I have been working in eCommerce for a teleco company for close to 5 years, which is both ironic and hilarious to those who know me well as I am not very technologically inclined.
I am very shy until I get to know you. I have been told that I am a bit intimidating but this is a misconception... I am actually a very down to earth, open, honest person with a great sense of humor.
I am looking for someone who is fun to spend time with and who will make me laugh and who can be casual and enjoy life without making a big deal out of it.
I am a very independant person, I play sports several days a week and sometimes work long hours. I have been single for a while so I am looking for someone who is also independant and has things in their life that are important to them that they will maintain, while also being willing to share a life with me.

Date someone special from Ontario, Canada. A best friend is someone who you can bear your heart to and they would love you unconditionally.
A partner is someone who you can share the most intimate part of your self with and its you two against the world.
I have settled in the past with relationships. I was in a relationship for 10 years, and took what i thought was the next step and got married. Everyone saw how uncompatible we were and not right for each other but us. We gave it everything we had until we both realized that we were from 2 different world and we were not on the same page on anything. It was a huge disappointment. Marriage for me was a commitment. It still is. Someday I hope to find that.
That chapter is closed in my life now.
Now ..... the adventure begins i hope your ready.
I give my all in a relationship. I am happy when my partner is happy, but i also want that same quality in my partner. I want us to cherish each other.
Explore this life together and never take any of it for granted.
Somethings about me.......
I love to explore new restaurants, plays, festivals. i can dress up for a night on the town, but love to spend time at home with a nice bottle of wine, and stimulating conversation.
I want us to travel together, dance together, share ourselves with each other.
my friends would describe me as someone who has a heart of gold who is always smiling, and who loves to be around people.
I became a nurse 4 years ago, and i believe it is my calling. I also took culinary, and enjoy the creativity of trying new recipes, and entertaining.
I am looking for someone who can make me laugh, because i love to laugh and find joy in the smallest of lifes pleasues.
I also want someone who has family values, who is honest, modest, and sincere with a good heart.
I want someone who is willing to try new things. Chemistry in the end is a funny thing we either have it or not.
Who doesnt take life too seriously but has a plan and has a good head on his shoulder. Who can be a man ...... man child need not apply :)
This is new and scary for me but i am putting myself outthere because i know i can find someone who is deserving of the love i have to give, and would do anything to make me happy.
Like i said this is my new adventure hope you come on board, and lets explore the possibility of happiness.

Meet a soulmate from Canada. I can be considered an open book: what do you want to know?
I thrive on success and feel that everything goal reached is another win for me. I look for the same qualities in others as conversation and company is best shared. I'm looking for someone who is a giver and not just a taker. Someone who appreciates and encourages me as I would them.
I'm the kinda gal who thinks of the glass half-full instead of half-empty. Where there's something negative, I can always find a positive. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

Date a woman from Canada. Let's see, I guess I would consider myself to be a kind, fair and considerate person.
I always try to have a good time where ever I am, try to make the best of any situation.
I enjoy staying in with a nice bottle of wine and a good movie just as much as I enjoy going out dancing. I like to try new things, travel whether it be a road trip, lounging on the beach or exploring new places.
I enjoy running, I mean I am not a marathon runner or anything, but I like the quietness of it. I like playing soccer and learning how to salsa, which I am doing now.
Looking for someone who is honest, respectful and has a desire to enjoy life! Someone who can appreciate a nice dinner at a restaurant, but still be the type of person who would enjoy a lap around the track go karting!
Well that's me in a nut shell, no muss, no fuss, easy going and looking to enjoy life!

Meet someone special from Canada. I am a down to earth girl that is driven, ambitious, reliable and enjoys life to the fullest. I love my job and am dedicated to being successful in my career.
I am looking for someone that is ambitious, strong man that is confident and enjoys life. Has good family values and wants the best out of life.

. I'm fun, funny, cute and sharp as a tack. Good job, good friends, love to travel, and have plenty of opportunities through work.There's still lots of places I want to go...some places are just better to visit with the right travelling companion!
Looking for someone cool to spend time with. Preferably someone smart...good job, great family. I'm close with my family, and have an excellent job that I intend to keep for some time.
I spend time at the gym, reading, and I have a weakness for reality tv - the smuttier, the better! I love to hit up a hockey game at the JLC, or races at Delaware. Last minute travelling or concerts is always good too. I'm pretty much up for anything.
I'm currently working hard to get in shape, and am exploring all kinds of new activities - by Christmas, I will be a rockclimber! I also want to become a runner within the next year - what's life without goals, right?
Fire me a message, and we'll see where it goes from there!

. I am a fun-loving girl who believes life is too short to be serious all of the time. I love to laugh and be silly. I work to live but also try to have some money squirreled away for the future. I'm an explorer, and love road trips and weekend getaways and travelling whenever I can. I love the outdoors and am game for trying new activities. I have many interests and would be just as comfortable having a beer by a campfire as I could be sipping wine in a fancy restaurant. Family is extremely important to me and I am super close with my parents and sisters, they are all some of my closest friends. I also love animals and have a fabulous dog and two cats. In the future I see myself having children and look forward to having lots of fun and adventure with them and that special someone. I am looking for someone easygoing with a similar outlook on life. Someone with a great sense of humour, strong inner child, sense of adventure and fun, who can also be responsible for themselves.

. easy going, seen my kids and how much they have grown, i am proud of my kids, i am greatful for life, i looking for someone who is easy going honest love life and full of energy, i dont go out much, i would love to,playing with my kids or my man, or simply watching a funny movie.

. I think that sincerity is the most important.I want to esteem a culture each other.Please tell me your cann't transfar things. P.S I'm studying English I'm sorry my English is very poor.But I'll study hard.

. I am looking for someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously. Someone who can enjoy a fun night out or just staying in to relax. A sense of humour is a must and someone who js ok with a little sarcasm:) I just want to meet new people and see what's out there...

. I never know how to describe myself. My friend suggested 'somewhat cantankerous woman looking for patient man' but I felt that 'somewhat cantankerous' was false advertising. (That would be funnier if you knew me already).
I've been in Kingston for just over 2 years now and I'm looking to meet new people so that I can enjoy more of what this city has to offer. I love hearing live music (in a small pub or huge arena) and am always up for a movie. I've recently started running again and have my first 10K this fall. I've done a little bit of travelling but it's a longterm goal to do much more.
Weird things happen to me... nothing that you should be afraid of but can sometimes make people queesy. I work in veterinary medicine. I spend my days working with wonderful people and animals but often come home smelling of wet dog or cat pee.
I'm fortunate to have my family in my life, not to mention a few close friends that keep me grounded. I'm pragmatic but spontaneous. Nurturing but competitive. Peaceful but energetic. I love staying up late and almost always sleep in on weekends. I have a horrible addiction to bad television.
An ideal relationship is complete and utter comfort. I can be myself around you without feeling judged. You can sit in your room working while I do a crossword and I'm entirely content. Laughing is essential. Perfection is impossible. Better to be single than to be in a bad relationship. If it's worth it, I'll work for it; if it's not, I won't. Don't say anything you'll regret because you can't take it back.

. life is beautiful but complicated.Looking for a soulmate with whom i could share this life and succeed for the next life too.
Im basically an honest, trustworthy,sensitive ,loving and caring person with both good and bad. Im looking for someone compatible, who is not judgemental or expecting perfection.

. I'd like to meet someone with a good sense of humour, and who will treat me well.
I like to knit, swim, read,and the regular stuff - hanging out with friends and family. I'm just regular girl who is reserved but I'm great to be around.

. Hi Im new to this What im looking for in a man... a man that will sit and talk about there day with me over a nice home cooked dinner, and to hold me while watching a movie, I love to camp so it would be great if you did to also you must like kids I like to let loose sometimes and go dancing at clubs i like most sports and lve to go fo walks and hikes
Hoping to hear from you soon